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CGC - Being an Underdog in the Great White North

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<p></p><div style="text-align:center;"><p>Chapter One : In a Hamilton Minute, Everything Can Change</p></div><p></p><p></p><p> </p><p>

The only reason I remember it was 3:11 in the morning when I got the phone call is I was staring at the alarm clock on the desk beside my bed while I grabbed for my phone half-awake. Whatever the time, I was not happy to be woken up. I was even more unhappy when I saw the caller ID. </p><p> </p><p>

“Jack, what the fu -” I started to say as I stood up out of bed. </p><p>

“Listen, Jesse. We got an emergency situation here. Get down to Mercy General as soon as you can. It's about Phil,” said the voice of the 'face' of Canadian Global Combat – Jack DeColt. </p><p> </p><p>

When Jack said that, I immediately searched for my clothes scattered on the floor as I hit the end call button. I knew Phil wasn't into alcohol or drugs of any kind, so any kind of overdose was out of the question. So, what the hell was going on? </p><p> </p><p>

“Babe, where are you going?” </p><p> </p><p>

Crap. I knew I forgot something. Downside of going out to the bars with the young guns of CGC. You get a little tipsy and end up back at your hotel with an girl whose name I didn't even really remember.</p><p> </p><p>

“There's been an emergency with work. Look, I'll leave cab fare for ya' on the table here. Take the time you need to leave, but checkout time here is eleven and I probably won't be around even then. So, do what ya' want. I got **** to do.”</p><p> </p><p>

At that, I was out of the hotel room still buttoning up my shirt as I slammed my door while searching for my car keys. I halfway heard some kind of response from the girl, but I was already halfway down the hall. From there, it was another couple of minutes before I got my ass in the car and headed toward the hospital. </p><p> </p><p>

Thankfully, the downtown area of Hamilton is pretty damn compact so I was at the front door of the hospital's ER in no time room. The hospital waiting room looked like a CGC locker room. The entire DeColt brood was there along with Marie. Ryan Powell and Stevie Grayson were also in the background and in a bit of a shocker, so was Vin Tanner. I immediately went up to Jack which got a bit of a cold look from Alex, who in theory was the 'boss.' </p><p> </p><p>

“What's going on guys? How's Phil?” </p><p>

“Phil's fine,” said Jack, but he didn't have any sort of smile. “The problem is Allison.” </p><p> </p><p>

With that, the small spark of relief went away like a like a snuffed out candle. Allison was Vibert's wife.</p><p> </p><p>

“Jesus,” I said, letting the statement hang in the air for a moment. “What happened?”</p><p> </p><p>

At this, Alex stepped in and took over the conversation. “They were driving back from a late movie when a drunk driver nailed them right outside the mall they were seeing the flick at. The only reason we even know it happened is because Phil was driving and only got a few scratches. We don't know what's wrong with Allison. All Phil told us was that there'd been an accident.” </p><p> </p><p>

“So why the convention if he just called you?” </p><p>

“Well, I had to let Jack and Ricky now. Ricky was playing video games with Ryan and Stevie so they came along and Phil also called Vin. So here we are.”</p><p>

“OK, why me? I understand all of you being here. I'm just a writer, Alex.” </p><p>

“Phil specifically said he wanted you here as well. So, you get to ask him when he gets out of the Trauma Ward.” </p><p> </p><p>

From there, it was all a bit awkward. I'd only started with the company a few months ago. Phil said he needed a team around him to book the shows and I'd gotten a good work in from Mitch Naess after I helped him out unofficially with a few PSW shows I had attended. All of the sudden, I went from being just a guy with a bit of a friendship who talked booking with a small-time indie promotion to helping one of the most successful creative minds in wrestling over the past decade book a national company. Even if said nation was Canada. </p><p> </p><p>

It'd been a bit of weird air as Phil, me, and the other assistant Charlie Gaines planned out the shows along with input from the DeColt leadership. The boys didn't really know me and quite frankly, a chunk of me didn't really want to know them. The only reason I'd been drinking with Ozzie, Lee, and Trent was they were in the same age range as me and finally wore me down. </p><p> </p><p>

Looking around, it was still gonna' be a bit before Phil came back out to update us, so I did two quick things. First, I sent off a quick email to Charlie Gaines that there'd be an emergency meeting tomorrow and I checked the usual message boards to make sure this hadn't gotten out yet. The good news was, that there was no news. The bad news was that I didn't expect that to last too far into the coming morning. </p><p> </p><p>

Satisfied, I sat down beside Vin Tanner. Tanner was a bit of a surprising addition to CGC when Vibert was signed. People of course knew that Vibert would be bringing in some of his 'boys', but nobody expected it'd be Tanner. Since he joined the company, he'd been an effective hand in the lower card, but I'd been told he'd be released when his contract was up in the Spring unless we came up with a good storyline for him. </p><p> </p><p>

“So,” I began with some trepidation. “Why'd Phil call you and nobody else from the roster?” </p><p> </p><p>

“I was waiting for somebody to ask me that,” responded the large man with the mustache that was becoming gray by the day. “The truth is, that Phil and I was never spectacularly close. We had a good workin' relationship, but that's what it was. I mean, like everybody else, I was at the wedding and I helped closed down the bar beside the arena when DAVE went bankrupt, but we weren't like, close man. But, I guess he just wanted somebody familiar around. Hell, I was probably one of the few guys who didn't try to hit on his wife the first time she showed up.” </p><p> </p><p>

“Yeah, I guess that wasn't a red letter day in ole' CGC,” I said. “I mean, it wasn't completely the boys fault. Dropping a beautiful woman like that in the backstage of a wrestling show is like dropping chum in a shark tank. But then again, I guess he wasn't used to everybody knowing who she was.” </p><p> </p><p>

“True, true. I do have to admit it was funny when Zeus asked who the hot redhead was and Phil said, 'my wife',” Vin said as he took a swig of the hospital coffee. </p><p>

“The poor guy. A part of him still thinks Phil is going to put him against Gargantuan or Deeley and tell them to shoot.” </p><p>

“Hell, I would. But then again, I'm not as nice as Phil is.” </p><p> </p><p>

On that note, the doors swung open and Phil came out. It was honestly a bit of a shock to see him. You have to understand that Phil is always impeccably dressed. I don't think he owns a suit that costs under five hundred dollars. So, it was shocking to see Phil standing there with stitches in his head, a half-torn collared shirt, and slacks that look like they were cut off at the knees. </p><p> </p><p>

He looked at all of us for a moment, then looked down for a moment as if to steel himself. Which again, shocked me. Phil could cut promos on almost anything without even thinking about it. “Thank you all for coming up here. Since it looks like everybody who's needed has walked in the ER, I'll go over things. From what the docs have told me, Allison will be fine - “ </p><p> </p><p>

At that, we all spontaneously cheered and clapped. The head nurse looked over at us and Vibert held his hand up. </p><p> </p><p>

“ - fine eventually. From what I've been told, she'll need rehab and at-home care for at least three months. On the outside, it might even be six. The good news is that she'll be ready to be out of the hospital within a week. The bad news is, all of this means I have to temporarily request a leave of absence.” </p><p> </p><p>

Well, that was a ball shot. “Wait, wait up for a second,” began Alex. “You've got full medical with the company. It'll easy cover rehab and a well-qualified at-home nurse. We don't run a full schedule, so you can be home four or five days out of seven.” </p><p> </p><p>

“First of all, this is my wife Alex. I have to be there for her. Even if I thought that could work, it'd be tougher than you think. For rehab, we'll be going back to Philly. Her family is there and can help us out. If we hung around in Vancouver, we'd be on our own and at this moment in time, Ally needs to be around the rest of her family for all to well.” </p><p> </p><p>

I guess I had to be the one to ask the obvious question. “So, who books?” </p><p>

“Well, I guess Alex can take over temporarily,” said Ricky. </p><p> </p><p>

“No he can't,” came the quick response from Phil. “Part of the contract you guys signed with your dad to take control of the company is that you had to have a non-DeColt as head booker. So, that's the reason I asked you to be here Jesse. You know the plans and you know the workers. Take over as head booker 'til I can comeback.” </p><p> </p><p>

Before I could even respond, Alex but in. “Him? He's barely been here a few months. Do you really think a kid who's sent a few emails to Naess and helped you flesh out the midcard can run the whole damn company, Phil?” </p><p> </p><p>

“I truly do Alex and even if I wasn't sure, at the end of the day, CGC is priority number twelve in my life with Ally taking up spots one though eleven. So, either let him take the book or scramble for somebody new before next week. Now, I gotta' head back to my wife. Good luck, Jesse.” </p><p> </p><p>

Boom, he was gone back through the doors. </p><p> </p><p>

“****!” said Alex. Again, the head nurse was not becoming a CGC fan. </p><p>

“Alex, I'm right here. You don't have to be that disappointed,” I said, trying to mask my small bit of anger with self-deprecation. </p><p> </p><p>

“No, it's not you. I've got no problems with you, kid. But let's be blunt here. Do ya' really think you can book a national promotion for probably three to six months and keep us competitive? I mean hell, the moment the Net gets the news about Phil, they'll be writing our death warrant.” </p><p> </p><p>

“It won't be that bad. The sympathy for Phil will last for at least fifteen seconds before the marks realize the booker is out of commission.” </p><p> </p><p>

Alex just looked at me. I guess the jokes weren't working. </p><p> </p><p>

But then, Jack stepped in. “I think Phil's right. Look, none of us can be booker and with all the work we've got to do run the company, we really can't do the job anyway. Jesse's done a good job so far and it's not like those two haven't outlined the next few months anyway. I mean, if he completely fails, it's not like we can't fire him.” </p><p> </p><p>

Well, I guess that was the closest thing to a vote of confidence I was going to get. “All right,” said Alex. “Let's do it. We'll need to replan Title Bout a bit to make up for the fact that Phil won't be around on commentary and to flesh out the show. We'll also have to let the roster know before Meltzer tells them and also throw something up on the main website.” </p><p> </p><p>

“All that can be done,” I replied. </p><p>

“Fine. So what's next?”</p>

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From CGC.com...


