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young lion system???

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Only active in Japan you can set it to be active in other parts of the world. The system if in effect as a default only raising certain product settings to above medium wil negate it I know Entertainment is one of them can´t out of the top of my head remember the others.
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The young lion system can be activated in any region you like in the game setting in the editor but it is based off the system used in Real Life Japan for young wrestlers. It is currently set only to be active in the Japan region with the C-Verse data and I'm pretty sure most real world mods only have it set there as well.


As for what it is in Japan the fans expect the veterans to be able to win over any of the younger wrestlers as the "Young Lions" have not payed their dues in the business. The fans refuse to believe that some fresh from training or development youngster can actually beat an established star.


How this works in game I believe (some one will of course correct me if I'm wrong) is that workers under a certain age (it's either 25 or 30) who also have a low reputation (under D+) are considered young lions.


As to what settings allow for young lions I can't remember with 100% accuracy off hand but I'd assume high levels of Traditional, Pure and Realism. Take a look at the products for any of the C-Verse Japanese feds to get an idea of what the setting should be.

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