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Canadian Golden Combat: For The Love of Pro Wrestling

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</p><div style="text-align:center;"><p><span style="font-size:18px;"><strong>ROSTER</strong></span></p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>MAIN EVENT</strong></span></p><p><span style="text-decoration:underline;">

</span>Ricky DeColt</p><p>

Ryan Powell</p><p>

Eddie Chandler</p><p>

Dan DaLay</p><p>

Jack DeColt</p><p>

Alex DeColt</p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>UPPER MIDCARD</strong></span></p><p><span style="text-decoration:underline;">

</span>Whippy The Clown</p><p>

Trent Shaffer</p><p>

Shooter Sean Deeley</p><p>

Nate Johnson</p><p>

Bobby Thomas</p><p>

Shane Nelson</p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>MIDCARD</strong></span></p><p><span style="text-decoration:underline;">



Thrill Seeker</p><p>

Zeus Maximillion</p><p>

Nathan Black</p><p>

Ed Monton</p><p>

Phillippe LaGrenier</p><p>


Joey Poison</p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>LOWER MIDCARD</strong></span></p><p><span style="text-decoration:underline;">

</span>Vin Tanner</p><p>

Stevie Grayson</p><p>

Brett Fraser</p><p>

Quibble The Clown</p><p>

Christian Price</p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>OPENER</strong></span></p><p><span style="text-decoration:underline;">

</span>Grease Hogg</p><p>

Lead Belly</p><p>

Warren Technique</p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>ENHANCEMENT TALENT</strong></span></p><p><span style="text-decoration:underline;">

</span>Ozzie Golden</p><p>

Nigel Svensson</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">TAG TEAMS</span></strong></p><p>

Soldiers of Fortune - Destiny and Fate</p><p>

Clowning Around - Whippy The Clown and Quibble The Clown</p><p>

Zeus and Grayson - Zeus Maximillion and Stevie Grayson</p><p>

Southern Justice - Grease Hogg and Lead Belly</p><p>

Reckless and Wild - Vin Tanner and Brett Fraser</p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>STABLES</strong></span></p><p>

Elite - Eddie Chandler, Dan DaLay, Nate Johnson, and Shooter Sean Deeley</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>

<span style="font-size:18px;"><strong>CHAMPIONS</strong></span></p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>CGC WORLD CHAMPION</strong></span></p><p>

Jack DeColt</p><p>

<span style="font-size:8px;">Date Won: April 3, 2009</span></p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>CGC WORLD CHAMPION</strong></span></p><p>

Jack DeColt</p><p>

<span style="font-size:8px;">Date Won: April 5, 2009</span></p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>CGC CANADIAN CHAMPION</strong></span></p><p>

Joey Poison</p><p>

<span style="font-size:8px;">Date Won: November 1, 2009</span></p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>CGC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS</strong></span></p><p>

Zeus and Grayson</p><p>

<span style="font-size:8px;">Date Won: August 2, 2009</span></p><p>


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Background Part I

His Beloved

Again it's Sunday night, again she sleeps alone.

She had gotten used to it by now. He works hard, and she's always encouraged that. But now she knows she doesn't have many years left, and neither does he. The idea had been kicking around in her head for a long time. Tonight's the night.


She shuffles into the dining room, and makes her way to the liquor cabinet. She grabs the burbon. She grabs two glasses. She sets them on the table. Whenever she has bad news for her husband she sits at this table with a bottle of burbon and two glasses.


Again it's Sunday night, again he can't wait to sleep.

As usual he is the last man in the building. His knees ache, his back aches, he can no longer grip a baseball. The pain and limitations do not bother him. He wouldn't trade them for the world.


He smiles as he reaches the parking lot. Not because the show was good, but because tonight he gets to sleep in his own bed, next to his beloved.


She hears his car pull up, her heart begins to race, doubt enters her mind. The doorknob turns and all the sudden the nervousness fades. She knows what she must do.


George: Mary? What are you doing up at this hour?


Mary: Waiting.


George: You been drinkin'?


Mary: Only a glass.


George: What's happened, dear?


George cautiously sits at the table.


Mary: I've been thinking George. I'm tired of sleeping alone.


George: When I'm close, I come home.


Mary: But I'm usually asleep when you get here.


George: Oh Mary c'mon we've been through this.


Mary: It's different now. I don't know why. I've just got this feelin, we don't have much time left. We don't need the money. Is it so wrong that I want to spend my last years next to my husband?


George lowers his head and pours himself a drink.


Mary: I guess what I'm askin is this: why do you still do it?


George: Because I'm good at it. Sometimes I feel like it's the only thing I'm good at.


Mary: Oh George! But that bull****! You have four amazing sons, two beautiful daughters, they all love you more than life itself. You're good when it comes to wrestling, but you're even better when it comes to family.


George downs his drink quickly


George: Mary I...You're dropping a lot on me very quickly.


Mary: I told you my side. I don't need a decision right now. I just want you to make one.


George pours himself another drink

Mary: I love you.


George looks into Mary's big blue eyes.

George: I love you.


Mary kisses George.


Mary: Goodnight.



George does not move from that kitchen table for hours. Now on his seventh glass of bourbon, he stands up and staggers to his office.


George's office doubles as a DeColt family album. Pictures, posters, paintings, trophies, championship belts, and wrestling gear cover the walls. He stands before his favorite corner: The wall commemorating the lives and careers of his four sons: Stephen, Alex, John, and Richard.


George looks back at all the memories:

- A poster advertising the live event where Stephen won his first CGC World Championship.

- Alex's high school wrestling singlet.

- The boots that John wore during his first match, and his first victory.

- Richard's cast from the arm he broke on his second day of training.


He smiles.


George's intoxicated eyes dance around the room, this can't be the end. His eye's rest on a picture of Mary's 70th birthday party. He smiles brightly, no other picture in the room captures all that he loves the most.


George falls to his knees and begins to weep. He feels a hand on his shoulder.


George: Mary...


He can't finish the sentence.


He can only hold his beloved.

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Background Part II

The Truth Always Comes Out

It's the end of an era


During the DeColt family's traditional Saturday Night Dinner, George made his announcement: he is leaving CGC in the charge of his son Alex, and leaving the business all together. As always with the DeColt family, when together they were cordial, but when away from the dinner table, the truth always comes out.


After the tense dinner scene, Steve goes to the back porch, drinking with Ricky.


Steve: I knew this was going to happen, but it's still bull****


Ricky: Oh calm down.


Steve: No. It's not right. I don't treat Dad like the God he thinks he is, and all the sudden I'm not worthy? It's bull**** Ricky.


Ricky: But you knew it was going to happen.


Steve: Doesn't make it right. I'm the first born godammit and Dad acts like I'm not even his son half the time.


Ricky: You're being a bit harsh, eh?


Steve: I'm just sick of this ****, Ricky. Alex throws **** against the wall and George acts like it's all gold. Giving you the strap was Alex's idea and we all know how that one went.


Ricky: That was my fault, don't blame Alex. I wasn't ready.


Steve: But isn't that the job of the owner of the damn company? If you knew you weren't ready, what drugs was Alex on to think you were?


Ricky: He was trying to be nice.


Steve: Being nice ain't good business, if there's anything Dad's said that I hold dear it's that. And that's the one lesson Alex never learned. Now that he's in charge I'm probably just going to be jobbed out; Jack is going to get the strap and hold it like his name is Sam ****ing Strong.


Ricky: How about you just give it some time, eh? I think you're a bit drunk too.


Steve: Yeah, and I'm gonna get even drunker.


Ricky: We've got a show tomorrow, Steve.


Steve: Oh who gives a ****? I'm not booked anyway.




Alex sits in the living room along with his brother Jack, Jack's fiance Marie, and his two sisters, Allison and Jean.


Jack Congrats.


Alex: For what? For doubling my workload? Yay...


Marie: Aw c'mon Alex, you've wanted this for years.


Alex: I didn't want complete control. If I mess this up, I'm forsaking the DeColt name.


Allison: Hush! Don't think that kinda way, Alex. You'll be fine.


Jean: This is your chance to do what you want, to try the ideas you always had.


Alex: What if they fail?


Jean: What if you die tomorrow? Doesn't mean you should change your plans thanks to what ifs.


Jack Just keep the belt on me, and you'll be fine!


They laugh


Allison: You'll be great Alex.


Alex: At least Dad gave me time to transition, if I had to just jump into the fray tomorrow I'd lose it.


Jean: You think Steve's pissed?


Jack: He wouldn't be Steve DeColt unless he was pissed he didn't get his way.


Allison: Just like Dad...


Alex: No, not like Dad.




George and Mary have retired to their bedroom. George began to pack his bags for the show the next day.


Mary: You're still going?


George: At least for a little while, get Alex acclimated.


Mary: Are you going next week?


George: Probably.


Mary: When are you going to stop?


George: When Alex is ready.


Mary: George...


George: I'll slow it up and come next year I'll be finished.


Mary: I don't know how much longer I have.


George: It's just a few months, Mary.


Mary: I asked you to quit, because I need you here.


George: I know.


Mary shamefully looks away.


Mary: I feel bad about it.


George: If you hadn't asked me to stop, I probably wouldn't have.


Mary: George stop packing.


George looks to his wife with concern.


Mary: I wanted you to quit without telling you, because I didn't want it to be the reason why.


George: What?


Mary: I went to the doctors a few weeks ago...

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Background Part III

Some Bridges Are Best Left Burned

It is a day that will go down in the history of professional wrestling. The iconic DeColt family is in crisis, and they are taking it out on each other. The death of the family matriarch, Mary DeColt was the straw that broke the camel's back. The DeColt family was a family of characters. To quote long time DeColt family friend Whipper Spencer Marks, "them DeColt boys are certifiable."


The truth behind the DeColt family is not admitted openly, even amongst themselves. They carry their heads up high and give the impression of the Canadian dream. But the truth is, they hate each other. The tenuous bond holding this family together is in jeopardy.


Their father, George DeColt has retired. Their mother, Mary DeColt has died. The favorite son, Alex has taken over the family business. Much to the chagrin of his brother Steve. A sibling rivalry that has now carried well into their thirties. Neither Steve nor Alex is willing to forgive and forget.


This all comes to a head at Mary DeColt's funeral.




Family and friends have gathered at the DeColt home. What was supposed to be time spent remembering the life of Mary DeColt, has an of shared anxiety.

Ricky: I didn't know it would feel like this.


Jack: What do you mean?


