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C-Verse 336 - Pro Wrestling, meet Hollywood Magic!

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“Most of the successful people in Hollywood are failures as human beings.”

― Marlon Brando


Even before I was born my story was being written, that may sound poetic but it’s nothing special. My father grew up in the movie business, started off hauling the cameras to set, the next step was getting to work them. By the time he was 26 he was firmly behind the camera, and in the directors chair. He didn’t make it big till the early 80s, but it only took a couple blockbusters before the Caraballo name swept Hollywood, granted Hollywood only lets you go so far, but to the people, the Little camera man’s name was now being whispered next to Spielberg and Kubrick. Even before the falling out, I never thought of his movies as average at best. He always tried to be too artsy fartsy, not a semblance of realism in anything, but that’s not important to the story.


I’m not going to bore you with my childhood, it truly was mundane, even if I was surrounded by more wealth some people make in 4 lifetimes, but it got really “exciting” once I finally reached the big 2 and 1. I had my crew of friends I’d made, Dad’s production studio, and every advantage I could get as I walked onto Hollywood Boulevard. I wanted to make my father proud, I wanted to conquer Hollywood just like he did, but I never thought I’d be in a position to lose it all on my first go. To be fair, It wasn’t my fault entirely….


The man trying to kill my dream.


Allen Packer, the typical fat cat, and a massive hypocrite to boot. At first, my projects where gonna be some of the first items launched on Reverie, I can’t think of a greater opportunity. The idea of having my debut on what could be (and unfortunately was) the largest media empire of its kind, I was truly happy. Then came the day, New Years Day, 2014, four months before the launch, Allen Packer calls me in, I’ll never forget the words, “We want you to work on OUR projects, I just don’t think your stuff’s Reverie material.” After years of illegal business practice, throttling his search engine for more money, and god knows what else, suddenly Mr. Billionaire had morals, It wasn’t even the fact he wanted to censor me (what specifically I can't even remember), it was his smug attitude, and the fact he was looking for an errand boy rather than a filmmaker that really hit me hard. I told him to kiss where the sun doesn’t shine (Not like that of course), and left his office. I knew the Reverie deal was done, but I never expected him to become so petty.


By the time April rolled around, I was out of Hollywood, blacklisted, Packer used his contacts to wipe me out. Even dad had to kick us out of his studio, I never blamed him, It was me or him, and he went with the later, but at the time I did have some resentment. The next year and a half was spent on the couch in the old family home, watching TV and movies for 8 hours a day. Dad was nice enough for rent while I freeloaded my #ss off. Of course watched “Reverie Material” cause I might be just as petty as Mr. Packer, god that sorry excuse for a superhero franchise was awful. Out of all the things he packed on that 9.99 a month garbage can, one thing caught my eye however…



United States Pro Wrestling, biggest draw on America's worst streaming service.


Really, this is what got picked over me, Wrestling, Pro Wrestling. That what I thought at first, but I saw something others in my field refused to see, potential. This was the penultimate storytelling experience. Two or more bodies in a closed space, all wanting to prove themselves the best, it was perfect, the ultimate opportunity, and after months of siting out, I wanted in. it wasn’t long after I had my Idea. First it was reading the comments, not everyone was happy with this USPW, especially other Wrestling Fans. I took a look at the “Competition”. The smaller “Indy” Scene as it's referred to. The matches even got me excited, whether hardcore bloodbaths or aerial dives, but one thing was the same. The production, the “angles”, anything not in the ring looked filmed on a camcorder a 6th grader gets for his school project, don’t even get me started on the editing! That's when it came to me, even without Dad’s studio, I still had my boys (and girls, I’m not that Hollywood type), We had all the tools to make this into something greater. I called them up, told them my Idea, and we got ready. Allen Packer is trying to stop my dream, the conquest of Hollywood, I guess that means I'll have to conquer his territory. The World of Pro Wrestling.



What if this/TLDR: This Diary is based on an Idea I had for TEW 2020, but thought I’d test it out here first before all things came to an end. This will be a more story-driven diary, focusing on angels more than matches, at least when it comes to details because of our favorite blacklisted filmmaker being more technical on video then in the squared circle.


