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BOW: A New Home For British Wrestling (C-Verse)

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Monday Week 1, December 2019.

A crowd of journalists, all at various stages of their careers reporting on the wrestling industry, chatter among themselves as they sit in chairs lined out in rows across the studio floor. Their conversations warm the air in what would otherwise be a trepidatious atmosphere ahead of the upcoming press conference. On a raised platform ahead of the audience of reporters is a table with a black covering draped over it. Three microphones are set up along the surface, each with an accompanying chair behind the table. The middle microphone is overshadowed by a mysterious object beside it whose identity is concealed by hieing below a plush red velvet blanket. A monitor stands tall in the background, though the display is blank making the screen rather inconspicuous. 

Anticipation finally brings the group to a hush as a man arrives to take the central seat. To those in attendance, and most of the viewers watching the live feed on the streaming platform OnDem, he is instantly recognisable as the British businessman, intellectual, author and elder statesman, Dunton Hall.


After being given the nod from an enthusiastic stage hand, Dunton leans in to the microphone and begins to speak. 

Dunton Hall: Tell someone you are a fan of professional wrestling and you will be met with ridicule. Tell someone you want to open your own wrestling promotion and they will call you insane. Well, then I guess I'm insane. But I am also successful. All my life I have been very, very successful at everything I have tried my hand at. And to do so I have learned how to ignore the doubters, how to drown out the naysayers. I know how to silence the negativity. Much like a wrestling fan does when faced with derision and asked condescendingly why they like the sport.

Because despite the loaded nature of the question, it is actually incredibly easy to answer. Wrestling is the perfect combination of sport and story, of combat and character, of tactics and theatrics. Where else do you get to see behind the curtain into the day to day of larger-than-life competitors, their trials and tribulations, the effect of victory and defeat, far beyond the match result? Professional wrestling brings some of the most compelling storytelling into the world, and that is what attracts such a passionate fanbase, loyal to the sport no matter how it is perceived by the outside world. And those fans deserve a wrestling promotion that matches their dedication. But right now no such promotion exists here in Great Britain. At least not on a grand scale. Until now. 

The monitor behind Dunton Hall flickers on.


On the last Saturday of January 2020, a new era begins as British Omega Wrestling debuts, exploding onto the scene with reckless abandon as we change the landscape of wrestling in the United Kingdom forever. Being held in London, the three-hour extravaganza will be available to stream live exclusively on GBTV Sport. The card will feature some of the best wrestlers from across not only Britain, but throughout Europe, including a one on one main event between two of British wrestling's biggest stars to determine the inaugural winner of this...

Dunton Hall whips the red velvet blanket off the table to unveil a title belt.


...the British Omega Wrestling World Championship. Both men competing to be crowned the first ever BOW World Champion are here tonight, and will be joining the press conference immediately to assist me in answering your questions. First of all, please join me in welcoming the first competitor, he is 'The Angel Of The North', 'The Heart Of Newcastle' and 'The Pride Of Britain', Nate Manchester. 


Nate Manchester steps up onto the platform, pausing to acknowledge the flashing cameras that greet his arrival. He wears a smart black suit, with a tie in the style of the British flag fastened under the collar of his white shirt. Dunton Hall stands and shakes Manchester's hand, with the pair posing for photographs before taking their seats. Manchester sits in the chair furthest from where he entered. He nods and waves to the reporters.

And his opponent, a man who was the biggest free agent in British Wrestling, he is 'The Smasher' Stevie Stoat.


Dressed more casually in a biker's leather jacket, Stevie Stoat walks on stage. His stoic, almost disgruntled demeanour perfectly contrasting the warm smiles offered by his future opponent. His handshake with Dunton Hall, his new boss, seems somewhat reluctant. After a few mandatory photographs between the boss and his new star acquisition, they sit at the desk alongside Nate Manchester. Stoat's frown is the closest thing to an acknowledgement of the audience. 

And with the introductions complete, lets get on with answering some questions. So, in addition to your question, if you could state your news or media organisation and which of us your question is directed at, that would be very appreciated. 


Guys this is where you come in. I would love to make this press conference (and the actual diary) an interactive experience on the forum. Feel free to pose some questions - you can be as engrossed as you wish, creating your own journalist and news outlet, or you can just simply write the question and I will add the flavour in the write up answering the questions. I'm really excited to get this project underway as I have done a lot of planning and think it will be an interesting journey. 

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Owner and Head Booker:


Dunton Hall


Road Agents:

BritishSamurai.png.46248d8fe0a2afff491dbf82a3f51229.png LeoPrice.png.f1527174e693772a059d576d87f04674.png UKDragon.png.6346153bbc00485ba246adb62f982ba3.png

British Samurai, Leo Price, UK Dragon


Broadcast Team:

MartinBloydellNew.png.2a88e83b2cedee551f4ddef86bd19558.png MelanieFlorence.png.ed8453dc2cace56bb7c6bb587184089a.png JackieGoldsteinNew.png.b33f01d2929648e83bcdd60bf6b49fd6.png

Martin Bloydell, Melanie Florence, Jackie Goldstein


Match Officials:

HumphreyWoolsey.png.64eb075655cc53d376abb7a89fb6c307.png RoyWorrall.png.31d3b86f730a6d09c98511823b221d50.png

Humphrey Woolsey, Roy Worrall


Male Roster:

AltonVicious.png.5571d05ca4c4b08274ba9016e1b1d3f2.png AurelianBradley.png.d376a9b430a6ebc63930a86dd7dd6052.png BaliDaljit.png.1fb1bda1baf940c7907dd4c25464d481.png BillyRobinson.png.2383c5e22b6a7294e142ce73328405be.png BrilliantWhite.png.1e04d464d44bcd67eb356d47b28133e4.png

Alton Vicious, Aurelian Bradley, Bali Daljit, Billy Robinson, Brilliant White

CainCarlile.png.f3902d270b33d5480306464703b4e926.png ChristianBlithe.png.5b32a088369f303eede47bea3498655c.png ChristopherLister.png.6909f5f0ec7312c1bd899ce3fbfce032.png ClubberKohl.png.509a3128d4edb325cb34c7ff463673ab.png ColinPicalonew.png.6ce927baf98b21dfa8dab9e39b6630fe.png

Cain Carlile, Christian Blithe, Christopher Lister, Clubber Kohl, Colin Picalo

Dangermouth.png.a2c05a6d05019a3f98eb3dd465058138.png DonHenderson.png.2ad101eacbc404383a0be0a6af2b962c.png EricFuture.png.b41afc4178d80d82a3cb8dd997556996.png EugenSemper.png.7b2bef31ca851e1b15bf7f657ad70676.png GavinOwen.png.42df117f011df1f9fccbeb75af2b6982.png

Dangermouth, Don Henderson, Eric Future, Eugen Semper, Gavin Owen

GianfrancoMorelli.png.256f390994b55aacbac00894c121854f.png GlenWard.png.05c76d505b26dcb81ce19ff5e2a08e34.png GordonLeve.png.f769298fd2451d3e62facbb2abf310fc.png GramGorman.png.597be2eb60e2343cdb6943ba82a9336e.png GrantTaypen_alt.png.a93dec71f00c9afe3938ef5a03da274b.png

Gianfranco Morelli, Glen Ward, Gordon Leve, Gram Gorman, Grant Taypen

HughdeAske.png.a5a8c4c286d66e1dd54e7df9f34edda8.png JacquesDuPont.png.93fc82a488b9557174a5956f41ac7c91.png JaseCole.png.86b6a871a2a7a017f863b8f0552ef109.png JasonDempsey.png.99d9292363cb673fd418f641ae0a9d2b.png JermaineGranger.png.b700dcf00aa21cddab16e181c62f9167.png 

Hugh de Aske, Jacques DuPont, Jase Cole, Jason Dempsey, Jermaine Granger

JKLeenew.png.2ec08ca7c54e3992922672767624d46a.png JonMichaelSharp.png.30ef3131a574138cf852a3a63ce168ae.png KonradMakinen.png.b3862e0380f39106c06d5c31a43c740b.png LandonMallory.png.c752bc44f784b127b3bf180b46d7decc.png LeightonBuzzard_alt.png.8ebc2a2ed128224933c55ae6c701a6c0.png 

JK Lee, Jon Michael Sharp, Konrad Makinen, Landon Mallory, Leighton Buzzard

LennyMochin.png.67599d0f4fd03180cf3a5855fb2bd771.png LouiePeyton.png.a7c2b7c9d7621b3d54eda9b7928316ca.png MagnusCage.png.c5944df31b89475e5d5e914bf294ea49.png MartinHeath.png.849f40752589bc1362d8d5d4ba1f5e4f.png MatthewMacks.png.fb408ec16723d2731e2bfdf76b02f730.png 

Lenny Mochin, Louie Peyton, Magnus Cage, Martin Heath, Matthew Macks

MerleOCurle.png.207fa0fee5cb779787d014bdfd0315fe.png MichaelGregory.png.ae320ead2e9e8632e002b3e57ee1a48c.png MiltonHittlespitz.png.6542b4b07ec929206e75d450796116b1.png NateManchester.png.3118fc8b47d36eac0ad7586f14661114.png NigelSvensson_alt.png.c909ac0a2a13b84d70e8e3edafa84762.png 

Merle O'Curle, Michael Gregory, Milton Hittlespitz, Nate Manchester, Nigel Svensson

NightSpyder.png.1cc8b33877538dc9f4001b2d2f459f78.png PadraigOHearne.png.b683755f4ab1e23b0d976772f79cffd9.png PavelVanzycha_alt.png.27d75b28a7c55d58bcc94e2910f602ef.png PeteyBarnes.png.9d6e843f0c6eaa48710ae964768fc92f.png PierreDuPont.png.eed902cdb9ea23a3c8a99b03d399ff24.png 

Night Spyder, Padraig O'Hearne, Pavel Vanzycha, Petey Barnes, Pierre DuPont

PuffyTheSandIronPlayer.png.c9bc3d4f901f2b2344739500eecdd42f.png RiddickJordan.png.aaf35d6252b51d0c2dfbbf16be62fd3b.png RobertoMilano.png.caa5d2adb54fac81224fed0bf4fc55df.png StefanRaynoredit.png.56775797bc5210b12a04e9148e798086.png StevieStoat.png.aa0c0ae6d73ef7d0a22358a8d1fb76e9.png 

Puffy The Sand Iron Player, Riddick Jordan, Roberto Milano, Stefan Raynor, Stevie Stoat

Strife.png.5013e5f17c2285c8471d8b0fca00abae.png StuartWilson.png.f411c97c8eda61515bda316f4e2155e9.png WalkervanCleer.png.c5102432700050abd09c639fe3befe74.png WesStryker.png.336a6d5c2a97bb54d00e4a74533d3d00.png WildChild.png.eb56b3bc802ceb97541c9147dbecc9fb.png

