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Hype: NWA Domination 2010 by naiwf

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Here's the link to the 2010 version. You may want to tweak the owners/bookers of the major promotions to make title changes happen more often. I hope you enjoy it.




May 22nd update




Changes from the prior release


1) Tweaked the title frequency changes for every head booker. I also switched some titles to "floating" status. This seems to have cut down on the ridiculously long title reigns and also lessened the amount of double champions.


2) Benoit was added to the Hall of Immortals as a future inductee. I think he's the only one I forgot to put in.


3) I got rid of about 100 people from the database.


4) I fixed Detroit's location (Mid West to Great Lakes) and bumped up their popularity in Great Lakes.


If you downloaded the other version this is just the data stuff, copy and paste it into the appropriate place.




That link contains the info for the universe I created years ago in its most recent playable form (for TEW 08). In this thread I will post any changes that have taken place in the year since the last "update". The main differences will be with how some of the existing promotions are ranked as I've only added 1 new playable promotion (SENDAI Girls, women only/Japan). Since I started this project almost 5 years ago, the vast majority of the big names are getting up there in age and a few of them will be set as retired, although you can change that if you like. I only reference the aging process because it will play a major role in the update.




* = a major promotion which will have its own history detailed for you to work with, although some are only 3-4 years long (Detroit, Florida, LA & SHIMMER)


Deep South Wrestling - WCCW Development Territory

NWA: Canadian Stampede*

NWA: Detroit*

NWA: Florida*

NWA: Hardcore City*

NWA: LA (Los Angeles)*

NWA: LLPW (Lovely Ladies Pro Wrestling)*

NWA: Memphis*

NWA: Mexico City*

NWA: New York (Version 2)*

NWA: Quebec



NWA: Tokyo*

NWA: Tri-State - NWA: NY Development Territory






Every NWA Worldwide branch with the exceptions of DSW, Tri-State (feeder feds), and the three women's promotions (LLPW, SENDAI & SHIMMER) have their own version of a heavyweight title. Some branches also have Tag Team titles and other secondary belts as well. However, the only way for wrestlers to end up being in contention for shots at either the NWA World Heavyweight, NWA World Cruiserweight or NWA World Tag Team titles is to be voted on by the NWA Executive Committee. Every year, the Committee analyzes which promotions should serve as the "home base" of the three World titles although the champions are free to travel to any branch (except for DSW, LLPW, SENDAI, SHIMMER & Tri-State) to make defenses of their titles as long as that branch has a televised event. In other words, the champions do not compete on house shows.




NWA International Promotion of the Year


'85 - NWA: Calgary Stampede

'86 - NWA: CS [2]

'87 - NWA: Texas

'88 - NWA: Texas [2]

'89 - NWA: Texas [3]

'90 - NWA: Texas [4]

'91 - WCCW (formerly NWA: Texas) [5]

'92 - WCCW [6]

'93 - NWA: CS [3]

'94 - NWA: CS [4]

'95 - NWA: CS [5]

'96 - NWA: CS [6]

'97 - NWA: Hardcore City

'98 - NWA: HC [2]

'99 - WCCW [7]

'00 - WCCW [8]

'01 - WCCW [9]

'02 - NWA: CS [7]

'03 - WCCW [10]

'04 - WCCW [11]

'05 - NWA Americas (Hardcore City, Memphis & WCCW superfed) *in the game no promotion was awarded this year's honor since I can't split it

'06 - NWA: Mexico City

'07 - NWA: Memphis

'08 - NWA: New York

'09 - NWA: NY [2]


NWA International Wrestler of the Year


1985 - Bret 'The Hitman' Hart

1986 - Theodore Maximillion DiBiase III

1987 - 'Superstar' Billy Graham

1988 - 'The Nature Boy' Steve Borden

1989 - Arn Anderson

1990 - 'Super Fine' Scotty Stein

1991 - 'The Nature Boy' Steve Borden [2]

1992 - Randy 'The Macho Man' Savage

1993 - 'The Nature Boy' Steve Borden [3]

1994 - 'The Nature Boy' Steve Borden [4]

