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  1. p { margin:0; padding:0; line-height: 1.5em; } WCW SUPERBRAWL II PREVIEW The second edition of WCW SuperBrawl will be live on PPV this Sunday. The WCW World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line, with champion Sting making his first defense of the title against the leader of the Diamond Mine, Diamond Dallas Page. DDP has been making Sting's life hell since Sting defeated Lex Luger on Saturday Night. Sting, in his first reign as champion, has stated that he aims to be the "Franchise" of WCW and is proud represent the company. DDP aims to end this reign before it truly gets started. The NWA World Heavyweight Championship will also be defended, with Harley Race's unstoppable beast Big Van Vader defending against New Japan Pro Wrestling stalwart Hiroshi Hase. This will be Vader's fourth defense. The two sets of tag team titles in WCW will be unified. WCW World Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Bully Blanchard, representing the Dangerous Alliance, will face The Steiner Brothers, who hold the WCW United States Tag Team Championships. After two straight time limit draws against Junkyard Dog, Steve Austin will again defend the WCW World Television Championship against him in a match with a special thirty minute time limit. Jushin Liger will defend the WCW Light Heavyweight title against Gran Hamada. Hamada is a Japanese junior heavyweight icon who has helped fuse the Mexican and Japanese styles of wrestling in his home promotion of Universal Lucha Libre, based out of Tokyo. In other action, Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes will take on the York Foundation duo of Richard Morton & Thomas Rich, Meng will face Marcus Alexander Bagwell, and Barry Windham goes one-on-one with Terrence Taylor. 0. Brian Pillman vs. Steve Armstrong 1. Terrence Taylor vs. Barry Windham 2. Meng vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell 3. WCW LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Jushin Liger © vs. Gran Hamada 4. York Foundation (Richard Morton & Thomas Rich) vs. Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes 5. WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP: Steve Austin © vs. Junkyard Dog 6. WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS & WCW UNITED STATES TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (World) © vs. The Steiner Brothers (US) © 7. NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Big Van Vader © vs. Hiroshi Hase 8. WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Sting © vs. Diamond Dallas Page BONUS: Which tag team legend makes his return to WCW?
  2. I'm clearly referring to the dork grifters?
  3. AEW simply existing and being a very successful number two wrestling company in the US has broken so many brains. Being the biggest nonsports program every week, this week included, somehow requires thinkpieces and open debates on how to turn around a sinking ship, etc. Maybe when they sign the next TV deal that will stop the dorks from complaining, since making money is the most important thing to fans for some reason? Probably not though. AEW is far from my favorite wrestling promotion currently, maybe my fourth?, but there is so much wild discourse surrounding every show, more than any promotion maybe ever, that there's an entire grift economy that AEW has created. Countless podcasters, YouTubers and websites get their biggest engagement and thus make the most money when they have an angry Tony Khan thumbnail and negative AEW title. It's hard to separate real criticism from those hopping on for the grift.
  4. Posts like this are why I love this thread so much. The billionaire wrestling promoter caring more about putting on great wrestling matches than making money is Bad, Actually. Incredible take.
  5. ??? PAC? He had never (and still has never) been in any AEW match with Bryan Danielson. He had never been in any AEW match with Claudio Castagnoli. He hadn't faced Moxley in three and a half years and that while a feud, wasn't a generation-spanding blood feud like the well-established Claudio vs. Kingston rivalry. Takeshita? While he had matches with Danielson, Moxley, and Claudio, NONE of them were in any direct feud between them. In fact, I believe all three of those matches were face vs. face. Not to mention, Takeshita also teamed with BCC the month before at Forbidden Door.
  6. I'm a bit confused with this take. Isn't it good booking that Claudio is upset that Danielson is wrestling in a dangerous match, teaming with Claudio's eternal rival? Isn't this the kind of booking and storytelling that the doomposters in this thread constantly claim they want to see? It also doesn't mean there will be another Claudio/Kingston feud. It's well-established in kayfabe that Claudio and Kingston will always hate each other. I'm glad they're not ignoring this and insulting the intelligence of the audience.
  7. Awesome to see this. NOAH is finally coming out of the rut they've been in post-Muto (and most of Muto tbh) and they actually feel hot right now. As long as you treat Kaito well (low bar, I know) and make him a proper champion and a proper ace, the rest will fall into place! Junior division I agree is rough and it's not like there are many unaffiliated talent out there to grab. Naruki Doi is a favorite of mine and is technically freelance so there's one option. And you could always grab a couple Americans. NOAH always has a random grab bag of foreigners so virtually any indie talent are acceptable. Titus Alexander should already be on the roster and NOAH very clearly has plans for him as well.
