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With only two months to play with it's impossible to see how the AI does at what are traditionally some of the things it struggles with and which most impact long term games; roster management and worker development. We simply don't have a chance to see how it handles bringing new stars up the card, improving prospects skills and dealing with declining veterans.


On the other hand the AI doesn't appear to have some of the problems it did in previous years. I haven't seen the "start of game hiring spree" that happened in every C-verse 2016 game and basically featured the same companies hiring the same workers to the same written contracts time after time after time (although that's more down to the database rather than AI itself) and more importantly, AI companies seem to book reasonably competently and to the strengths of their product. In 2016 for example USPW was infamous for struggling when under AI control because without the player manipulating their product sliders to emphasise angles they kept being booked like they were NOTBPW, getting underwhelming ratings and losing every battle. There's none of that this time and whether that's directly due to improved AI or the result of the changes to products, the effect is they seem far more competent. You still see some odd things that hurt their ratings and a player should be able to do better when they understand the mechanics but there's not the glaring issues we've seen before.

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