Ricky: Seeing her in the coffin, being around this whole thing, it doesn't do anything for me. It doesn't make me feel better, it just makes me wonder what's the point of this whole thing? Funerals suck.


Jack: You're depressed. It'll pass, you'll be happy you came.


Ricky: I need a ****ing drink.


Ricky walks to the bar.


Jack takes a seat.


Alex flops down next to him.


Alex: I think it's over.


Jack: Why does everyone start talking to me mid conversation?


Alex: Steve's leaving.


Jack: Oh Jesus. What happened?


Alex: I'm bringing in Phil Vibert to help out.


Jack: And?


Alex: Exactly! Steve freaked out when I told him that. He starting mother****ing me left and right. I tried to calm him down but he just wouldn't stop. I don't know why he went off like that.


Jack: I think you know.


Alex: Look, I know he's pissed that I'm his boss now and he's the oldest and everything. But to start screaming and yelling at me on the day of our mother's funeral.


Jack: Who's going to tell dad?


Alex: *sighs* I'll do it.


Alex slowly makes his way to the front porch to speak with his father.




Steve has been posted up at the bar since the fight with Alex. He drinks in silence, not even acknowledging Ricky's presence next to him.


Ricky: You're leaving huh?


Steve: I don't know. That's just what I said to stop Alex from giving me more ****.


Ricky: What if he fires you?


Steve: So be it. I'm so burnt out, Ricky. It's been the same old *** for 15 years now, and I'm sick of it. Working under dad wasn't too bad at least I knew he wouldn't take anything personally. But if I gotta do this same damn thing week after week taking orders from Alex and ****ing Phil ****ing Vibert? I'd rather die.


Ricky: What's your problem with Phil?


Steve: He's not going to improve the product. I love Dad with all my heart, but the man forgot that the 70s ended. I don't have a problem with 'entertainment' but it's been the same guys for the last 10 years at the top. Meanwhile Dan Stone is putting on wrestling classics every ****ing week. We can't compete with that.


Ricky: Did you say any of this to Alex per chance?


Steve: That's what I was telling him the whole time! But Alex won't listen. He's going to be just the same as Dad, and Vibert won't help drag this company out of the dark ages anymore than my ****ing dick can.


Ricky: Why don't you both just calm and have a sit down talk about this.


Steve: **** that. I don't need Alex. **** I don't need CGC.


Ricky returns to his drink. He has nothing to say.

Steve: Dan Stone called me the other day. Asked me if I would consider jumping **** now that Alex is in charge.


Ricky: Oh ****...


Steve: I didn't say yes yet.


Ricky: But you're going to.


Steve: Yes I am.




George is standing on his porch, looking out at the night sky. Wondering if his beloved was up there looking back. George is completely unawares of the altercation that took place, and even if he knew he wouldn't care.


Alex: Dad.


George is broken out of his trance.

George: Y...yes Alex, what do you need?


Alex: I just want to talk to you about something that's happened.


George: Go on.


Alex: Steve. He's leaving.


George: What?


Alex: We got into an argument, he was ranting and raving. I asked him why he won't just leave. He said that's a a good idea.


George: Oh Jesus Alex.


Alex: I didn't do anything wrong! I told him I was bringing in Phil Vibert and he just went ballistic.


George: On the day of your mother's funeral. Jesus Christ.


Alex: I'm sorry. I don't think there's anything we can do now.


George looks out to the night sky once again. He starts to laugh.

Alex: Dad?


George: You know this thing between you two goes back to the crib? You two used to fight even before ya'll could walk. Mary used to always tell me, the only reason you didn't kill each other was because of her. Now she's gone and look what's happened. A bit of gallows humor I suppose.


Alex: I'm sorry Dad.


George: What was Steve mad about?


Alex: Does it matter?


George: I know my son, and if he was pissed enough to yell he thought he was right. What did he think he was right about.


Alex: He wanted to change the product. Thinks we can't compete with Dan Stone and we're fools to stick with our formula.


George: What do you think of that?


Alex: I think we're making money, I think we have carved a niche and it's best to service it than changing what we have and losing them. I can't rebuild CGC over night, I gotta go with what I have and move on from there. What Steve wants, he wants half of the roster gone.


George: Alex. You're both right. But you know that, you let Steve leave anyway.


Alex: I don't need Steve, he would just be a burden anyway.


George: So you're glad he's leaving?


Alex: I don't know yet. But I'm leaning towards yes.


George: Why don't you talk to him, Alex?


Alex: **** him.

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Background Part IV

It's Showtime


Tonight's the night. George DeColt is not in attendence, the first time he's missed a single CGC show in it's history. For the first night in his life, Alex DeColt is the unquestioned leader, the man responsible for the success, and the scapegoat for the failures. This is his night.


Alex is praying to the porcelin god. Fourth time tonight. His stomach is in knots and his heart is gallopping like a stallion. Alex collects himself best he can. Only 15 minutes until the opening bell. The thought almost sends Alex back into the stall, but he holds it together. Alex's friend and confidant Dan DaLay enters the room, concerned for Alex's health.


Dan DaLay: Jesus man, you alright?


Alex: *breathing quickly* Ye...yeah. Just a bit nervous.


Dan DaLay: A bit? Looks like you're about to die dude.


Alex sits on the not very clean bathroom floor.

Alex: I...What if I fail?


Dan DaLay: Only failures even ask that question.


Alex: Then what does it say about me if I'm asking it.


Dan DaLay: It says you need to stop being a *****.


Alex smiles


Alex: Help me up.


Dan DaLay helps Alex to his feet.

Alex: The card's good right?


Dan DaLay: It's great.


Alex: Great.


Dan DaLay: You ready, man?


Alex: Yeah. Yeah I think so.


Dan DaLay puts his arm around Alex.

Dan DaLay: Alex, you know you're my bro. But Jesus Christ get a breath mint.


Alex laughs.

They exit the bathroom. Dan heads to the dressing room, Alex to the production room. While on his way there he looks over the card just one more time:


Clowning Around vs Reckless and Wild


Shooter Sean vs Shane Nelson


Non Title Match

Joey Poison vs Bobby Thomas


Jack & Ricky DeColt vs Eddie Chandler & Dan DaLay

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Marty Papin and Phil Vibert


"We are coming to you live here from the Varsity Arena in Ontario, Canada! We are two weeks away from Elimation VIII. So far, only one match has been confirmed for Elimination: as we will see The DeColts will be taking on their bitter rivals, Elite. Also tonight we will be witnessing the return of a former CGC star. For main event this evening, we have a preview of that main event match set for Elimination as Ricky and Jack DeColt will be taking on Eddie Chandler and Dan DaLay."


"Speak of the devil. Here they come!"


Adrian Garcia led Eddie Chandler and Dan DaLay to the ring.


"Tonight, will be just another step in the destruction of the DeColt family. We've already run two of them off. With only three to go. And at Elimination, all three of them will be in one ring. I couldn't have come up with a better idea myself. I guess this place is actually good for something."


"I've got something special for you Jackie boy. See you've got Eddie Chandler's title. And Eddie doesn't like that. So I'm issuing a challenge. If we win at Elimination. I get a chance to get my title back. And I will get my title back."


"DeColts! Tonight, we will make you hurt. At Elimination, we will make you disappear."


"Elite has made their intentions very clear. They want the DeColt family to disappear. And according to Adrian Garcia they've already sent two DeColts packing."


"Ya know I don't think that's exactly the truest statement ever uttered, Adrian Garcia isn't exactly Senor Honest."


"Well regardless of what you think of him, he and Elite certainly have got the DeColts on their heels."




"And here comes a man we haven't seen in a CGC ring for a year. Ladies and Gentlemen.. Eric Tyler!




The crowd cheers as Eric Tyler walked up the ramp and into the ring.


"In the year or so, that I spent away from the business, I've had a lot of time to think. Time to think about what I've done, what I've accomplished, and what the fans have done for me. So I wanted to take this opportunity. To get back into this ring, and say something I've wanted to say for so very long. Screw all of you."


Rousing boos from the crowd.


"I spent the first 15 years working my ass off for you all, and you never gave me break. I had to go back home to America, to even get the time of day. And what did I do there? I won 5, count 'em, 5 world heavyweight championships. I come back here, I work my ass off again. And what do I get? I get polite applause after wrestling my last match. I get a handshake from George DeColt. Well you know what? I deserve better. And I'm going to take it."


Brett Fraser and Vin Tanner hit the ring


"I brought a couple friends here with me tonight, and under my guidence, they will dominate CGC. So why don't their opponents for tonight get out here, so we can get through this nice and quick."





Clowning Around vs Reckless and Wild

Whippy did most of the work for Clowning Around in this match. Mostly as a punching bag for Tanner and Fraser, who cut the ring in half early on. Whippy fought back and made the hot tag to Quibble, but Eric Tyler grabbed his ankle from under the ring. That distraction allowed Brett Fraser to roll Quibble up to steal the victory.


"Oh what a joke."


"Well no matter how you look at it, that's going down as a victory for the Eric Tyler led Reckless and Wild."






Bobby Thomas vs Joey Poison

Joey Poison and Bobby Thomas haven't worked together before, and to be honest I don't think they'll work one-on-one ever again. This match was full of blown spots, the worst of which being a mistimed top rope hurricanrama attempt from Joey Poison which saw Bobby Thomas do a front flip seconds after Poison had hit the mat. Thomas, frustrated at how the match was going tossed Poison to the outside, grabbed a steel chair and smashed him in the face! The referee had no choice but to disqualify Bobby Thomas, giving him the victory. Bobby Thomas wasn't done as he continued with the assault until he was pulled off by security.


"Good lord! What a joke, eh?


"You can't take your frustrations of a poor performance out on your opponent. That's your own fault, and Bobby Thomas just crossed the line right there. Inexcusable."




No one was more disappointed at the Bobby Thomas - Joey Poison match than Alex DeColt. Already on edge with the pressure of the first ever live show under his complete control. A disasterous match between two usually solid workers almost sent Alex over the edge.


Alex DeColt: WHAT THE **** WAS THAT ****?


Chance: I don't know. They were just off tonight I guess.


Alex DeColt: I've seen Joey have an off night, I've seen Bobby have an off night, but I've never seen them put on an abomination of a match like that. ****! We're live and this is my ass.


Dan DaLay: There's nothing you can do about it now, Alex. Worry about it when we get the ratings tomorrow. We're putting on 5 live shows a month, if you're treat them all like Game 7 of the Cup Finals you should just step down right now. Get ready for the main event, we're going to tear the house down.


Alex DeColt: You're right, you're right.