1995 - Bret 'The Hitman' Hart [2]

1996 - The Great Muta

1997 - 'Superstar' Steve Austin

1998 - 'Superstar' Steve Austin [2]

1999 - The Rock

2000 - The Giant

2001 - Kurt Angle

2002 - Chris Jericho

2003 - Kurt Angle [2]

2004 - Eddie Guerrero

2005 - 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit

2006 - 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit [2]

2007 - Christian Daniels

2008 - Mr. Benjamin

2009 - Eddie Guerrero [2]


NWA International Tag Team of the Year


1985 - The Titans of Terror (Bam Bam Bigelow & Super Vader)

1986 - The Titans of Terror [2]

1987 - The Original Midnight Express ('Loverboy' Dennis Condrey & 'Ravishing' Randy Rose)

1988 - The Titans of Terror [3]

1989 - The Titans of Terror [4]

1990 - Doom (Ron Simmons & 'Playboy' Butch Reed)

1991 - The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Chris "Hart" (Benoit)

1992 - The Road Warriors (Animal & Hawk)

1993 - The Thrillseekers (Lance Storm & Chris Jericho)

1994 - Harlem Heatwave (Booker & Stevie Ray Jenkins)

1995 - Demolition (Ax & Smash)

1996 - Harlem Heatwave [2]

1997 - The Dudley Boys (Devon & Bubba Ray Dudley)

1998 - The Hardy Boys (Matt & Jeff)

1999 - Kevin Nash (the former Undertaker) & The Pallbearer (Glen Jacobs)

2000 - The Dudley Boys [2]

2001 - The Giant & Prince Anoa'i

2002 - The Dudley Boys [3]

2003 - The Dudley Boys [4]

2004 - Evolution (Dave Batista & Brock Lesnar)

2005 - The World's Greatest Tag Team (Kurt Angle & Shelton Benjamin)

2006 - The Last Dragons (American & Ultimate Dragon)

2007 - The Latin American Xchange (Hernandez & Homicide)

2008 - Degeneration X (Alex Shelley & CM Punk)

2009 - Degeneration X [2]


NWA International Match of the Year


'85 - Theodore Maximillion DiBiase III def. Bret 'The Hitman' Hart to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title

'86 - Bret 'The Hitman' Hart def. Davey Boy Smith to win the NWA: Canadian Heavyweight Title

'87 - 'The Nature Boy' Steve Borden def. Theodore Maximillion DiBiase III to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title

'88 - The Titans of Terror def. The Road Warriors to win the NWA World Tag & NWA: Texas Tag Titles, while retaining the NWA: Tokyo Tag Titles

'89 - The Nature Boy' Steve Borden def. Arn Anderson to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title

'90 - 'Flyin' Brian Pillman def. Davey Boy Smith to win the NWA: Canadian Heavyweight Title

'91 - Bret 'The Hitman' Hart def. 'Flyin' Brian Pillman to win the NWA: Canadian Heavyweight Title

'92 - The Nature Boy' Steve Borden def. Randy 'Macho Man' Savage to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title

'93 - The Nature Boy' Steve Borden def. Bret 'The Hitman' Hart to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Title

'94 - Bret 'The Hitman' Hart def. The Nature Boy' Steve Borden to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title

'95 - Konnan def. El Scorpio to win the NWA: Mexico City Heavyweight Title

'96 - The Thrillseekers def. Harlem Heatwave to win the NWA World Tag Team Titles

'97 - Raven def. 'Superstar' Steve Austin to win the NWA: Hardcore City Heavyweight Title

'98 - The Rock def. 'The Heart Break Kid' Shawn Michaels to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title

'99 - Chris Jericho def. 'The Nature Boy' Steve Borden to win the NWA: Canadian Heavyweight Title

'00 - 'Superstar' Steve Austin def. The Rock to win the WCCW World Heavyweight Title

'01 - 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit def. Kurt Angle to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title

'02 - Kurt Angle def. Paul Levesque at Starrcade

'03 - Randall Orton def. The Rock to win the WCCW World Heavyweight Title

'04 - Paul Levesque def. 'Superstar' Steve Austin to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title

