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Varied Company Growth

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<p>So, with the new style of getting bigger, companies are basically locked into one way of doing things, assuming they don't want to relocate. If I'm in the Great Lakes, I basically have to move east or I'm not going to grow. Moving west instead basically doesn't improve the company. And gods forbid I try to move to Canada first.</p><p> </p><p>

And I think this could be OK...IF I had a selection of things to choose from. Once things move from the defaults, it would be cool if there were options. So Great Lakes might have "Eastward Expansion", "Westward Expansion", or "Northern Expansion", or "Midwestern Domination" as options. There would obviously have to be limits on when you can change it, or penalties for changing. But adding just a little player choice there would be HUGE.</p>

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