Strife, Stuart Wilson, Walker van Cleer, Wes Stryker, Wild Child


Female Roster:

AudValkyrieNew.png.a7ff30afd7c381c35492a182f87d26e8.png JeriBehrNew.png.1797a1da1f8d2d1d503524b0a464c770.png KarenBilous.png.9a3a880119fa88cae480b6d2715236bf.png

Aud Valkyrie, Jeri Behr, Karen Bilous

TheaDavis.png.e342496a20ec3e86d41cb67a80cef70e.png ViperMcKenna.png.133611ba3d60572b0632b03f64a7ef0d.png ZofiaJankovic.png.117afbada46eb438ab06f1da4b72c6ff.png

Thea Davis, Viper McKenna, Zofia Jankovic


Tag Team Division:

GrantTaypen_alt.png.a93dec71f00c9afe3938ef5a03da274b.png LeightonBuzzard_alt.png.8ebc2a2ed128224933c55ae6c701a6c0.png

A Pair Of Aces (Grant Taypen & Leighton Buzzard)

EricFuture.png.b41afc4178d80d82a3cb8dd997556996.png PeteyBarnes.png.9d6e843f0c6eaa48710ae964768fc92f.png

Future X (Eric Future & Petey Barnes)

JonMichaelSharp.png.30ef3131a574138cf852a3a63ce168ae.png MartinHeath.png.849f40752589bc1362d8d5d4ba1f5e4f.png

Royal Air Force (Jon Michael Sharp & Martin Heath)

LouiePeyton.png.a7c2b7c9d7621b3d54eda9b7928316ca.png StefanRaynoredit.png.56775797bc5210b12a04e9148e798086.png

The Assassains' Guild (Louie Peyton & Stefan Raynor)

GianfrancoMorelli.png.256f390994b55aacbac00894c121854f.png RobertoMilano.png.caa5d2adb54fac81224fed0bf4fc55df.png

The Fashionistas (Gianfranco Morelli & Roberto Milano)


The Foreign Legion (Jacques DuPont & Pierre DuPont)

AltonVicious.png.5571d05ca4c4b08274ba9016e1b1d3f2.png RiddickJordan.png.aaf35d6252b51d0c2dfbbf16be62fd3b.png

The Northern Lights (Alton Vicious & Riddick Jordan)

BillyRobinson.png.2383c5e22b6a7294e142ce73328405be.png DonHenderson.png.2ad101eacbc404383a0be0a6af2b962c.png

The Shooters (Billy Robinson & Don Henderson)

ChristopherLister.png.6909f5f0ec7312c1bd899ce3fbfce032.png JaseCole.png.86b6a871a2a7a017f863b8f0552ef109.png

The X Force (Christopher Lister & Jase Cole)

NigelSvensson.png.69ebccc4fde1ee8c2e3b48842e05b438.png PavelVanzycha.png.3cad265c824431ed5dcf51a72d0cc321.png

Vanzycha & Svensson (Nigel Svensson & Pavel Vanzycha)

GavinOwen.png.42df117f011df1f9fccbeb75af2b6982.png GlenWard.png.05c76d505b26dcb81ce19ff5e2a08e34.png

Ward & Owen (Gavin Owen & Glen Ward)



Smoked Out
Leader: Stevie Stoat
Members: Louie Peyton, Stefan Raynor


LouiePeyton_alt.png.468679a24b81c879a4e4d0c47ad3d3c8.png StefanRaynor_alt.png.263c7eb668f0a2277d6479a60a504c8d.png

Three Lions
Members: Jon Michael Sharp, Martin Heath, Nate Manchester

JonMichaelSharp.png.30ef3131a574138cf852a3a63ce168ae.png MartinHeath.png.849f40752589bc1362d8d5d4ba1f5e4f.png NateManchester.png.3118fc8b47d36eac0ad7586f14661114.png


Managers / Representatives:


Eva Berlin
(Client List: Clubber Kohl)


Fink Finkleton
(Client List: Vanzycha & Svensson)


Laurel Wreath
(Client List: Night Spyder)


Mo Adebola
(Client List: Dangermouth, The Northern Lights)

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"Reporter Ethan White from RingRoar Australia here." 


"I have two questions, the first is for Mate Manchester."


"You truly are an icon of Britian, known across the seas even in Australia. For those that don't know you can you give us a highlight or two of your storied career to help familiarise ourselves with you?" 


"My second question of for Stevie Stoat." 

"Your opponent has many accolades and self proclaimed titles in his name, while you're named after a character from the hit TV show "Schitts Creek" and what is essentially a fatter weasel. A smaller ferrett if you will. How nervous are you to face such an icon of the British wrestling scene, and what makes you think you actually have a chance?" 



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On 10/14/2023 at 4:58 PM, James The Animator said:

Excuse me, Mr. Hall? This is James Fiore, from WrrestleRoundup.com. If you would be so kind, I would like to know if there are any truth to the rumors that you are negotiating with several top names from 21CW. Thank you very much!

I had been anticipating this sort of question and I'm very much looking forward to answering it. The 21CW releases are the easiest way to build popularity for a lower level company in Britain, but of course Dunton Hall can't just admit that, so expect a more diplomatic answer when it comes! 

On 10/15/2023 at 12:06 AM, HiPlus said:

"Reporter Ethan White from RingRoar Australia here." 


"I have two questions, the first is for Mate Manchester."


"You truly are an icon of Britian, known across the seas even in Australia. For those that don't know you can you give us a highlight or two of your storied career to help familiarise ourselves with you?" 


"My second question of for Stevie Stoat." 

"Your opponent has many accolades and self proclaimed titles in his name, while you're named after a character from the hit TV show "Schitts Creek" and what is essentially a fatter weasel. A smaller ferrett if you will. How nervous are you to face such an icon of the British wrestling scene, and what makes you think you actually have a chance?" 



Uh-oh. Stevie Stoat is not going to be a fan of Mr. White the reporter. But these questions are a good opportunity for the two wrestlers to show their characters a bit more, and I've already got some responses brewing.

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On 10/16/2023 at 7:08 AM, DAVEFAN95 said:

John McCarthy from IrishTopRope.com here Mr. Hall. 


Firstly, any chance any Irish talent will be on the show? 


Secondly, are we to expect that BOW and 21CW are now enemies or are ye just friendly competitors right now? 

I am so glad you've asked this! 


On another note, if anyone wants to submit questions there is still time. I've written up the answers to these ones (and a few others) and hoping to post Sunday evening 

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As the camera remains on the trio sat at the table, we hear the first question posed come from the audience.

Good evening, Martin Holdenberg of Wrestle News Now here. Mr. Hall, is this a one off event or can we expect to see more of BOW going forward?

Well I certainly hope so! Though ask me after the show and I may have a different answer if everything has gone pear shaped. No, but in all seriousness, I have no intention of this being a one time event. I want BOW to be on screens across Britain every week. And while I can't officially announce anything tonight, I will say the executives at GBTV have been nothing short of fantastic to work with. Right from day one I have been blown away by their enthusiasm, they are extremely dedicated to their sports network and have been very receptive about BOW as a result. There's a lot of alignment between us and that's always important for a successful partnership. Of course, they have their expectations, so do we, but I don't see a reason why BOW and GBTV Sport can't go hand in hand for years to come. There are certain targets in terms of viewers for the upcoming event, but I am confident we can reach those numbers. Cheers Martin.

Another reporter is selected to pose a question from the audience.

Chris Jones of British Wrestling Observer here. Dunton you have obviously been in discussions with GBTV executives to broadcast this event prior to today. Exactly how long have you been planning to form your own wrestling promotion?

Well Chris, let me start by saying I am so relieved to finally be able to talk about this out in the open. Ironically enough I think I've been the only person unable to speak on it, as I know you've all been speculating on your websites, in your so called 'dirt sheets'. It really has been one of the worst kept secrets in the wrestling industry - which, let's be honest, is quite an achievement in this modern era. Don't be mistaken, I'm glad for the intrigue it's generated, I'm sure you've all made the lives of my marketing team a hell of a lot easier! But back to your question, how long have I been planning my own wrestling company? Does since I was a young lad count? No but again, to answer you more seriously, I wasn't lying about my love for professional wrestling. This is something I have wanted for a long time and about a year ago I realised I'm now at an age, and to be frank at a level of success, where I can afford to dedicate all of my time and effort to this. I won't bore you with a list of all the goals I'd set myself for my life, but I've ticked off most of them and now is the time for me to tick off forming my own promotion, and next up is to tick off turning that promotion into the best wrestling promotion ever. So around a year ago I sat down and sorted through my other affairs, and began plotting, slowly, to bring to life what we now call British Omega Wrestling.

Hall offers a smile as the next question is lined up.

Excuse me, Mr. Hall? This is James Fiore, from WrestleRoundup.com. If you would be so kind, I would like to know if there are any truth to the rumours that you are negotiating with several top names from 21CW. Thank you very much!

Hi James, thanks for being here. Truth be told, I think we've all been in this game long enough to know that I can't and won't speculate on the contracts of performers in other organisations. It's not fair to them, to the talents, or to myself and BOW. We all know how this works. But what I will say is that 21CW has a roster full of incredible talent, both past and present. Hell, the two men either side of me are testament to that. I'm not going to pretend that they don't, or even deny their existence, as ignoring other promotions that exist in the world of wrestling makes a mockery of the fans, in my opinion at least. So while I can't confirm or deny that we are in talks with any wrestlers currently employed exclusively elsewhere, what I will say is that if the right worker becomes available, I am open to doing business if it serves a purpose for both parties. Of course there are plenty of people I admire both as performers and as people, but it's not fair for me to publicly comment on them while they are under contract in another company. Thanks for the question. Who's next?

The attention of the three men diverts to another section of the crowd as another reporter is handed a microphone.

Reporter Ethan White from RingRoar Australia here. I have two questions, the first is for Mate Manchester. You truly are an icon of Britain, known across the seas even in Australia. For those that don't know you can you give us a highlight or two of your storied career to help familiarise ourselves with you? 

Nate Manchester: Well Ethan, thanks for the kind words. Australia is a beautiful country and who knows, maybe one day BOW could put on a few shows out there. But that's really up to the big boss sat next to me. Um, in terms of career highlights, I think my tag team title run with Leo Price has to be my greatest accomplishment, right? It was great working with Leo, he's a true pro. But, um, other than that, I mean the Manc-Sault I hit off the top of the steel cage on Luke Cool, back in like, what, 2010? That still features on all them like 'Top 10' moments videos out on the internet. I didn't win the match or the United Kingdom title that night, but I did show a lot of people what I can do when given a moment to shine, so, yeah, thank you.

My second question is for Stevie Stoat. 