Alex punches a locker in anger. Dan goes to subdue him.


Alex DeColt: I'm fine, I'm fine. I did that so I didn't do it to Bobby's face when he comes through the curtain for that ****ing hurricanrana spot.





Gargantuan vs Nigel Svensson

Swedish native Nigel made his North American debut in this match! Well if you can even call it that, Gargantuan tossed him too and fro around the ring, before finally giving him a chokeslam to pick up the easy victory.


"Good lord, that poor lil' guy."


"He'll shake it off...in about a month."


"Gargantuan is aptly named don't you think?"


"I think if he was trying to be honest he'd call himself Murderface McGuillicutty."





Ryan Powell walked into Trent Shaffer's locker room. Shutting the door behind him.


"What's that all about?"


"I don't know, but I have a feeling we're going to find out sooner rather than later."





Shane Nelson vs Shooter Sean Deeley

These boys put on a show. Great back and forth action, that got the crowd very excited. One memorable spot came when Sean Deeley tossed Nelson into the ropes, Nelson springboarded off of the second rope hitting an Asai moonsault rolling into a pin. Deeley rolled through, caught Nelson under his arms with his legs and rolled forward for a pin attempt of his own. Nelson regained the advantage, downing Deeley with a missle dropkick. Nelson climbed up to the top rope to do another moonsault! Deeley shot back up behind him and caught him from behind and delivered a devastating top rope German Suplex! Deeley gets the victory in what was a very hard fought match.


"Wow that was one helluva match between those two."


"I just wish Sean Deeley didn't feel like he needed Elite, because believe me he is an Elite wrestler even without 'em."


"I agree, Phil. You gotta wonder what lies Adrian Garcia has put into his head."




"We are moments away from our main event! We have yet to hear from a single DeColt this evening, but that's going to change. My partner Phil Vibert has left his post to go into the DeColt's locker room to get their thoughts before their match tonight"


Phil Vibert stands between Jack and Alex


"Thanks Marty. Now guys, you heard what Elite had to say earlier tonight, pertaining to your match at Elimination and your match tonight. What's your plan going into Elimination and going into tonight?"


"I'm not going to answer that, but I am going to answer a request made by Eddie Chandler. Eddie *laughs* you seem so pathetic. Calling this title yours? Eddie, this ain't yours. I won this title fair and square, live on television. If you don't believe it look at the tape! But if you're so obsessed, with this family, with this title, that you delude yourself into thinking you got screwed out of this title. So you know what? I'll play ball. If you beat us at Elimination VIII, I'll give you your title shot. In fact, I'll give you any kind of match that you want. Because you won't beat me. You won't beat us. As much as you and your little pals wish you could you can't get rid of the DeColts."


"Elite. This is getting a bit tiring, don't you think? You've been wasting so much time trying to get rid of something that you could never get rid of. Your sick minds hellbent on erasing an entire family from the planet? As long as I have breath in my lungs, and blood in my veins, I will not stand idly by while you threaten me. I do something about it. So don't think you can threaten me and my brothers, and we just settle it in the ring like civilized people? Not anymore Elite. Not anymore."


The DeColts exit their locker room, leaving Phil Vibert standing alone.


"It looks like Elite has unleashed the darkside of the DeColt family."





Dan DaLay and Eddie Chandler VS Jack and Ricky DeColt

From the opening bell the crowd is red hot with excitement. Eddie and Jack started out the match by trading the advantage back and forth. Eddie gained the upperhand using the rope as leverage in an abdominal stretch wearing Jack down. Eddie and Dan DaLay tagged in and out of the match tossing Jack DeColt around like a sack of potatoes. Dan went for DaLay Down but Jack slid off his back and hit a big belly to back suplex. Both men crawled towards their corners...Jack makes the tag! Dan tags at well! Eddie runs into the ring, right into a springboard drop kick from Ricky DeColt! Ricky used DaLay's momentum against him sending DaLay crashing to the floor. The crowd is going crazy! Adrian Garcia climbed on the apron but got deposited to the outside by Jack DeColt! The DeColts rule the ring now! Eddie Chander helped Garcia to his feet on the outside. Eddie made his way back into the ring. Always the gentleman, Ricky allowed him free entry to the ring. Adrian stumbled back onto the apron...Eddie's got brass knuckles! He laid out Ricky! The ref never saw it! Jack tried to save his brother but got laid out as well! Elite steals yet another victory!


"And yet again Elite have to go into their bag of old tricks to pick up a win."


"Let's hope this isn't a preview of Elimination."




"Oh god someone get them out of there!"


Sean Deeley and Nate Johnson ran into the ring. They joined Dan Dalay and Eddie Chandler in beating down Jack and Ricky DeColt. Ricky got hit with DaLay Down. Jack got nailed with the Natural Order. Eddie locked Jack in the Fabulous Stretch! Sean Deeley locked Ricky in the Front Choke Lock!


"Here comes Alex DeColt! And he's got a baseball bat."


The un-armed Elite cleared the ring. Alex tended to his brothers as Elite laughed on the ramp.


Alex DeColt rose to his feet and screamed at Elite in a rage as the show ended.

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Really good first show sets up a few things for the future. Interesing choice for Tyler's charges. And I liked the segment where we got Alex DeColt's point of view backstage in the middle of the show even though that was outside the broadcast.


I'm guessing you have a plan to show ratings separately! :)

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After The Show

Alex's Note Book

Segment 1 Adrian didn't hype Elimination as much as I would have wanted. Oh well.

Rating B-


Segment 2 Tyler did his job, I hope Reckless and Wild don't stink it up in the ring too much.

Rating D


Segment 3 Well they didn't stink it up in the ring too much. Whippy is the MVP of CGC.

Rating D+


Segment 4 The worst match I've seen two good workers have in years. Huge let down.

Rating D


Segment 4 Ricky begged me to give Nigel a job. He's pretty good, made Gargantuan look great

Rating D


Segment 5 Not much to say about this one, but boy Ryan Powell is red hot at the moment.

Rating C+


Segment 6 Deeley and Nelson tore the house down. After the Thomas-Poison abomination it's good to see the small guys pull a match this good out of their arse.

Rating B-


Segment 7 Jack was perfect, I could have been much more convincing.

Rating B


Segment 8 The crowd was really hot for the main event. But I wonder how much longer DeColts vs Elite will stay hot?

Rating B-


Overrun Felt good to get that scream out of my system.

Rating B-


Overall The first hour stank. Mostly due to leaning on Thomas and Poison putting on a good match. But alas they didn't. The last hour more than made up for the first one however.

Rating C+





Alex DeColt is relieved. The show went off without anything going terribly wrong, and the main event delivered. Now that this headache was over, it was time for another one.


Nigel Svensson cautiously walks into Alex DeColt's office.


Alex: Yes Nigel?


Nigel: Yeah. Um...it's Ricky.


Alex: Drunk and fighting?


Nigel: Worse. Drunk and suicidal.


Alex: What!?


Nigel: Not really suicidal, but awfully close. He keeps making fun of Gargantuans...umm little...gargantuan.


Alex: Oh Jesus.


Alex walked into the locker room, Nigel close behind.


Ricky is standing on top of a stool pointing and laughing at Gargantuan who is being held back by half the locker room.


Alex: What the hell is going on in here?


Gargantuan: You better grab your brother, Alex. Keeps spreading FALSE rumors about me.


Alex: What false rumors?




Gargantuan: It's average! It's not my fault I'm big everywhere else. You ***hole!




Alex drags Ricky by his ear to his office.


Alex: How old are you?


Ricky: Oh come on I wasn't serious.


Alex: Well he didn't think so.


Ricky: For chrissakes Alex, I was dancing in my underwear singing "teeny weeny peeny." In what universe is that meant to be taken seriously?


Alex: *sighs* Just be careful who you joke around with, eh? Not everyone shares your sense of humor.


Ricky: And not everyone, but anyone who in their 20s is offended by "teeny weeny peeny" needs help.


Alex: We all need help Ricky...just don't point out people's flaws in public.


Ricky: Yes sir.


Ricky leaves Alex's office, Nigel is waiting outside.


Nigel: Well if I may cast a vote, I think it was hilarious.


Ricky: Then why'd you tell Alex?


Nigel: Didn't want to see you killed?


Ricky: Fair enough.

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Join us this Sunday night on Maple Leaf Sports for the last edition of Title Bout Wrestling before Elimination VIII! Be advised, this show will be a special 90-minute edition of Title Bout Wrestling! We have a very exciting card set for this Sunday night:


Philippe LaGrenier vs Christian Price

Two of the young guns of CGC will be taking on each other in what is sure to be a wild bout!


CGC Canadian Title Match

Joey Poison vs Trent Shaffer

CGC Canadian Champion Joey Poison will be putting his title on the line against Trent Shaffer. Will Poison still be feeling the effects of the beatdown he suffered last week at the hands of Bobby Thomas? Will Bobby Thomas come back for a second helping? Will Trent Shaffer walk away with the title? All these questions will be answered this sunday!


Shane Nelson vs Nate Johnson

After suffering a very close loss to Shooter Sean Deeley last week, Shane Nelson is set to go up against Deeley's partner in Elite Nate Johnson. This is sure to be an exciting bout! But the question must be asked, will Nate Johnson's allegiance to Elite be a factor in this match?


Ryan Powell vs Ricky DeColt

Ryan Powell has been doing some wheeling and dealing backstage. Sunday he will take it to the ring as he takes on Ricky DeColt. Ricky who


Alex DeColt vs Eddie Chandler

Elite looks to have gotten under Alex DeColts skin, now he gets his chance to take his frustrations out on Eddie Chandler. With Elimination VIII just 5 days away, will the DeColts get a chance at revenge for last week's loss?

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Marty Papin and Phil Vibert


"We. Are. 5 days away from Elimination! Elite and the DeColts are on a collision course, and tonight we will see Alex DeColt take on Eddie Chandler in what will be a final preview of Elimination. And it is clear that Chandler and Elite have gotten under Chandler's skin."


"If Alex DeColt wants to help defeat Elite he is going to need his wits about him."


Alex Decolt and Jack DeColt came out to a loud ovation.




"At Elimination, there is a lot on the line. At Elimination, we will finally get Elite into a ring all at once. At Elimination, we will kick your asses up, down and all around the ring. Eddie Chandler, tonight you're going to face my brother Alex. At Elimination, I will finally get my hands on you. And to what you requested last week. That if we lose you get a title shot. I accept. Only because I know, that you will not win, I know I will. I will make you scream in agony, I know I will "


"Some say, that I've gone too far. Some say, I stooped to your level last week. I say, I saved my brothers' asses. I say, I did what had to be done. Tonight. I will do what I have to do. At Elimination, I will do what I have to do."


