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MMA Chaos (fictional mod) - alpha

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So here it (finally) is, a mod i've been (very) slowly working on since WMMA3. It was initially supposed to be an add-on to put real-life professional wrestlers into the default data but it's since expanded to take into account other aspects of pop culture and be it's own database.


I know it's unbalanced, and a number of characters need more work on them, hence the reason i'm releasing this as an early ALPHA so that other people can look at it. Any constructive feedback is appreciated.


Points about the mod:

- It's a semi-sandbox mod. Everyone employed at the start has an Exclusive Contract, but everyone is able to work in all areas around the world no matter the size of the company. This is so that I could see how Person A fares against Person B. I might change the company sizes later and restrict which people can be signed until the company has grown to a certain size.

- Everyone is 18-ish years old so that you don't have people retiring too soon and you can play for longer without someone retiring.

- Everyone is 100% experienced in Cages/Rings, Dedication, Weight Cutting, Preperation and Recuperation so there's less chance of someone missing a fight and ruining your plans for an event.

- I know that there are a lot of characters missing from their respective "universes", they'll be added at a later date.

- Each character has had their stats based upon their own company/"universe", so don't point out that X from here should be stronger than Y from there. It's impossible to have Superman comparable in a database with real world people because he'd be far stronger than all of them. If Superman has 100% strength, then even whoever is the current "World's Strongest Man" would still have 1% (at most) in comparison for example.

- I know that the WWE roster is out-dated. Back when WMMA3 was released the WWE website had a current roster and a Legends/Alumni section (it may still have?) so that's where I got the pictures from. I don't think i've created any new wrestling characters or collected pictures for them since then, so there's no AJ Styles etc. currently, but I will get around to it eventually.

- Every male is Middleweight and every female is Bantamweight. This is due to the mod originally being a pro-wrestler add-on mod so they could all fight each other in regulated areas. When there are a lot more characters added I may sort out correct weights later on. (see next point)

- All areas are Unregulated and are "Very Conservative" to make sure the areas will be unregulated for as long as possible. I didn't want certain characters being penalised because of drugs, and I was planning ahead for potentially having multiple weight classes so that Catchweight fights could happen.

- Not all of the companies will be in the final release of the mod but i've left them and their pictures in. I just added them and signed the characters relevant to them as a way of organising as it was easier to see who's missing from their respective universes.

- I've had to fudge some stats or attributes to try and attempt to stick true to the character as best I could. For example, Superman may not actually have "Rubbery Limbs" but i've added it to try and stop him tapping out from those submissions, Ric Flair has the "Leglock Master" attribute to represent his Figure-Four Leglock etc.

- There are a few User Characters to choose from and they do have "Business stats" as part of their characters so they can be used to run companies as owners/CEO's, but it's up to you if you want to remove them when you start the game.


Anyway, I hope you have fun with this and let me know how you think it could be improved.


Link to database + pictures: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bx4wj6cv8b4yfpn/WMMA5.zip/file

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Did you ever do any more work on this?


I did do some more but not enough to do another release. I'll get around to finishing eventually, but I don't want to give a release date as chances are I wouldn't meet it. (as mentioned in the original post I started it in WMMA3!)


There's also been almost zero feedback too! lol

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Yeah I understand, I think its excellent. I love it.


I have combined it with other fantasy mods like the MK one and the boxing one, so I could fill out the WBO company and I am trying to make up the Divas company that you started, I see you already put the pictures in the not used folder :D


Id love to play WMMA with the wrestling world, I do like TEW, but I cant be arsed to think up storylines etc., but I like the wrestlers, especially the womans wrestling.


With WMMA5 you just pick the card and watch em fight it out, perfect ;)

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