After a wild six-man brawl ended last week's Title Bout Wrestling, we have news that the DECOLT FAMILY will have a huge announcement on this week's edition of Title Bout Wrestling which will make the first show of 2010 a big one when you add in three huge matches.


First, JOEY POISON will put his Canadian Title on the line against RYAN POWELL. Powell believes he's above the Canadian title, but won't turn down any sort of title shot, especially after pinning Poison in the big eight-man tag last week. So the question is, will Poison have the Antidote to keep a hold of the Canadian Title?


In addition, RICKY DECOLT will meet up with Elite member SHOOTER SEAN DEELEY in a match up of two of the hottest young wrestlers anywhere in wrestling. Obviously, it'll be a bit of a styles clash as the high-flying member of the DeColt family meets the self-described 'Best Pure Wrestler on the Planet', but it should be quite the exciting clash.


Finally, ALEX DECOLT will face none other than EDDIE CHANDLER in a huge main event! Obviously, both the DeColt Family and the Elite will be watching this closely and who knows what could happen when the huge DeColt Announcement is thrown into the picture.


As always, remember to tune into Maple Leaf Sports at 8 Eastern/7 Central for the hottest Wrestling action on the continent and log onto CGC.com to see exclusive footage of what happened before Title Bout Wrestling went on the air!


Prediction Key

Alex DeColt vs. Eddie Chandler

Ricky DeColt vs. Shooter Sean Deeley

Joey Poison © vs. Ryan Powell

What Will the DeColt Announcement Be?

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Strong opening to the diary to explain the change in booker. It'll be interesting to see where you go with it down the line if and when Vibert could return.


Alex DeColt vs. Eddie Chandler

Via DQ


Ricky DeColt vs. Shooter Sean Deeley


Joey Poison © vs. Ryan Powell


What Will the DeColt Announcement Be?

I have no idea at this point, but I'm intrigued to find out what it is!

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Alex DeColt vs. Eddie Chandler

Via interference from Dan DaLay, to set up Alex/Dan and give Eddie a shot at Jack


Ricky DeColt vs. Shooter Sean Deeley

Sean doesn't have the last name DeColt, so he's doomed


Joey Poison © vs. Ryan Powell

No title changes on first TV show- and besides, Joey's worth more than ryan at this stage


What Will the DeColt Announcement Be?

I'm guessing a big new name, though I've no idea who that might be

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CGC Title Bout Wrestling

LIVE! from the Waterloo University Auditorium in Ontario - 4,200 audience - 3,479 paid


As always, Nickleback's 'Leader of Men' started the show over clips of CGC greats in action, but ending with Jack DeColt holding the CGC World Title above his head before the cut to the arena where Marty Papin starts to speak...


PAPIN: Welcome everybody to 2010 and another great year in CGC! We have a big show to look forward tonight, but first, some sad news. My usual partner, Phil Vibert was involved in a traffic accident last week and as a result, had to return home to Philadelphia for the time being. Well, Phil and I may not agree on everything, everyone in the CGC family wishes him the best of luck and hope he returns as quickly as possible. Thankfully though, it's my great please to introduce all of you out there in Canada to my new partner for the time being – Jesse Ewiak!


EWIAK: Hey, everybody. It's good to be here on the air with the greatest wrestling company on the planet but enough with the introductions. This isn't a freshman mixer after all. We've got a packed show to get too.


PAPIN: Indeed, three big matches and a huge announcement from the entire DeColt Family.


EWIAK: I've done my best to wrangle out any information and I've gotten nowhere, Marty.


PAPIN: Well, I'm not sure how talking to Jenny Playmate all afternoon counts as wrangling, but I'll believe you.


EWIAK: Hey, we were just talking. But yes, it's a big night. Ryan Powell tries to become a two-time Canadian champion and the Elite continues their battle against the DeColt Family. After last weeks huge brawl, I'll be surprised if either of those matches stay clean affairs.


PAPIN: Neither will I. Well, no more time for chit-chat. It's time to go the ring for our opening bout.


Tina Turner's strong voice coming over the PA as 'Simply the Best' began got a health amount of crowd heat as Ryan Powell came out to the ring with a smug look on his face. Then, 'Razorblade Kiss' by HIM started off to a decent pop from the CGC faithful as the current Canadian champion, Joey Poison came out to the ring carrying the CGC Canadian Title over his shoulder as he headed to the ring, slapping hands as he did so.



CGC Canadian Title Match


From the start, the fans in Ontario knew this would be a high impact match as both men started out throwing suplexes and big springboard moves after a very short feeling out period. Powell got the early momentum and attempted to get the early win off a tornado DDT, but Poison was able to kickout and comeback with a variety of kicks and elbows until he was able to drop Powell with a picture-perfect basement dropkick followed quickly by a quick fisherman's suplex for a near fall of his own!


Poison then went up top and leaped off into nothing but mat as Powell got out of the way and went to work on the fallen champion. After delivering a few stromps to Joey, Powell dragged him up by his multi-colored hair and nailed him with a Hotshot followed by a Springboard Asai Moonsault to get another near fall. After that failed, Powell continued with a flurry of offense ending it with an attempt at a brainbuster, but Poison slid down the back and rolled Powell up for a two count of his own to his surprise before rushing at Poison only for the man with the Antidote to get out of the way and Ryan to crash to the outside!


As the crowd came to their feet, Poison then ran to the ropes and leapt over then nailing Powell with a huge TOPE! Both men took a moment to regain their footing but Poison was first up, only to run directly into a low blow from Powell on the outside letting him retake the momentum in the match. Powell then delivered more punishment to Poison on the outside with a quick snap suplex on the cold, unforgiving floor. The self-styled 'true star of CGC' then rolled Poison back in the ring as Powell jawed and ranted to the CGC faithful at ringside. Powell then got back in the ring by going up to the apron, then flipping on to Poison with a SENTON to get another near fall!


However, both men hurt after that move so it took a long moment for both men to get to their feet, but when they did Powell was ready with a few quick elbows then got Poison in position for the STAR TREATMENT (Sleeper Slam), but as he went for it, Poison elbowed out of it. Poison then rushed Powell as to regain the momentum, but Powell ducked under the lariat attempt and as Poison turned around, he walked right into a SUPERKICK! Powell played to the fans a little more, but then slowly got up to the top rope and leaped off with a massive Top-Rope Senton, but POISON GOT HIS KNEES UP! Both men on their knees taking deep breaths, as Poison takes a few steps...LA MAJISTRAL CRADLE! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Joey Poison © p. Ryan Powell – 11:43 – D-


Poison is handed his Canadian Title and he holds it up for a moment. Wait a second, Powell from behind! A quick kick to the kidneys and STAR TREATMENT on the BELT! Powell raises his hands to a healthy heel pop from the crowd as he walks smugly to the back while Poison attempts to recover.


Bookers Thoughts : First of all, it was a mistake to let Powell and Poison go out there with no plan as neither of them have the psych to pull it off yet. Also, thanks to the all-out nature of the match, they were winded near the end. But, overall, the crowd was into it and the in-ring action was good enough for an opener. Next time, give them a plan though. Way too many spots.




Coming back from commercial, we're backstage near in the backstage area of the Waterloo as we see Grimm Quibble and Whippy the Clown doing what they do best...causing mischief.


WHIPPY: OK Grimm, everything set up?


GRIMM: Yup. Next person who walks toward the catering table gets a nice little surprise.


WHIPPY: Now it's just time to wait a moment.


The camera pans up to the door as we see a bucket of water is jury rigged above it. After a moment, the door is opened and in comes GARGANTUAN! The two clowns look at each other in shock...


GRIMM: Wait! Don't walk through the -


...SPLASH as the water falls on the giant! He immediately looks over to the comedy duo and heads toward them. He picks up Whippy by the scruff of the neck.


WHIPPY: Look, we didn't mean nothing huge scary man. I mean, it's just water. Right?


SQUIRT in the face from Whippy's flower. Um, bad move. Gargantuan immediately throws Whippy into the wall, then Grimm rushes him only to get a big boot to the face for his troubles. Garg then picks him up and CHOKE SLAM! Garg screams to the air, then pushes over a catering table for good measure.


The shot stays at the camera for a moment before cutting to the backstage area to a much happier scene. Ricky DeColt who gets a big pop from the CGC faithful including a goodly amount of female squealing.


RICKY: First of all, I ain't tellin' ya what the big announcement is. For one, it's not my place and second, Alex would kick my ass. So, you'll all get to see by the top of the hour. All right?


Small smile from Ricky.


RICKY: Now on to other business. Sean Deeley, ya' call yourself a Shooter, but let's be honest – you're just a punk who gets off on hurting people. Ya' gotta remember Sean that I wrestled amateur. I'm a DeColt after all, it's what you do. So, I saw full-of-themselves asses like you who thought they were above me since they were 'real' wrestlers and my family was just a bunch of entertainers in their eyes. Well, when their backs were on the mat, they changed their tune.


Slight pause for effect.


RICKY: So Sean, you wanna' talk about tapping or bones snapping? Well, I won't have to worry about either. What you gotta' worry about is being on the other side of the ring from a DeColt. So pal, get ready. 'Cause by the end of the night, you'll be looking into the face of a DeColt .45.


Ricky walks off as the shot then returns to the ring while 'Ten Ton Hammer' by Machinehead which of course is the music of Shooter Sean Deeley coming to the ring grim-faced as Adrian Garcia waves his cell phone around and is as always, a wee bit hyperactive.


The voice of George DeColt saying, “This is DeColt Country” fades into 'All Star' by Smashmouth to a large pop from the audience in Ontario as Ricky DeColt comes out and does his usual high-energy rush to the ring sliding in and running to the top rope to a big pop.




The two men in the match circle each other, still wary of the others skills, but Ricky rushes in first for a collar-and-elbow tie-up, but pays for it as Deeley takes him down to the mat rather easily and locks in a variety of headlocks and hammerlocks before dropping in a tight bodyscissors to gain the early control of the match. However, after only a few moments, DeColt shows his amateur bonafides by wiggling out of the bodyscissors and reversing Deeley's control into a hammerlock of his own. The two combatants trade control on the mat for another series of holds, but this time Ricky slips out of a Deeley attempt at a takedown and is able to hit him with the patented DeColt Thrust!