"Marty, I don't think Alex is talking about wrestling clean."


"Does Elite? No."


"They've gotten under Alex DeColt's skin, and no matter how you twist it. That means advantage - Elite."





Christian Price vs Phillippe LaGrenier

A fun match between two young brawlers. The fans were promised a wild match and thats what they got. Action spilled to the floor early on and LaGrenier used the guardrail and the corner post to put a dent in Price's skull. LaGrenier tossed Price back into the ring and worked him over in the corner. Price fought back and got the crowd on his side. LaGrenier attempted to make a comeback but Price was on a roll. Christian Price nailed a Price Check to pick up the victory.


"An impressive win for Christian Price."


"Ya know I like this guy. Coulda used him in DAVE."


"He certainly fits the style. That was one helluva brawl to start off Title Bout Wrestling."




Ricky DeColt was walking down a hallway in the back when Ryan Powell came out of no where to attack him with a lead pipe! Christian Price, fresh off his victory, was walking by. Ryan Powell told Price "mind your own business boy, this doesn't concern you." Price thought about helping, but put his head down and walked away as if he didn't see it.


"What a coward. I don't think I like Christian Price anymore."


"Powell had a lead pipe! Price had just wrestled a match. No reason to be a good samaritan in that situation. Just going to end up getting your butt kicked."


"I guess I'm old school. Right is right and wrong and wrong. Christian Price was wrong to let that sickening assault occur."




Eric Tyler was all smiles in the middle of the ring. Flanked by Reckless and Wild.




"Last week, I made my triumphant return to a CGC ring. My good pals Reckless and Wild picked up a well earned victory over those Clowning Around jokesters. And this week, I have a very special announcement to make. Eric Tyler Incorporated is new, but it's already a smash hit. I've gotten requests thrown at me left and right from potential clients. But I only chose one. I chose the man that has the most potential in CGC. I chose the man that popped off the page at me. I suppose you can say, Eric Tyler Inc has gotten bigger, much bigger. Ladies and Gentlemen, my new client."




Gargantuan came out to a chorus of boos. He entered the ring and hugged Eric Tyler.


"Hey clowns. If you want a fight at Elimination. Just go ahead and find a third partner. I've got my trio."


"Well Eric Tyler's sure made friends fast since coming back to CGC."


"God help those poor Clowns."




CGC Canadian Title Match



Trent Shaffer vs Joey Poison

Joey Poison came out like he was shot out of a pistol, taking Shaffer down with big leaping sidekick. Shaffer bailed out of the ring and milked time while Poison impatiently waited inside the ring. Poison got tired of waiting...plancha! Poison tossed Shaffer back into the ring and got a near fall. Poison continued dictating the pace while Shaffer was left wondering what he got himself into. Oh wait...here comes Ryan Powell! Ryan Powell hit Joey Poison with the Star Treatment! The referee called for the bell!


"Is this what the conversation was about? Powell and Shaffer look like they've got each other's backs."


"Joey Poison needs a friend right now. This ain't fair!"


Shaffer and Powell continue beating down Poison as the referee tries to regain control. Thrill Seeker ran out to make the save! Punch to Powell! Punch to Shaffer! Punch to Powell! Punch to Shaffer! Dropkick to Powell! Dropkick to Shaffer! Shaffer and Powell went flying to the floor and bail out while they still have their wits about them. Thrill Seeker checks on Poison.


"Nice to see Powell get a heaping helping of his own medicine!"


"But the damage has been done. Joey Poison looks a mess."





Ryan Powell vs Ricky DeColt

Ricky was clearly still feeling the effects of the beatdown he suffered earlier. As a result of the attack, Powell wore down Ricky's back. Ryan Powell slams Ricky to the mat with a T-Bone Suplex. Ricky can't get a second of relief. Powell began taunting Ricky mimicking his back injury. Ricky takes offense to the mockery and slapped Powell in the face. Powell angrily kicked Ricky to the mat again and applied a Camel Clutch to Ricky DeColt. Ricky refuses to quit and Powell gives up on the hold, instead prefering sharp elbows to Ricky's back. Powell goes under the ring, he's got another lead pipe! What is wrong with this man! Powell tried to slide into the ring, but the ref didn't let him! The ref ripped the pipe out of his hand. Powell frustrated now, quickly re-entered the ring only to run into a rested Ricky DeColt. Ricky hit Powell with a hurricanrana! The crowd cheered as Ricky headed to the top rope! But Ryan Powell lunged to the top rope knocking Ricky off. Ryan Powell hit the Star Treatment on Ricky DeColt. It's Shane Nelson! Shane Nelson runs towards the apron distracting Powell. School boy! 1-2-3! Ricky wins!


"Looks like Shane Nelson has taken offense to Powell's actions tonight!"


"With good reason. Powell's attacking people with no rhyme or reason, and was about to get a victory over an injured opponent thanks to it!"


Bobby Thomas ran out to even the odds for Powell! Now Powell and Thomas are stomping Nelson and Ricky. Here comes Thrill Seeker! He was quickly followed by Trent Shaffer however. Thanks to the lead pipe Powell, Shaffer and Thomas have the advantage.


Christian Price races to the ring to give the advantage back to Ricky, Shane, and Thrill Seeker. The faces fought back and sent the heels to the outside yet again. Price apologized to Ricky as Powell, Shaffer and Thomas laugh on the ramp.


"Christian Price! I guess he got tired of watching this travesty."


"He's not the only one! But I'm pretty sure Ricky is wishing Price gained this courage about an hour ago."


"Better late than never."





Shane Nelson vs Nate Johnson

Nate Johnson came out with Adrian Garcia in his corner and in the opening moments Garcia already is a factor. Garcia distracted Shane Nelson allowing Nate Johnson to take over the match. It doesn't last very long as Nelson regained some momentum by reversing a snap suplex. Nelson stalked Johnson waiting for him to rise, only to send him right back down with a running bulldog. Nelson got whipped into the ropes and was nailed with a picture perfect dropkick! Both men are down. Johnson was the first to his feet and went back on the offensive, putting the boots to Nelson in the corner. Johnson worked over Nelson's neck with a sick looking neck crank and a series of head lock variations. Nelson was slammed to the mat with a neckbreaker. Nelson turned the tables and locked Johnson into a full nelson. Dragon Suplex! He bridged it! Johnson kicked out at two! Nelson went for a Clash of Styles, but Johnson flipped him over with a back body drop. Johnson hit a Natural Order! Pin! One, Two, Thr-no! Nelson kicked out! Nelson got back to his feet and Johnson attempted a roll up! No! Nelson reverses it! No! The bell rings! They ran out of time. This one will go down as a draw!


"Nelson and Johnson both look like ran into a brick wall."


"I'd say it's more impressive that Shane Nelson is coming off of a beatdown just minutes before the match."


"An impressive performance for sure."




Eddie Chandler and Adrian Garcia stood in the middle of the ring.


"I would like to thank Jack DeColt for doing the right thing. I may be jackass, but I am a man of honor. I believe in right and wrong. Jack DeColt did the right thing. But now, I must do the right thing. And in my case, the right thing, is winning. At all costs. Elimination is just 5 days away. So tonight is a chance for me to make a point. Alex you've been running around like mad man for the last couple of weeks, acting like some kinda tough guy. Well come on out here tough guy. Prove yourself."



Eddie Chandler vs Alex DeColt

Alex DeColt stared Eddie Chandler down as the bell rung. Eddie and Alex circled each other and locked up. Alex pushed Chandler to the mat and immediately hopped on top of him giving stiff punches to Chandler's face. Garcia reached into the ring and dragged Chandler out to save him. Chandler stares back at Alex with fear in his eyes. Chandler cautiously re-entered the ring, only to be beaten up and tossed back out by Alex. Alex, in a display of faux-sportsmanship, held the ropes open for Eddie. Eddie finally landed a few shots after a low blow. DeColt was on the ground hurting as Chandler taunted him. Alex gave a low blow of his own, and once again Eddie Chandler bailed to the outside. Garcia looks to have handed Eddie Chandler a weapon. Chandler re-entered the ring hiding the object. Garcia did his job to distract the referee. Chandler's got brass knuckles! Alex ducks the swing by Chandler...DeColt Driver! Alex pushed Garcia off the apron to the floor! Alex should have just gone for the pin but he isn't. Oh my god. He took the brass knuckles off of Chandler's hand and is punching him in the face! In full view of the referee! The ref calls for the ball, Alex DeColt just got disqualified but I don't think he cares! Adrian Garcia dragged the unconscious Chandler out of the ring and away from Alex DeColt's fist.


"I take it back, apparently Alex DeColt does not need his sanity to defeat Elite."


"But at what cost, Phil? At what cost? No matter what you think about him, that was a disgusting act."


"What is happening to Alex DeColt?"


Chandler was being tended to by paramedics as the show ended.

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After The Show

Alex's Note Book

Segment 1 Jack is always good, I think I did OK. Crowd loved it.

Rating B


Segment 2 Both of these guys have a great future ahead of them. Price will need a manager.

Rating D


Segment 3 Powell looked like he enjoyed giving Ricky a good beating.

Rating C


Segment 4 Eric Tyler really loves being a heel.

Rating C


Segment 5 Joey more than made up for last week in this match.

Rating C


Segment 6 I want to see Powell and Ricky go at it again in the near future.

Rating C


Segment 7 Nelson and Johnson disappointed a bit, but the storyline progressed swimingly.

Rating C


Segment 8 Eddie Chandler is always there to give a great promo.

Rating B


Segment 9 We didn't have out best match. The crowd was so hot we could have gone out there and had a slap fight if we wanted to.

Rating B-


Overrun The neck brace was a little excessive.

Rating B


Overall A good go home shoe for Elimination. We need to pick up the pace to get some momentum going. In this for the long haul, but can't get stuck relaying on Elite-DeColts forever. Something needs to change.

Rating C







It's finally here! This Friday Night on Pay-Per-View watch Elimination VIII. We have a very exciting card set up for your viewing pleasure.


Clowning Around & ??? vs Eric Tyler Inc (Reckless and Wild & Gargantuan)

Eric Tyler made his return to CGC and he has already made an impact aligning himself with Reckless and Wild his first night back. Tyler helped RaW pull off an underhanded win over Clowning Around. This Sunday Tyler announced that he has a new client, Gargantuan. Clowning Around really has their work cut out for them. They gotta find a partner, and fast!