'05 - Chris Jericho def. 'Superstar' Steve Austin to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title

'06 - Eddie Guerrero def. Chris Jericho to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title

'07 - Austin Aries def. 'El Terror de Tijuana' Tito Ortiz at Starrcade

'08 - Mr. Benjamin def. Chris Jericho to win the WCCW World Heavyweight Title

'09 - Randall Orton def. Eddie Guerrero to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title


NWA International Card of the Year


'85 - September 28th 1985 NWA: CS event

'86 - March 22nd 1986 NWA: CS event

'87 - Starrcade '87

'88 - Starrcade '88

'89 - Starrcade '89

'90 - June 23rd 1990 NWA: CS event

'91 - Starrcade '91

'92 - Starrcade '92

'93 - Starrcade '93

'94 - Starrcade '94

'95 - Starrcade '95

'96 - Starrcade '96

'97 - November 2 Remember '97 (NWA:HC PPV)

'98 - Starrcade '98

'99 - Spring Fling 1999 (NWA:CS PPV)

'00 - WCCW WrestleMania I

'01 - WCCW WrestleMania II

'02 - WCCW WrestleMania III

'03 - The Nora Greenwald Memorial/Starrcade '03

'04 - Starrcade '04

'05 - Starrcade '05

'06 - NWA: MC Triplemania

'07 - WCCW WrestleMania VIII

'08 - Starrcade '08

'09 - Starrcade '09


NWA International Female Wrestler of the Year


1985 - N/A

1986 - Wendy Richter

1987 - 'Sensational' Sherri Martel

1988 - 'Sensational' Sherri Martel [2]

1989 - Rockin' Robin

1990 - 'Sensational' Sherri Martel [3]

1991 - 'Sensational' Sherri Martel [4]

1992 - Lisa Moretti

1993 - Madusa Miceli

1994 - Lisa Moretti [2]

1995 - Debbie Combs

1996 - Lisa Moretti [3]

1997 - Leilani Kai

1998 - Madusa Miceli [2]

1999 - Nora Greenwald

2000 - Nora Greenwald [2]

2001 - Nora Greenwald [3]

2002 - Trish

2003 - Nora Greenwald [4] *awarded posthumously

2004 - N/A

2005 - N/A

2006 - Sarah Stock

2007 - Ayako Hamada

2008 - Melissa Anderson

2009 - Erin Toughill


Next up: Canadian based NWA: LLPW's controversial stance against Japanese imports leads to the creation of the first ever Joshi based promotion in NWA Worldwide's history.

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The world of women's wrestling was nearly brought to its knees on the night of March 15th, 2003 when Nora Greenwald died after sustaining a fatal head injury during a match against Amy Dumas at the 2003 Living Dangerously Pay Per View presented by NWA: Hardcore City. Some women ended up leaving the business behind when they realized the inherent danger in their chosen profession, while others were phased out of their prominent roles on TV once the NWA Women's World Title was retired shortly thereafter. At StarrCade of that year, Greenwald was named the immortal champion and things got even worse for most of the female wrestlers employed throughout NWA Worldwide. It took about a year and a half before the growing number of complaints was finally acted upon when the NWA Executive Board created NWA: Lovely Ladies Pro Wrestling and set them up in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Although it was created as an NWA branch, it functioned as its own private entity because the board really didn't care how successful it would be. Their main concern was not losing the handful of women who had major roles as valets and managers in the larger promotions.


The original group of workers came from all around the world and were generally women who had potential to be used as wrestlers or in other capacities on TV. The ironic thing is that the American born workers (the ones who complained the loudest) were the ones who were given the strongest pushes in the beginning, although they ended up being less talented than some of their Japanese or Canadian counterparts. Since LLPW was marketed as legitimate wrestling competition, this ended up turning most of the Americans heel, and provided some interesting matches as the fans usually supported the Japanese workers even though they never cut promos. The breakout stars of the promotion were the ones who were already working elsewhere such as Angel Williams (DSW/WCCW), Daizee Haze (NWA: Memphis), Melissa Anderson (NWA: MC) & Sarah Stock (NWA: MC). Those four ladies were all eventually pulled from competing in LLPW and signed to written contracts by their respective home promotions and that's when the tide started to swing even further in favor of Japanese women who could excite the crowd. While this strategy worked in regards to putting forth compelling matches, very few women were becoming more marketable to the major promotions (Hardcore City, Memphis, Mexico City, Tokyo & WCCW) and it was quite surprising when the board decided to build an alternative in Chicago about a year and a half later.