With Deeley stunned, Ricky goes on the offense with a flurry of elbows and forearms quickly followed up by a big dropkick followed by a flying headscissors. DeColt keeps the hits coming with a few more quick strikes, then nails Deeley with a back suplex that leads into a basement dropkick right into a sunset flip for the near fall! DeColt presses his advantage with another DeColt Thrust followed by a big belly-to-belly suplex on Deeley! Ricky then quickly goes to the top rope and leaps off with a big missile dropkick, but Deeley manages to sidestep the move and both men end up on the ground as the referee begins a standing ten count...








Ricky stirs up first despite the one missing the move and goes over to Deeley as he attempts to get up. OH! Eye poke by Deeley as he was playing possum! With DeColt out of sorts, Deeley quickly hits him with an Exploder-Style suplex before locking on a cross armbreaker! Deeley puts more pressure on the move as DeColt gets to the ropes and after a moment manages to get over to be able to break the hold. But, Deeley takes the opportunity to elbow Ricky in the head as the ref tells Sean to release the hold. This allows the Shooter to keep the advantage and hit the youngest DeColt with several elbow strikes, then quickly drop DeColt back to the mat with release belly-to-back suplex and then skillfully slides over to slap on a CROSSFACE!


Deeley gets on a slight smirk as DeColt attempts to gets out of the hold and slowly tries to get to the ropes, only for the Shooter to pull him back toward the middle of the ring. However, as the crowd begans to chant 'RICK-Y', the youngest DeColt ever so slowly manages to power out of the hold and manage to elbow Deeley enough times to make him break the Crossface! Ricky has to use the ropes to get up as the Shooter rushes him – WOW! Perfect DeColt Thrust right into Deeley as he rushed in too soon! DeColt springboards off the near rope right into a SPRINGBOARD DDT! ONE! TWO! NO!


Ricky is going up to the top rope as Deeley gets up himself...wait, Deeley shook the ropes and now DeColt is unsteady. BOOM! Deeley just ran up the ropes to nail DeColt with an ARMDRAG TAKEDOWN FROM THE TOP ROPE! He's now maneuvering, could it be...KITOZEN (Fujiwara) ARMBAR! He's almost got it locked in, but he's doing it too close to the ropes as Ricky already has the ropes. That would've been the end of it if only he had it on a foot or so farther away.


Now, Deeley's getting up and complaining to the ref, but Ricky is getting up as well. Dropkick from behind knocks Sean down, but as he gets to his knees...SHINING WIZARD! Deeley is totally discombobulated as he gets up as Ricky comes from behind. DECOLT 45! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Ricky DeColt p. Shooter Sean Deeley – 12:21 – C


Booker's Thoughts : As usual, a DeColt means a hot crowd. However, with Ricky in the ring with Sean, it meant the action in the ring would be a great as well. Deeley's part of the future of the company, but it's not quite time for him to beat a DeColt...yet. Also, Sean showed he could fly a little more than I knew before while Ricky became an even better performer overall.




Return from commercial directly backstage as Adrian Garcia stands beside Eddie Chandler.


ADRIAN: This is the man that should be CGC World Champion. He's the only man still wrestling who has defeated all four DeColts and had the most dominant run with the World Title in recent history. He's your personal savior, the man who's going to take your daughter home tonight...Eddie Chandler!


HEEL POP~ from the CGC crowd as Eddie still has a confident smile on his face as he takes the mic.


CHANDLER: Alex, Alex, Alex. You're like a dumb old sheepdog fighting for his owner. Ooh, Jack got beat up, better save him. Ricky got his ass kicked again, time to run out there and look all angry. The Elite outsmarted me again, go complain to Daddy. But, here we are again. You're supplement addled brain trying once again to defeat the greatest wrestler in the business today and just like has happened over and over again, you're going to fail again Alex. 'Cause that's what you are. A failure. Jack's the face of the company, Ricky drives all those dumb bimbos crazy, and we all know how well Steve has done. You're just big, dumb ole' Alex. Always the backup, never the bride.


Slight beat as Eddie's smile grows bigger.


CHANDLER: So when once again you're stuck in the Fabolous Stretch, searching for a way to not have to tap out once again, just remember this Alex. I tried to warn you. But, you'll ignore me, rush out to the ring as these Ontario mutants -




CHANDLER: - cheer your rage and boo when it runs into my skills. So, I'll see you out there Alex. It'll be Fabulous.


The smirk stays on Chandler's face as we cut to ringside as 'Blind' by Korn hits and to a big crowd pop Alex DeColt comes down to the ring. Focused, but still interacting with the crowd, he slaps hands absentmindedly as he gets inside.


Then, 'Cocaine' by Lit hits to a massive heel pop from the 4,200 strong here in Ontario tonight as Eddie Chandler walks out to the ramp with Adrian Garcia by his side. The former CGC World Champion walks down to the ring with a purpose as Garcia annoys the fans scraming 'the next champ!' as the duo gets down to ringside.




If Chandler's mo for his promo tonight was to piss off Alex DeColt, he succeeded as the 'bull' of the DeColt family rushed Chandler the moment he got in the ring and absolutely nailed him with successive punches before sending him into the corner and knocking him ass over tea kettle with a huge lariat to a big pop. As Chandler then got up, Alex followed that up with a running elbow that knocked Chandler off-kilter, followed by a massive vertical suplex that probably would've gotten DeColt a near fall if he went for the pin. Instead, Alex continued his assault on Chandler hitting two knee drops followed by picking the fallen Elite leader up and absolutely drilling him with a kick to the gut followed by a huge Gutwrench Powerbomb!


Again, it was a move that would've gotten a near fall if DeColt cared about pinfalls tonight. DeColt then whipped Chandler into the corner and went for an absolutely crushing clothesline, but somehow Chandler managed to get himself out of the way. This of course, means one thing. Time for Chandler to go to work. Eddie immediately hit DeColt with a chop block as he realized what happened. Then, to lessen the ability for DeColt to hit any of his power moves, Chandler followed that up with a big kneedrop across the back, followed by a modified kneebreaker to a growing heel response. His ****y grin back, Chandler then set DeColt up, split the legs and nailed him with a headbutt to the inner thi – OK, crotch!


Alex immediately writhed in pain as the crowd continued to boo as Chandler got back to his feet and decided it was time to continue the punishment. After a series of small moves, Chandler seemed to be fully in control of the match as he hit a modified shoulderbreaker on DeColt to a heel pop that continues to grow. He's now locking on his modified Abdominal Stretch while the crowd begins to stomp their feet and chant 'DE-COLT, DE-COLT' as Alex struggles to get out of it. He almost wriggles out of it, but Alex grabs the ropes away from the eyes of the ref to lock the hold back on. Alex tries again, yes! He hiptossed Chandler to the ground! DeColt backs to the corner as the former World champion gets up...BIG SPEAR FROM ALEX! ONE! TWO! TH – NO! Chandler kicked out at the last moment!


Both men struggling to get up as this short, but high-impact match is getting to them anyway. A quick poke in the eye by Chandler and he's regained the momentum. Quick kick to the gut and he's got him for the Elitist Plex! He's holding him up...one....two....five seconds...wait, Alex slides down behind Chandler...BACKDROP SUPLEX! Chandler stumbles to his feet as Alex calls for the end, he straight jackets Eddie, got him up on his shoulders...DECOLT DRIVER! NO!


Garcia just came in and nailed Alex DeColt from behind! The monster of the DeColt family drops Chandler to the mat and just stares at Garcia as the Executive Consultant to the Elite looks for a way out. Wait a second, it's Johnson and DaLay from behind! Here come the jackals, stomping away at Alex as they keep him on the mat! The crowd is really booing as Chandler gets on his feet and it looks he's going to lock him in the Fabulously Yours!


Alex DeColt DQ Eddie Chandler - B-




It's Ricky and Jack! The two brothers DeColt are rushing down and the brawl is on! Jack easily takes out Johnson and throws him out to the side. DaLay is taking apart Ricky in the corner as Chandler and Alex both try to get up and help the other, but Alex with the big elbow to knock Chandler to the ring apron and BIG BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX on DaLay! The crowd is going wild as the DeColts stand strong and Jack calls for a mic while the Elite tries to collect themselves on the outside.


JACK: I'm sick and tired of this crap every single week. These great CGC fans come out and spend their hard earned money to see a great match with a winner and loser, not asses like you and your boys Garcia ruining matches all the damn time!




JACK: So, here is what is going to happen. I was going to make this announcement at the beginning of the show, but Alex talked me into waiting until after the main event. It's simple. Elimination is coming up again and everybody probably knows it's going to be us against the Elite again. But, I want a little change this time around to end this petty stuff once and for all.


Garcia has been given a mic.


GARCIA: What does the great and might Jack DeColt have has an answer to end this foolishness of the DeColt family being destroyed every week by the most Elite force in wrestling?


JACK: I'm going to ignore your little shot Adrian, because indeed, you're just that – a little man. But, as for the challenge. It's simple. Two words. Eight Letters. War Games.




JACK: So what do you say, Adrian. Your boys up for it?


DaLay grabs the mic from Garcia.


DALAY: You're damn right we're ready for it, you pukes. We'll make ya' bleed and leave your carcasses inside the cage for all to see.


Garcia calmly takes the mic.


GARCIA: Aside from my clients enthuasiam for this match, I have a few questions Jackie boy. First, I don't know if you notice, but I've got 4 highly trained athletes ready to make you submit. All you've got is three family members, since one flew the coop to better pastures -




GARCIA: - regardless of what these humanoids think. Second, how will this end things? We've had wars before Jack, we'll have them again.


JACK: As for a 4th man, you let me and the rest of the boys worry about that. About ending things, it's simple. If the Elite lose, you break up forever. You get to choose one wrestler to manage Garcia, but every single one of the rest of your men are on their own for once instead of depending on you and their running buddies to run interference.


GARCIA: Now, why would we do that? I mean, we'd easily win no matter who'd you bring out as a 4th member, but on the weird chance you rig things so we lose, why would I agree to that kind of stipulation.


This time around, Alex takes the mic.