In this Diary, I will be booking a random north american company for one year, or 336 (Because of the game’s weird calendar) and after that, leaving that company, and going for a another randomly picked one for another year, repeating till January 2020. I have edited some of the not yet actives to give more choices when the time comes, as well as RIPW’s size because I can’t stand the fact that they exist, it hurts my soul. I also will limit the amount of free agents I bring in, as well as only up the production of any video related features, to simulate our team “Fixing up” the previously mediocre Indy styling. I will be rolling and presenting the first company later today, so be on the lookout for that, and I do hope you enjoy the ride.

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<div style="width:900px;padding:10px 30px 10px 30px;color:#Black;border-style:solid;border-width:3px;box-shadow: 0 2px 4px 0 ";">Once everything was said and done, we had 6 cameras, a decent lighting system, the proper mic works, and most importantly, a crew all on board to travel the world, well, this continent at least. The first and most important thing was setting up this duck-taped production studio, we had to pick a name that wasn’t too obvious. I doubted Packer really would go after these small indy companies, especially ones outside the U.S, but I didn’t want the risk of dragging them down with me should the time come. Secondly, we needed to actually find some work. Despite what we’d imagine, no one was too keen on “Hollywood” people coming in to work on their wrestling company, we might have given up by New Years if we didn't get a surprising call.




FREEDOM Carribean Wrestling and its owner Puerto Rican Power seemed like the exact opposite clients we’d initially had hoped for. The superstar had a meeting with us down in San Juan (He genuinely scared around 70% of my crew) and explained his situation. In Puerto Rico, he was the king, because no one else was around to challenge him, his live crowds ate up most of the show, his online presence, was a completely different story. PRP had tried for years to get a weekly T.V Show on the local networks, FCW Super Estrellas De La Lucha Libre, but no one wanted to work with what I could only call “unprofessional equipment”. I explained to him that they still probably wouldn’t take that bait even with us around, but he simply wanted to have the shows watchable in DVD and Online viewings. The most surprising thing that came out of this was the one “suggestion” he had for me personally, he wanted to have me be on the booking team. I of course, was a little apprehensive, seeing as I had literally zero experience in the mater, but PRP explained he and Handsome Stranger had wanted an American take on the booking, perhaps they were trying to look at getting into florida at some point, or maybe they just wanted someone to blame if everything went down and a free excuse to beat me up behind some alley, but I didn say yes. I wanted the challenge in all honesty, the more the merrier. Besides moving down the island, me and the crew spent all our time watching and researching the roster and its current feuds, a crash course in FCW as one could get, as we got ready for our first show.


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FCW Presents: FREEDOM Fighters

Friday, January 11th, from Ponce.


Kip Keenan vs. Handsome Stranger - The Ametur Wrestler takes on the veteran in a possibly career making match for Kip Keenan


The Wasteland Warriors vs. The Puerto Rican Boys vs. Rob Reynolds & Davis Wayne Newton - FCW Tag Team Championships


Carlos Gonzalez vs. Ox Mastodon© - Fans Bring the Weapons Match, FCW People’s Championship


Billy Russel vs Kirk Jameson - Loser Leaves Town Match, which one will forever leave the Island promotion.


Leper Messiah vs. Hell’s Bouncer© vs. Puerto Rican Power - FCW Puerto Rican Championship Match, will Leper Messiah avenge his beatdowns at the hands of the Bouncer, or will these two obstacles stop the madman in his tracks.


BONUS PRE SHOW MATCH: Joffy Laine vs Ricochet Ramone


The Roster:

Main Eventers:

Billy Russel

Handsome Stranger

Hell’s Bouncer© - FCW Puerto Rican Champion

Kirk Jameson w/Maryam Vega

Puerto Rican Power

Upper Midcarders:

Giant Brody

Leper Messiah


Carlos Gonazlez

Joffy Laine

Kip Keenan

Tex Tagan

Lower Midcarders:

Davis Wayne Newton

Rob Reynold


Curtis Shaw

Tag Teams and Stables:

The 937lb Express (King Kong Kennedy & Ox Mastadon© - FCW People’s Champion) w/Carl Batch

The Latino Kings( Jesus Chavez, Hector Galdio, & Rudy Velasquez)

The Puerto Rican Boys( Island Boy Apollo & Kid San Juan)© - FCW Tag Team Champions

The Wasteland Warriors ( Bull Wrecker and Mutant)


Bradford Peverell - Injured

Cueball Lynch - Color Commentator

Lee Bambino - Announcer

Rico Santana - Road Agent

Ryan Holland - Referee

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Very interesting concept. I'll be keeping an eye on this to see how it develops. FCW is an interesting beast to tackle, as someone who recently put a year's worth of FCW shows up, I'll be interested to see what you do with it.


