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Well since the forum won't let me search for this (apparently, 'blood AND rate', 'blood rate', and 'blood' are too short or common in this forum :confused: ), I was wondering if anyone had sussed out the blood rate stat when designing moves. I notice that there are few legal moves with blood rates over 5% and was wondering how that particular stat applies in a match. For example, as Cheerleader Melissa, I'm in a 9 match feud with Alpha Female in UCR over the Women's title that I took from her. I'd really like to bust her wide open at least once but in the second match of our feud, I got her head condition down to 33% and DDTs (5% blood rate) weren't giving me any joy. Problem is, Alpha Female's stamina is so low that matches with her are relatively quick by necessity. I can't carry her sad sack arse to 30 mins because she runs out of energy inside of 15-20 mins. And I can't let HER try to carry the match because once her momentum gets to a decent level, the crowd complains about wanting to see her TAKE, not GIVE punishment. Anyway, I was just wondering how Blood Rate relates to matches. Is it percentage based (that is, the higher the move's blood rate, the higher a worker's Head condition can be to be busted open) or is it just the move's general tendency to cause blood (i.e. 100% blood rate = move draws blood every time it's successfully done)?
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