NWA: SHIMMER was designed to focus more on the "diva" aspect of wrestling's female divide and managed to lure in women who spoke English, had "better" looks and any actual wrestling skill was just a bonus. Rumor has it that this was Eric Bischoff's brainchild as he was quite upset about losing two of his four WCCW Diva Search winners to NWA: MC as Melina Perez & 'Rockstar' Roni Jonah left after contract disputes. While the Diva Search was still going strong, this would give Bischoff year round access to the type of women he wanted on his roster and provided protection in case any of them spurned their second year deals thanks to the guaranteed pay decrease from $250,000 to whatever they would agree to.


As we rolled into early 2009, the LLPW/Japanese worker situation continued to deteriorate and it was not a huge surprise when Fuuka, Meiko Satomura, Sumie Sakai & Nanae Takahashi all no showed the first two events of LLPW's January tour as their contract disputes went unresolved. Eventually, LLPW management rescinded their offers and essentially blackballed anyone from Japan citing that they were more trouble than they were worth in terms of finances and in the locker room. What was surprising was that Chikayo Nagashima finally managed to secure some backing and announced plans to introduce SENDAI Girls a promotion which would tour in Japan only in mid-April. Nagashima then spent the majority of what was left of '09 assembling a roster and they announced that their first show will take place on January 16th, 2010!


The history of NWA: LLPW's Championships and major feuds




The early days of LLPW were pretty much headlined by women who were sent here to work on their skills away from the TV cameras of the promotions that were most invested in their success. As such, Daizee Haze & Sarah Stock were involved in matches that helped develop their skills, while "Crazy" Daizee James & Natasha Graves were the ones who received attention in NWA: Memphis & NWA: Mexico City respectively. The same thing happened with Cheerleader Melissa & Sara Del Ray who were shown on NWA: MC programming as Melissa Anderson & American Angel. Aside from those four, Angel Williams was groomed for stardom as she worked as an announcer and interviewer which helped her became valuable enough to become part of the NWA: Florida roster. Gail Kim managed to make her way to the top of the pack as well, but was promptly snapped up by WCCW.




This was the year that the leadership of LLPW decided to lean more heavily on workrate with the hopes that their big names wouldn't end up being pulled away in the midst of pushes or prominent feuds. Sumie Sakai became the first of five consecutive Japanese born LLPW Women's Champions while Meiko Satomura & Nanae Takahashi spent the majority of the year presented as the dominant tag team. Their rivalry with Canadians Belle Lovitz & Natalie Neidhart was instrumental in getting Neidhart signed with NWA: NY where she works with her cousin Teddy Hart. The run with Japanese workers at the top wasn't entirely without problems either as Aja Kong was yet another champion to leave with very little warning, although she did job the title away unlike Kim a few months earlier. The formation of SHIMMER hadn't really done much to change LLPW's strategy though some preferred its sexier and lighthearted approach to women's wrestling.




The biggest stars of the year were Satomura & Takahashi and it made sense that trouble struck when rumors began to swirl that Takahashi had plans to retire soon to start a family. With her future up in the air, 'The Croatian Panther' Wesna Busic received a massive push and quickly became the 11th woman to hoist the title in November. The tag ranks also saw a new set of champs as Cindy Rogers & MsChif dethroned the dynamic duo. Satomura was said to be upset with the promotion for depushing her based on a rumor involving her longtime tag team partner and was hoping to move on to NWA: Tokyo if the situation wasn't rectified soon.