ALEX: It's pretty simple, Garcia. As most of you know in this audience, last year, my father George passed the CGC on to me. But, the part you know is that all of my brothers got a piece. I got 30%, so did Jack, and even Ricky and Steve got 20% each. So, here's the challenge Adrian. Jack, Ricky, and I put up our 80% of CGC, you put up the existence of the Elite. Now, what do ya' say to that idea?


Garcia immediately turns to the rest of the Elite and they speak in rushed whispers. Garcia points at DaLay, then Chandler. Then, he points at Jack DeColt and makes a belt motion.


GARCIA: You've got it, boys. After Elimination, you'll be calling me something new...boss!


At that, 'Megalomaniac' by Incubus hits as The Elite walks toward the back while the DeColts stand tall in the middle of the ring.


PAPIN: Now, that's an annoucement! Whoever wins at Elimination, it'll be the dawn of a new day here in CGC. Either Adrian Garcia will be our new boss or it'll be the end of the Elite!


EWIAK: I don't know what the DeColts are playing at, but they better have a hell of a 4th man to take on the Elite or Adrian Garcia will be signing both of our paychecks in a few weeks, Papin. Well, I'm assuming you'll still have your job. That might be a stretch.


PAPIN: What do you mean by that?


EWIAK: Do you remember how you've talked about the Elite since they've been formed? I'm just saying, might wanna send some resumes to Seattle, LA, New York, and hell, even Charlotte.


PAPIN: Regardless, it's definitely been a huge night. We'll see ya' right back here at the same time night for more exciting CGC Action!

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Daily News Report

by Adam Copeland


- CGC pulled a 1.04 rating last night, which is about even with what they've been doing for a while now. Highest quarter hour was the last quarter hitting 1.19.


- The CGC Elimination site is up at cgc.com/elimination and is already heavily pushing the Elite vs. DeColts match.


- NOTPBW is highlighting Jeremy vs. Bloodstone Part XVIII for their main event and the Can-Am Blondes taking on Brown & Haynes for the tag titles as they build to their PPV on Saturday.


- It's also been officially announced that


, and Johnny Martin have all signed CGC contracts.

is a surprise considering his current work overseas, but everyone has said that it won't be a problem considering the schedule of both feds.


Our weekly CGC prediction poll restarted w/ 2010 and here are our results.


Marcel Fromage 3/3

IPWFan 2/3

Self 2/3

Dragonmack 2/3



CGC.com – The Afterburn


After a brief CGC logo, we cut to a simple backstage area as Joey Poison with his Canadian title on his shoulder. He looks directly at the camera, then speaks.


POISON: Ryan Powell, you've committed a grave sin buddy. Ya' see, you can run your yap all damn night about how great you are and how this beautiful gold belt is below your level, but let's look at the videotape buddy.




POISON: The truth is, on Title Bout Wrestling, I got the 1-2-3 right in the middle of the ring and then you nailed me from behind because you couldn't finish the job. Well Ryan, you call yourself the 'true star' of CGC, but at the end of your day, when I get my hands on you, you're going to get a fatal dose of _ Poison! _


Cut to Thrill Seeker backstage.


SEEKER: Here's the simple facts. I deserve a shot to be the 4th man in for Team DeColt at Elimination. I've been here in CGC for years upon years and defeated my former partner Shane Nelson clean in the middle of the ring. This is my time for all the great fans in CGC that it's my time to rise to the top -




and as far as the Elite goes, try your best. I can reverse Deeley's submissions, I can take DaLay's best moves, and outclass Eddie Chandler every day of the week. As for Nate Johnson, well, I kicked your ass a ton of times back in the old days. So DeColts, if you wanna' keep CGC, I'm the best person to be the 4th man!


One more cut to Shane Nelson walking out of his car with Jenny Playmate walking beside him.


NELSON: Elimination. Wargames. The biggest match in CGC history where either it'll be bad news as that snake Adrian Garcia will have control of CGC or we'll finally have The Elite out of our damn hair for once and for all.


Now, Playmate speaks.


PLAYMATE: What Shane means is, that he's the future of CGC. He's the man all the girls love and who the men admire. He's one of the best high fliers in all of Canada and can take on anybody in the Elite, whoever they are. He deserves this chance after years of working below the DeColts and Elite.


Nelson puts his arms around Jenny.


NELSON: So, Jack-o, Alex, Ricky, I'm your man!


Cheesy grin as we fade to black.


Stevie Grayson & Zeus Maximillion © vs. Nathan Black & Philippe LaGrenier

CGC World Tag Team Title Match


From the beginning of this match, it was obvious that the youngster LaGrenier and Black were simply outmatched in tis tag title match. Zeus threw Nathan and Philippe around with ease, then tagged Grayson in to hit some high-flying and technical moves to impress the crowd. All four men got their chance to play to the crowd a little bit and sell, especially at the beginning. However, LaGrenier was able to take the momentum back by cheating and the two young heels managed to keep the ring cut in half and dominate Grayson.


But, that all ended when Black went for his Black Dog Down (Tomizake) on Grayson. The man who formerly held gold in TCW spun out of the hold, managed to hit his snap DDT and tag Zeus in so he could be a house of fire. LaGrenier ran in to run interference for his tag partner, but he quickly got suplexed into next week. From there, it was a long vertical suplex and the Thunder Bolt (Sit-Down Gutwrench Powerbomb) for the champions to retain their titles.


Stevie Grayson & Zeus Maximillion © d. Black & LaGrenier – 10:12 – D-




“All right,” said Alex as the 'brain trust' of the company sat around a long table at CGC headquarters just outside of Vancouver. “As you know, we got the ratings in and they were solid. The show itself was rated as solidly above average for most areas of Canada when compared to our popularity. All in all, a solid first show without Phil. But, I do have a few questions.”


“Shoot,” I said. “I'm going to guess you're asking about the signings.”

“Yeah. I mean, none of these guys are cheap. OK, maybe

but the rest of them aren't exactly coming here for small bits of change.”


“Well, look. Here's the honest truth. We need more big stars to fill out the main card while we build up the young guns. The Elite and DeColts are great, but we need guys to fill things out.

is obvious as he's a pretty big star worldwide and will put us above his worldwide commitments for now.

can act as a mentor to

in a tag team, plus he has juice from his previous run here. Finally, we can do the obvious thing with Martin.”


“All right, but here's the deal. We need to keep Jack over and hot with the crowd - “

“ - if I manage to blow that, I deserve to be fired,” I said to some laughter from the rest of the room.

“ Also, we don't need anybody that's been in trouble with the law or doesn't know the basics of wrestling. I know we're not North of the Border, but we don't need to totally Eisenize our self and start hiring complete stiffs.”

“No problem, Alex. Anything else?”

“What about the move of the PPV?”


“Well, look. We need three weeks in to build everything right. This past week to set up the main, the second week to set up the 4th man, and the last week to sell the main hard. Plus, Luck of the Draw sells itself so it's OK we have a limited amount of time to build to that.”


“I guess I see your point,” replied Alex as he looked at a calendar in front of him. Just don't make this a damn habit. We're lucky we got a good relationship with the PPV company.”

“It won't happen again,” I said. Then after a moment, “I think.”


I turned to the rest of the men around the table. Obviously, Charlie took over my job as head booker's assistant and wasn't about to question me too much. Adrian looked like he was thinking about something in his head and finally, there was Farrah Hesketh.


“I do got one question,” said Adrian. “Look, I understands we gotta' end the Elite-DeColt thing for once and all to move on to new stuff, but what about me? I mean, the whole point of my character was I ran things for the Elite. Can I do the new thing with only one guy?”


“Well, look. You and the guy you'll have will be an instant main event pairing. You'll have no problems, Ade. Plus, there's some possible new clients for you to build up and use your reputation to sell the CGC faithful on. See this as the end of one long chapter,” I said, trying to play to his ego.


“Plus, if he fail, it's not like Alex won't reboot the Elite storyline anyway,” added in Farrah. Alex shot her a look and she warmly smiled back. “Oh right Alex. There's a mastermind of a booker hiding under those muscles. C'mon, we know the reason you hired Phil. You wanted the power of being in charge, but didn't want the responsibility. That's fine. You take care of the business and the storylines will be taken care off.”


Jesus, I had to talk to that woman. This wasn't AAA, she couldn't throw her weight around. “Regardless of all of that, I do have a financial question. Any update on the feelers toward the American PPV market?”


Alex got animated, knowing he actually knew about this stuff like the back of his hand. “Eh, they politely told us not to bother until we were bigger.”


“So, we need to expand Title Bout into the US then?”

“Probably. Or start running shows down there. But, that's a long-term goal, nothing you should have to worry about as head guy.”

“Hey, even if Phil comes back Alex, I'll still be working here and I need to know where things are headed.”

“Fine, fine. I'm just saying. What we're doing in 2011 or 2012 in pencil has no bearing on what we're doing now.”

“Point taken. Anything else to go over?”

“Did you watch the Stones last night?”


“Yeah, the Can-Ams took the belts back and Jeremy beat Bloodstone again. Solid show, but nothing special. They're doomed to be stuck in their current position with their current product.”


“Got ya'. Well, if there's nothing else, then I think we're done for the day. As usual, the flight for Quebec leaves at 3:00 PM tomorrow evening and everyone is expected to be there an hour before hand. Oh and usual, we'll have the SWF PPV on at the compound. It's a bad thing that they're on PPV up here, but it meant we could finally cancel that damn dish subscription.


“Not a worry, Alex.”


At that, everybody gathered up their things and headed out of the conference room toward the front door of the unassuming office that was CGC headquarters. Of course, it said Marks Unlimited, LLC on the front door to stop the marks from showing up. As everyone headed for the front door, I tapped Farrah on the shoulder.


“Look, it's not my place to ask, but why are you jabbing Alex like that? This ain't Seattle.”


“Eh, don't worry 'bout it kid. Alex is a big boy and he can handle himself. He just needs to know that this isn't his backdoor into being head booker.”


“Why do you think that is what he wants? I mean, he hired Phil after all.”


“Yeah, after Steve left and the other two DeColts were ready to walk out too if he kept the book. Oh right, you weren't around for that. Well, I was there for that knock down, drag out fight. Look, we were five minutes away from CGC falling apart if I hadn't had Phil's number.”


“Wait, you called Phil?”