Nate Johnson vs Christian Price

Christian Price was disappointed in himself after failing to help Ricky DeColt from a beat down at the hands of Ryan Powell. Price went on to help out other potential victims of Powell's attacks later on in the night regaining a measure of pride. Now he will get in the ring with Nate Johnson of Elite to test just how much courage he has.


Joey Poison, Thrill Seeker, and Shane Nelson vs Ryan Powell, Trent Shaffer, and Bobby Thomas

Ryan Powell has been a man on a mission in the last few weeks. After coordinating unprovoked attacks of Joey Poison in consecutive weeks former tag team partners Thrill Seeker and Shane Nelson defended Poison from further injury. We know that Thrill Seeker and Shane Nelson have tremendous chemistry, but will it be enough to stop Powell, Shaffer and Thomas' rampage?


Elite (Eddie Chandler, Dan DaLay, and Shooter Sean Deeley) vs Alex, Jack, and Ricky DeColt

For years Elite has made the DeColt family's lives a living hell. Now it seems that they are slowly chipping away at Alex DeColt's sanity. In consecutive weeks Alex has committed acts unbecoming of a DeColt son, and unbecoming of any pro wrestler. Will he be able to stay focused and help his brothers win? Or will he become a liability. Not to mention that if Elite wins this match Eddie Chandler get's a shot at Jack DeColt and the CGC World Title!


All this and more this friday night at Elimination VIII!

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Beyond being the play-by-play man for Canadian Golden Combat, Marty Papin is also the play by play man for the Vancouver Beavers, and has his own late night sports-based talk show on Maple Leaf Sports. Some think this show is one of the main reasons why the Alex DeColt gave Marty the lead announcing gig. Regardless of what you think, you know the DeColts weren't going to let this free advertisement opportunity go by.


Marty Papin: My next guest is a legendary man from a legendary family. He is the star of a show that have the honor of calling the action of every week on this very network. This Friday he and his brothers will be in action live on pay-per-view. Ladies and Gentleman, CGC World Champion Jack DeColt!


Jack walks from behind the curtain and poses with the belt for the crowd. The appearance of Jack DeColt was unannounced and a huge surprise. The studio audience goes bananas.


Marty Papin: So, Jack. You've never been on the show before, how does it feel?


Jack: It feels very comfortable. What are in these cushions? They're like sitting on a cloud.


Marty Papin: That's why I'm call this the most comfortable show on television.


Jack: They are not lying, wowwie. I don't think I want to leave!


Marty Papin: Well you're welcome to stay as long as you want, but you've got a show this Friday night that I'm sure you don't want to miss.


Jack: Yes, it's our 8th annual Elimination show. We have three 3 on 3 Elimination matches on the card. I along with Ricky and Alex, my brothers, will fighting Elite: Eddie Chandler, Sean Deeley, and Dan DaLay. I can't wait to get my hands on them..


Marty Papin: Now there's a stipulation that if you lose the match Eddie Chandler gets a shot at that title you have there.


Jack: Yeah, but that's not going to happen.


Marty Papin: How's your relationship with Eddie off-screen?


Jaws hit the ground in the DeColt Home. Alex and Dan look at each other, mouths agape. Ricky and Nigel look at each other, trying to hold back laughter.


Jack's winning smile drops ever so slightly.


Jack: Well, me and Eddie don't get along too well. Never really did. I guess you can say we take that dislike out on each other.


Marty Papin: Are you friends with any members of Elite?


Alex throws his shoe at the screen. Ricky and Nigel burst in laughter.


Alex: What's so ****ing funny? You have any idea how bad this is for business?


Ricky: Relax Alex, the fans don't care. He's being honest about the business, that's what matters.


Alex: Are you insane!? Who wants to buy a pay-per-view to see friends pretending to hate each other fighting?


Nigel Svensson: Why do people watch movies?


Alex: You both sound like Steve. If you wanna break the wrestler's code go join Steve and Dan Stone, don't bring down the company our father built with that BS.


Nigel Svensson: In case you didn't notice, Dan Stone just sold out the Uniprix Stadium last night. For a house show. Who was in the main event? Your brother Steve. We have a pay-per-view booked at a place only 50% bigger than Uniprix. You're kidding yourself if you don't think we need to do something new. We are never going to move forward unless we change how we do things.


Dan DaLay: What do you mean 'we?' You've been here for what? A week? We're making money, we're fine. Why fix what isn't broken?


Ricky: Because if it isn't broken, it sure as hell is stale. Keep lying to yourself Alex, do the same **** Dad did and think that just because the fans show up, it means that nothing should change.


Marie: Oh will you guys shut the hell up? I can't even hear my Jackie on television!


Jack: ...it's been great Marty. See ya Friday.


Marty Papin: Ladies and Gentlemen, Jack DeColt! Don't miss Canadian Golden Combat's 8th annual Elimination! This Friday on pay-per-view! I know I'll be there!


Alex immediately picks up the phone and calls his brother Jack.


Alex: Tell me something, did you know Marty was going to ruin this company live on national television?


Jack: What?


Alex: Asking you if you're friends with Elite off-screen? OFF-SCREEN!?


Jack: Alex, it's cool.


Alex: Is it? We just had our company exposed live before my eyes. That's cool?


Jack: The business has been exposed for years now. We just got 10 minutes of free advertising live on national television. If I gotta break the code to get that, I'll do it.


Alex: Do you have any honor?


Alex angrily hangs up the phone.

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Marty Papin - Phil Vibert - Ernie Turner


"Hello everyone and welcome to Elimination VIII! Tonight is the night where it all comes to a head tonight for the DeColts and Elite."


"I don't know about you Marty, but that's not all that I care about tonight. This card looks fantastic from top to bottom and I just can't wait!"


"Well I mentioned our main event because the DeColt who has the most to answer for, Alex DeColt is in the back with the newest member of Canadian Golden Combat team: Ernie Turner. Ernie?"


No response.




The camera finally cuts to the back and Ernie is trying to cover up what's going on behind him. Over his shoulder equipment is being thrown against the wall.


"Marty, Phil, I want you to know that this was not my fault!"


A bloody Alex DeColt pushes Ernie Turner out of the way.




Alex storms off.


"Ernie, what the hell happened back there?"


"I don't even know. I was standing next to Alex, and I was getting ready for the interview. I turn around, hear this big crack and next thing I know Alex is bleeding like a stuck pig and has this scary look in his eyes."


"Try to find Alex back there, E."







Nathan Black vs Warren Technique

Good action to get the crowd warmed up. Warren Technique tried his hardest but it was not enough to overpower Nathan Black. Nathan picks up the victory with a Black Dog Down




Adrian Garcia comes out to the ring alone, smiling from ear to ear as only he can.


"Here comes Adrian Garcia, I have a feeling it's no accident he's coming out here after the attack on Alex DeColt just moments ago."


"There's a rumor backstage that Alex DeColt has been injured. I don't know who caused it."


"Yeah right."


"But I do know this. Alex DeColt deserves everything that happens to him. The DeColt family deserves everything that happens to them. And I promise you that Elite will be the ones to give them what they deserve. It's been years in the making, but I can feel a change in the air. A storm is coming. And the DeColt family may not survive it."


"A real change in tone from Adrian Garcia and Elite."


"If you ask me, it sounds like he's trying to convince himself more than anyone else."




"Coming up right now is our first Elimination match up of the evening. Eric Tyler Incorporated will be taking on Clowning Around and a mystery partner.


"I'm very interested in what my former employee and now colleague Eric Tyler is exactly up to. Since coming back he's been snatching up contracts left and right. For the life of me I don't know what his beef is with Whippy and Quibble."


"I think he's angry at having his tag team taken to the limit by a couple of clowns."


"To the limit? Hell Marty, he cheated to win! But I can tell ya right now, he may have bitten off more than he can chew tonight."


"Well if I'm Eric Tyler, and I'm shaking in my boots; all I'll need to do is take one good look at the 7 foot tall monster I manage."


"I can tell you right now that I know who Clowning Around got to be their partner."


"Oh? Tell me."


"Where's the excitement in that?"


Eric Tyler Incorporated enter the arena and immediately draw intense heat from the crowd.


"Eric Tyler Incorporated is built on power, brawn, toughness. We are men. We aren't clowns, running around in our pajamas squirting water in people's faces. It's disrespectful. We aren't a joke, we are pro wrestlers. And right now, these men are gonna knock those pathetic clowns out of their silly shoes. Clowns, come on out here and bring whatever pathetic pansy you recruited to be your partner."


Clowning Around stand in the entry way. They are smiling even more than usual. Whippy holds a mic.


"Smile now, but we're gonna knock that smile off your face, along with a few other facial features."


"Ya see Eric T. We knew that we couldn't out slug you on our own. So we brought in some extra help. It's hard to find a true nice guy that's willing to beat the crapola out of a hole-a. So we peered to our left, we peered to our right, and in all of Canada we wouldn't find a pal willing to help us! I didn't know where to look so Quibble took the initiative and took a look in your own past. Lo and behold, a partner was found! It's a man who would like nothing less than to make your little corporation go bust!"


"Well who is it?"


"One tough S.O.B. Who goes by the name Martin comma Johnny!"


Johnny Martin walks in behind Whippy to a positive but mixed reaction. Eric Tyler goes ballistic stomping around the ring.


"Johnny Martin!? Well I can't say that I'm shocked you knew who it was. He worked for you for over a decade in DAVE!"


"And trust me, he's ready to go for sure!"




"We are just about ready to go with our first Elimination Match. Would you care to give us a break down of the rules?"


"Certainly. Elimination matches are between two teams of three. Regular 6-man tag rules apply up until a pinfall. In most tag matches it’s one pin and it's over. In an Elimination match when you're pinned you alone are out of the match and your team has to go short handed. To win the match you must defeat each individual member of our opponent's team. And once eliminated, you must leave ring side."


"Short and consise for sure, Phil!"


Elimination Match

Eric Tyler Incorporated




Clowning Around and Johnny Martin

Johnny Martin begins against Vin Tanner in what is a wild brawl from the start. Tanner takes a nasty spill to the outside but it works to ETI's advantage as Eric Tyler is able to get a few cheap shots in Johnny Martin. Whippy plead for the referee to do something about it but the referee was too busy adjusting his sunglasses to listen. Finally Clowning Around take to action themselves pulling Vin Tanner off of Johnny Martin and knocking Eric Tyler to the ground. Gargantuan drops to the floor and Clowning Around quickly race back to the apron, to avoid upsetting him further. Martin regains the advantage when he and Tanner re-enter the ring eventually hitting the Twist on the Rocks to eliminate Tanner.

