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Pay-Per-Views names ideas

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Hi all!


I don't have any ideas when it comes to choose a PPV name.


My WrestleMania is WrestlingSlam

My Royal Rumble is RumbleRing

My SummerSlam / Bash At The Beach is Summer Splash


(and for fun, my A show is Storm!)


But i would need more PPV names. Any ideas (i like them short, like 2 or 3 words. I don't really like something like "The Road Of Champions To The Stardome" lol)



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WrestleMania - WrestleQuest (happens at least two times per year)

Survivor Series - Survivor Spirit

Halloween Havoc - Fall Havok or Hollywood Havok

Royal Rumble - Ready2Rumble

Mixture of SuperBrawl and Starrcade - SuperCADE




Instant Classic

(Wrestling) Epicenter (TV Show)



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I will keep:


Monday Madness

Ground Zero

Ready 2 Rumble (could also be a tag team event)

Instant Classic


i found my Halloween Havok, it's "OctoberFeast". I just don't know if i should write OctoberFeast or OktoberFeast. (Reference to the german beer fest, the Oktoberfest)

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Jan - Frostbite

Feb - Painful Passion

March - Spring Xtreme

April - Spring Xtreme

May - Conspiracy Theory

June - Hells Playground

July - Oblviion

August - Dead Heat

Sept - As good As It Gets

Oct - WrestleFest

November - Sacrafice

December - Into the Darkness

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Wresltemania - WrestleJam

Royal Rumble - Ready2Rumble (sometimes Mayhem, or others)

Summerslam - SummerJam

Survivor Series - The Final Showdown


Other names include: War Games, Deat match, Halloween Brawl Bawl, New Year's Resolution (i actually used this one before WWE came out with NY Revolution, wich only differs in one letter), The Final Battle, The final countdown,T'ill deat do you appart, Wrestling Spree, and many others. Feel free to use them if you like any of them.


Just a couple of ideas i always use when i can.

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RAW Revolutionary Impact

RAW Fists Of Fury

The Independance Of Raw

RAW Determination

RAW Total Package

The Kings Of RAW

RAW Power Of Intensity

RAW Redemption

The RAW Will To Succeed

RAW Rage Of Warfare

The RAW Zone

RAW Hostile Breakdown

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so, what ive done with my game is.... ive sorta turned USPW into the NWA... except it's called the SWA... The way ive worked it out is that at this point, without any screwing around with the editor... ive worked USPW up to International... and to deal with this transition, we've decided to go with a new name, somethin with a more "global/international" feel as oppossed to the more national tone of the name USPW. I've even got a bunch of developmental territories which we recognize as members of the SWA... ive gone in and edited their description to reflect that.. these feds are MAW, ROF, WEXVV and a couple of others. I've gone in to edit it too so that their titles are all SWA titles. Here is my SWA logo... and as a side thing, the logo for the dojo we opened.... but the real point of this is the event names i use and the logos that go with them incase anybody likes them and wants to use them.




Strong Wrestling Alliance




The Sam Strong Wrestling Academy (bring in that money with the big name like JR'S BBQ SHOPPE or CLARK GABLES DAPPER HAIR STUFF)




Our "smackdown"




our entry into the tuesday night war... flagship show




This is the January PPV... its basically the royal rumble... actually i read somewhere that the royal rumble was first called the Battle Royale` so thats what i ripped off.... I will say every monday week 1 of every new year we hold "The International Wrestling Convention" and every year we have to have that card (which is a huge event, not PPV) somewhere outside of the US. In the past we've had it in Mexico with the M.E being El Patron vs Soul Taker vs. Champange Lover (with Sam Strong as special guest referee) and in Tokyo we had wrestler vs mixed martial artist with Bruce The Giant TKOing Raul Hughes. As for the Battle Royale` Bruce the Giant won it the first year, the second year it was won by Anarchy (The thing with Anarchy, who is actually Liberty /James Justice is that as soon as i started the game Bruce The Giant [kayfabe] injured Justice out of action and Anarchy went on a long long vacation to prepare him for a huge heel turn which worked so well he's now our top star and the leader of the Anti-SWA faction with Eric Tyler and Nemesis... this faction is hated because they sent Alicia Strong to the hospital....... At my first ever show when i started Sam Strong denounces Commish Doom and "fires" him then assumes Commissioner duties... eventually he decides to come back in the ring for some special matches and relinquishes his role of Commish to his daughter.... i did edit the game at the beginning.... and people wont like this... but what i did was i fired the female division but i kept alicia strong... the SL i used was that Alicia was injured into definite retirement and because of that the womens division was axed but Alicia was retained as shes the owners daughter and she was announcing for awhile until she became Commish.)




sold out! is our february PPV.




Our "King of the Ring"




Our biggest show of the year




This is our "war games" PPV




Big summer show




a 4v4 themed PPV




Our November 60 man battle royal....

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I usually use the titles of songs for PPV events. Some of the ones I use:



Symphony of Destruction (I usually headline it with an Elimination Chamber)

Right Next Door to Hell

The Four Horsemen

Mechanix (my TV show)

2 Minutes 2 Midnight


We Are The Champions (another TV Show)

If You Want Blood..... (for a Hardcore themed PPV)

This Fire Burns

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