“Hey, if you're around for long enough in this business, you got just about every number you'll ever need stored somewhere. Yeah, I called him and I pretty much made the deal.”


“So, why allow Alex to have the credit?”


“To keep the peace, kid. To keep the peace. In a wrestling promotion, that's a great thing to have and you'll pay almost any price to keep it. Phil knows, the other boys know, and Alex knows. Now you do too. Nobody else really needs too. Got it?”


“Got it,” I said. Quite frankly, I was a little intimidated. Farrah was retired sure, but she was still a worker for a chunk of her life. I was a guy who watched PGHW tapes via YouTube. So, I kept my distance.


As for the SWF PPV, it was a mixed bag. For one, I don't understand why they put their tag team match of monsters (Bruce/Frehley vs. Remo/Marat) in the main. Sure, Marat leaving everyone destroyed was a good visual, but was it worth losing Eric Eisen going over Christian Faith in an awesome match? Or hell, even James keeping the North American title over Sexy, Squeeky, and Black in a pretty good 4-way. Again, Gilmore was thrown in a random match against the Lobster Warrior. It went 15 minutes, it was awesome, and the announcers didn't even put it over. But hey, they drew 45,000 people, so what can I really complain about?




If somebody was told about it, they wouldn't believe it. The entire DeColt family, me, Adrian Garcia, and Eddie Chandler all in the DeColt's suite in Montreal about to order the NOTBPW PPV.


“You realize of course, this is aiding and abetting the enemy?” said Jack and I wasn't totally sure if he was serious or not.

“Eh, they buy our PPV's. Well, at least somebody in the Stone household does,” said Ricky. “Well, at least that's what the little chippy from Halifax told me when we were last their,” he continued with a small grin on his face.

“Wait, we're depending on Ricky's conquests to let us know there's a 1 to 1 arrangement between us and the Stones?” I said incredulous. “Couldn't we, I don't know, ask them?”


Adrian poked me in the side. “Look, it's like the Cold War. Each side doesn't pretend the other exists unless they have to. Don't try to explain it, it'll boggle your mind.”


“Anyway,” said Eddie as he grabbed some of the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that were placed on the table by Jack's long-time girlfriend Marie. “I'm just looking forward to Maverick's match to see if the old lug can be good in a random six-man.”


“What do ya' mean?” asked Ricky. “We did six mans with you guys for weeks on end.”

“Yeah, but he had you guys and me to carry him,” replied Eddie with a chuckle.

“The man has a point,” Jack added.


Meanwhile, Alex just started at the screen as the hotels cable service counted down to 0.


NOTPBW Big City Brawl


Robbie McNamara d. Julian Watson - D


“Hell, Julian's a solid hand, I don't know why they're jobbing him to half the Irish tag?” Adrian said in between mouthfuls of a sandwich.


“Easy, Julian will do the job happily,” replied Eddie. “Plus, they only have like 3 ½ tag teams outside of the main event. Need to keep them somewhat credible.”


“Tag teams need to be credible,” Ricky said. “Wow, somebody needs to remind us of that at times.”


“Hey, I never told anybody to break up The Specialists and Youth Energy,” I said. “That was somebody else bright idea.”


Melody d. Sally Anne Christiansen – C-


“Hey, why don't we have a girl's division again?” asked Ricky. “I mean, what's the downside to having more hot chicks around?”


“Because of the sentence you just spit out,” said Jack. “It'd be sexual harassment city with you and the rest of the wannabee Casanova's around.”


“Hey look, just because you've got a ball and chain – ACK!,” Ricky began to reply but his mouth was quickly covered by his eldest brother as Marie came back in the room.


“That and we don't got the time,” I added in.


Brown/Frost/Dragon d. Maverick/Hash/King – C+


“Well, that was random,” Adrian said. “I mean, I understand that they just switched the tag titles, but couldn't they have just done a rematch?”


“Meh,” Eddie said to no one in particular. “At least Eddie didn't do the job.”

“Cheers to that,” I said.


Owen Love d. Harlem Haynes – C


“Why isn't Harlem Haynes wrestling for us right now?” I asked to no one in particular. “I mean, it's not like he really fits in that great with the Stones.”


“He's kind of an ass,” said Alex coldly. “Plus, he wanted too much too quick. Hopefully, the Stones are teaching him some respect through stretching.”


“Got ya,” I replied. “Ya' know, Love might be somebody to -”

“What's the rule?” said Jack as he cut me off.

“I know, I know. No fantasy booking Stone guys in CGC while we watch PPV's.”


R.K. Hayes d. Mighty Cavanaugh – D+


To be honest, everybody sort of drifted off during this match. Ricky & Jack helped Marie with the dishes, Eddie called Maverick, and everyone else was only half paying attention.


The Natural d. Dan Stone Jr. - B+


“Did that just happen?” asked Jack as the pinfall was counted.

“Yup,” said Adrian. Well, this was new. The peanut gallery being counted.

“Well, can't say the Stones don't put over new talent,” deadpanned Ricky.

“In Halifax, thirty-eight is a new talent,” I replied pointing out The Natural's age.

“Says the guy who just hired Martin and

,” replied Adrian.

“Hey, both of those guys could pass a drug test. Natural, not so much,” I said.


Kristabel Plum © d. Lauren Easter – D+


“Ya' almost feel sorry for those girls who are thrown out to cool down the crowd,” Adrian said. “Then I realize they're young, hot, and out of my league. Then I feel better.”

“Oh shut up,” said Eddie throwing some popcorn at Adrian. “I've seen you at clubs. You do fine.”

“Hey, hey,” said Marie piping up as she snuggled against Jack. “I do not want the mental image of Adrian in bed right now.”

“Burn,” stated Ricky simply and we all agreed.


Jeremy Stone d. Johnny Bloodstone – B+


No snarky comments. No jokes. Not even any food being noshed on. This was just a room of wrestling fans enjoying a fantastic wrestling match. After Stone had gotten the pin, Jack said one simple thing. “Jesus, they're good.” That's all was needed to be said.


However, as the NOTBPW announcers quickly hyped the main event, the tenor of the room changed. Ricky and Jack moved up a little on their couch, Adrian quickly txted a few of the other guys in the fed with a simple message (Steve. McFly. PPV. Now.) and even Eddie seemed less laconic. Alex though. Alex remained like stone.


Steve DeColt © d. Sean McFly – B+


Again, a fantastic wrestling match. As the show ended, it was Eddie with the simple statement we all agreed with. “Eisen and Cornell better pray to the wrestling Gods that the Stones never decide to go to the US. They'd have to regroup or fall pretty damn quick.”


Well, something almost everybody agreed with. “BS. Cornell's one of the most over guys in the US and he can't dent the SWF. People barely remember McFly down there and the rest of the roster are just cult heroes. Get back to me when they draw a number down south,” said Alex as he stood up and walked out of the living room to one of the bedroom suites.


“Well, something's still a touchy subject,” said Eddie as he got up and brushed some popcorn and lint off his clothes. “Now, if you gentleman excuse me, I've got a date with a stripper named Monique.”


“Wait,” said Ricky as he headed for the door. “Blue eyes, black hair, boobs about here?” he asked.


“Yup,” replied Eddie. “Why you ask?”

“Um, wear a condom. That's all I'm saying.”

“What? Oh? Jesus. Man. Now, I can't go. You SOB!” said Eddie half-serious charging Ricky.

“Wait, wait, wait. I'm kidding. I just got a great lapdance from her last time we were here. She's clean. Well, as clean as a Montreal stripper can be.”


After that bit of entertainment, we all straggled off. Adrian headed out of the room, followed quickly by Ricky making what sounded like a booty call. Jack & Marie bid me farewell as they went to their suite. Meanwhile, I was standing awkwardly along in the bedroom when I heard a TV start playing in Alex's room. I took a step to see what he was watching, when I realized what it was. Steve's CGC farewell show where the four brothers went 45 minutes. When I heard that, I simply walked out the door down to my much smaller room.

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An Independent Man

by Phil Brooks


Sorry for missing last week boys and girls, but that just means all of you get a bigger column when looking at the results and news in the past two weeks of independent wrestling all across America.

Matt Sparrow defeating Masked Cougar to end his Xtreme Title reign. Not sure yet if that's just a transistional reign or a way to move Cougar up to the main event. In other CZCW news, they also announced Mainstream Hernandez would be starting on their shows next month.


Moving up to the Emerald City, AAA had their monthly show. In a shocker, Nadia Snow went over Suzanne Brazzle for AAA's top belt. Now, they ran an angle between Snow & J-Ro, but it is still surprising to see Snow get the belt over her partner Wade, especially considering the team still holds the AAA tag titles.


In addition, FCW had their opening show of 2010 and it wasn't that much different than most shows down on the island. PRP went over Titan and in the semi main, Hell's Bouncer and Handsome Stranger defeated former MAW stalwarts Natural Storm. No other news as they seem to be OK with continuing their current direction.


NYCW opened up their 2010 schedule with Rush Hour. Not the greatest show in the world, but Black Hat Bailey kept the Empire title over Steve Flash and they used Roger Cage in his last night in NewYork well, putting Honest Frank over him then letting Lee Wright destroy him before the main event.


Speaking of Roger Cage, as noted, he signed with the SWF directly while Ernie Turner signed a developmental deal. Turner directly got involved in the main event picture on RIPW's first show under his Assassin gimmick and lost to Makutsi. Other news on the show included Southern Comfort winning the tag belts over the monster team of Brody & Berkowski as Berskowski's been called up to the SWF.


That's about all the news folks, so until Snap Dragon wins a SWF title, I'll be here.


Big in Japan #267

by Leon 'Vader' White


Welcome everybody to another edition of Big in Japan and let's look over the past few weeks you can use when it comes to Japanese wrestling.


In probably the big news so far in 2010, GCG is officially a 'Cult-level company' again after a few years of working back toward this level. In other GCG news, Kiminobu Kuroki ended the 'Super Rookie's' first Openweight title reign.


No other big news out of Japan as both WLW and 5SSSW are the only other two companies are on tour at the moment. 5SSSW's been doing their usual OK shows, while the only news out of WLW has been Unity Two grabbing the tag title on the first show of the tour and Kobe continuing his title reign, including defeating Hell Monkey in a 'Champion's Conflict' match and winning a 4-way at the big show in Kanto.