Early 2009 saw the end of Japanese workers in LLPW as management grew tired of dealing with Fukka, Meiko Satomura, Sumie Sakai & Nanae Takahashi. With a few roster spots open they ended up bringing in a handful of workers from overseas as Eden Black, Jersey, Jetta & Lacrima Christy all made their way over from Europe. Hailey Hatred & Nicole Matthews also found their way onto the roster. The LLPW Title changed hands only twice throughout the year as Wesna had a dominant run before dropping the belt to Mercedes Martinez who ended up losing it back to the Croatian a few months later. The Tag Team Titles ended up going through some turmoil as MsChif was signed by NWA: Detroit and that saw her and Cindy Rogers drop the belts to the veteran team of Lexie Fyfe & Stephanie Finochio who then were beaten by the tandem of Jersey & Jetta before Rogers regained the titles with a new partner, Hailey Hatred. While LLPW still puts on solid shows, they are in desperate need of some star power as they continue to lose just about every champion they've ever had.


NWA: LLPW Women's Title History


1/14/06 - 3/11/06 Daizee Haze (won a 16 women tournament to become the initial champion)

3/11/06 - 5/13/06 'Sweet' Sarah Stock/Natasha Graves

5/13/06 - 9/23/06 Daizee Haze [2]

9/23/06 - 12/11/06 Gail Kim (vacates the title when she is signed to a WCCW contract and forced to skip her next title defense)

1/20/07 - 2/17/07 Sumie Sakai (won an 8 woman tournament to crown the next champion)

2/17/07 - 6/16/07 Aja Kong (Kong signed with NWA: Tokyo, and dropped the title in a 4 way dance where the 3 other opponents ganged up on her)

6/16/07 - 10/20/07 Nanae Takahashi

10/20/07 - 2/16/08 Yoshiko Tamura

2/16/08 - 6/21/08 Meiko Satomura

6/21/08 - 11/15/08 Nanae Takahashi [2]

11/15/08 - 7/18/09 'The Croatian Panther' Wesna Busic

7/18/09 - 9/19/09 Mercedes Martinez

9/19/09 - current 'The Croatian Panther' Wesna Busic [2]


NWA: LLPW International Tag Team Title History


2/18/06 - 8/19/06 Cheerleader Melissa & Sara Del Ray (were the final two in a battle royal to determine the champions)

8/19/06 - 12/16/06 April Hunter & Lexie Fyfe

12/16/06 - 5/19/07 Meiko Satomura & Nanae Takahashi

5/19/07 - 11/17/07 Belle Lovitz & Natalie Neidhart

11/17/07 - 9/16/08 Meiko Satomura & Nanae Takahashi [2]

9/16/08 - 2/21/09 Cindy Rogers & MsChif

2/21/09 - 6/13/09 Lexie Fyfe & Stephanie Finochio

6/13/09 - 10/24/09 Jersey & Jetta

10/24/09 - current Cindy Rogers & Hailey Hatred




It's quite ironic that there are now three women's promotions in NWA Worldwide when we nearly saw the demise of women's wrestling back in March 2003 when Nora Greenwald died due to injuries suffered on an NWA: Hardcore City PPV. It wasn't until 2006 that LLPW was born, and it didn't take very long for (~18 months) SHIMMER to follow. While SHIMMER was never meant to be taken as seriously as LLPW, they've shown that they are willing to make things as wacky as possible with dance offs, karaoke competitions and full contact pillow fights making regular appearances on their shows.


On the positive side, Angel Williams was able to make the most of her brief time with the group as she ended up signing with NWA: Florida while still being allowed to compete as a wrestler. As SHIMMER has become more successful, it seems as though the women who are employed here may be better suited to jump to the larger promotions than those who emerge out of LLPW mainly because they're more marketable. In that regard, it appears that the "divas" of SHIMMER have an advantage over the LLPW female wrestlers even though they probably wouldn't be able to beat them in the ring.


