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C-Verse 2018 mod

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Random question, would anyone be interested in a c-verse 2018 mod? I'm working on one for myself now, but if others are interested I would release it.


I'm asking so I know how much detail I need to go into, I could leave with a few little errors or timeline mistakes (and may not even notice some I did) but obviously if I'm releasing for others I would need to be a lot more careful and make a lot more notes of just what I'm doing lol



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Just thought I would confirm that this is still being worked on, completed updated NOTBPW, SWF, TCW, USPW and a new company. I think other than maybe 5 or 6 people everyone has updated bios, looked at stats, some personality changes, title histories, starting feuds etc. so all updated.


Been some pretty major changes in the american promotions so I think they;ll be the ones that take the longest, although maybe it'll be updating rosters and employment histories for the smaller companies, who knows lol

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Another quick update, CZCW and SOTBPW have been updated. SOTBPW, I believe, will be my biggest and most time consuming company to do, hoping after getting them out the way I can start doing the smaller American companies, they should feel like a breeze now! SOTBPW alone was over 100 updated bios, so smaller guys who might just need "in x they signed for y" added will be nice for a while lol.


I know it doesn't seem like a lot but I'm really trying to do this right, not just rush it out. Although by the time I'm done the next game might be out and it'll be pointless anyway lol

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<p>I know it seems like I'm talking to myself, but did MAW today, the fact I got the whole company updated, title histories, new bio's and employee histories for workers etc. in one day gives me hope for the smaller companies!</p><p> </p><p>

Holiday now, back on it in a week!</p>

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<p>Right, update</p><p> </p><p>

I have completed USA and Canada, every single worker has been looked at and in 99% of the time updates. I have gone through threads on here and downloaded all the renders and stuff I can find so lots of updated pictures and spares, some have been kept aside for new workers.</p><p> </p><p>

The only thing in USA and Canada I haven't done is update individual company HOF's and created some new workers, active now and future ones, but I have created quite a few and there are now 9 more active companies.</p><p> </p><p>

Would anyone be interested in doing a North America only game to get an idea of what I'm doing? Other areas aren't ready yet but you could get a good game going with just them, and you could feedback how things play, let me know if stats are ok and more importantly for me let me know all the mistakes you find, especially grammar, spelling etc.</p><p> </p><p>

So is anyone interested in doing I guess a demo version of the mod?</p>

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