  8. p { margin:0; padding:0; line-height: 1.5em; } WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING SATURDAY WEEK 4, FEBRUARY 1992 WCW MAIN EVENT 1. Z-Man def. Pat Rose 2. Brian Pillman def. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker 3. Can-Am Express def. Jim Boss & Van Hammer The final episode of World Championship Wrestling before WCW SuperBrawl II gave us hot matches and crazy segments. The main event saw Ricky Steamboat defeat Terrence Taylor in a preview of the tag team match at SuperBrawl between Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes and Taylor’s York Foundation mates, Thomas Rich & Richard Morton. Jim Ross interviewed Diamond Dallas Page, who gave the final build to his WCW World Heavyweight Championship match against the current titleholder, “The Franchise” Sting. In a huge preview of two title matches on the PPV, Ron Simmons and the Steiner Brothers faced The Dangerous Alliance trio of Larry Zbyszko, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard. Simmons and Zbyszko are facing off for the WCW United States Championship, and a double tag team title match between WCW United States Tag Team champs Steiners and the WCW World Tag Team champs Anderson & Blanchard. In this six-man match, the referee completely lost control and was forced to call for the bell to declare a no-contest due to the competitors not following the tag rules. In a great opener (that will surely be a tape trader classic), Jushin “Thunder” Liger defended the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship over Eddy Guerrero from Mexican promotion CMLL. Later on the card, Japanese lucha libre pioneer Gran Hamada defeated Arachnaman, thereby earning a title match against Liger at the PPV. Hamada is credited with bringing the high-flying lucha libre style to his native Japan, where he now runs the Universal Lucha Libre promotion, giving smaller workers in Japan a place to thrive. Junkyard Dog had a heartfelt interview with Jim Ross, warning WCW World Television Champion Steve Austin that this old horse still has some kick. He said he’s taken Austin to his limit twice already, and the third time’s the charm come Sunday. Also, in a shocking video, it was announced that SuperBrawl would see the WCW debut of Meng. He is formerly known as Haku in the WWF. 1. WCW LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT: Jushin Liger © def. Eddy Guerrero (2nd defense) 2. Ron Simmons & The Steiner Brothers NO CONTEST Dangerous Alliance (Larry Zbyszko, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard) 3. Gran Hamada def. Arachnaman 4. Ricky Steamboat def. Terrence Taylor
  9. p { margin:0; padding:0; line-height: 1.5em; } WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING SATURDAY WEEK 3, FEBRUARY 1992 WCW MAIN EVENT 1. Can-Am Express def. Joey Maggs & Italian Stallion 2. Abdullah the Butcher def. Arachnaman 3. Brian Pillman def. Bob Cook A huge championship match main evented World Championship Wrestling, with Big Van Vader retaining the NWA World Heavyweight Championship over Dustin Rhodes in a fantastic match. Vader didn’t win the match clean however, as the York Foundation interfered just enough to distract Rhodes, allowing Vader to slam him for the win. Vader stood to the side as Thomas Rich and Richard Morton put the boots to Dustin Rhodes until Ricky Steamboat made the save. In the second semifinal of the mini WCW US title tournament following Rick Rude’s vacating of the title, Ron Simmons defeated Bobby Eaton as Larry Zbyszko watched from ringside. The two will meet at WCW SuperBrawl II to crown a new champion. Steve Austin and Junkyard Dog went to a second time limit draw in three weeks, therefore giving Steve Austin his sixteenth successful defense of the WCW World Television title. After the bell, Tony Schiavone exclaimed that he received word that a third match will take place at SuperBrawl with a special thirty minute time limit. Jim Ross also interviewed WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting at ringside, leading to Diamond Dallas Page coming out and the two dueling on the mic. The match was then made official: Sting vs. Diamond Dallas Page for the world title at SuperBrawl! Additionally, a video package for the Can-Am Express tag team of Dan Kroffat & Doug Furnas aired, highlighting their victory in their debut on WCW Main Event the night prior. The two are veterans of the All Japan Pro Wrestling tag team division, and are coming back to America to take over WCW. 1. WCW WORLD TELEVISION: Steve Austin © DRAW Junkyard Dog (16th defense) 2. Ron Simmons def. Bobby Eaton 3. NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT: Big Van Vader © def. Dustin Rhodes (1st defense)
  10. Just curious here, did you watch the match before you commented on it? Perry had the crowd in the palm of his hand. They were living and dying by his every move, and by the end he had actually turned them in his favor. It was electric; the atmosphere was incredible.