Kip Keenan vs. Handsome Stranger - Through shady means to set up a contender for the Puerto Rican Championship.


The Wasteland Warriors vs. The Puerto Rican Boys vs. Rob Reynolds & Davis Wayne Newton - FCW Tag Team Championships


Carlos Gonzalez vs. Ox Mastodon© - Fans Bring the Weapons Match, FCW People’s Championship

the Big Ox has a lot of potential to be a money making heel opposite Puerto Rican Power.


Billy Russel vs Kirk Jameson - Loser Leaves Town Match -- Kirk to USPW.


Leper Messiah vs. Hell’s Bouncer© vs. Puerto Rican Power - FCW Puerto Rican Championship Match -- Bouncer on his way to USPW I bet.


BONUS PRE SHOW MATCH: Joffy Laine vs Ricochet Ramone

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Kip Keenan vs. Handsome Stranger


The Wasteland Warriors vs. The Puerto Rican Boys vs. Rob Reynolds & Davis Wayne Newton - FCW Tag Team Championships


Carlos Gonzalez vs. Ox Mastodon© - Fans Bring the Weapons Match, FCW People’s Championship


Billy Russel vs Kirk Jameson - Loser Leaves Town Match, which one will forever leave the Island promotion.


Leper Messiah vs. Hell’s Bouncer© vs. Puerto Rican Power - FCW Puerto Rican Championship Match, will Leper Messiah avenge his beatdowns at the hands of the Bouncer, or will these two obstacles stop the madman in his tracks.


BONUS PRE SHOW MATCH: Joffy Laine vs Ricochet Ramone

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FCW - FREEDOM Fighters 2016



Joffy Laine defeats Ricochet Ramone in our dark match.





FCW Presents: FREEDOM Fighters 2016



1,400 Locals and Tourists in the city of Ponce are greeted to FCW’s resident Superhero, Puerto Rican Power. He receives a massive reaction as he heads to the (much more colorful and nice looking) ring. It should also be noted that for the first time, FCW’s official website is streaming the event for a small price, although Cueball and Bambino are giving only limited commentary, with more solid calls being edited in the post event video release. Puerto Rican Power begins to talk about Handsome Stranger and Giant Brody, who he talks in more detail, the man having “Fled to Japón” to avoid a match with him. He hypes the main event as he will once again claim the Puerto Rican Championship, causing Leper Messiah to come out. Leper only talks briefly and in scarcity, warning PRP that he’s been through too much the last few months not to be able to win the big gold tonight, the segment ends with tensions high and a highly excited crowd.





The hot crowd was perfect for the opening match. Despite being outnumbered by the heels, the Wasteland Warriors and Newton and Reynolds just couldn’t keep the high energy champions down. Mutant struggled a bit here (As Power and Stranger had warned about previously) but overall everyone held their own until Mutant got hit with Welcome to the Island (Tour of the Islands into 450 splash) in about 14 minutes.

Winners: The Puerto Rican Boys (5th Title Defense)




The next match was to cool the crowd down and it did without losing the pace or feeling of importance. While Handsome Stranger was the long time vet in this match, he was old, and more importantly, overly cocky. We told Kip to really hit it hard in the opening, he was like a bat outta hell. After about 6 minutes of being on the defence, Stranger got back into the swing with some “Heel Work” as the boys called it, and just when a roll up might see Kip pull it off, Handsome used the ropes to get the win and a good smattering of boos from the crowd.

Winner: Handsome Stranger





Before the monthly “People’s Championship Rules” match (and via a nice projector system, at least for Indy wrestling standards), we see a woman the FCW faithful are familiar with, but to most is just a nice looking woman in a hostess outfit. One of those people is Carl Batch (holding Ox’s Title, standing just behind him). Carl tells “the newcomer” that if she wants to go far in the business, she should really consider joining “Batch Entertainment”. She looks rather disgusted as Carl hands her a business card walking out to his clients match. As Carl and Ox walk off, she pulls out a phone, and looks down at the strip of paper with Carl's number on it. Seemingly an idea popped into her head as she took a picture of it, before starting to text an unknown number.