From CGC.com...


With only two editions of Title Bout Wrestling until the biggest ELIMINATION event in CGC history, the tensions will continue to rise between the competitors in CGC.


First, the DeColt's have announced how the 4th member of their team will be determined. Instead of just choosing a member of the roster, someone will have to earn that place. On Title Bout Wrestling, there will be a mini-tournament to determine who will join the DeColt's aganst the Elite at Elimination. The tournament will consist of two fatal four-way matches followed by a tournament final. In the first four-way match, former Specialists member, BOBBY THOMAS, veteran CGC stalwart ED MONTON, young gun PHILLIP LAGRENIER, and young star SHANE NELSON will take on each other for the right to advance to the final.


In the other four-way match, the four men battling to take the winner of the previous match on will be youngster NATHAN BLACK, current CGC Canadian champion JOEY POISON, a man who believes he should be in the main event every night TRENT SHAFFER, and former Youth Energy member THRILL SEEKER.


After we see who the 4th man is, we're going to have what could be a historic main event as for possibly the last time, DAN DALAY & EDDIE CHANDLER will team up to take on JACK & ALEX DECOLT. Depending on the result of the ELIMINATION main event, either side could be broken apart and this will just make the will on each side even bigger.


All in all, another big night of CGC action live from the beautiful Molson Palis des Sports in Quebec. If you can't be there, une into Maple Leaf Sports at 8 Eastern/7 Pacific for the hottest Wrestling action on the continent and log onto CGC.com for the Afterburn to see exclusive matches and reaction!


Prediction Key

Ed Monton vs. Shane Nelson vs. Bobby Thomas vs. Phillip LaGrenier

Joey Poison vs. Thrill Seeker vs. Trent Shaffer vs. Nathan Black

Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Match 2

Alex & Jack DeColt vs. Eddie Chandler & Dan DaLay

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Ed Monton vs. Shane Nelson vs. Bobby Thomas vs. Phillip LaGrenier


Always had I thing for Bobby.


Joey Poison vs. Thrill Seeker vs. Trent Shaffer vs. Nathan Black


And I like Poison a lot more than Shaffer here


Bobby Thomas vs. Joey Poison


Could he be the man...?


Alex & Jack DeColt vs. Eddie Chandler & Dan DaLay


'Cause it's the DeColts. And I see them winning until WarGames...

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CGC Title Bout Wrestling

LIVE! from the Molson Palis de Sports - 4,400 in attendance - 3,911 paid


'Leader of Men' kickstarts this weekly edition of Title Bout Wrestling with the usual opening video highlighting the stars of CGC past and present, ending with Jack DeColt holding the CGC title high in the air. Then, the quick cut to inside the area where the camera pans the audience as the voice of MARTY PAPIN fills the airwaves...


PAPIN: Hello everybody or should I say, Bonjour as we are live from the beautiful Molson Palis de Sports in Quebec! There's only two more editions of Title Bout Wrestling to go before the biggest Elimination event in CGC history and thanks to that, we've got one packed show!


EWIAK: Indeed Marty. What a night we got going here. Instead of taking the safe way out and perhaps calling a friend or two they have down South, the DeColt boys have opened up the doors to the entire CGC roster to determine who will be the all important 4th man at Elimination and it's a little surprising to see all the names that have been signed up.


PAPIN: Well, even somebody like Trent Shaffer who doesn't much like the DeColt's likes the idea of being in one of the most important matches in CGC history.


EWIAK: Hell, even Bobby Thomas is in this match. But, the DeColt's are no dummies. Whoever wins this match will sign a contract saying that if they turn on the DeColt's in the cold, unforgiving steel cage that not only will they be fired from CGC, but they will be banned from wrestling in Canada for a year!


PAPIN: I guess that's one way to make sure you don't get Strong'd. As I said, we got a packed lineup, so let's head to the ring!


The crowd stays mild as the generic rock theme of Phillip LaGrenier starts up as he comes out to a tepid heel reaction. The youngster hasn't gotten much on-screen time even though his French-like name gets him a larger reaction here than in say, Alberta. Then, 'Start Me Up' by the Rolling Stones gets a respectful pop as the old warrior of CGC, Ed Monton makes his way out to the ring focused on the job at hand. The boos begin to finally kick in and become louder as 'Saint Anger' by Metallica drums kick in while 'The Specialist' Bobby Thomas takes off his sunglasses and makes his way to ringside, a slightly sleazy smile on his face the whole time. Finally, 'Hate to Say I Told You So' by The Hives gets a decent reaction from the Quebec crowd as Shane Nelson heads to the ring, Jenny Playmate in tow.




War Games Qualification Match


Papin explains that it's a one fall match as Thomas immediately starts off the match by going after Monton to a slight heel pop that turns quickly into a respect pop from the Quebec crowd as Monton avoids the takedown, then brings Thomas down to the mat with a takedown of his own before locking on a cross armbreaker which gets a scream of pain from Thomas before he quickly grabs the rope to break the hold. Monton breaks cleanly, as he allowing Thomas to get up cleanly. Monton going for a quick suplex, but Thomas slides down and big back suplex brings the veteran down!


Thomas allows Monton to get back up and peppers him with an elbow strike, then another one. The former tag team star now grabs the CGC stalwart and drives him down to the mat with a belly-to-back suplex! With a smirk, Thomas tags in LaGrenier who comes in the ring and immediately begins stomping Monton which does not endear him to the Quebec crowd at all. Monton is then picked up by Phillip and he goes for fisherman's suplex, but Monton stands his ground and the Quebecian is unable to get him up. LaGrenier goes for another kick to weaken Monton, but the veteran blocks it and hits back with a few forearms of his own! LaGrenier goes for a wild shot, Monton ducks under and big belly-to-back suplex by Monton! He rolls over and in comes Nelson!


Nelson runs in the ring a house of a fire and boom, dropkick! Big armdrag by Nelson and then it's right into a flying headscissor as the crowd comes alive. LaGrenier quickly scrambles to the corner and tags in Thomas. The crowd gets even louder as the two men are in the ring together for the first time since the 'final battle' last month. The two face off for a moment, before immediately going after each other with hard shots. Thomas wins the initial battle and sends Nelson into the corner. The former member of Youth Energy pops right back out, Thomas is going for a lariat – NO! Nelson ducked over and nailed him with a FLOAT OVER DDT! Nelson quickly scrambles up to the top rope as Thomas gets back up to his feet and Nelson comes off the top with a beautiful missile dropkick! Both men down, get up fairly quickly and Thomas tries for a wild elbow, Nelson ducks under...STO! He signals to the crowd as the come alive, he runs to the ropes, one jump, double jump...he nails it! SASKATOON SPECIAL! (Double Jump Asai Moonsault) ONE! TWO! THREE! NELSON WINS!


Shane Nelson d. Bobby Thomas, Phillip LaGrenier, and Ed Monton – 5:50 – D-


Nelson raises his arms out to the crowd as Papin & Ewiak hype the upset, then throw it to commercials.


Booker's Thoughts: One downside of doing this all in three weeks – short matches. Not exactly a stemwinder to start things off, but hopefully things kick in by the end of the show. Everybody but LaGranier looked a little better than before out there with Monton even throwing in a cross armbreaker to the shock of everybody backstage. I guess even an old dog can learn new tricks.




As the latest promo for Chris Irvine's latest movie ends, we cut back to the ringside area as 'Back in Black' hits to a less-than-awesome heel pop as CGC young lion Nathan Black makes his way to the ring. The crowd gets a little louder as 'Papercut' by Linkin Park screams over the sound system while Thrill Seeker rushes out to ringside slapping hands. Next up, 'Superstar' by Saliva kicks up the heel response as Trent Shaffer makes his way down to the ring. Finally, 'Razorblade Kiss' gets the largest face pop so far of the night as the current Canadian champ comes out to the ring with Faith by his side while slapping hands.




War Games Qualification Match


All four rising stars of CGC look at each other, trying to determine who will start this important match out first, but Black decides to get the party started by attacking Poison. He quickly drops Poison down to the mat due to the nature of the surprise attack, then nails the Canadian champion with a running knee strike! Already knocked loopy, Black plants Poison with a DDT then comes off the near ropes with a huge elbow to the throat! Nathan goes to the corner to wait Poison getting up, hey! Trent Shaffer tagged himself in!


Black looks at Shaffer for a moment, but Trent throws back a sneer and with an unhappy look on his face, Nathan gets out of the ring. Poison slowly gets back up, only to get rocked by a roundhouse kick to the shoulder by Shaffer! He continues the attack, laying in several more strikes before yelling at the crowd in French to a heel pop, before picking Poison up...BRAINBUSTER! ONE! TWO! TH – NO! Nathan Black broke it up to the surprise of the crowd!


The CGC's primal prima donna leaps up to his feet and immediately gets in Black's face and pushes him toward the ropes. The two continue to argue for a moment and they don't notice Joey Poison getting up. He plays to the crowd as he gets up to his feet and rushes Shaffer – DROPKICK TO THE BACK! Shaffer and Black knock heads, Shaffer's stumbling back right into a ROLL OF THE DICE! Now both Poison and Shaffer are down as that last move took a whole hell of a lot out of Poison who's basically gotten his ass kicked all match. Ref begins to count....1...






...and both men get to their feet and get to their corners! Thrill Seeker and Black are tagged in! Wait a sec, Shaffer ain't done with Poison. Big savate-style kick to Poison and he goes to the outside of the ring! As Thrill Seeker and Black trade punches in the middle of the ring trying to gain the legal advantage, Shaffer gets up to the rope...DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE ON POISON! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Back inside the ring, Thrill Seeker has the advantage with a snap suplex as he waits for Black to get back up and walks right into a double arm DDT! The former member of Youth Energy is getting to the top rope himself as he plays to the crowd...wait a sec, Poison is getting up first and heading toward the ring apron...Seeker settles himself and raises his arm...Poison is to the apron....No, somebody got him from behind! It's Powell! Powell just threw the Canadian champ into the ringside barrier as Thrill Seeker leaps...DAREDEVIL DROP (Senton Bomb)! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Thrill Seeker d. Nathan Black, Joey Poison, and Trent Shaffer – 6:15 – C-


Seeker raises his arms in triumph and rolls out of the ring, slapping hands as he gets up to the end of the ramp and continues to celebrate. As he heads to the back, Poison himself has grabbed a mic and is standing on the ramp. Faith tries to calm him down, but he waves him off as Shaffer & Powell look toward him while they wait inside the ring.