  11. What's the point of commenting on the randomness and logic of something while simultaneously saying you don't watch? Three of the four women in the "fatal" four way have been feuding for quite some time and the winner gets a title shot at the fourth person in that feud. Struggling to wrap my head around how that's random whatsoever...?
  12. No, that many people did not only tune in for MJF. That is a take that is fabricated out of thin air.
  13. OOC: I sent Rick Rude to rehab after showing up high to TV. I might have been able to take the title off of him but putting him out there would probably be a bad idea. A rough two weeks for the top two champs, with Luger leaving and Rude being gone for the foreseeable future. Oh well, time to push those young guys now!
  14. p { margin:0; padding:0; line-height: 1.5em; } WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING SATURDAY WEEK 2, FEBRUARY 1992 WCW MAIN EVENT 1. Michael Hayes def. Todd Champion 2. Terry Gordy def. Marcus Alexander Bagwell 3. Brian Pillman def. George South Coming off the heels of Sting winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Lex Luger last week, the road to WCW SuperBrawl II truly began. In unfortunate news, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone announced that due to injury, Rick Rude has been forced to relinquish the WCW United States Championship. There will be a four-man tournament to crown a new champion with the finals taking place at SuperBrawl. The first semifinal was tonight, with Larry Zbyszko defeating Big Josh. The other semifinal will be next week between Ron Simmons and Bobby Eaton. In the main event, Ricky Steamboat defeated York Foundation’s Thomas Rich, which led to an all-out brawl between Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes and Thomas Rich & Richard Morton. It seems as though they are on a collision course for the upcoming pay-per-view. The Steiner Brothers retained the WCW United States Tag Team Championships against Vinnie Vegas & The Diamond Studd, in small part due to the shenanigans at ringside. Diamond Dallas Page attempted to aid his Diamond Mine brethren, but was thwarted by Sting who ran down to the ring to prevent interference. The distraction gave Scott Steiner enough time to recover and roll up Diamond Studd, who was too busy watching what was going on at ringside. WCW World Tag Team Champions Anderson & Blanchard then came to the ring and confronted the Steiners, and both teams held their titles high in the air. Is there a double tag team title match upcoming? A promo aired for Harley Race and Big Van Vader. Vader has been tearing it up in both WCW and NJPW, fulfilling obligations as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. After the video finished, Jim Ross was with Dustin Rhodes and announced that the two would face off next Saturday night in an NWA title match. Other happenings on the show included Barry Windham beating Cactus Jack in a wild brawl, and Steve Austin hyping up a WCW TV title rematch next week against Junkyard Dog. 1. WCW UNITED STATES TAG TEAM: Steiner Brothers © def. Diamond Mine (Vinnie Vegas & Diamond Studd) (1st defense) 2. Barry Windham def. Cactus Jack 3. Larry Zbyszko def. Big Josh 4. Ricky Steamboat def. Thomas Rich
  15. @edisraw1 3/4 @Old School Fan 3/4 @Nobby_McDonald 3/4 @Dawn 3/4 @StanMiguel 2/4 @newbiezness 2/4 @Vandal 2/4 @Hollywood 2/4 The returning talent was Terry Gordy, who became a two-time Triple Crown Champion for AJPW during his time away from WCW. Giant Baba's plan was to make him the next foreign ace after Stan Hansen, but a drug problem that ended his second title run permanently ended those plans. A really big "what if" in Japan. I actually tried signing both Steve Williams and Terry Gordy, since I love Dr. Death and I planned on having the two go on a long tag run (just like IRL in 1992) but AJPW signed Williams to an absurd exclusive contract even though I was trying for non-exclusive. I wanted Williams to be a main character in this diary but oh well. Maybe in 95 or something! As for the world title changing hands on TV, Luger put in his notice, and I had very limited time to take the title off of him. This was basically the only time it made sense, and losing it to the Stinger seemed like a perfect way to stabilize the title and WCW as a whole.
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