Vin Tanner Eliminated

Brett Fraser is next in and clearly is a fresher man beating down Johnny Martin to a pulp. Martin seeks refuge and tags in Quibble who energetically ran circles around Brett Fraser showing off his quickness advantage. Quibble apparently falls asleep at the wheel running circles around Fraser directly into his forearm. Quibble looks like that hit has not only made him regret signing up for the match, but for signing up to be a pro wrestler. Fraser drags Quibble back from the middle of next week and whips him into the ropes going for another forearm smash. Quibble ducks it and hits a Quick Quibble Crash! Brett Fraser has been eliminated! Boy that was quick indeed!

Brett Fraser Eliminated

Gargantuan is all smiles as he walks over the top rope as if it were a crack in the street. Quibble looks up at Gargantuan with utter horror in his eyes. Gargantuan doesn't waste anytime immediately sending Quibble to the mat with a ring cracking Choke Slam.

Quibble The Clown Eliminated

Johnny Martin quickly enters the ring, up to the challenge. Martin holds his own against Gargantuan but all the heart in the world can't move this behemoth. Martin gets thrown to the mat again and again only to get back up and keep fighting. Martin tries to use what little quickness he has to move Gargantuan in circles. Finally Gargantuan grows tired of playing hide and go seek, and sends Martin to the mat with another Choke Slam.

Johnny Martin Eliminated

Whippy as if going to his own funeral slowly enters the ring. Much like Martin, Whippy tries to keep the big man off-balance. Being faster and more agile he realizes greater success! Gargantuan keeps trying to get a grip to Choke Slam Whippy but Whippy too quick and Whippy too smart. Well at least I thought Whippy was too smart...Whippy makes the fatal mistake of going to the top rope while Gargantuan isn't dead. Gargantuan snatches Whippy out of mid-air by his neck. Gargantuan now lifts him up into the air. Whippy's brain is in hyper-drive thinking of a way to get out of this mess. Whippy squeezes the flower on his suit sending water into Gargantuan's eyes! Eureka! This second is all Whippy needed to break the Choke Slam and sneak behind Gargantuan. Whippy rolls up Gargantuan!

Gargantuan Eliminated


"Whippy won! Whippy won! Hoooly crap he won!"


"He better high tail it out of there if he knows what's good for him."


"Heck Quibble is already half way to the locker room, he wants no part of a pissed off Gargantuan."


Whippy takes a second too long to realize that he should run away too. Gargantuan catches him by his collar and drags him back into the ring. Quibble and Martin realize that Whippy is still in the ring and run back to save him. They meet chair shots from both Brett Fraser and Vin Tanner. Whippy is all alone.


"Oh God someone help him!"


Gargantuan Choke Slams Whippy


"Someone stop this!"


Gargantuan Choke Slams Whippy a second time.


"Where's security!?"


Gargantuan Choke Slams Whippy a third time.


"This is just sickening."


Gargantuan Choke Slams Whippy a fourth time.


"I at one time respected Eric Tyler. But if this is what he will allow his minions to do he is no friend of mine. How can he let this continue?"


Gargantuan Choke Slams Whippy a fifth time.


"If I wasn't certain I'd die I'd run in there right now."


Security and medics hit the ring, but they are far too late. Whippy has been demolished.


"What a disgusting, incomprehensible, meaningless attack by Gargantuan."


"I wouldn't say it was meaningless, Marty. That right there was a message to all of Canadian Golden Combat. Eric Tyler is not one to mess with."




Stevie Grayson and Zeus Maxmillion enter to a fair pop.


"Here come the tag team champions!"


"Finally a friendly face."


"The unlikely duo of Stevie Grayson and 'The Greek Idol' Zeus Maxmillion have built quite a friendship."


"Having those belts around your waist sure helps a friendship out a lot."


"Well we'll see if they can keep those titles right now, we have a special bonus match for you tonight. The Canadian Golden Combat's Tag Team Champions--whom are in the ring as we speak--will be defending their titles against Destiny and Fate, the Solders of Fortune."


"I afraid this friendship may be in trouble..."


CGC World Tag Team Title Match



Stevie Grayson and Zeus Maxmillion vs Soldiers of Fortune

Destiny and Grayson did well working together keeping the flow of the match going. Destiny and Fate do the age old 'darn dirty heels' routine on Stevie while Zeus Maxillion urged him on from his corner. Destiny tosses Grayson to the mat, but then Grayson trips up Destiny. The crowd urges Grayson to crawl over to Zeus. But Destiny gets back to his feet and grabs his foot. Grayson twists out of his grip and makes the tag to Zeus! Zeus clears the ring and helps his partner to his feet. They discuss tactics and quickly Grayson leaps to the outside to take on Fate. Destiny crawls back into the ring and receives a quick Thunder Bolt for his troubles! Grayson and Zeus retain the Tag Team Titles!


"Ya know I think this friendship is translating into chemistry."


"I gotta agree with you there. They made a plan on the fly, executed it, and they keep the titles."




"We haven't gotten a single update on what's happening with Alex DeColt. Ernie, what's going on? What have you heard?"


Ernie is posted outside of The DeColts' Locker Room with a cup of coffee and a blanket.


"Marty, Phil, I have been outside the DeColts' Locker Room for the last hour and a half now. I have heard yelling, screaming, and stuff breaking. It seems that Hotstuff Marie is the only sane person in there, since every time I hear her it all stops. Other than that, I have nothing at all to report. Alex came into the locker room shortly after being attacked, he's been in here since."


"Have you been able to hear what they're yelling about?"


"I have not."


"Have you knocked on the door?"


"I have not."


"Maybe you should try that. Ya know, interviewing."


"If you want to risk your life and knock on this door, you can be my guest. I'm not going to touch it unless it opens up magically."


The Locker Room Door opens up behind him and a frustrated Ricky DeColt storms out of the room.


"Ricky! Is Alex OK?"


Ricky ignores him and walks down the hall.


"That's what I've been dealing with all night, guys."




"Well it's now time for our second Elimination Match. This one match was instigated by Ryan Powell in collusion with Trent Shaffer.


"Well ever since showing up here in CGC Joey Poison has been seen as a bit of an outsider and treated as such. But Powell, Thomas and Shaffer took it a step too far when they began attacking Joey Poison for no real reason. Finally former partners Thrill Seeker and Shane Nelson stepped in to protect him."


"So that's how we got here, and let's get ready to go."


Elimination Match

Joey Poison, Thrill Seeker, and Shane Nelson




Ryan Powell, Trent Shaffer, and Bobby Thomas

The match begins with Bobby Thomas and Shane Nelson grappling in the middle of the ring. After years of wrestling each other, they know each move the other is doing. Trent Shaffer won't stop yapping at everyone, he's getting a lot of heat and he's not even in the ring! Thomas whips Nelson into the ropes goes for a dropkick but Nelson was holding on to the ropes. Nelson pulls Thomas to his feet and trips him to the ground. Jenny Playmate cheers her man on. Nelson digs into his offensive repertoire with a leaping discus clothesline that sends Thomas crashing to the mat. Thomas is on the ropes...A Clash of Styles!

Bobby Thomas Eliminated

Trent Shaffer leaps on top of Nelson even before he can get back to his feet. Shaffer's fist is becoming fast friends with Shane Nelson's cranium. Nelson has to scramble away to the ropes to break the hold. Shaffer smiles and continues yapping at Nelson. Ever the braggart Trent Shaffer begins circling Nelson tossing insults at him. Nelson finally cracks and runs at him, but Shaffer leaps frogs the over pursuant Nelson sending Nelson to the floor. Just like the plan, Ryan Powell quickly hops outside and kicks Nelson with a thud. Thrill Seeker pushes Powell off, allowing Faith and Jenny Playmate to tend to Nelson on the outside. Thrill Seeker rolls Nelson back into the ring and tags himself into the match. Thrill Seeker goes right after Trent Shaffer. Shaffer by heelish impulse throws the referee in the way. The ref stops Seeker's advance and allows Shaffer to tag in Ryan Powell. Powell elbows Seeker in the head dropping him like a rock. Powell poses to the crowd and drops his signature Pretty Boy Elbow. Powell goes for the pin but Poison breaks it up. This draws Shaffer into the ring who delivers a beautiful springboard dropkick. Seeker tries to fight back and knocks Powell to the ground with a couple of arm drags. Powell stops the comeback in it's tracks with a heavy kick to Seeker's groin. Powell raises his arms in innocence while Seeker writhes in pain on the mat. Shaffer and Poison are still fighting on the outside Nelson is finally recovers and re-enters the ring attacking Powell but the referee sends him to the apron. Seeker rolls up Powell! But Powell kicks out. Seeker runs at Powell...right into the Star Treatment!

Thrill Seeker Eliminated

Shane Nelson runs back into the ring and catches Powell unawares with a heavy back elbow. Powell doesn't know what hit him and he bails to the outside. Shaffer in the meantime has Joey Poison out on the ground. Faith tosses herself on top of him to protect him. Shaffer and Powell look at each other and work out a plan. Shaffer goes and grabs a steel chair from ring side, and Powell re-enters the ring. Shaffer teases using the chair on Faith drawing Nelson to the outside. Powell distracts the referee complaining that Thrill Seeker has yet to leave ringside, but he hasn't left because he's out cold! While the referee is paying attention to something meaningless Shaffer drills Nelson with the chair! Shaffer rolls Nelson into the ring and Powell covers him.

Shane Nelson Eliminated

Just sickening! Joey Poison is in a very bad situation now. Shaffer tosses him back into the ring. Powell and Shaffer hit a double clothesline on Poison, and then hit a double snap suplex. Poison can barely get to his feet now. Powell goes for the Star Treatment but Poison reverses it! Shaffer tries a a punch but Poison ducks it and hits a hurricanrana on Shaffer! Powell runs into a Poison drop kick! Poison's found his second wind! Powell rises to his feet and gets knocked into the corner. Poison begins working over Powell in the corner but Shaffer hits him from behind to put a stop to that. Powell holds Poisons arms for a physical assault. Punches and kicks to the body of Poison. Poison is out of help and has no where to run. Shaffer starts punching him in the face now, but one especially weak punch misses and grazes Powell's face. Now Powell is acting like someone poured acid into his eyes and is swinging wildly, he punches the referee in the face! Powell smiles at Shaffer and sends Shaffer to ringside to get another chair. Poison is face down on the mat and oh my god Shaffer's going to hit him with a chair to the back of the head. Shaffer lifts the chair above his head...here comes Christian Price! Christian Price races to the ring and grabs the chair! Chairshot to Shaffer! Chairshot to Powell! Price Check to Shaffer! Price Check to Powell! All three men are knocked out! Price drags Poison on top of both of them and wakes up the referee. He counts the double pin! Joey Poison wins!

