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Holiday traditions


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Do you have any traditions for holidays?


Every Halloween I watch Nightmare Before Christmas and The Crow.


Every Christmas I watch Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas Vacation, and Gremlins.


On Thanksgiving I typically watch whatever football game is on.



I like to hand out candy at Halloween.

Christmas I’m not a fan of, stems from being a Christmas Eve baby.

Thanksgiving is my favorite as I love turkey, though this year the holidays hold no appeal fir me.

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For a while my main Christmas traditions were...


1) Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy

2) Get REALLY into the Sims for about a week


Not very Christmassy, but they just sorta happened like clockwork. Until family stuff took over.


I get the Sims thing. That is usually around the time that I really get into as well. I tend to play the Sims in cycles and when that cycle starts it is the only game I play for weeks on end.


Oddly enough I mostly like creating characters and that is it. I will play as the created characters for about an hour or so and then I am itching to create an entire new family.

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I most always watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2 around Christmas, as well as The Polar Express. Oh, and I tend to keep my TV glued to either TBS or TNT for the entirety of the A Christmas Story marathon every year. Other Christmas movies seem to find their way into my viewing rotation as well, with Ernest Saves Christmas and Prancer being two of my top picks.


I have a tendency to watch Ernest Scared Stupid around Halloween, and I watch more horror movies in general around this time.


I'm not anywhere near as "into" the sports as I used to be - guess I pretty much feel fulfilled as a sports fan since the Cubbies won the Series, :) - but I like to try and catch the Dallas Cowboys - Miami Dolphins game from Thanksgiving Day, 1993, (the day it snowed in Dallas!), whenever they show it on the NFL Network. I'm always one to wallow in some nostalgia, don't you know.



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