The history of NWA: SHIMMER's Championships and major feuds




The SHIMMER Women's Title was shown to be thought of as a bit of a prop when Angel Williams became the first champ after calling a Battle Royal from the ringside area, sneaking into the ring and tossing Rebecca Knox over the top rope after she thought she'd won the match. The absurdity of that finish was outdone about a month later when Knox won the title after beating Williams in a dance off after they battled to a time limit draw. Knox was dethroned by the 6'2" Aussie born Madison Eagles as things became more normal until Knox decided that their rematch should be the first pillow fight for the title, and lost her bid to reclaim the gold when her pillow broke first.




The start of the year saw some jailbait come SHIMMER's way as Britani Knight left NWA: UK to make her stateside debut. Wearing shirts that let fans know that she was only 16 she would often try to seduce older men in the crowd, but eventually got bored of that gimmick and then decided she would play up her "historic" lineage although most of the fans would not recognize her parents since they were only starts in the UK. Knight still hadn't won a match in SHIMMER by the end of the year, but was becoming one of their future stars as she managed to get over just by being an annoying goofball. Bambi is another undersized woman who took a ridiculous gimmick and ran with it as she wrestled like a Super Heavyweight and was often seen carrying around barbells to the ring or drinking protein shakes when she wasn't busy chokeslamming opponents.




Rebecca Knox was barely around in 2009 as she was offered a sizeable contract with NWA: NY and left in February after dropping the title to Britani Knight of all people. With Knox gone, the emergence of Cherry Bomb helped them incorporate some new blood at the top of their cards as she led a crop of newcomers that also included Jennifer Blake, Melanie Cruise, Sassy Stephie & Tiana Ringer. Cruise was able to capture the title from Eagles at the end of a lengthy feud over which woman was the most dominant, while Blake, Stephie and Ringer are all on the right track to become major players in this lighthearted promotion.


NWA: SHIMMER Women's Title History


8/17/07 - 9/22/07 Angel Williams (won a 10 woman battle royal to crown the champion)

9/22/07 - 12/15/07 Rebecca Knox (won the title in a dance off against Williams following a 20 minute time limit draw)

12/15/07 - 4/19/08 Madison Eagles

4/19/08 - 7/19/08 Lorelei Lee

7/19/08 - 10/18/08 Bambi

10/18/08 - 1/17/09 Rebecca Knox [2]

1/17/09 - 3/21/09 Britani Knight

3/21/09 - 6/20/09 Cherry Bomb

6/20/09 - 11/14/09 Madison Eagles[2]

11/14/09 - current Melanie Cruise




Ayuma Kurihara


Chikako Shiratori

Chikayo Nagashima [OWNER]


Haruka Matsuo



Kayoko Haruyama

Kyoko Kimura

Mai Ichii

Mayumi Ozaki

Meiko Satomura

Mika Nishio

Nanae Takahashi


Saki Maemura

The Bloody


Next up: NWA: Canadian Stampede: How The Mighty Have Fallen

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I did enjoy the last version of the game, but one thing always bothered me. Where was Ultimo Dragon? He was referenced in someone's bio, but he wasn't under the name Ultimo Dragon or his real name, or any of his other ring names. :(
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I did enjoy the last version of the game, but one thing always bothered me. Where was Ultimo Dragon? He was referenced in someone's bio, but he wasn't under the name Ultimo Dragon or his real name, or any of his other ring names. :(


I think he was one of those unfortunate victims of being deleted since I had no use for him after giving Low-Ki the name The Ultimate Dragon. It's similar to what I did with Bill Goldberg after I gave The Giant his streak and The Laughing Man his gimmick for the most part. I will include a note about this in the release though.


I'm going to post the NWA: CS story next, but I learned that you could include all kinds of prior year end award winners the other day and went back through my notes and came up with the female, promotion, match and card of the year winners which I will edit into the opening post beneath the wrestler and tag team winners. It's too much work to guess who would have won the veteran, youth and most improved promotion so we'll just say that those awards are new in 2010.

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I think he was one of those unfortunate victims of being deleted since I had no use for him after giving Low-Ki the name The Ultimate Dragon. It's similar to what I did with Bill Goldberg after I gave The Giant his streak and The Laughing Man his gimmick for the most part. I will include a note about this in the release though.


That's a shame, Ultimo has always been one of my favorites. Still looking forward to this though.