Your opponent has many accolades and self proclaimed titles in his name, while you're named after a character from the hit TV show "Schitts Creek" and what is essentially a fatter weasel. A smaller ferret if you will. How nervous are you to face such an icon of the British wrestling scene, and what makes you think you actually have a chance?

Stevie Stoat: Listen 'ere you little Dingo, I'm 43 years old. I don't watch that trash TV, but if they've got someone with my name on there that's because they're named after me. And who can blame them? I'm Stevie [expletive] Stoat. You wanna talk about icons of British wrestling? I'm a former World champion. I ain't scared of some jumped-up little punk what calls himself the 'Pride Of Britain'. How much pride is he gonna have after I knock his teeth out with the Super Kick and pin his shoulders to the mat, one, two, three? I'm gonna do what I do best, I'm gonna smash him into the canvas and leave it painted red with his blood. I ain't nervous, zero percent. And if you don't like that answer, then you can just [expletive] off back to Australia, mate.

With a bit of tension in the air after Stoat's combative answer, the trio have their attention diverted to the next question.

John McCarthy from IrishTopRope.com here Mr. Hall.

Hi John, great to see you again.

Firstly, any chance any Irish talent will be on the show? 

Oh John, I'm so glad you've asked that question. In fact, don't be surprised if some people think you're a plant after I give this answer. Ireland is a heck of a country, a really beautiful place. I've been across there many, many times of the years and I can't express enough how much I love the place. And the truth is, I think Ireland is going to be a big influence on what we do here in BOW. I can't confirm anything, but we are in talks with multiple talents from the island, on both sides of the border. There's a lot of Irish talent out there currently, and I want to give them a platform to show the world what they can do. Not only that, but I'd love to one day see us putting on shows there too. We're in this for the long haul here, and BOW is not just about London. I want to take BOW to all the major cities in the United Kingdom, and that extends to the wonderful cities in Ireland too. Both Belfast and Dublin are cities that I've spent extended visits in, and the fans deserve to see some live wrestling there too.

Oh, and it's not just Ireland either. I want to bring the best talent to this company, and that has led me to find workers from all over the globe. We've been in discussion with some exciting wrestlers from the European scene and, as I'm sure Mr. White will be pleased to hear, I've been holding some talks with some talent from his homeland of Australia too. I spent some time in that part of the world a few years ago, and I was fortunate to be able to catch a couple of independent shows. A few names stuck with me, and if the stars align then those names could find their way into BOW.

Secondly, are we to expect that BOW and 21CW are now enemies or are ye just friendly competitors right now? 

Is this you trying to prove you're not a plant, John? Look as I said before, I don't want to be speaking on behalf of other companies, whether it's about their talent, or their opinion of us. But on our side of things, I don't see why the two companies can't co-exist. Sure, we're both competing to be the biggest, the best companies we can be, but we also offer different products for the fans. 21CW commands a big audience, the execs over at UKB demand that, and as such they've got to appeal to a wide range of people. We're free to do things a bit differently here, and this is very much a wrestling promotion, for fans of professional wrestling. Detractors will call us an indy show on steroids, but honestly I'd take that as a compliment. So there's certainly room for both companies. As I said before, I don't like it when promotions don't pretend the other promotions don't exist, and in actuality, the fact that UKB are publicly funded means we should be able to acknowledge them with little blowback in terms of licencing. I don't want us to be disrespectful, but I want to be able to acknowledge the fact that Nate Manchester is a former 21CW Tag Team champion, or that Stevie Stoat is a former 21CW World champion, because the fans are already aware of the fact, and pretending they're not insults their intelligence. So whether that makes 21CW open to alliance, or a rival promotion, I don't know. All options are on the table right now. Thanks, John. Who's next?

Hello, Alan from GBTV Sport Centre here. This one is for both Nate and Stevie. What has drawn you both to coming here and signing for BOW, a new promotion which the world didn't know about until today?

I'll go first. I only left the old place back in April, and I walked out on my own terms because I didn't like what they was asking of me. They wanted me to help give the rub to the younger guys, share some of the spotlight. Stevie Stoat don't work like that, man. Anyone wants to take the shine off of me, they gotta earn it. I don't share. So when Dunton came to me talking about BOW, I knew it was the place for me to go and be at the top of the mountain again. You hear a lot of veterans talk about wanting to work with new talent, with the young guys. Well I don't give two [expletive] about that. I'm here to win titles, and earn a pretty penny while doing just that. So if a guy who is a multi-millionaire, maybe even a billionaire - hey Dunton, you a billionaire?

Stoat looks over to Hall who replies with a quizzical, non-committal look.

If a maybe-billionaire offers you the chance to win titles and earn a boat load of cash, you take it. That's why.

Stoat looks over to Manchester, as if giving him permission to speak now.

As for me, it was very much a second chance at the game. When things came to an end for me at 21CW, I felt that I was leaving with unfinished business. Um, and I still feel that way now. Back then I was just finding my feet, you know, developing past that spot monkey reputation I had, and showing what I was about. Then it was all swept out from underneath me. So when Dunton approached me and told me about BOW, I was excited to get back to where I'd left off. And also, let me take a sec to say that was he has planned for this company, wow, dude I was blown away. He's got this wicked big vision for how he sees the company, and it's really exciting. This man, he loves wrestling, and I think that's gonna show in what we put out there. So, um, yeah, a second chance by working for a man who really cares about the sport, that's why I'm here.

Manchester takes a sip from his water bottle, signalling the end of his answer.

Hi gentlemen, Laura Hoyt from Ladies Who Wrestle dot-com here. Dunton, will British Omega Wrestling feature a women's division?

Yes. As some of you may know, I'm friends with Melanie Florence and have worked with her for a few writing projects before. I asked her to come in and join us on the commentary team. The stern look I'm getting from my assistants over there suggest I'm probably not supposed to be revealing that right now, but oh well. Anyway, Mel only agreed to join BOW on the condition that we have a women's division. She's a huge wrestling fan and wants the ladies to be showcased in what we do. Not only that, but I wanted to put together a women's division because they deserve the opportunity to show what they can do. It is true that there is a real scarcity in available talent in female British wrestling right now, but the few performers there are really are incredible talents. So admittedly it's probably going to be a smaller division than we would like, but I trust that these women will put female British wrestling on the map and encourage new talent to come and work on our shores. Thanks Laura, all the best. I think we have time for one last question.

The microphone is passed to a journalist for the final time.

Hi Dunton, Jason Doyle of WrestleWorld News. You've lined up these two incredible men for your main event, but when can we expect the rest of the roster to be announced?

Hello Jason. I wish I could sit here and give you all the names we're in talks with, or have already negotiated with, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. What I can say though is to look out for adverts across the GBTV and GBTV Sport channels, and across the BOW social media accounts. We will be announcing the roster, and the matches for Reckless Abandon over the course of the next month and a half leading up to the event. We felt this approach would be best, allowing each talent their own moment in the light rather than shoehorning a list of names into this press conference. Okay, if that's everything then thank you all for attending this conference.

Dunton Hall stands from the table and looks directly at the camera, which zooms in to his face for his closing words.

British Omega Wrestling debuts Saturday, the last week of January 2020 with Reckless Abandon, live on GBTV Sport. Nate Manchester versus Stevie Stoat for the British Omega Wrestling World championship, with more roster announcements upcoming. Thank you all for your time, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The camera pans out to show Hall stood over the table, the BOW World title still proudly displayed in front of him, with both Nate Manchester and Stevie Stoat stood beside him, staring intently at one another as the live feed ends.

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In addition to the commercials airing on both GBTV and GBTV Sport over the better part of the next two months, the match card for the British Omega Wrestling debut show Reckless Abandon was confirmed by the promotions social media account, as seen in a series of posts below:
















Here's a list of the matches for predictions. Please note none of the competitors for the battle royal have been confirmed, so aside from those already booked, you have the whole game world to guess from - good luck with that. I'll do a prize for whoever guesses the most correct results for this show, but moving forward I'll probably offer a prize for the most correct guesses up to and including every event instead.

BOW World Championship:
Nate Manchester vs Stevie Stoat

The Shooters (Billy Robinson & Don Henderson) vs The Foreign Legion (Jacques DuPont & Pierre DuPont)

Hardcore Match: Matthew Macks vs Puffy The Sand Iron Player

Bali Daljit vs Walker van Cleer

Aud Valkyrie & Jeri Behr vs Karen Bilous & Zofia Jankovic

Merle O'Curle vs Christian Blithe

Lenny Mochin vs Padraig O'Hearne

Future X (Eric Future & Petey Barnes) vs The Fashionistas (Gianfranco Morelli & Roberto Milano)

Landon Mallory vs Clubber Kohl

'Showcase' Battle Royal

Colin Picalo vs Jason Dempsey

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BOW World Championship:
Nate Manchester vs Stevie Stoat

The Shooters (Billy Robinson & Don Henderson) vs The Foreign Legion (Jacques DuPont & Pierre DuPont)

Hardcore Match: Matthew Macks vs Puffy The Sand Iron Player

Bali Daljit vs Walker van Cleer

Aud Valkyrie & Jeri Behr vs Karen Bilous & Zofia Jankovic

Merle O'Curle vs Christian Blithe

Lenny Mochin vs Padraig O'Hearne

Future X (Eric Future & Petey Barnes) vs The Fashionistas (Gianfranco Morelli & Roberto Milano)

Landon Mallory vs Clubber Kohl

'Showcase' Battle Royal

Colin Picalo vs Jason Dempsey

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Because Manchester doesn't have the same aura about him to be first champ

The Shooters

Personal Preference

Matthew Macks


Bali Daljit

Van Cleer is a tag guy

Bilous and Jankovic

Always been a fan of Bilous, haven't had a chance to use her in a long time though

Merle O Curle

Because COYBIG

Padraig O Hearne

See above

Futute X

Big Fashionistas fan but Future X are better

Landon Mallory

Dudes a stud

Colin Picalo

Because why not. 

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BOW World Championship:
Nate Manchester vs Stevie Stoat
Comments: Stoat just seemed more fired up, feel bad for Nate. 

The Shooters (Billy Robinson & Don Henderson) vs The Foreign Legion (Jacques DuPont & Pierre DuPont)
Comments: I think this goes the other way, actually almost 100% sure it does end up the other way, but I hope The Foeign Legion reign supreme. Don is an old man. 

Hardcore Match: Matthew Macks vs Puffy The Sand Iron Player
Comments: Matthew Macks looks like a tool. 

Bali Daljit vs Walker van Cleer
Comments: Walker is a star!

Aud Valkyrie & Jeri Behr vs Karen Bilous & Zofia Jankovic
Comments: Karen Bilous looks terrifying. 

Merle O'Curle vs Christian Blithe

Lenny Mochin vs Padraig O'Hearne
Comments: Lenny just looks so damn cool. 