This match’s booking wasn’t particularly liked by Power and Stranger, but the overbooking did hide Carlos’s flaws, he has a time before he can fully get to a good point, and hopefully I can help accelerate that quicker. As is usual with the FCW’s lower tier championship, its fought under the fans bring the weapons rules, the people giving Carlos nearly everything not nailed down, and even refusing to hand Ox anything when the large polish man moves towards them. A staple of the Islands style of wrestling, the real story came in the end, as Carl Batch was motioning for Ox to get up when both men were down, the woman from earlier coming out, a sly grin on Carl’s face until



Rudy Velasquez storms down, lead pipe in hand and making a beeline for the manager, who seems to finally put two and two together as he runs for his life. Amidst all this chaos, more takes place as Tex Tagan runs in to hit a massive lariat on a recovering Gonzales, allowing Ox to make the pin and win the match in around 12 minutes.

Winner: Ox Mastadon (1st Title Defense)





The semi-main event features two of the companies best wrestlers, each with different interactions with the crowd. Billy Russel makes his way down cold and calculated, but still receives a reaction worthy of a MMA legend. Kirk Jameson usually would receive riot like reactions, but the crowd actively mocks him and his manager Maryam Vega, the usually dead center wrestler being on a down slope ever since failing to defeat Hell’s Bouncer months ago for the FCW Puerto Rican Title.


The actual match was fantastic, even I was drawn into it and I helped book the damn thing. Maryam started to distract Russell by point towards the ramp, reminding him of Stranger and Brody’s sneak attack from last week, allowing Kirk to get some much needed offense. Vega goes to this well one too many times, inadvertently distracting Jameson as he was preparing to finish off Billy, who hits a massive series of knee strikes to send Kirk packing form the Caribbean in a fantastic match.

Winner: Billy Russell




Billy Russell begins to celebrate with the crowd, for all of two seconds, as Handsome Stranger does come down, taking advantage of a tired Russell to land some massive shots before Puerto Rican Power runs down, just barely missing a chance to get a piece of Stranger as he heads to the back. The Crowd was absolutely wild for Power’s save, setting up the atmosphere for the main event.





Leper Messiah comes out to a good reaction, the heath ledger knock off getting a weird good guy entrance as he stands to once again win the belt he last held nearly four years ago. Hell’s Bouncer’s entrance was worthy of the situation we were in, climbing out of hell. The match itself was clearly about Leper’s struggle against his stronger opponents. Puerto Rican Power and Hell’s Bouncer get a good five minutes alone to pound one another after a double team take down of Messiah. Messiah comes back into the fray, eventually turning the tide against his opponents, and finally getting a one on one match with Hell’s Bouncer when Puerto Rican Power takes a chair shot to the head. Hell’s Bouncer sets up the Damnation Drop, but is stunned when not only Leper powers out, but reverses into The Prophecy (Sit out Pile-driver) for the upset win. Just like the move, FCW’s first show of 2016 ends with The Prophecy of Leper’s journey to the title coming true, the fans in full support of the face painted “Hero”.







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FREEDOM Fighters 2016: Post Show Thoughts


The post show atmosphere was a mixed bag, sadness and excitement. The show itself went over fantastic, The angles and matches, aside from the People’s Championship match went down great, my camera guys did they jobs and then some, and the stream we had set up went off without a hitch. They didn’t really tell me, but Power and Stranger seemed both surprised and proud of how well I had done. The boys where in a fine mood as well, me and the team had gotten the cold shoulder when we first arrived, but they really started to open up to us, The Latino Kings talked my guys to death about the promo stuff they wanted to do. The only real sad parts where the casualties of war.



Kirk and Bouncer had gotten contracts to work for fat-cat-Parker, and we all knew they would take them. I feel great for those guys, hopefully they get good long careers and suck some money out Reviere’s pockets but I couldn’t believe Allen could get this petty. Puerto Rican Power told me that had been scouting around before but I know he had a nose in it, and because of me, we just lost two of our top guys. I went home depressed as all hell, but by the morning I was hitting the computer. The post show angles we had filmed look great, and would set up most of our matches for next month, and even though my initial replacement for the main event scene fell threw, I had another idea that hopefully will create a good amount of hype leading into the next couple of months.


OOC: I want to say thanks for the initial predictions and reactions, I'm very excited with how the first show went down, DAMN I forgot how over Puerto Rican Power is, and the next post will not have the matches for next show, but bonus angles that happened in the post show, filmed by the crew, hope that hypes everyone up, and Allen Packer sucks as usual.

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