Ryan Powell and Trent Shaffer Eliminated


Faith quickly enters the ring to thank both Price and to make sure Joey Poison is OK. Price helps Poison to his feet and helps the beaten and battered victor to the back.




"Christian Price looks like he's been the man to right the wrongs in CGC since he failed to help Ricky DeColt on Title Bout Wrestling."


"Well someone's gotta do it, and in this situation I think he may have not only saved the match for Joey Poison but he may have saved his career. In pro wrestling there's a lot you can do to a man, but a chair to the back of the head is dangerous beyond words. Trent Shaffer is a sick man for trying that, and Ryan Powell is even worse for letting it almost happen. They deserved to lose this match. Good for Christian Price. I like that kid."


"Well that kid has a match coming up next against Nate Johnson of Elite."


"And he's got a chance. He really does."


"Nate Johnson says that he's out to teach Christian Price a lesson for getting involved in situations where it's not his business. As a member of Elite I've got to believe that they see Christian Price as a potential threat and want him squished out as quickly as possible."


"I've got to agree with you, Marty. No matter how much Elite has done it's clear--as Adrian Garcia said earlier tonight--that everything is coming to head. It's in Elite best interests to get rid of any potential agitators. But this kid Christian Price won't just go away. He's got a look in his eyes. The look of a hero."


"Well I don't see a look of a hero in his eyes, but I damn well hope you're right, Phil.



Christian Price vs Nate Johnson

Christian Price definitely feels the pressure of this match; he's being over zealous with his offense and not letting himself get into a rhythm. Nate Johnson is staying back letting Price come to him and batting away his strikes with clinical precision. Johnson lets his attention drift for a second and Price lands a Thesz Press! Price is punching away at Johnson. The crowd is beginning to believe that Price may just be able to pull off the upset. Price, chivalrous as always, allows Johnson back to his feet. Johnson is angry now. Johnson lunges at Price but stops just short to gauge what Price was planning to do. A confused Price pauses allowing an opening for Johnson, who goes for a takedown and brings Price down. Johnson starts hitting Price with punches of his own. Price fights him off and gets back to his feet. Johnson goes right to Price's legs again and this time locks him into a leg grapevine. Price yells in pain and fights his way to the ropes. Price runs at Johnson again but Johnson sees it coming, and moves out of the way and pushes Price to the outside. Johnson starts laughing at Price's one track offense. Price frustrated by being outsmarted by Johnson climbs back into the ring. Johnson doesn't give Price a chance to get back to his feet and starts laying the boots to him. For once Johnson gets outsmarted as Price grabs his leg and puts Johnson into a leg grapevine of his own! Johnson twists over to his belly and uses his upper body strength to break free from the hold. Johnson is just disgusted by Price now. Price goes to send Johnson to the floor with a back body drop but Johnson lands on his feet on the outside and immediately trips Price and drags him back to the outside. Johnson starts smashing Price's face into everything around ringside: steps, barricades, corner posts, and finally back into the ring. Price is busted open by the violent offense of Nate Johnson. Johnson goes for the Natural Order but Price reverses it to a small package! Johnson kicks out at the last possible moment. So close! Johnson smashes Price in a face a few more times and this time hits the Natural Order. Nate Johnson picks up the win.


"Christian Price puts up one helluva fight but the more experienced Nate Johnson in the end comes out on top."


"Nate Johnson went into this match promising to teach Christian Price a lesson. While he did teach him a lesson or two in wrestling, I don't think he taught Price a lesson in getting involved in business that isn't his. If anything I think Christian Price is even more determined."


"I don't mean to cut you off but it seems that Ernie Turner has finally gotten to speak with Alex and Jack DeColt"




Ernie Turner is standing in the DeColt locker room. Alex has a bandage on his forehead. Jack DeColt looks worried for his brother.


"First of all I want to ask you Alex is this: what exactly happened earlier tonight?''


"I was standing there ready to be interviewed, much like this here. I look to my right just in time to see a baseball bat fly at my head, I tried to duck but as you can see, I was unable to move in time."


"Do you have any idea who did it?"


"Are you stupid or something? I know who it was! You know who it was! Everyone on the planet earth that has two synapses working in their useless brains knows who it was!"


"Calm down, Alex."


"No! I'm not taking this lying down. I'm not going to keep my composure and lie to the fans about how I feel about Elite! I'm not going to tell the kiddies to go drink their milk, study hard, and everything will be alright. Kids, you can study hard, you can drink your milk, you can do everything right. But that won't change the fact that there are bad people out there. That won't make them change. You can lead good people by example, but to defeat true evil, you need to may need to be evil yourself."


Alex storms off.


"NO! You come back here Alex!"


Alex walks back in a huff




"You think you've got it all figured out, huh? To defeat evil you may need to be evil yourself? Are you listening to yourself? What's the point in defeating evil, if you are evil yourself? You just become exactly what you wanted to destroy. You lose yourself. Alex, you are losing yourself. Look at you. Last week you tried to kill Eddie Chandler with brass knuckles. The week before you chased Elite down with a baseball bat, for pete sakes! Keep your cool tonight in the ring. If you can't keep your wits about you, we might as well not show up. And I'm gonna have to put this title on the line against Eddie Chandler. It's not about you."


"I'm going to do what I have to do. And what I have to do and get rid of Elite."


"It's not about you Alex. It's about us, it's about this company, it's about the DeColt name. If we can't get on the same page those things may all just fade away."


"I will not allow it. I'm not going to abandon you. I'm going to work my ass off tonight, believe that."


"Good enough for me. Let's go."


Alex walks off again, this time Jack follows


Ernie just shrugs into the camera.




"Here we go! Time for the Main Event."


"Look to see if the DeColts can stay on the same page. If they can, they're going to win this. If they can't, they're going to lose. It's that simple."


"Now remember if Elite wins this match Eddie Chandler will get a shot at Jack DeColts' World Championship."




Elimination Match


Alex, Jack, and Ricky DeColt





The crowd is sizzling. This is the match they paid to see. A match years in the making. The the youngest, Ricky starts the match against Shooter Sean Deeley. Tonight they meet in this very ring where they have met each other many times before. But never while surrounded by their namesake. A takedown attempt by Ricky is blocked by Deeley. Deeley grabs Ricky in a belly-to-back waist lock. Ricky tries with much effort to free himself but Deeley keeps his grip tight. Deeley lifts Ricky into the air for a German Suplex! But Ricky flips to his feet! Deely turns into a dropkick from Ricky. Ricky leaps on top of Deeley for a quick pin attempt but Deeley reverses it into a pin of his own! Ricky kicks out and they rise face to face. The crowd cheers them on. Deely latches a wrist lock on Ricky. Deeley spins his arm again causing Rickey to sommersault to a seated position. Deeley delivers a powerful knee to Ricky's sternum! Ouch! Deeley looks to be going for a spinning toe hold but Ricky kicks his ass sending him into the turn buckle. Ricky follows up with a few elbows to Deeley's face, and whipping him over to the opposite corner. Ricky runs right behind him but Deeley performs a handspring off of the turn buckle right over Ricky's head! Ricky sees this coming and catches Deeley with an Ace Crusher! Unfortunately for Ricky he's done this in the Elite corner and Dan DaLay tags Deeley's body and boots Ricky half way to Quebec! Ricky tries to crawl over to make a tag but Dan DaLay just stalks his prey letting Ricky gain hope. Inches away from his brother's hand Ricky's pulled backwards. Dan DaLay delivers some vicious boots to Ricky who is beyond exausted. DaLay lifts Ricky to his feet...sizes him up...and delivers a tooth loosening short-arn clothesline. Ricky flips head over heels landing on his face! Dan DaLay starts egging Ricky on, 'GET UP BOY! WHATS THE MATTER?' Ricky starts to climb up Dan DaLay's body. Dan DaLay can only laugh. Ricky gets to his feet and Dan DaLay tells him, 'I'LL GIVE YOU THE FIRST PUNCH, RICKY. RIGHT HERE. C'MON!' Ricky slowly winds his right arm back...and uses his left to quickly poke Dan DaLay in the eye! The distraction gives time for Ricky to race to his corner and tag in Alex DeColt! The crowd explodes! Alex wastes zero energy getting over to Dan DaLay delivering helicious fists to his back and head. Dan DaLay can only cover up until DeColt bashes him fully to the ground. Alex DeColt lets out a roar! But quickly turns his attention to DaLay and starts kicking him! DaLay rolls over to the corner to break up the barrage. Alex won't stop. The referee jumps in. Alex won't stop. The referee begins to count: 1.....2.....3.....4....Alex finally stops. Dan DaLay looks like he had just seen a ghost as he rolls to the floor. Adrian Garcia calls all the members of Elite together and they seem to have a short meeting at ring side. Alex DeColts stands in the ring very impatiently. Finally the huddle breaks and Dan DaLay enters the ring...and then quickly exits again to re-start the count. Alex DeColt can not believe this. Ricky tags himself in. Jack warns his brother, 'DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID' Ricky smiles and races to the ropes and leaps to the top rope. Moonsault on top of Elite! They're all down! But so is Ricky. Ricky is the first one up and has a noticeable limp. Dan DaLay follows after him and catches him from behind. DaLay pushes Ricky chest first into the side of the ring. Alex and Jack leave to help Ricky but are caught up to by Chandler and Deeley. DaLay rolls Ricky into the ring, DaLay Down!

Ricky DeColt Eliminated

Dan DaLay tosses Ricky to the floor like a piece of garbage. Now Elite has a 3 to 2 advantage on the outside of the ring. Elite is taking their time dismantling Jack and Alex DeColt DaLay is taking on Alex alone, but Chandler and Sean Deeley are double teaming Jack. Alex starts gaining the advantage, dodging an overly wild DaLay punch and turning things his way. DaLay tastes steel guardrail thanks to Alex, he does not compliment the chef. The referee's attention is tuned in on his brother Jack, and Alex sees an opportunity. Alex grabs a chair and mashes Dan DaLay in the back sending him to the cold floor in a heap. The crowd is unsure whether to cheer an Elite member going down, or to boo Alex's methods of doing so. Alex goes a step too far and delivers a chair shot to the back of DaLay's head while he's face down on the ground. The crowd Alex tossed the corpse of Dan DaLay back into the ring and covers him.

