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1970 - The "Superstar" Factor

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[Disclaimer: This is my first ever TEW diary, and I confess I'm not the best at the game. I hope my storytelling will help you stick with me through 1970 and beyond, and hopefully we'll make something of it. Can you let me know if you enjoy this first post?]

January 1st 1970
Camberwell, South London


It was a modest house, all things considered. Especially in this area of London. A nice little nest amongst the hubub of the city. So thought its occupant, Mick McManus. 48 years of age, jesus christ, he thought. Yet still the punters would pay through the nose to see him against Jim Breaks hell, when he felt like it, even Mr TV, Jackie Pallo. Mick picked up some old newspaper clippings, hastily cut by his family but not yet stuck to the corkboard in the kitchen. "McManus title victory", "Mick gets the jupe". It all seemed a bit far-fetched now, like a circus man putting a suit on. 

No, even now, Mick knew he could wrestle knots around them, fill out arenas in the Midlands, Wales and Scotland, and he could be anyone he wanted, beloved hero, or wicked villain. His hands pressed on the antique dressing table and his eyes met his own in the mirror, his mind racing as usual, the vague smell of London smog still in his nostrils. He had conquered the British Isles. His body was catching up, but there perhaps was another ocean in which to fish - America. 

Mick began to list the icons of the professional wrestling scene in America, Bruno Sammartino, George Steele, Freddie Blassie, Ivan Koloff, perhaps he could spend the twilight of his career among them, showing how British catch-as-catch-can wrestling still can draw a crowd? 

The only way in, would be to approach a promoter who may need some new ideas, and in the land of opportunity, his contacts may be vast indeed. 


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Well, now this is going to be intriguing to follow - Mick McManus heading to "the colonies" to wrestle before new audiences and to pave the way for the later arrivals of Billy Robinson, Les Thornton, Adrian Street, Dynamite Kid, etc. (just as IRL)...  🤔  Consider me subscribed.

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Posted (edited)

Swansea Grand Theatre
Swansea, Wales
Attendance: 300

"I need to speak to Jack."  The coolness of the phone receiver pressed on Mick McManus's cauliflowered ear. He sat in one of the few private dressing rooms in the Swansea Grand Theatre, a relic by all accounts from before his time. It seated about 300 on a good night, and even now, the wallpaper was peeling, the carpet was dulled, but Wales had always been.. 

"Mick, what's the matter? You not gone on yet?" The familiar voice of Jack Dale, light but straight to the point as usual. 

"I need out, Jack. I want to go overseas." Just saying that sentence felt like a relief. Dale Martin Promotions has provided Mick with a living for several years, and it was good money. There was an anxious pause on the other end of the phone. 

"What, like Germany? We can work something out, it might make us a bit of cash come to think of it"

"No, America."

Jack's voice hardened, unlike Mick had heard before. 

"What the f*ck are you going to do in America? It's oversaturated! It's full of play-wrestlers like whats-his-name, the wop!"

Mick had heard it all before, and despite his reputation for giving as good as he got, he sighed. "I have to go and look, not just for me, but the kids."

"Underhanded, mentioning them. Well I can't stop you, Les is going to throw a fit and want a sitdown. You'll still be working your dates mind. Maybe you can make us some money before you go gallivanting into the colonies. Just promise me one thing, Mick. Man to man."

"What's that, Jack?"

"Don't you f*cking take any of our blokes with you."

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