Future X (Eric Future & Petey Barnes) vs The Fashionistas (Gianfranco Morelli & Roberto Milano)
Comments: Can't not go with the most handsome men in wrestling

Landon Mallory vs Clubber Kohl
Comments: Let's go Landon!

'Showcase' Battle Royal
Comments: ... No idea. Blithe. GIVE ME CHRISTIAN BLITHE AGAIN BABY!

Colin Picalo vs Jason Dempsey
Comments: Colin Picalo looks sick... Like.. he shouldn't be wrestling. 

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BOW World Championship:
Nate Manchester vs Stevie Stoat
Comments: Manchester feels likes a good first champion.

The Shooters (Billy Robinson & Don Henderson) vs The Foreign Legion (Jacques DuPont & Pierre DuPont)
Comments: Just feel like the Shooters win this.

Hardcore Match: Matthew Macks vs Puffy The Sand Iron Player
Comments: Sorry Puffy don't think you'll be getting par.

Bali Daljit vs Walker van Cleer
Comments: I think the tag guy loses.

Aud Valkyrie & Jeri Behr vs Karen Bilous & Zofia Jankovic
Comments:  Giving it to "The Pain From The Ukraine"

Merle O'Curle vs Christian Blithe
Comments: Blithe seems like a good choice

Lenny Mochin vs Padraig O'Hearne

Future X (Eric Future & Petey Barnes) vs The Fashionistas (Gianfranco Morelli & Roberto Milano)
Comments: Like the Fashionistas, but I think Future X has more upside.

Landon Mallory vs Clubber Kohl
Comments: Feel like Landon is the bigger star.

'Showcase' Battle Royal Dangermouth
Comments: Just chose someone from the British scene that may show up.

Colin Picalo vs Jason Dempsey

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BOW World Championship:
Nate Manchester vs Stevie Stoat
Comments: Has the name value to run as first champ, but not sure how he holds up in the ring.

The Shooters (Billy Robinson & Don Henderson) vs The Foreign Legion (Jacques DuPont & Pierre DuPont)
Comments: I think The Shooters have more upside. They could be a top tag team for you.

Hardcore Match: Matthew Macks vs Puffy The Sand Iron Player
Comments: I like Matthew Macks, he could be a star for you

Bali Daljit vs Walker van Cleer

Aud Valkyrie & Jeri Behr vs Karen Bilous & Zofia Jankovic

Merle O'Curle vs Christian Blithe

Lenny Mochin vs Padraig O'Hearne

Future X (Eric Future & Petey Barnes) vs The Fashionistas (Gianfranco Morelli & Roberto Milano)
Comments: Another team who could anchor the tag division

Landon Mallory vs Clubber Kohl
Comments: Another one who could be a star if built correctly

'Showcase' Battle Royal - Dangermouth
Comments: Has big upside and he's not on the card so far

Colin Picalo vs Jason Dempsey


Out of interest, what popularity does BOW start at? 

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Love the start to this, a completely different approach than Charismatic Enigma with a similar roster. Excited to see where it goes.

BOW World Championship:
Nate Manchester vs Stevie Stoat

The Shooters (Billy Robinson & Don Henderson) vs The Foreign Legion (Jacques DuPont & Pierre DuPont)

Hardcore Match: Matthew Macks vs Puffy The Sand Iron Player

Bali Daljit vs Walker van Cleer

Aud Valkyrie & Jeri Behr vs Karen Bilous & Zofia Jankovic

Merle O'Curle vs Christian Blithe

Lenny Mochin vs Padraig O'Hearne

Future X (Eric Future & Petey Barnes) vs The Fashionistas (Gianfranco Morelli & Roberto Milano)

Landon Mallory vs Clubber Kohl

'Showcase' Battle Royal - Damian Dastardly
Comments: Going to go out there with my choice of winner, if you poached one guy from Australia then I'll hedge on the top prospect in all of Oceania, with a gimmick that fits perfectly for a battle royal win.

Colin Picalo vs Jason Dempsey

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I will preface this by saying I know absolutely nothing about the British scene in the CV. Never played as any of the companies and really can't remember a time when I've hired any of the workers so I'm just merely guessing here. But I'm going to use my lack of knowledge to have some fun with this.


BOW World Championship:

Nate Manchester vs Stevie Stoat

Comments: I have no idea who these people are but Stoat rhymes with goat, like "greatest of all time" so let's go with that.


The Shooters (Billy Robinson & Don Henderson) vs The Foreign Legion (Jacques DuPont & Pierre DuPont)

Comments: The Shooters have cooler renders and a cooler name. Besides, with a name like Jacque DePont you know he's gonna be eating stinky cheese all the time and no one wants that smell stinking up the locker room.


Hardcore Match: Matthew Macks vs Puffy The Sand Iron Player

Comments: He's got a golf club, in a hardcore match. That's a very critical piece of information.


Bali Daljit vs Walker van Cleer

Comments: Never bet against the dude with 3 names. Just ask all the guys that HHH "elevated" in the 2000s. 


Aud Valkyrie & Jeri Behr vs Karen Bilous & Zofia Jankovic

Comments: Bilous and Jankovic are way better last names.


Merle O'Curle vs Christian Blithe

Comments: Merle rhymes with pearl, earl, swirl and many other words. So many possibilities for cool t shirts. 


Lenny Mochin vs Padraig O'Hearne

Comments: For some reason Lenny Mochin seems familiar to me. I don't remember why so I'll just assume he's either very good or absolute dog sh%t. 50/50 odds, that's better than Vegas baby!


Future X (Eric Future & Petey Barnes) vs The Fashionistas (Gianfranco Morelli & Roberto Milano)

Comments: Don't bet against the future owners of Twitter. 


Landon Mallory vs Clubber Kohl

Comments: I'm picking him solely on the basis that his first name is clubber


'Showcase' Battle Royal

Comments: Jack Bruce is clearly the only logical choice here 


Colin Picalo vs Jason Dempsey

Comments:  never pick the guy named after a musical instrument no one ever wants to play


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British Omega Wrestling

Reckless Abandon

Saturday Week 4 January 2020

London, Southern England, British Isles

The show opens with a crowd of 2,805 in the London based venue being treated to an extravagant pyrotechnic display atop the entrance ramp as the broadcast team speak over the popping and pow-ing of the colourful spectacle.

MartinBloydell.jpg.44b9624d075c1d007c6436f804819c42.jpg MelanieFlorence.jpg.35f940b1c027745c179d34221c1975e1.jpg JackieGoldstein.jpg.d7f999016c093823e6b9752a93c1e869.jpg

Martin Bloydell: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to BOW! I’m Martin Bloydell and joining me is the infallible Melanie Florence and gregarious Jackie Goldstein, but we’re going to head straight to the ring where we are joined by the British Omega Wrestling founder and owner, Dunton Hall.

As the smoke from the now finished fireworks begins to dissipate across the arena, the camera pans across to the ring, where Dunton Hall stands in the middle of the squared circle, microphone in hand. Accompanying him are three men, instantly recognisable to fans of British wrestling as a trio of retired ring-warriors, British Samurai, Leo Price and UK Dragon.


BritishSamurai.jpg.46b22caade95af2ac1ce739c95938b55.jpg LeoPrice.jpg.86d4d6a9af854887df2985e2a02f1418.jpg UKDragon.jpg.be0101886929ccebe54d9a2748c445d5.jpg

Dunton Hall: To each of you sat in this arena, and to everyone watching at home, thank you. Thank you for joining us tonight as we make history. Thank you for making this a reality. None of this would be possible without you.

The crowd, red hot with anticipation, breaks out into a ‘Thank you Dunton’ chant.

No, no, please. It may be my name over the door, but I am simply a custodian. British Omega Wrestling does not belong to me, it belongs to each and every one of you!

Another cheer erupts from the crowd, before giving way to a new chant: B-O-W, B-O-W. Hall gives a brief pause to allow the fans room to express their joy, before continuing.

Boy, we haven’t even got started yet. But that’s the joy of wrestling, and the great fans that love this sport. We do things our own way. That’s what being Omega is all about, walking our own path, living by our own rules despite what the world thinks of us. So, walk with me, down this new path that we are forging together, and let’s make history, and let’s do it with reckless abandon!

The gusto of Hall’s speech causes the fans to vocalise their approval once again, and he and his entourage of British wrestling legends depart the ring, acknowledging the fans with claps, high fives and handshakes as they leave.

Match One:

ColinPicalo.jpg.2d4ea995fff17f80e69f1bfea3f3d87c.jpg vs.jpg.c2bd1790fff9423276c678b1d789eeb3.jpg JasonDempsey.jpg.f00c110a31ca5825987f40ce349908c8.jpg

Colin Picalo vs Jason Dempsey

Both men make their way to the ring through the cheers of a raucous crowd who are admittedly more invested in the hype of the event than the competitors themselves. Jackie Goldstein performed the ring introductions for both competitors, and it looks like he’s being trusted to perform double duty for BOW by both announcing the wrestlers and calling the matches.

The duo stands across the ring from one another, and the audience’s anticipation reaches boiling point, causing silence to befall the arena as the bell rings. A momentary pause amplifies the tension, before both men charge at each other, colliding in the centre of the ring, both throwing numerous punches at one another, completely disregarding defensive wrestling which sends the audience into rapture.

The rest of the match itself, though not bad, is nothing spectacular, but that opening fist fight and the reaction it generated is a moment that will surely live with both men for the rest of their lives. The two went at it for the better part of eight minutes, with the contest best described as a brawl that would be decided by who could land the hardest hit. The action spilled to the outside of the ring at one point, where Picalo shoved Dempsey face first into the ring post, which was squared off rather than being a cylindrical structure as is typical of most ring set-ups in this modern era. Dempsey responded by sending Picalo careening into the steel steps. Once the action returned to the ring Jason Dempsey was able to etch his name into the history books by scoring the first ever win in BOW by pinning Picalo following a Face Waffle.


Winner: Jason Dempsey via pinfall.

Jackie Goldstein: Congratulations to Jason Dempsey for winning the first ever match in BOW.

Melanie Florence: And hats off to Picalo for his performance too, if both men keep that up then they’ll have a bright future here, that’s for sure.

Only time will tell Melanie, but there’s no time to reflect as up next we have some tag team action, over to Jackie for the introductions.

The tag team known as Future X, consisting of Eric Future and Petey Barnes, make their way to the ring, being one of the more recognisable acts of the card due to their time in Ring Of Fire and in Europe with EWA.

As Goldstein attempts to introduce their opponents, he is cut off by said opponents as they walk out onto the entrance stage, microphones in their hands.

