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Could I request some broadcasting help please?


I've always booked small companies and I'm making my foray into a Cult promotion and gonna jump right into TV and PPV. I'm based in the US and I've just had 3 different broadcasters (of varying levels) all agree to host my PPVs. How does that work? They all cover the same areas.


In my head I think I should be looking at Commercial for TV and Pay Per View for PPVs. But what's to stop me holding PPVs as Commercial? And why would Free To Air work? Or Subscription?


Basically, I don't really understand what I'm doing. Can someone break it down and hold my hand on this one please? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

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<p>Benefits to each sort of broadcaster type? Well, Free To Air reaches the most people, but you get no money for it. (On the other hand, if you focus on hot markets, your live gate attendance should compensate for it).</p><p> </p><p>

Commercial and Subscription are a bit more balanced, offering both good gains in popularity and cash. I believe the latter gives you more money, while the former more pop.</p><p> </p><p>

Finally, PPV is more money but with little pop gains.</p>

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