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TEW But for recording Pro Wrestling Results

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Hi, i have been searching the internet for a Pro Wrestling Results Tracker, but the closes thing i have come close to is TEW, I was wondering if Grey Dog Software or Adam Ryland, would be interested in creating one, Basically TEW But just for recording real life match and events or fantasy promotions, i am pretty sure alot of people do this for fun, play matches in games a record the results, or record real life results in spreadsheets or note taking software, TEW is great but you have to do it as a game like situation there is no option for it to be used like a real life or fantasy results recording software, I am pretty sure a lot of people would buy this if it was to be made. All the options of TEW but as a Results Database with the UI of TEW. Maybe an idea that could be considered. Or is there a way to do this in TEW But i don't about it?



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I’m confused what you’re asking to be able to do. There are already results trackers for real promotions. If you’re talking about video games and keeping track of the matches you play there, I don’t see what the TEW engine would offer. Using a Google doc or a Google sheet or something would be way more efficient.

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56 minutes ago, GreenManRob88 said:

what sort of results tracker for real promotions are available, are they software, TEW Related or, other kind of tools? I want to keep real results stats in my own database, and wwe 2k universe in like a TEW Setting.

You could setup a Wiki, Notion, Access Database, Notes, Excel, SQL database, there’s an almost endless list of software you could use to do this in a way that’s much cleaner.

For real results, https://www.cagematch.net is a resource that’s very popular among TEW modders.

I think your request is probably a lot more niche than you think it is.

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ProFightDB - literaly the first thing you find when you input "Pro Wrestling Results"

does a great job of tracking every match, even dark ones. Why would you even begin inputting this TEW?

Except of course if you want to contribute to historical mods and want to put all results in. Contact a modder then. :p

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