RobertoMilano_alt.jpg.7b256e3a1a0b6bf7b01ee635d4af4c04.jpg GianfrancoMorelli_alt.jpg.4c5fe692446df3c04c13b3c35a39b6d5.jpg

Roberto Milano: Can I get a spotlight please?

Gianfranco Morelli: Yeah dim the lights on all the uggos out there, because The Fashionistas have arrived baby.

That’s right honey. You are all lucky to be witnessing live and in person the bodacious-




Catwalk connoisseurs. Now shut up while we give you what you paid for as we strut-



Roberto Milano struts down the ramp as if it were a catwalk. He pauses to exaggeratedly pose throughout his walk while Morelli provides support by offering a few oohs and ahh’s in the background.

When it’s Gianfranco Morelli’s turn to perform his theatrical walk, Roberto Milano chases back up the ramp to repeat his strut. The two men take turns performing numerous over-the-top walks of the ramp-cum-catwalk as the crowd vocalise their disproval of the duo.

Is it me or are they really bad at this?

Oh God yes.

Eventually the pair stop their impromptu fashion show to get into the ring and the match can finally begin.

Match Two:

EricFuture.jpg.dbd30d545e4a1f154e296541c6174802.jpgPeteyBarnes.jpg.09b338416e928b9e419a9ca12819b54d.jpg vs.jpg.c2bd1790fff9423276c678b1d789eeb3.jpg GianfrancoMorelli.jpg.02e7be528eb7e1eb0d3199169f431d45.jpgRobertoMilano.jpg.ab5163feb4593d969ddbb43044453312.jpg

Future X (Eric Future and Petey Barnes) vs The Fashionistas (Gianfranco Morelli and Roberto Milano)

This match was perhaps the complete antithesis of the one that came before it, as the focus here was on the story being told in the ring. Future X played the role of babyfaces well, though it was an easy task given the pompous antics of The Fashionistas antagonising the crowd. Ultimately the heels were their own undoing, forgoing any advantage they took in the combat to pose and flatter one another. In the typical tag team match trope, a hot tag from Eric Future gave Petey Barnes entry to the ring to take out both washed-up, delusional ‘models’ before combining with Future to hit the Future Shock on Gianfranco Morelli and score the 1-2-3.


Winners: Future X via pinfall.

Thank goodness for that.

They must be unbearable during London Fashion Week.

I think I’ll avoid the entire city that week.

Can’t say I blame you. Still, it was an impressive victory for Future X, who-

Bloydell stops mid-sentence as Future X’s in-ring celebration is cut short by two figures sliding into the ring behind them, clubbing the pair down with a forceful attack.


That- That’s The Northern Lights!

What are they doing here?!

Alton Vicious and Riddick Jordan continue their unsanctioned assault on Future and Barnes. As they land their finishing manoeuvre the Lights Out on Petey Barnes, they are joined by a suited and booted third man, Mo Adebola.


He raises the hands of both men as Vicious looks down on his prey, his mouth foaming in rage, while a brash Riddick Jordan grins directly into the camera before offering an audacious wink as boos rain down on the nefarious duo.

A shameful attack by The Northern Lights on Future X after their backs were turned, and no doubt orchestrated by that weasel Mo Adebola!

But Melanie, as lamentable as their actions were, they have certainly made an impact.

And although he’s a snake, you’ve got to think that being represented by Adebola will lead to big things for the team, his credentials as a lawyer are second to none.

Up next we return to singles action, as Bali Daljit goes one on one with Walker van Cleer.

Match Three:

BaliDaljit.jpg.085669eb728cc8d0ea2071b1d4273aef.jpg vs.jpg.c2bd1790fff9423276c678b1d789eeb3.jpg WalkervanCleer.jpg.58a151d8579843369f6a133c4f57e605.jpg

Bali Daljit vs Walker van Cleer

The contrast of styles led to an good bout here, with the technical-infused high-flying hybrid of Bali Daljit opposed by Walker van Cleer’s varied, methodical approach. It was an interesting dynamic which resulted in the best match of the night so far. With both men having years of regular work behind them, Daljit with SNP in Scotland, and van Cleer being the current VWA European champion, they had a lot of experience in working in front of an audience. In fact, it was nice to hear the commentary trio acknowledge van Cleer’s four reigns with the Victory Wrestling Association belt, proving Dunton Hall’s ethos of acknowledging wrestling companies outside of his own. Going for ten and a half minutes, the finish came with Walker van Cleer rolling out of the way of Bali Daljit’s impressive looking Shooting Star Press, only to climb the turnbuckle himself and hit his High Elevation Cross Body finisher.


Winner: Walker van Cleer via pinfall.

A solid win for the Dutchman there, in what was a strong outing for both competitors.

Let’s hope wrestling fans across Britain get to see more of Walker moving forward, he’s sure got something special about him.

Backstage, entering the arena is the veteran Christopher Lister.


He barely makes it a few steps when someone calls out to him, stopping him in his tracks.

Jase Cole: Yo Chris.

It’s the Australian Sensation, Jase Cole, who dedicated fans will know is the former tag team partner of Lister.


How’s it goin’ mate?

The two embrace one another with a solid handshake.

Christopher Lister: Jase, long time no see. I’m good man, thanks. Dunton Hall invited me to come down and check out the show, how about you?

Oh right on, me too bud. Say, what d’ya reckon about getting the old band back together? I’m sure there’s a few more miles left in the tank and together we were practically unstoppable.

Lister nods along, clearly considering the idea.

Yeah I’ll think about it Jase. I better go and catch up with Dunton, but it’s been great to see you man.

The two exchange pleasantries as Lister continues his way into the building.

Woah, did we just witness the reformation of The X Force?!

Only time will tell Melanie, but from one possible reunited team, to a certain one, as up next Billy Robinson and Don Henderson team together for the first time in almost a decade, as The Shooters return to British wrestling.

They sure are an experienced partnership, but they’ll have to shake off the cobwebs and get on the same page fast, as their opponents have been partners for their entire lives!

They sure have, as looking to spoil the homecoming for The Shooters is The Foreign Legion tag team, consisting of twin brothers Jacques and Pierre DuPont from France.

Match Four:

BillyRobinson.jpg.ee8f5cd958fd7c433e73d9cdd8106836.jpgDonHenderson.jpg.98dfc85e839f9f08f006e3586117e985.jpg vs.jpg.c2bd1790fff9423276c678b1d789eeb3.jpg JacquesDuPont.jpg.a756481698264e41ae9bc834f867ba18.jpgPierreDuPont.jpg.3187272d99337f25fa42d3a77048a46f.jpg

The Shooters (Billy Robinson and Don Henderson) vs The Foreign Legion (Jacques DuPont and Pierre DuPont)

Two teams with years of experience and both being proficient in mat wrestling gave a solid technical bout here, with the DuPont twins keeping Billy Robinson separated from his half of the ring and tagging out to Henderson being the bulk of the action. The crowd were eager to see Robinson make the tag to his partner, but The Foreign Legion kept them frustrated, taunting the crowd, who responded in typical British fashion with tongue-in-cheek chants of ‘[Expletive] The French’ and ‘Thank You Brexit’. It was when Robinson finally got to his corner to make the tag that both the crowd and Henderson sprung into action, with the Scot taking out both members of The Foreign Legion as the crowd serenaded him with ‘Donny, Donny boy’ to the tune of the ‘Daddy Cool’ song by Boney M. The match ended after 11 minutes when Pierre DuPont tapped out to Don Henderson’s Scottish Deathlock, the London crowd blissfully ignorant to the irony of being coaxed by the French heels into cheering for a Scotsman.


Winners: The Shooters via submission.

The Shooters have done it! After ten long years they score the win on their reunion!

And boy did they look good in doing so. Let’s hope the fans don’t have to wait as long to see these two team up again as they were right behind them throughout the match.

Jackie Goldstein, not content with just performing the ring introductions and calling the matches, has now added backstage reporter to his repertoire, as he joined Nate Manchester for an interview ahead of the Newcastle native’s main event title match later tonight.

JackieGoldstein.jpg.c3d7e043c5a614735f0a37e2e53c9460.jpg NateManchester.jpg.a764bb9dd67ef3197199a855bdaef18f.jpg

Nate, how are you feeling ahead of your match tonight?

Manchester exhales.

Nervous, excited, raring to go. Every emotion humanly possible in all honesty Jack. This is the biggest match of my career, and by a country mile. But more than anything else, I’m feeling determined. Determined to show the world what I am capable of. Determined to prove that I belong in the main event. Determined to make the other place regret ever letting me go and show them what a mistake they made when they underestimated Nate Manchester! But more than anything, I am determined to do this for the fans, to live up to my name as the Pride Of Britain and lift that World Championship above my head for them.

By the end of his speech, which grew in passion and volume as it progressed, Manchester is practically panting out of intensity.

Wow, have you ever seen Nate Manchester fired up like that before?!

That’s the sort of mindset you have to be in heading into these high-profile matches, Melanie!

How would you know?

Um, so I’ve been told anyway…

I see. Well Martin, it may be Manchester vs Stoat for the World championship in the main event later tonight, but up next is a match between two young men who certainly have the potential to be a World champion in the future, as Lenny Mochin takes on Padraig O’Hearne.

Match Five:

LennyMochin.jpg.f5c2c0285f73517bf0c31fcc42ba0ba4.jpg vs.jpg.c2bd1790fff9423276c678b1d789eeb3.jpg PadraigOHearne.jpg.4b0b68f7aad3fe89dddbdd3906fccda0.jpg

Lenny Mochin vs Padraig O’Hearne

In a match that went over 13 minutes, Padraig O’Hearne and Lenny Mochin put on a good, solid bout that showcased both men well, but didn’t quite live up to the hype of being the dark horse contender to steal the show. Each competitor had ample time to display both their styles throughout the match, with Mochin being the grinding technician to O’Hearne’s virtuoso in both mat work and landing hard strikes. We got to explore their characters throughout the bout, both displaying an intense, competitive persona, with Mochin being the ice-cold tactician and O’Hearne an equally focused, no-frills everyman. Their desire to win certainly won over the crowd, and though it wasn’t a five-star classic, the bout showed just enough to prove that both men could be important figures in British wrestling moving forward. The back-and-forth came to a conclusion when O’Hearne was able to wriggle free from Mochin’s Butterfly Powerbomb ‘Eye Of The Storm’ finisher and land his own signature move, the Crowning Glory, for the pinfall.


Winner: Padraig O’Hearne via pinfall.

A tremendous victory for Padraig O'Hearne there, landing the Crowning Glory to seal the win.

Take nothing away from Lenny Mochin though, he put up a good fight, and I’m looking forward to following the careers of both men going forward.

Me too Mel, but for now let’s go across to Jackie Goldstein in the ring.

Goldstein stands in the ring, microphone in hand.