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Canadian Stampede is the oldest remaining branch of NWA: Worldwide starting way back in 1948 when the legendary Stu Hart began his own wrestling promotion in Edmonton (then called Stampede Wrestling), which eventually moved to Calgary in the late '50s. Although this promotion has a long and storied history we are only going to focus on the last 25 years since that is when NWA: CS joined in as the inaugural branch of NWA Worldwide. Interestingly enough, the Hart Family Dungeon produced the majority of the top stars who have passed through NWA: CS with three of Stu's graduates going on to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion at some point, an accomplishment that will likely never be duplicated by any individual trainer.


The early years of NWA: Calgary Stampede under the Worldwide umbrella were dominated by the Hart family as Bret 'The Hitman' Hart was not only the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion, but also the NWA World Heavyweight Champion for most of 1985. Although Hart didn't see the NWA World Title again until the 90's, he was a dominant figure in the Canadian Heavyweight ranks for almost 15 years. His younger brother Owen made his move into the company in 1990 and continued to establish the family name. It was shortly after this time that 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit appeared on the scene and engaged in a bitter feud with Owen for the NWA: CS Junior Heavyweight Title which ultimately ended up with Benoit accidentally breaking Owen's neck on a simple backdrop attempt. While Owen never wrestled again, he solidified his legacy as one of the nicest men to ever compete in the business by publically thanking Benoit for making him see how dangerous wrestling was, and giving him the chance to see what was really important in life. Owen subsequently proposed to his future wife on a 1991 edition of Stampede Wrestling erasing what could have been a huge stain on Benoit's career and turning it into a high note instead. Benoit ultimately went one step further by later adopting the Hart name into his wrestling persona and forming the greatest tag team in NWA: CS history with 'The Hitman'. The Hart Foundation owned the tag ranks for nearly 5 years before the two Harts finally split with Chris eventually turning on Bret, starting one of the greatest feuds any NWA branch had ever seen.


That feud cemented Chris as one of the best wrestlers in the world, and after dropping the Canadian Heavyweight Title, Chris reclaimed his birth name and went on to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title for the first time in 1997. After dropping the belt to Pillman, Benoit left for Japan, made the rounds in the major American branches and didn't return to Canada until 2004 where he recaptured the Canadian Heavyweight Title. While Benoit was gone, other stars rose in his place such as Adam Copeland, Christian Cage, Chris Jericho (the 3rd Hart graduate to win the NWA World Title) & Lance Storm. However, they all left when NWA Americas was formed with Copeland and Jericho heading to WCCW, and Cage going against conventional wisdom by heading to Mexico City instead. Storm wandered around for a while before retiring, but this quartet's departute pretty much signalled the end for Calgary Stampede. While NWA: CS is easily the most historic branch of Worldwide as you'll soon see, it is also the most tragic as its fall from grace is now legendary.


The history of NWA: Calgary/Canadian Stampede's Championships and major feuds




NWA: CS joined NWA Worldwide with only one officially recognized championship at the time, the Canadian Heavyweight Title, which Bret Hart won for the 4th time from his future brother in law Davey Boy Smith in January just a week before becoming NWA World Champion. These two feuded bitterly for most of the year, and ended up adding in Jim Neidhart and the Dynamite Kid into the mix as their respective allies. While Smith eventually regained the title in November, it was clear that he simply was not on The Hitman's level and suffered whenever he didn't have the benefit of defending the title against Bret.


1986 & 1987


Calgary Stampede went through a dry spell here as Bret was so far and away their top attraction that they had a very hard time establishing anyone else as being on his level. Smith had to drop the belt back to Bret while Stu and company figured out where to go next. While the majority of their undercard was filled with aging stars and other Harts, this was about the time that 'Flyin' Brian Pillman burst onto the scene as perhaps the greatest Junior Heavyweight in the world, going on to win the NWA World Cruiserweight Championship making NWA: CS the first company to hold two of the top titles in NWA Worldwide.