Dan DaLay Eliminated

Alex quickly moves to help his brother Jack. Together they fight back Elite. The crowd is buzzing waiting for a moment to explode! Alex pulls Sean Deeley into the ring giving Jack time for some revenge against Eddie Chandler. Alex is dominating the much smaller Sean Deeley. Deeley is trying to keep up with the fresher Alex, but he cannot. Alex tosses Deeley into the ropes and hits a big lariat! Pin! Deeley kicks out! Alex is frustrated and goes for a DeColt Driver! He hits it! That ought to do it...no! Some how Deeley kicked out! Alex looks about ready to burst! Alex mulls over whether to do what will likely be a malicious act. He decides, slides to the outside and goes for his trusty steel chair. He climbs back into the ring and the referee immediately stops him! This gives Deeley time to recover. Alex wildly attempts to attack Deeley but Deeley now has his wits about him. Alex misses a few especially wild punches in the middle of the ring, opening the door for Deeley to lock on a Front Choke Lock! Alex didn't see it coming at all! Alex is fighting to free himself but the life is being sucked out of him! Sean Deeley has choked him out!

Alex DeColt Eliminated

Deeley and Chandler give Jack DeColt quite the beat down. Teacher and protege systematically wear Jack DeColt down to a nub. Jack was beyond exhausted before but after spending a good part of the match being double teamed he seems just fresh out of comebacks. Eddie finally becomes tired of the charade and slams Jack to the ring with the Elitist Plex!

Jack DeColt Eliminated


"Jack DeColt knew it. He knew it was going to happen and it did! Alex DeColt cost his family the win here. You can't just bring the chair into ring right in front of the referee. What the hell is wrong with him?"


"It really makes one wonder if he did it on purpose."


"To what ends, Sherlock?"


"I just pray it's not what I'm thinking it is."


"Well thank you all ladies and gentlemen for joining us for this edition of Elimination. I'm sorry if I don't sound very chipper, but after what I just saw in this ring tonight I feel physically ill. Good night everyone."


Alex and Jack stare at each other as the screen fades to black.


OOC: I hope you enjoyed the show! Any questions, comments and concerned just PM me or post em here.

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After The Show

Alex's Note Book

Segment 1 I don't like the big face reaction I'm getting from the crowd, I gotta make em worry.

Rating B


Segment 2 Nathan Black can work a non-**** match with just about anything. But Warren is very green and they haven't been on TV. Gotta fix that.

Rating D-


Segment 3 Adrian Garcia is a master at getting heat on himself.

Rating B-


Segment 4 Johnny Martin was a huge dud. Thanks a lot Phil...

Rating D


Segment 5 I went into tonight thinking I should give this match more time, after watching it, I think I should have given less. Gargantuan is a very, very scary individual.

Rating D+


Segment 6 I inherited quite an odd tag title duo, but to their credit Stevie and Zeus can work well even with SoF those stiffs.

Rating D+


Segment 7 It's nice to have a backstage interviewer, Ernie plays innocent very well.

Rating B


Segment 8 Six great workers put on a very nice match, really got the crowd back into the show. Ryan Powell is a star.

Rating C+


Segment 8 Nate Johnson can have a good match with just about anyone, anywhere. Proven true by this match. Price is getting over quicker than I thought he would.

Rating C


Segment 9 Jack and I definitely got some anger out in this one. I felt really good after this promo :)

Rating B


Segment 10 This match ended up going really well after Ricky went ahead and ****ed up everything.

Rating B-


Overall It should have been so much better. I'm starting to question Phil's decisions.

Rating C




The main event did not go well. Thankfully the fans didn't notice. Ricky DeColt was supposed to simply hit Elite with a flying splash to the outside during the conference spot. Unfortunately Ricky got the bright idea to do a moonsault instead, landing awkwardly and injuring himself. This injury caused him to be eliminated prematurely and everyone else had to improvise the rest of the match. Suffice to say, a lot of people are pissed with Ricky right now. However, Ricky is still unawares as he went straight to the trainers room after being eliminated from the match. And minutes after the final bell, was on his way home.


Alex: Where the **** in that selfish dick?


The room is silent


Alex: Nigel I know where your little butt-buddy is, where the **** is he?


Nigel: He went home


Alex storms out of the arena


Alex DeColt shows up at the DeColt home in 1/3 the time it usually takes.


Ricky has a large icepack on his knee in the living room.


Alex: You little selfish prick.


Ricky: My knee is fine, thanks for asking.


Alex: I don't give a **** about your knee. Because if you hurt your knee, it would all be your fault. What were you thinking?


Ricky: It was a better spot.


Alex: A better spot? A better spot!? It's a spot you can't do safely. That you know you can't do safely.


Ricky: I only hurt myself and not anyone else. Relax.


Alex: We had to re-write the entire match on the fly because of that stupid **** Ricky. I'm drowning, drowning in bull**** around here, and you go and ruin the main event of a pay-per-view.


Ricky: It's not like the card was all that great. **** Alex, you didn't even advertise a Tag Team Title Match. You send Zeus and Stevie out there and go "Hey! Here are our tag champions, you haven't seen them in a month but here they are...and they're defending the titles! Against a team you haven't seen in two months! Enjoy!"


Alex: You just the **** up and let me do my job.


Ricky: You're not doing your job! Your job is to make sure we have a good product on television every Sunday, and every month on pay-per-view. My job is to make the matches good. I took a chance, and I ****ed up, but I'm not the only one who's starting to see what the Alex DeColt era is going to look like: same old ****.


Alex: I give the fans what brings asses in the seats.


Ricky: What's our top angle right now? You. Who has the belt? Jack. Who have we two been fighting for the last 5 years? Eddie and Dan. The fans are used to it, but this place is never going to grow. It's not going to grow until you realize that you don't have to fix the same salad with a different dressing show after show. And don't think I forgot about what Dad told you.


Alex: Dad told me what?


Ricky: That maybe, just maybe you should listen to Steve.


Alex: Steve isn't coming back. We have a successful formula that will stay strong for years to come. Our fans aren't leaving because they see the same guys they love and hate at the top.


Alex turns.


George DeColt is standing at the foot of the stairs.


George: Will you idiots shut up? Ricky, stop being an idiot, you know you've never landed a moonsault well in your life. I don't know why, I don't care that was stupid. Alex, talk to your brother and hear him out. You're the only one he hasn't spoken to since leaving. He's your brother.


Alex storms out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

Ricky: I was right, right?


George: Alex needs to exercise some demons, god knows what they there.


Ricky: So does everybody…

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This Sunday night on Maple Leaf Sports join us for Title Bout Wrestling! Be sure to change your schedules for the near future as last week's 90-minute edition has been confirmed to be a permanent change. Thank you CGC fans for allowing us to keep extend our brand and give you more TV every week! Sunday Night the fallout from Elimination will unfold before your eyes.


Eddie Chandler is the number one contender for the CGC World Title, thanks to Elite's victory at Elimination. What does Elite have up their sleeves? Will Jack blame his brother Alex's erratic behavior for the loss? If so, how will be go about retribution? Dan DaLay and Ricky DeColt will be going at it Sunday Night, DaLay is looking to finish what he started at Elimination.


At Elimination Joey Poison and company overcame the odds with the help of Christian Price. Now Poison will be defending his CGC Canadian Title against Elite's own Nate Johnson. Two other competitors from that Elimination match will be going at it this Sunday as well. The motormouth Trent Shaffer will be taking on Thrill Seeker in what is sure to be a very exciting bout.


Eric Tyler Incorporated suffered their first loss at Elimination thanks to Whippy The Clown pulling a rabbit out of his hat to pull out the victory. But Whippy better find another rabbit out of his hat as he has to face Gargantuan. This time in one on one competition. That's not all for Eric Tyler Incorporated as Reckless and Wild will be taking on CGC Tag Team Champions Stevie Grayson and Zeus Maxmillion for the right to get a title shot.


All of this and much more is in store on Title Bout Wrestling


See you Sunday!


Title Bout Wrestling Card

Dan DaLay vs Ricky DeColt


CGC Canadian Title Match

Joey Poison vs Nate Johnson


Trent Shaffer vs Thrill Seeker


Non-Title Number One Contendership Match

Reckless and Wild vs Stevie and Zeus


Gargantuan vs Whippy The Clown

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Title Bout Wrestling Card

Dan DaLay vs Ricky DeColt


CGC Canadian Title Match

Joey Poison vs Nate Johnson


Trent Shaffer vs Thrill Seeker


Non-Title Number One Contendership Match

Reckless and Wild vs Stevie and Zeus


Gargantuan vs Whippy The Clown

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Title Bout Wrestling Card

Dan DaLay vs Ricky DeColt


CGC Canadian Title Match

Joey Poison vs Nate Johnson


Trent Shaffer vs Thrill Seeker


Non-Title Number One Contendership Match

Reckless and Wild vs Stevie and Zeus


Gargantuan vs Whippy The Clown


Thought I would stop by and return the favor and I will try and follow this as much as i can even though I am following a lot of dynasties as of late and the list keeps growing. Anyways keep up the good work!

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<p>Title Bout Wrestling Card</p><p>

<strong>Dan DaLay</strong> vs Ricky DeColt</p><p>

<em>An injured Ricky, who Alex thinks messed up, against Alex's best friend in the business.</em></p><p> </p><p>

CGC Canadian Title Match</p><p>

<strong>Joey Poison</strong> vs Nate Johnson</p><p>

<em>Joey gets the win, gets beaten down and then helped out by Christian Price again, forcing a tag match down the line.</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Trent Shaffer</strong> vs Thrill Seeker</p><p>

<em>At the moment I expect more hopes are being pinned on Shaffer to rise up the card</em></p><p> </p><p>

Non-Title Number One Contendership Match</p><p>

Reckless and Wild vs <strong>Stevie and Zeus</strong></p><p>

<em>Normally I'd go with the champions to lose the non-title match to set up a new title bout, but I don't feel like Stevie and Zeus are really set as strong tag champions just yet, so I'm going with them to really set out their stall as champs here.</em></p><p> </p><p>

Gargantuan vs <strong>Whippy The Clown</strong></p><p>

<em>I'll think he'll win by DQ as you continue to make Gargantuan look like a monster who just wants to maim Whippy</em></p>

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