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Wrestlemania 1(Advice Please)

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Hey Everyone, I am using Boons DOTT mod, I have restarted few times but am planning on moving forward with this one. My card for Wrestlemania 1, predictions are welcomed and encouraged A few matches I still have not decided the outcome(2 weeks away). I will give a short run down of the fueds. 1. Jumbo Tsurata vs Tiger Lee -Tsurata has been involved in helping Fuji&Lee win some matches lately, this lead to an argument and some jealousy involving Lee. Blassie ordered a stable beatdown on Lee, with Tsurata now joining Blassie's army. I plan on giving Tsurata and Fuji and tag team push down the road. 2. Wild Somoans vs Soul Patrol -Jules Strongbow was hurt in January, this lead to the Strowbows vacating the tag team belts. Rogers(authority) announced a tag team tournament for the vacent belts, this is the championship match of the tourny 3. Dusty Rhodes vs. Jimmy Snuka -This is the Malenko cigar storyline. Snuka's manager Albano has been lighting a cigar after every Snuka victory. Rhodes made an argument against smoking. Albano and Snuka taunted Rhodes, Rhodes challenged and this is their first match 4. Big John Studd vs Chief Jay Strongbow -I I have pushed Studd as a monster, he hasnt had anything but squash matches for 3 months. This match was created because Studd went crazy on Strongbows friend Putski and the ref. 5. Ivan Putski vs George Steele -No fued here. Steele has had some decent matches for the Intercontinental Championship the past couple of months, at one point stealing Morales's belt. I cant get a good match with Putski right now. A Putski heel turn may be in the future. 6. Pedro Morales vs Don Muraco(Intercontinental Championship match) -Muraco was after the Heavyweight Championship for a couple of months, putting on great match after great match against Backlund. He was unable to suceed and now his sights have been set on the Intercontinental Championship. He recently cost Morales a couple of matches with his interference, leading to a huge brawl. 7. Andre the Giant vs Stan Hansen -After watching his friend get attacked a beat by Hansen's lacky's(Funk Jr and Rodz) Andre has come to the rescue and has promised to get revenge. 8. Adrian Adonis vs Mr Fuji -Filler Match, No fued has been created. Adonis is involved in a winning steak feud right now so more then likely he will get the win here. 9. Bruno Sammartino vs Ray Stevens(Steel Cage) -Career Match for Bruno -This is an A rated fued that began in January after Stevens attacked Bruno and put him out for 3 weeks. Bruno won the revenge match in January, however Stevens went crazy on Bruno's son and match#2 was created, Last Man Standing at the Big Show in Feb. Stevens won this match. Now Bruno has put his career on the line to get this match, and its a match that Bruno has never lost(Steel Cage) 10. Pat Patterson vs Dory Funk Jr. -This was mentioned earlier Hansens lacky's(Funk Jr, Rodz) attacked Pat Patterspn injuring him severely at putting him out of commission. Andre the Giant has come to the rescue of Patterson. I think Patterson may want a little revenge here as well. 11. Superstar Billy Graham&Masked Superstar vs. The Flying Torpedo's???(Tito Santana & Gino Hernandez) - Lou Albano made an arrangement with Graham to help him and his Somoans out in the Tag Team Tournament. Graham interfered in round 1 of the tournment leading to a Samoans victory over The Flying Torpedo's. This has not ended yet as Billy Graham has cost the Torpedo's 2 more matches since. We have yet to find out why but this has the lead to the Torpedos wanting some revenge. 12. Bob Backlund vs The Iron Sheik - The Persian Club Challenge Storyline. The Iron Sheik has been destroying anyone and everyone is sight. He has successfully defeated Putski, Patterson in Persion Club challenges. He has recently beaten Dusty Rhodes and Pedro Morales in matches. Backlund came to the rescue of Eddie Gilbert(his protege) when Shiek attacked Gilbert post match and locked in the camel clutch for minutes after the match ended. Sheik and his manager Boris Malenko then challenged Backlund to a Persian Club challenge, but this was all a set up as Backlund would soon get attacked. Which leads to this main Event. Thanks for you help.
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