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How to measure popularity and importance gainings?

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<p>This isn't really as much of a thing in 16 as it was in every previous version. Yes, you have to have the show do better than the pop in the region to increase pop, but that's it (versus the old 10-20-40 points better than pop giving bigger and bigger pop gains. It's much, much, much more dependent upon how the wrestling industry is. If it is above 80, run a show every freaking day you can because you'll gain the holy grail of 0.9. Once you're below that, you're looking at 0.4, and when the industry tanks, you get the rage-inducing 0.2 that has ended more than 5 of my games because why bother.</p><p> </p><p>

Some of that can be improved by being on really big networks, but since you asked about regional, that doesn't apply.</p>

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What I generally do is go into the editor at the end of every month and map out how much pop I gained and keep a running tally of it, but I document a lot of my data month to month so it honestly depends on how you play. The best way to get a feel of the pop gains is take a peak under the hood every show.
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