Ladies and gentlemen…



The focus shifts to the entrance ramp as one of the backing tracks of a hit song from Grime artist “Dangermouth” Darius Moss begins to play over the sound system. Dangermouth makes his way out onto the stage and performs his hit single which contained lots of nods to professional wrestling with lyrics including ‘take man down with a clothesline’, ‘drippin’ in gold like I’m Sam Strong’ and ‘showin’ these ends that rough justice’. His performance is capped off by another buoyant display of pyrotechnics surrounding the musician on the stage.

As the fireworks end, leaving the air filled with smoky residue, Dangermouth shows his appreciation to the crowd. Emerging from the fog behind him is Mo Adebola.


He catches the attention of the singer by extending his hand out. The crowd quickly flips from cheers to boos as Dangermouth accepts the handshake with a [expletive]-eating grin growing across his face.

What on Earth did we just witness?!

It looks like Dangermouth has just made a deal with the Devil. But why?

We saw Adebola earlier tonight with The Northern Lights, and now it appears he’s aligned himself with Dangermouth too. What exactly is he planning?

Look I hate to say it, but he is a tremendous lawyer. Maybe Danger just needs some new legal representation?

Why else would you shake the hand of that scumbag?!

In any case, it was an electrifying showcase of Dangermouth’s music. And speaking of showcase, up next is the twenty man battle royal, showcasing some of the hottest talent available in independent wrestling.

Match Six:

AurelianBradley.jpg.5e805a79993b9fc037d02a14321927b5.jpg CainCarlile.jpg.72572bdafc6b43fa96ab554f3b33512d.jpg GavinOwen.jpg.cbe77a739e4673dc8ebc357e35aba801.jpg GlenWard.jpg.95ea60a3457b6a8acf4adbc7390089aa.jpg GordonLeve.jpg.ebcb7d8b504851fa7848cda18f67c843.jpg GramGorman.jpg.fbc567514fdad6f66725fb34c264022d.jpg GrantTaypen.jpg.3b884ffb83fdec60d381c82b7dcddc63.jpg JermaineGranger.jpg.190d918775b2c842b2dea68948c36119.jpg JKLee.jpg.a471af34134fb2f95b9d99c49bdd47af.jpg KonradMakinen.jpg.dd5d44abf110b2df0559e0fc555a323d.jpg LeightonBuzzard.jpg.bcb59dd4a7236591c885a00f784848a0.jpg MagnusCage.jpg.9c698ac968b83118a9746f6d8f34d41e.jpg MichaelGregory.jpg.448ad38dbaec12a61a20e3443b41da18.jpg MiltonHittlespitz.jpg.ad1f99fe194dc9dd4402062d35dfb2a5.jpg NigelSvensson_alt.jpg.e5d48bd6b78769de9cdc9b0b80909819.jpg PavelVanzycha_alt.jpg.689cb08366475321dd2fff708441e45d.jpg Strife.jpg.a5e7ae2458d33c6866f15929b0133936.jpg StuartWilson.jpg.e5a39d586c0700fb4cccbfc976f96d24.jpg WesStryker.jpg.cde773aab8e9b944784d10a433899d22.jpg WildChild.jpg.dc49f84ffee9b5d298ab57e5c3c4f622.jpg

20-man ‘Showcase’ Battle Royal

1. Aurelian Bradley, 2. Cain Carlile, 3. Gavin Owen, 4. Glen Ward, 5. Gordon Leve, 6. Gram Gorman, 7. Grant Taypen, 8. Jermaine Granger, 9. JK Lee, 10. Konrad Makinen, 11. Leighton Buzzard, 12. Magnus Cage, 13. Michael Gregory, 14. Milton Hittlespitz, 15. Nigel Svensson, 16. Pavel Vanzycha, 17. Strife, 18. Stuart Wilson, 19. Wes Stryker, 20. Wild Child.

As is usual for battle royal matches, this began as a chaotic mess with the ring full of too many men to focus on one particular area. That didn’t hold back the arrogant Magnus Cage from trying to steal the limelight though, as he quickly made an enemy of the field by loudly berating his fellow competitors. Heavyweight Olympic Bronze medallist Stuart Wilson took exception to Cage and ‘The Celtic Hammer’ emphatically threw him from the ring for the first elimination.


Magnus Cage is eliminated.

Another brash youngster in Jermaine Granger tried to capitalise on the moment by sneaking up on Wilson, but the size difference was too much for the Championship Wrestling from Wigan rookie as Wilson threw him over the top rope with ease too.


Jermaine Granger is eliminated.

Taypen and Buzzard showed why they are a tag team championship winning partnership with slick unity to work together to eliminate Aurelian Bradley, landing a double dropkick to send him over the rope to the floor.


Aurelian Bradley is eliminated.

Unfortunately for the pair they were immediately dispatched together, when an impromptu alliance between the Polish Pavel Vanzycha and Swedish Nigel Svensson saw both Taypen and Buzzard clotheslined out of the ring as soon as they stood back up after their stereo dropkicks.


Grant Taypen is eliminated.


Leighton Buzzard is eliminated.

On the other side of the ring, Stuart Wilson continued to dominate the field, scoring his third elimination of the match when a big boot sent Wes Stryker flying off the apron, ensuring that ‘Dutch Courage’ couldn’t replicate the success his countryman Walker van Cleer had earlier in the night.


Wes Stryker is eliminated.

With the crowd thinning out, and several workers downed or jostling in the corners, the wildcard of the match ‘Crazy Blue’ Milton Hittlespitz, who usually works in his native Australia for Deep Impact Wrestling, slid under the ropes to retrieve his trusted weapon of choice, a steel chair. As he slid back in the ring, he is met across the clearing by the German daredevil Wild Child on the other side, who had the same idea, only his weapon of choice was a Singapore cane. As the two measured each other up and prepared to strike, the equally reckless Strife slid back under the ropes into the ring, jumping to his feet with a steel chain wrapped around his wrist. The trio collided in the middle of the ring, but after a few errant swings of their weapons, both Hittlespitz and Wild Child dropped their weapons to team up and throw Strife from the ring.


Strife is eliminated.

Unfortunately for the audience who were beginning to enjoy the presence of the enigma, Milton Hittlespitz followed Strife out of the ring when Wild Child reacted quickest to send the blue-haired Australian over the ropes.


Milton Hittlespitz is eliminated.

Wild Child himself didn’t last much longer though, as he was taken down by Stuart Wilson with a strong slam, before being lifted back up and discarded over the ropes, earning Wilson his fourth elimination.


Wild Child is eliminated.

Cain Carlile, who had been little more than a whipping boy for the bigger workers throughout this match so far, struggled to his feet clutching the cane previously brought to the ring by Wild Child. But rather than using the weapon to his advantage, the Sci-Fi loving geek opted to act as though he were wielding a lightsabre, swinging it around in the air while providing his own sound effects. Most of the field stuck to the perimeter of the ring, avoiding being struck by the pseudo-Jedi. His wild swing did accidentally connect with Gavin Owen, and when Cain spun round to apologise to the Judo master, another hapless swing of the cane hit Owen’s recent CWW tag team partner Glen Ward, another perpetually angry Judo expert. The duo bore down on an apologetic Carlile, but JK Lee capitalised on the confusion by grabbing Carlile by the neck and launching him over the top rope, eliminating both Cain and the cane from the match.


Cain Carlile is eliminated.

Ward and Owen attempted to recover from the cane strikes, but made the mistake of doing so near the ropes, as the ever-present Stuart Wilson charged across the ring to eliminate both men from the match in one move with a double clothesline.


Glen Ward is eliminated.


Gavin Owen is eliminated.

Unfortunately for Wilson his dominant display was ended thanks to the forgotten steel chair being cracked against his spine by one of the few men in this match capable of matching Wilson’s power, Michael Gregory. A few more shots with the chair for good measure made Wilson a significantly easier target to lug over the rope and down to the ringside.


Stuart Wilson is eliminated.

Gregory cockily discarded the chair from the ring, recognising he was now the strongest and largest competitor left in the match. By contrast, waiting for him across the ring was the Northern Ireland native Gram Gorman, who is best known for his work in Quebec with All Canada Pro Wrestling. A much smaller competitor in height, giving up over half a foot in difference, Gorman doesn’t let it deter him, as he and Gregory go blow for blow.

Across the ring, the alliance between Vanzycha and Svensson pays dividends when the pair are able to easily dispatch of Gordon Leve, giving them a second united elimination.


Gordon Leve is eliminated.

Gregory takes the upper hand in his battle with Gram Gorman, and hoists Gorman up into a Military Press. He approaches the ropes, ready to send Gorman out the ring, but Gorman manages to break his foe’s grasp, and lands on the ring apron. In an incredible display of strength, Gorman manages to grapple Gregory over the top rope, but the larger competitor steadies himself on the apron too. Another back and forth in the danger zone on the wrong side of the ropes, Gorman shows incredible power once again to land a German Suplex on the ring apron, which sends Gregory to the floor.


Michael Gregory is eliminated.

Unfortunately for Gorman there is no time to celebrate, and he’s immediately unceremoniously dumped from the match when JK Lee knocks him off the apron.


Gram Gorman is eliminated.

We’re down to our final four, and it’s Konrad Makinen, JK Lee, Nigel Svensson and Pavel Vanzycha. JK Lee has proven to be wily presence in the match, while Vanzycha and Svensson have formed a useful partnership. Makinen on the other hand has yet to score a single elimination, so the odds are against him. In fact, things go from bad to worse for Makinen when JK Lee makes an apparent alliance with Vanzycha and Svensson, and the trio bare down on him.

After weakening Makinen with a barrage of tandem attacks, JK Lee smells opportunity in the air, and attempts to throw Pavel Vanzycha over the top rope. Unfortunately for him Nigel Svensson catches on and he and Vanzycha flatten Lee with a double shoulder barge. However the momentary distraction is all that was needed for Makinen, who uses the distraction to shove Svensson into Vanzycha, who lands groggily against the ropes. Makinen races past Svensson and straight for Vanzycha, sending him over the rope and out of the match.


Pavel Vanzycha is eliminated.

Seconds later and Svensson joins Vanzycha in being eliminated, when he charges for Makinen, only for Makinen to duck down, pulling at the top rope when Svensson flying over and out of the ring.


Nigel Svensson is eliminated.

JK Lee attempts to capitalise on the moment by attempting to eliminate Makinen, but the tactic fails to work for a third time as Makinen is quick to fend him off. A few more close calls for both men ensues over the next minute, including one instance where Makinen successfully managed to ‘skin the cat’ to avoid being eliminated. But it took JK Lee locking in his submission finisher, a Crossface, to bring about the finish of the match. Makinen managed to make it to the ropes, but with this being a battle royal, JK Lee didn’t have to break the hold. Though not doing so would prove to be his downfall, with Makinen using the ropes to get to his feet, despite Lee keeping the hold on, and Makinen managed to fling Lee over the rope to score the victory.


