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You can continue saved games on the full version, yes. The full version will "unlock" the ability to progress past February in all saved games.


If it's a game that you're planning on running long term though, you might want to wait until closer to release to start it, as while patches are generally save-game compatible this close to release, any bugs that do get into your save likely won't be able to be removed by patches.


Personally I'd just use the demo to have a look at the features and try out some things, and then start a "proper" save nearer to release, to make sure that any bugs that do exist at the moment don't end up ruining your save later down the line. Not that it's likely, but you don't want to get heavily invested in a big in-depth save and then find out that a bug that was fixed in an early patch surfaces in your game and ruins your save file.

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