POISON: Powell! Varsity Boy! You just cost me the chance to help the DeColt's of the Elite once and for all and that means one simple thing, ya' pompous jackasses -




POISON: - my dance card for Elimination is empty!




POISON: So, let's say I get two partners and you find another jackass to help you out and we'll do this thing the only way you can – Elimination style!


Shaffer is handed a mic by a ringside attendant.


SHAFFER: Let's see here. Since you _cost _ me a shot to drag the DeColt's to victory, I think it's only fair that at Elimination, I kick you like the little overrated punk with weird hair color you are. But, I don't know if Rydog is up for it. Ryan?


Powell takes the mic.


POWELL: First of all, Poison, you should know better than to speak your betters that way. You're looking at the future of the CGC in this ring son, so ya' should learn to recognize greatness when you are brushed by it!


Heel pop!


POISON: Such greatness I pinned your ass in the middle of the ring last week! So, can we cut out the mutual asskissing society you two have together and answer me.


POWELL: Patience, plebian. You're talking to the one true superstar in the CGC! The man who will be main eventing PPV's for decades when the DeColt's are but a memory and the Elite are all retired. But yes, you want a match at Elimination Joey-boy, ya' got it. We'll have no problem finding a partner to take whatever geeks you are able to scrounge up.


POISON: Ya' know, after years upon years of getting tapped out or pinned, ya' think you would learn better Ryan. After all, you think I wouldn't already have the perfect poison to counteract you two?


“Born to be Kings, Princes of the Universe!”


The Queen favorite hits to a decent pop as the current CGC tag champs, Zeus Maximillion and Stevie Grayson come to the top of the ramp and join him.




ZEUS: At Elimination, we three champions will drop a reign of thunder on you!


The three champions raise their belts to a decent pop from the crowd as Powell & Shaffer watch them leave while talking to themselves while Papin & Ewiak hype the tourney final, this big Elimination match set-up while they throw it to...


Booker's Thoughts: Another all right match helped out by Shaffer & Poison also being in the match. This match had two main goals. Set up the second match for the PPV and give Thrill Seeker the win to get us our all Youth Energy final. Seeker was a little iffy in the match himself, but hey, you'd have nerves too if given the biggest push of your career. Aside from that, the only other news out of the match was Powell's huge dive onto Poison.




We come back from commercials to the backstage area where we see the DeColt's all together backstage which gets a large pop. Ricky is in street clothes as he isn't wrestling tonight, but the two other are already in their ring gear. They seem to be in the middle of a conversation which is picked up.


ALEX: Jesus, see what your bright idea got us into, Jack? Now, we either have to deal with the members of a former tag team as our 4th man in the biggest damn match of our careers. What good is that going to give us?


RICKY: Look, it's a not a total loss. At least we'll be able to trust them and both Lee and Shane are talented -


Alex cuts him off.


ALEX: - we don't need talent, we need results! Why didn't you let me call anybody down South, Jack? I mean, we all have contacts down there.


Jack waits for a moment to make sure Alex is done, then begins to speak.


JACK: Because CGC isn't just us, Alex. Yes, we're the cornerstones of this promotion and I'll happily tell that to anybody who asks. But, we need more than a cornerstone to be successful. After all, why should the rest of the boys give a damn who's in charge if we're just going to call in some mercenary to help us out at Elimination instead of turning to the rest of the roster. Yeah, Nelson & Seeker aren't the biggest stars in the world. Guess what, we weren't always big heroes either. OK, we got a boost because of Dad, but we still had to prove ourselves and damn it, so are these guys.


ALEX: Fine. I understand ya', but I still don't get why we even had to throw some of those idiots in there. I mean, Shaffer really?


JACK: You've seen the contract the winner will have to sign. But, that's not a problem anymore. Both of the guys left are solid ones and I'll be proud to fight whoever wins this next match. They're a part of CGC as much as you and I -


RICKY: - they just don't get dividends.


JACK: Well, yeah. But my larger point is, they deserve to fight for this company to make sure Garcia doesn't get his grubby little hands on it as much as you or me, guys. So, we cool?


Alex simply nods and Ricky does an exaggerated thumbs up.


JACK: Good, now let's get ready for our favorite jackasses later on tonight.


Camera cut to ringside as 'Hate to Say I Told You So' hits as Nelson heads to the ring. No big smile as even the fun loving superstar is focused on perhaps the biggest match of his life. Even Jenny Playmate looks a little dour. Then, 'Papercut' begins as Thrill Seeker rushes to the ring.



War Games Decision Match


The two long-time partners circle each other while Papin goes over each mans bonafides, including said long history together. After a moment, they finally lock up and the match immediately goes to the mat with a takedown, then a counter, followed by a counter to that counter as the two friends chain holds together before breaking apart from each other after a good display of their technical skill to a respectful applause from the crowd here in Quebec. They circle each other again and this time, Nelson gets the advantage putting Seeker into a reverse waistlock only for Thrill to quickly reverse him which leads to another reversal by Nelson and a belly-to-back suplex by Shane, but Thrill Seeker lands on his feet as the crowd applauds again!


Nelson charges Seeker this time, allowing Thrill to duck down and hit a quick armdrag, then nails two more in quick succession before hitting Shane with a big dropkick to a pop from the CGC crowd! Nelson quickly gets up to his feet and throws a few forearms at his former partner, then chains that with a quick elbow to knock him a little off-kilter before finishing it with a step-up enzuigiri to a pop of his own! Again, both competitors are quickly to their feet and trade forearms and elbows, but this time around Nelson is able to hit several in a row which allows him to kick Seeker in the gut and bring him down to the mat with a quick snap suplex!


Pinfall attempt only gets two, and both men roll to their feet again. Pressing his advantage, Nelson nails a nasty dropkick to the knee, then runs to the near rope and hits a quick springboard moonsault on Seeker! Nelson rolls out to the apron, marks his spot, and then leaps up and drives into his partner with a springboard legdrop but NOBODY'S HOME! Seeker is up first after a moment and is able to keep Nelson a little off-kilter with a running elbow, then sends Nelson into the corner. Thrill Seeker follows his right up by rushing into the corner with a running lariat! Nelson stumbles out of the corner as Seeker climbs up to the second rope...SWINGING DDT!


Now it is Seeker's turn to get out to the apron and – BOOM! - he lands right on to Nelson with a springboard senton! Quick pinfall attempt, but Nelson easily kicks out before two and Seeker pulls Nelson up to his feet as Playmate tries to get the crowd on Shane's side. He throws a few quick forearms as he sets Nelson up for a suplex...no...Nelson slides down – SUPERKICK! Thrill Seeker stumbles to the ropes and big dropkick by Nelson sends him to the outside! The crowd rises to their feet as Nelson stands in the middle of the ring, takes a deep breath and begins to run...SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE ON SEEKER! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!


The referee's count reaches '5' before either man has a flicker of a movement, but Nelson manages to get up and roll Thrill Seeker in. He rolls in himself and picks up his former partner, measuring him as he grabs him from behind and drops Seeker right on his neck with a Wheelbarrow Suplex! Satisfied with Seeker in the middle of the ring, he raises his arms, charges the ropes, one jump...two jumps....SASKATOON SPECIAL! NO! SEEKER GOT HIS KNEES UP! Either it was instinct or he was playing possum, but that distinction doesn't matter too much at the moment. Both men are to their feet, kick to the gut by Seeker and SPECIALIST'S TOUCH (single-arm DDT)! He used his old enemies move against his former partner! Thrill Seeker slowly gets up to the top rope as Nelson rolls on to his back...DAREDEVIL DROP! ONE! TWO! THREE! SEEKER'S GOING TO WAR GAMES!


Thrill Seeker p. Shane Nelson – 10:20 – D+


The crowd cheers as 'Papercut' hits again and both men slowly get up to a vertical base. They look at each other for a moment, before Nelson puts his hand out for a handshake. Seeker takes it a brings Nelson into a hug as the crowd cheers!


Booker's Thoughts: This was a bit of a swerve, but I figure the future has to in a way start now if CGC is to be ready for the future. The actual match itself was solid, even though it was a little colder than normal because of the face/face matchup.




From the NHL updaye desk, we cut back from that to the backstage area and Adrian Garcia w/ DaLay & Chandler backstage.


GARCIA: Once again, the DeColt's are shown to be absolute fools. They could've called favors in from all around the world and what do they do instead? They allow some idiot of a Thrill Seeker to be their 4th man in the most dangerous match in wrestling where _everything _ is on the line. Guess what Seeker, at Elimination, you're going to be grounded as an old friend of yours, Nate Johnson is going to take you out! But, that's to come. Now tonight comes one of the last chapters in this Elite-DeColt saga and once again, it will end tragically for the DeColt's as the most dangerous team in Canadian wrestling takes them apart piece by piece.


Chandler grabs the mic from Garcia. He chuckles for a moment, before beginning to speak.


CHANDLER: Jackie boy, Alex. So we meet again. You should favor these moments together. After all, in a few weeks, who knows what might happen. We might throw ya' against each other for our amusement. We might let you just wrestle the dregs of the roster to keep the TV people happy while the crowd is dazzled by Elite vs. Elite main-events. Hell, we might even make your little chippy Marie our personal maid with all the side benefits that might accrue as a result.


HEEL POP as DaLay grins even more maniaclly behind Chandler.


CHANDLER: Ya' see, this isn't the final chapter, DeColt's. But it's almost here. Only a a few more days for the Elite to wait. We're patient after all. This is just a preview for all the sepretist nutjobs -




CHANDLER: - to get a little taste of the pain and punishment the DeColt's and their new little running buddy will have in store for them when they order Elimination on PPV. It'll be Fabulous.