JK Lee is eliminated.


Winner: Konrad Makinen.

That’s sure to put him on the map here in Britain, a big win for the Swedish Stone-Cold Killer!

And while he celebrates in the ring, let’s cut to Jackie Goldstein in the back, as he attempts to get word from Stevie Stoat ahead of tonight’s main event.

Jackie Goldstein is stood outside a closed door.


Thanks guys. I’m here outside Stevie Stoat’s locker room, but unfortunately, I’ve not been able to speak to him yet.

Goldstein tries knocking again.

Oh hang on a second, I hear some movement.

The door is swung open, but only half way, as Stevie Stoat grunts.


Stevie Stoat: What?

Hi Mr. Stoat, I was wondering if I could get your thoughts ahead of your match tonight?


Stevie Stoat goes to shut the door.

Hang on a minute, what’s going on in there, who’s that with you?

Stoat pushes Goldstein out of the doorway and slams it shut in his face.

Oh. Well sorry guys, I tried. Back to you Martin.

Oh boy, Stevie Stoat did not want to speak to Jackie there. Now folks as we wait for Jackie to return to the announce desk, I’m going to throw it down to my other broadcast partner Melanie Florence, who is in the ring.

Melanie Florence stands in the ring with a microphone in hand.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very special moment for me, as I am delighted to announce that coming up next is the first ever women’s professional wrestling match to take place in Britain while being broadcast live on air!

Match Seven:

AudValkyrie.jpg.834c3e0bcea6850509fd321fd0e916a9.jpgJeriBehr.jpg.5df3df8b1b76cffefff845550a552cff.jpg vs.jpg.c2bd1790fff9423276c678b1d789eeb3.jpg KarenBilous.jpg.066e8788ba7986b9692e16538c5a9de4.jpgZofiaJankovic.jpg.c15efd5c3db92c5a3dcf35ba880e0489.jpg

Aud Valkyrie and Jeri Behr vs Karen Bilous and Zofia Jankovic

With three out of the four women in this match being closer to their 40th birthday than their 30th, this was very much an opportunity for the women in this bout to show British wrestling promoters what they have been missing out on by excluding female wrestling to date. With eight minutes of solid action, each of the women got a moment to shine. Zofia Jankovic was certainly the most opportune with hers, as she was by far the best worker in this match. Rather unconventionally for women’s wrestling, the only high-flyer of the match was Jeri Behr, who’s look was clearly inspired by fitness models of the 1980s. Instead, Aud Valkyrie displayed an impactful approach, Jankovic relied on hard strikes, and Bilous was the dominant powerhouse that the babyfaces had to try and overcome. They were unsuccessful though, with Bilous forcing Jeri Behr to submit to her Butterfly Lift-Lock.


Winners: Karen Bilous and Zofia Jankovic via submission.

After the match, the ruthless duo of Bilous and Jankovic continued to beat on their opponents, until their saviour charged to the ring in the form of Coventry’s own, the Red Queen, Thea Davis, wielding a steel chair.


Bilous and Jankovic retreated, slinking out of the ring and into the crowd to avoid Davis’ vigilante ways. Davis originally beckons for the duo to join her in the ring, but the fans response to something else causes her attention to divert to the entrance ramp.

Stood on the entrance stage is the veteran English women’s wrestler Viper McKenna. Her and Thea Davis stare down one another from across the arena to close out the segment.


Woah boy, what did we just see?!

Not only did Thea Davis arrive in BOW to save Behr and Valkyrie, but she was followed by none other than Viper McKenna!

Mel, you’re more knowledgeable than either of us on these women, what can you tell us about this?

Well, Davis is the hottest prospect to come out of British women’s wrestling in years. And the woman who held that title before her? That was Viper McKenna. Now a wily veteran of the ring, it looks like McKenna has her sights set on her successor, I don’t think she wants to give up the claim to being the best British women’s wrestler just yet!

Looks like there could be some hostilities between the two moving forward then. Folks, I’m being told we’re going to head to the back now, as Dunton Hall has requested camera presence in his office.

In Dunton Hall’s office, he is stood alongside the trio of retired wrestlers who accompanied him in the ring earlier in the evening, British Samurai, Leo Price and UK Dragon.

DuntonHall.jpg.fbfd054c8711a0d0673df93fdcdaf44b.jpg BritishSamurai.jpg.46b22caade95af2ac1ce739c95938b55.jpg LeoPrice.jpg.86d4d6a9af854887df2985e2a02f1418.jpg UKDragon.jpg.be0101886929ccebe54d9a2748c445d5.jpg

Gentlemen, I asked a camera crew to join us because I wanted to get on record just how grateful I am to each of you for the work you have put into making BOW become a reality. I am not ashamed to admit none of this could have been possible without the guidance you have each given me. You have all been integral parts in shaping the way British wrestling has been defined over the years, and I am flattered you thought that BOW and I were worthy of your time. It’s not enough of a way to express my gratitude, but I would be honoured if the three of you would accompany me to the ring again later tonight as I make a special announcement and introduce the World title match.

The trio of road agents nod and provide a general consensus of agreement as the screen cuts back to the ring.

Woah, a special announcement, what do you think Dunton’s going to say?

I don’t know Martin, but he sure was sentimental with that group of legends.

You’ve got that right. But there’s no room for sentiment in this next match, as Matthew Macks goes head-to-head with Puffy The Sand Iron Player in a hardcore match!

Match Eight:

MatthewMacks.jpg.015680efe31a6b769de146155b5214fb.jpg vs.jpg.c2bd1790fff9423276c678b1d789eeb3.jpg PuffyTheSandIronPlayer.jpg.eeed92496aec08ce5af091a1a6a11d16.jpg

Matthew Macks vs Puffy The Sand Iron Player

‘The Irish Daredevil’ Matthew Macks has made a name for himself in Europe, specifically with VWA, where his flagrant disregard for his own safety has helped him become a solid fan favourite. Meanwhile Puffy is a mainstay for independent hardcore wrestling in Britain and has had stints in Europe with UCR and EWA too. This was bound to be a chaotic, weapon-filled frenzy and that is exactly what the competitors delivered. Puffy brought most of his plunder to the ring himself, driving in a golf cart during his entrance. It made sense that many of the weapons he used were golf-related, from the expected golf clubs, to swinging a sock filled with golf balls, to throwing sand in the eyes of Macks, to gouging the Irishman’s forehead with a golf tee. Macks himself was innovated with his offense, going so far as to throw himself off a balcony onto Puffy and a row of set up tables when the two took their fight into the crowd. He managed to score the victory by hitting his Red Lightning finisher on Puffy on top of the golf cart for the pinfall.


Winner: Matthew Macks via pinfall.

Matthew Macks comes out on top in a crazy, barbaric match!

He sure does Jackie, and that-

Suddenly the lights cut out as Macks stands celebrating in the ring. When light returns to the arena, he is met by the sight of Laurel Wreath in front of him. She offers him a sinister grin.


Without a chance to react, the arena plunges into darkness again. This time as the lighting returns, Night Spyder has appeared behind Macks, and dives into the Irishman with a vicious blow to the back of the head.


That’s Night Spyder! Night Spyder with a vicious attack on Macks!

Those two have an extensive, complicated history together, from bitter rivals to tag team partners-

Well clearly they’re back at the enemy stage...

I think that much is obvious, but it begs the question, why?

Spyder has Macks locked in his submission finisher, the Spyder’s Web, when the lights go down for a third time. When they come back up, both Spyder and Wreath have vacated the ring, while Macks lies writhing in pain on the mat.

What a brutal beatdown after Matthew Macks was already hurting after that nasty hardcore match. While he’s tended to in the ring let’s head to the back where Jackie Goldstein is off conducting another interview, this time with Landon Mallory.

Jackie Goldstein is stood aside a focused looking Landon Mallory, eagerly holding a microphone and awaiting the signal to kick off his interview.

JackieGoldstein.jpg.d7f999016c093823e6b9752a93c1e869.jpg LandonMallory.jpg.40006a602486046f06f004b941d87d20.jpg

Landon tonight will be the first time you have ever wrestled here in Britain, but you’re a very accomplished wrestler across Europe, being not only a former multiple time VWA European champion, but also the current VWA Swiss champion after defeating Michael Gregory for the belt just last night. But less than 24 hours after winning your title, you take on Clubber Kohl tonight. What are your thoughts heading into the match?

Landon Mallory: Howzit Jackie my oke. Let me tell you how excited I am to finally get in front of a London crowd. It’s always been a dream of mine to wrestle here, and I’ve got goosebumps thinking about stepping into the ring just now!

And what’s your take on your opponent, Clubber Kohl?

Look our paths haven’t crossed before, but I’ve seen a lot of his work, and that man is like a wrecking ball made of flesh! I can see why he is called the War Dog! But do you know what you do to a dog that is too violent for it’s own good? You put it down. And tonight I will put down Kohl when I bliksem him in his face over and over and over, all round this London arena! Because this springbok isn’t afraid of no dog!

Something out of shot catches Mallory’s attention.

Ag, man! What do you want?


Walker van Cleer walks into view, standing face to face with Mallory, who has tensed up at the arrival of the Dutchman. The two exchange a prolonged, unflinching stare before van Cleer walks past Mallory, who continues to glare in the direction of the departing wrestler.

Um, well back to you guys, I guess…

Back in the arena the entrance music for Merle O’Curle begins to play as the Irish veteran begins to make his way to the ring. With Goldstein still making his way back from the intense interview it’s Martin Bloydell’s turn to perform the ring introductions as Melanie Florence holds the fort on the commentary desk.

Landon Mallory there with a stern warning for Kohl ahead of their match tonight, but not before a confrontation against his longtime foe, Walker van Cleer who we saw win earlier tonight. We will see if that factors into Mallory’s match later tonight, but up first we have the masterful, wily veteran Merle O’Curle taking on Christian Blithe, a hot prospect from Australia!

Match Nine:

MerleOCurle.jpg.689cfc2869956e8f32cddde7b2b49ee8.jpg vs.jpg.c2bd1790fff9423276c678b1d789eeb3.jpg ChristianBlithe.jpg.c74e37a5024088da20b0fd0b22d2d1fd.jpg

Merle O’Curle vs Christian Blithe

Another match that on paper had the potential to steal the show, with both men being particularly strong ring technicians even though they are at the complete opposite stages of their careers. Unfortunately, the pair weren’t quite able to reach the high bar set by both the van Cleer vs Daljit or Shooters vs Foreign Legion matches earlier in the night. But this was far from a bad match either, both men being slick ring workers who were able to keep the audience’s attention for the full 13 minutes that this one went for. Despite a spirited performance from the youngster, Blithe was unable to return to the land down under as the victor, tapping out to Merle O’Curle’s expertly applied Celtic Wreath submission hold.


