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Poll: New General Manager for Potter Sport Wrestling

Poll: New General Manager for Potter Sport Wrestling  

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  1. 1. Poll: New General Manager for Potter Sport Wrestling

    • Eddie Guerrero
    • Bret Hart
    • Raven
    • Adam Sandler

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I am 10.5 years into my Potter Sport Wrestling game, a fictional company started in real world 2001. The thread for the save can be found here...



Coming off the back of Crowning Glory XI we have an election in progress to appoint the first General Manager of the company's TV show, Superstars of Wrestling. Roddy Piper was eliminated in the first round of voting which leaves four candidates left...


Eddie Guerrero - leader of The Outlaws who consist of current World champion Cade Thesz (grandson of Lou Thesz), current World Tag Team champions Amazing Red & Christopher Daniels and former TV champion Roderick Strong

Bret Hart - former Director of Operations, currently colour commentator on Superstars of Wrestling

Raven - leader of Salvation, consisting of former World champion John Cena, current TV champion T. J. Perkins and Bray Wyatt

Adam Sandler - former Director of Operations and current boyfriend of Women's champion Amazing Kong. His running mate is former bitter enemy and former World champion Chris Jericho.


Most votes wins. Simples.

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