The Elite walks off, dropping the mic as we cut to ringside as 'Megalomaniac' starts up to a massive heel pop while The Elite makes their way to ringside. Garcia jaws at random fans while the trio walks as the two actual wrestlers looks all business as they get to the ring. As they get in the ring and wait, 'Tom Sawyer' by Rush comes up to an absolutely huge face pop as Alex & Jack DeColt run out to the ring! They roll in and the brawl is on!


ALEX & JACK DECOLT vs. THE ELITE (Chandler/DaLay) w/ Adrian Garcia


Not the usual pairings as Alex begins to brawl with Chandler while the Champ & DaLay trade fisticuffs. Alex clotheslines Chandler to the outside while Jack throws a few more hurtin' bombs at DaLay. He then follows it up with a big elbow on DaLay, before sending him into the corner. DaLay rebounds out, only to eat a running elbow from Jack! DaLay is wobbly as he gets kicked in the gut and Jack picks him up into a huge delayed vertical suplex. Jack crashes down with DaLay in his grip to a big pop as Alex finishes off Chandler with a big high knee on the outside. At that, Alex walks up to his corner while Chandler tries to recover on the outside. In the ring, Jack is picking DaLay up again and gets him in position...IMPLANT DDT!


Jack goes for the quick pinfall, but not surprisingly, DaLay easily kicks out at two. This time, Jack waits for the Elite monster to get back to his knees and comes up from behind and is able to hit him with a big atomic drop and a short arm clothesline which drops DaLay down again. Satistfied, Jack tags in Alex who gets a big pop as he comes in the ring. Alex immediately goes to work, nailing DaLay with a few forearm shots before sending him into the corner. The largest DeColt rushes in, but DaLay brings up his foot at the right time – BIG BOOT! Alex is stunned as DaLay comes out of the corner with a big shoulder tackle that brings down both men. The big man of the Elite immediately follows that up with a high knee then knocks Alex down again as DaLay turns around and tags in Chandler to a big heel pop from the CGC faithful in Quebec!


Chandler struts in the ring, waves at Jack, then drops on to Alex with a big ole' kneedrop right on his back. As the heel pop grows, Chandler brings Alex via his hair as the ref admonishes him and follows it up with a short arm knee lift right to the side of Alex's head. The eldest DeColt in CGC is out of it as he gets driven with a jawbreaker from Chandler that brings him down to the mat. Again, he brings Alex up arrogantly and grabs both arms and puts him in position for something, but Alex fights the attempt at a suplex. So, Chandler with a smirk knees him in the head again. This finally brings Jack in the ring who rushes in to protect his brother, but the referee sends him back into this corner. While this is going on, DaLay quickly comes in and – BOOM! - DOUBLE VERTICAL SUPLEX ON ALEX!


Jack yells at the ref, but he gets nowhere as Chandler with utter arrogance waves DaLay off as he steps one foot in the ring. He picks Alex up in a front facelock picks him up and gets him in position and somehow manages to land the ELITIST PLEX on ALEX! ONE! TWO! JACK BROKE IT UP! The two throw barbs at each other, but the ref again forces Jack back to his corner. Eddie is now dropping down, he's locking on the double armbar, yes, he's got it on – FABULOUS STRETCH! NO!


Alex managed to hang his foot on the bottom rope while Chandler & Jack jawjacked at one another. The referee breaks the hold and Eddie halfheartedly stands up and pulls Alex to his feet again. This time though, Alex throws a few elbows into Chandler's side which makes him break his hold on Alex as he tries to reapply the headlock and drag Alex over to the heel corner. Alex grabs the top rope to stop Chandler's momentum, then throws another elbow. Fed up, Chandler throws a strike of his own, but Alex fires back as the crowd comes alive. The two trade shots in the middle of the ring and Alex is slowly getting back up to his full vertical base and regaining the advantage. Chandler goes for a wild right hand to get the momentum back, but Alex ducks under...SIDE SUPLEX! Both men up – BIG DECOLT THRUST BY ALEX SENDS EDDIE DOWN TO THE MAT!


Alex dives in and tags Jack in who comes in a house of fire as Chandler tries to get to his corner. No! Jack grabs him from behind and drives Eddie into the mat with a huge release German Suplex! Chandler quickly pops up, but is nailed by another DeColt Thrust and the champ rushes him...Lou Thesz Press and now Jack is absolutely firing strike after strike at Chandler. Jack picks Eddie up and it's suplex time, but wait! Eddie scratched Jack's eyes as he went up. Jack holds his head in his hands and that brings Alex in who absolutely runs Chandler over with a lariat! Now, here comes in DaLay. He nails Alex from behind and now those two are brawling in the middle of the ring. The referee is trying to break them up, but DaLay tosses him into the corner! Jack ducks under a rush by Eddie, sending the former champ to the outside while Alex & DaLay trade shots in the middle of the ring! The referee has recovered and is calling for the bell!


Alex & Jack DeColt DQ Dan DaLay & Eddie Chandler – 10:29 – B-


Despite the ringing of the bell, the brawl continues as Eddie & Jack brawl on the outside while Alex drills DaLay with a big Samoan Drop in the ring! He's doing the cutthroat gesture as Chandler sends Jack into the ringside barrier and scrambles in the ring. As Alex stands up ready to pick DaLay up...CHANDLER BACK CRACKER! The two Elite members stomp out Alex for a moment or two, then get him set-up...SPIKE DALAY DOWN! NO! Jack off the top with a top-rope bulldog on DaLay! He's down, now a shot to Eddie as Alex gets back to his feet. Wait a second, Garcia is waving down Deeley & Johnson to the ring. Here come the jackals as they go after Jack & Alex! It's 4-on-2 and the DeColt's are falling to the numbers game!


NO! IT'S RICKY AND THRILL SEEKER! They run in the ring....double dropkick on Chandler sending him out! DaLay charges Alex, he gets tossed out! The Elite is backing down...wait...Ricky and Thrill Seeker are looking at each other and nodding...DOUBLE PLANCHA ON THE ELITE! The final shot as the announcers go crazy is the DeColt's and Thrill Seeker standing tall!


PAPIN: Twelve more days! Elite! DeColt's! War Games! And it looks like Thrill Seeker is fitting right in!

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Daily News Report

by Adam Copeland


- First off, the ratings are in Title Bout Wrestling had a slight bump up to 1.08 for the evening. The big tag match and the aftermath scored a 1.21.

- The Elimination subsite was updated at CGC.com to add Thrill Seeker in as the 4th man and in sort of a low-key announcement, Bobby Thomas was added as the 3rd man on Team Powell.

- Over at NOTBPW, they're doing things the usual after a PPV. It's Steve DeColt vs. Jeremy Stone & Dan Stone Jr. vs. Johnny Bloodstone in a huge double main event right in the DeColt's backyard.

- A bad night for predictions in our weekly prediction contest, but then again, the booking team swerved us on a few matches.


Dragonmack 1/4

Eayragt 1/4

Taker NGN74 – ¼


That makes the overall standings

Dragonmack 3/7

Marcel Fromage 3/7

IPWFan 2/7

Self 2/7

Eayragt 1/7

TakerNGN 1/7



- As a housekeeping note, my buddy Scott D'Amore will be filling in for me for the next week or so as I'm heading down to Calgary to visit family and oh yeah, see if new GM Bret Hart can turn around the Flames. Sure, he was the 'Hitman' back in the 80's and 90's when he played, but I hope he can do just as well in the front office.



CGC.com – The Afterburn


Cut from the CGC logo to an undescript parking lot where two Harley's are on kickstands and standing in front of them are the Easy Riders – Grease Hogg and Lead Belly.


HOGG: It's time for the Easy Riders to get some respect in CGC. All you Tim Horton eatin', maple syrup lovin' Canucks may think life is great with all of your homegrown heroes on TV every week, but it's about to change. For way too long, the men upstairs have ignored me and Lead. Well, I don't know if any of you have dealt with men like us -


Belly breaks in.


LEAD: - but we don't do patience well. So, here's what is going to happen. We're gonna' hop on our hogs and drive all the way across this God forsaken country and when we get to the Prairies, we better have a match.




HOGG: Or we'll make ourselves a match with whoever happens to be in the ring when we roll up. Ya' understand?


Cut to the bowels of the backstage area. Sitting on a chair, taping up his wrist is the original 'King of DAVE', Vin Tanner.


TANNER: Again, I sit. Again, I wait. Yeah, I'm old. I got scars. I bleed when anything harder than a fruit fly brushes across this beautiful forehead -


Yup, scarrage. Hope you weren't eating lunch.


TANNER: - and I can't do any fancy damned planhas, topes, or weird Japanese holds. What I can do is hit people hard over and over again. But, I am getting damn bored. So, I might just have to call some friends.


Craggy grin as we fade to black, then to ringside.




At the start of the match, Whippy & Grimm got the advantage via unusual means. Ie a pie to the face, followed by a baanana peel. But from there, the wacky clowns began actual wrestling and were actually able to hit a few solid moves in a row, including Quibble getting a near fall from a moonsault which would've lead to a pin if not for the pin being broken up. However, the Soldiers of Fortune are still a formidable team and thanks to underhanded tactics, they were then able to isolate Quibble in the heel corner and slowly wear him down.


In fact, it looked like it was all over for Quibble when the SoF went for the Destiny of Fate (double powerbomb) finisher, but Quibble was able to flip out of it, hit a wild cartwheel kick and then tag Whippy in. Whippy then went to work hitting a few flying moves in a row, including a huge top-rope rana on Fate and was about to go for the pin when GARGANTUAN RAN IN!


Whippy & Grimm DQ The Soldiers of Fortune – 7:34 – D


After the match, the ref continued to call for the bell, but to no effect as Garg grabbed Whippy – CHOKE SLAM! Grimm ran in – POWER BOMB! Destiny grabs a mic.


DESTINY: Once again, the Gods look upon with us a favor and give us a new ally...


Fate grabs the mic.


FATE: ...to destroy and rule CGC once again. No longer will be kept before the hot lights of fame and...


Destiny grabs it back.


DESTINY: ...destruction. Now once again, we will be triumphant.


Garg grabs the mic.




The webcast ends on the Soldiers raising their new allies hands in the air.


Next Time : Watching the enemy, more politics, and oh yeah, the final push to Elimination!

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