Winner: Merle O'Curle by submission.

The experience of O’Curle proves too much for Blithe who has no choice but to tap!

A shame, but I hope we see Blithe return to this side of the globe again as he put on a great show even in defeat.

He sure did Mel. Coming up next, it’s Springbok vs War Dog, as Landon Mallory takes on Clubber Kohl. But before that, I’m getting word that we’re going to cut to some footage that our camera crew caught backstage just moments ago.

In a seemingly otherwise empty locker room, Nate Manchester is preparing for his match with various stretches.


Suddenly his attention is caught by two hooded figures who approach him, their backs currently to the camera where the words ‘Royal Air Force’ can be seen emblazoned on their backs. They remove their hoods to identify the men as Jon Michael Sharp and Martin Heath, one of the most recognisable British tag teams, apparently going by a new team name.

JonMichaelSharp.jpg.14409050ee48e55c6228dc8eafdd83aa.jpg MartinHeath.jpg.7998f4b62cdebcd6766b0b0b6ab4df9d.jpg

Martin Heath: Sorry to interrupt your preparations Nate, Jon and I just wanted to come and wish you luck ahead of your match tonight.

Jon Michael Sharp: You look surprised to see us, Nate. Did you really think after all these years of travelling the road together, working shows across the country, that me and Martin would miss your big World title shot?

Sorry guys, I was just in the zone. No, you’re right, I’m so glad you’re here. There’s nobody I’d rather share this moment with, to be honest. You guys have always had my back on the independents. Thanks for coming.

Hey man we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Tell you what, we’ll get out of your hair and leave you to it. But we’ll wait around in the back, come find us after your match, we want to be the first to see that shiny new belt when you walk through the curtain with it.

You got it.

Manchester shakes hands with the duo and returns to his stretches as the camera cuts back to the arena.

Sharp and Heath, now apparently going by the name Royal Air Force, the long time friends of Manchester, here to show their support ahead of his title match.

And I’m sure they’ll be watching the main event closely like the rest of us, but we’re just one match away from that title showdown, and boy what a match it is, Mallory vs Kohl, over to Jackie Goldstein for the introductions!

Match Ten:

LandonMallory.jpg.40006a602486046f06f004b941d87d20.jpg vs.jpg.c2bd1790fff9423276c678b1d789eeb3.jpg ClubberKohl.jpg.36b1bf6433c83c196982a343139a1592.jpg EvaBerlin.jpg.aa70330104c92a75a3422e5bd4e128b4.jpg

Landon Mallory vs Clubber Kohl (w/ Eva Berlin)

The unstoppable force versus the immovable object, this match pitted the relentless toughness of Mallory and his never-say-die attitude against the ferocious, tenacious man-beast Clubber Kohl, who is apparently being managed by his fellow countryman, the permanently sour-faced Eva Berlin. Another wild brawl to book end the show (save for the main event), these two left it all in the ring. Relatively short at under nine minutes, some critics will say they wanted to see more of these two, but the explosive action didn’t need any more time to be entertaining. Mallory managed to withstand everything the German threw at him, including his vicious running knee and his pounding diving headbutt. It wasn’t his ability to absorb that won him the match though, but rather his evasion, as his narrow ducking of Kohl’s charging tackle Hamburg Express finisher, only to land his own Springbok Ram charging headbutt signature move is what allowed Mallory to score the pinfall victory.


Winner: Landon Mallory

Mallory wins the clash of titans with the Springbok Ram!

A violent contest that saw both men match each other blow for blow, but in the end, Mallory is able to knock the War Dog off his feet long enough to get the win. I sure hope this isn’t the last we see of these two.

You and me both Jackie. But there’s no more time to reflect on that match, as it is time for our main event! And over to Melanie in the ring to get things underway!

Melanie Florence stands in the ring with a microphone.


Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming back to the ring, a very good friend of mine, the man who made tonight possible and the founder of British Omega Wrestling, Dunton Hall!

The crowd cheers as Dunton makes his way to the ring again, with the trio of road agents accompanying him. After the group enter the ring Hall is welcomed by a hug from Melanie, the huge smile across her face a genuine show of friendship. She hands her microphone over to the company owner.


BritishSamurai.jpg.46b22caade95af2ac1ce739c95938b55.jpg LeoPrice.jpg.86d4d6a9af854887df2985e2a02f1418.jpg UKDragon.jpg.be0101886929ccebe54d9a2748c445d5.jpg

Ladies and gentlemen, we are just moments away from crowning the first ever British Omega Wrestling World champion! Are you ready for the main event?!

The buzzing crowd shows their excitement with another loud cheer.

Boy you’re all raring to go. As am I. But before we get to that, I have one more announcement for you all. You see, what use is there in crowning a champion, when they don’t have a home to defend their title on? I don’t want tonight to be over, I want to do this again, and again, and again. And thankfully, the executives at GBTV agree. So we’re going to do this all over again. And we’re going to do it on Wednesday night! Every Wednesday night in fact, starting next week, live on GBTV Sport with our weekly show: BOW Night Of Wrestling!

The announcement elicits another thunderous response from the live crowd.

I can’t wait to see you all there, but no more wasting time, let’s find out who is going to walk into our first episode of Night Of Wrestling as the World champion.

Nate Manchester’s music begins to play throughout the arena.

Introducing first, from Newcastle, England… Nate Manchester!


Nate Manchester steps out onto the entrance stage. His fists are taped with the colours of red, white and blue in the shape of the British flag. His black trunks have ‘Pride Of Britain’ stitched into them in gold thread. But the most obvious, eye-catching part of his apparel is the magnificent British flag fashioned as a cape that drapes down from his neck, long enough to trail along the floor behind him. He enters the ring, shaking hands with the three wrestling legends who depart the ring after the fact. Manchester removes the cape, and swings it high in the air, waving the flag to the appreciation of the crowd.

The proceedings are interrupted by a loud revving noise.

And his opponent, from London, England… Stevie Stoat!


The revs are revealed to be from a jet-black motorbike, which Stoat drives out onto the stage. Clad in a leather jacket, Stoat brakes to stare down the ring, twisting the handle to rev the bike once more, like a bull pawing the ground to threaten their foe before charging down on them. Stoat does charge down the ramp on the mechanical beast, riding around the ring before parking up, giving a few more revs for good measure. He climbs through the ropes into the ring, and referee Roy Worrall calls for the bell to begin the match.

Main Event:


NateManchester.jpg.a764bb9dd67ef3197199a855bdaef18f.jpg vs.jpg.c2bd1790fff9423276c678b1d789eeb3.jpg StevieStoat.jpg.c613ffd3bdf569033e89ed43d856f2ac.jpg

BOW World Championship

Nate Manchester vs Stevie Stoat

An emotionally charged match that the crowd ate up, this 13-minute affair stole the night due to its high stakes, recognisable participants, and generous build up. Stevie Stoat showed that despite being in his mid-40s has a lot left to offer the business as an active performer, proving that 21CW were wrong to try and feed him to younger talent as he showed no signs of decline. Meanwhile Nate Manchester, who arguably lives off his reputation as a 21CW alumni rather than being anything beyond average in the ring, probably now has a new answer to the career highlight question he was asked in the BOW press conference back in December. It was easily the match of his career, even if Stoat was the better of the two in terms of performance. The structure of the bout was as expected, with Manchester attempting to fight from underneath as the underdog while Stoat controlled much of the action. There were false finishes aplenty as the combat worked towards it’s climax, with Stoat twice kicking out of Manchester’s top rope Manc-Sault moonsault finisher, while Stoat twice landed his Super Kick, only for Manchester to fall out of the ring the first time, barely making it back into the ring before the ten count, and hooking his foot on the rope before the three count after the second Super Kick. The finish of the match saw Manchester duck a third Super Kick, land a bulldog and climb the rope to set up his third Manc-sault. But across the other side of the ring, the referee was distracted by a figure concealing their identity wearing one of the hoodies that the Royal Air Force were wearing earlier in the show. A second hooded figure jumped the apron nearest the competitors and clocked Manchester with the BOW World title, sending him crashing down from the top turnbuckle. The crowd reigned boos down on the action as Stoat lined Manchester up for a third Super Kick, this time scoring the win and the title belt.



Winner: Stevie Stoat via pinfall.

Stevie Stoat steals the World championship thanks to the betrayal from Royal Air Force!

With friends like that, who needs enemies?!

A bitter conclusion to what was an incredible match, poor Nate Manchester, losing the biggest match of his career and his friends in the process…

Stoat stands tall in the ring, his arm raised by the referee, as Royal Air Force join him in standing over the friend they betrayed. The two men pull down their hoods, but they are neither Jon Michael Sharp nor Martin Heath. 

Wait a damn minute…

That’s not Royal Air Force, that’s-

That’s The Assassains’ Guild!

LouiePeyton.jpg.4b6e43a38d34c72ab9667656cf206bef.jpg StefanRaynor.jpg.0e3118f4adb7456bce5072c981e1c468.jpg

The faces of Louie Peyton and Stefan Raynor of The Assassains’ Guild are exposed, their smug grins a mile wide. Peyton, the one who hit Manchester with the belt, hands the title to Stevie Stoat, who holds it aloft as confetti falls from the ceiling.

A dramatic finish to an outstanding first outing for British Omega Wrestling, and much like the reign of Stevie Stoat, we are just getting started. Thank you for joining us and we will see you Wednesday night for BOW Night Of Wrestling!

The feed ends with the final image of the trio of heels celebrating Stoat’s victory in the ring.

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Great event, you made the most of your roster and I love that you referenced everyone's history outside of BOW. I love all the custom renders for everyone. England and Europe are pretty dire for star power and you've managed to make a lot of different wrestlers all feel pretty important in just one show. Looking forward to see where this goes, and the divergences you and Charismatic Enigma have as the shows go on.

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Here are the prediction results:

@Charasmatic Enigma- 9/11

@John Lions- 9/11

@DAVEFAN95- 8/11

@willr0ck- 7/11

@KyTeran- 6/11

@smw88- 6/11

@HiPlus- 5/11

Congratulations to our joint victors, I'll DM you with your prize (of sorts) in the near future. Please don't get excited about it! Overall I'm really glad with the numbers you all managed to get, I think it was a good reflection of a show that was not too predictable but also honoured the knowledge you all had of C-Verse lore (except Will, who got very lucky with his guesses!) 

Thanks to everyone for participating, the scores will now reset. I enjoyed reading all your comments and I'll be addressing lots of things that were asked/discussed in them in a future post, where I'm looking to 'peel back the curtain' and explain how I've set up the game world, the company, etc. 

The match card for the debut episode of Night Of Wrestling should be available this weekend.

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