1988 & 1989


It was around this time that Davey Boy Smith's body took a major change as the formerly lean but muscular Brit ended up exploding with muscles thanks to a steroid problem that ultimately caused his death about a decade later. Sadly, Smith's new physique brought about a resurgence in his popularity and showed many young wrestlers that getting on the gas was a way to get to the top and stay there as Smith took the belt back from Hart and finally had a good run with it. Pillman continued to bring prestige to the company even after dropping the Cruiserweight Title and as a result NWA: CS officially added a Junior Heavyweight Championship which was essentially his throughout this two year period.


1990 & 1991


This was the time of NWA: CS' resurgence as Owen Hart & Chris Benoit broke out in a major way. Owen finally ended Pillman's near two year run as champ shortly after his debut, and the well publicized Hart/Benoit battle began almost immediately. 'Flyin' Brian didn't suffer for long though as he shockingly upset Smith to become the first non Hart relative to win the Canadian Heavyweight Title in the Worldwide era. Smith's 29+ month reign took a toll on his mind and body and he ended up in drug rehab for an addiction to painkillers that he ended up fighting for the rest of his life. It seemed clear that Stu was trying to send a message that it was OK to be an undersized wrestler, but it was far too late for that as larger and larger workers were spotted everywhere around the country as Smith had become a cultural icon of sorts. Bret ended up '91 as the dual Canadian Champ as he held both the Heavyweight and newly reinstated Tag titles.


1992 & 1993


Eddie Guerrero spent part of his time in NWA: CS here as the World Cruiserweight Champ, going on to make history as the first Mexican to ever hold a Canadian title when he won the Jr. Heavyweight Title before dropping it back to "Hart" (Benoit). Despite that, Pillman, Smith and the Hart Foundation remained at the top trading the titles amongst themselves for the majority of this two year run, but in October 1992 we got our first looks at the dynamic duo of Chris Jericho & Lance Storm who would ultimately establish themselves as one of the best tandems in the World, and gave NWA: CS the 'Triple Crown' when they became the first Canadian duo to win the World Tag Titles at Starrcade '93. Smith's lengthy career came to an early end as years of steroid abuse began to break his body down as he blew out both of his quads on a botched bump over the top. Guerrero briefly returned and reclaimed the Jr. Heavyweight Title before losing it to up and comer Christian Cage, a man he would meet many times over the next decade.




This was the height of the classic Bret Hart/'Nature Boy' Steve Borden feud which began at Starrcade '93 when Borden and Hart wrestled arguably the greatest match of all time, a 60 minute time limit draw between Canada and America's top draws. Then NWA World Champion, Borden toured the globe extensively but spent the better part of '94 as a member of NWA: CS, which was still the hottest individual branch in Worldwide at the time. Borden eventually became one of the most hated wrestlers in Canada when he defeated Hart for the Canadian Heavyweight Title and then took it back with him to the US, only returning to make defenses every 90 days or so in order to prevent himself from being stripped. Unbeknownst to most fans at the time, this was one of the finest angles ever run as Hart's inevitable triumph at Starrcade '94 earned him the respect of millions and both the NWA World Title and Canadian Heavyweight Title yet again. Also of note was a brief run by future megastar Steve Austin as Tag champ with Pillman.


1995 & 1996


Although Adam Copeland debuted in '93, his emergence on the scene added a great deal of depth to both the Jr. Heavyweight and Tag Team ranks as he was able to hold both of those divisional titles in this two year block, while Hart continued to carry the NWA: CS banner with arguably the greatest Canadian Heavyweight Title reign to date. Rob Van Dam got his big break here after toiling in Mexico and Japan under a mask. The charismatic Michigan native enjoyed a great deal of success as well as he, Copeland, Cage, Jericho & Storm were all set to break out in the coming years. Dean Malenko also made his debut in mid '95 making the Jr. Heavyweight division one of the hottest in all of NWA Worldwide.


1997 & 1998


The Chris "Hart"/Bret Hart feud finally came to a head when Chris ended Bret's 8th run as Canadian Heavyweight Champ shortly before becoming NWA World Heavyweight Champion as well. It was at this point that 'The Hitman' took some time off after nearly 15 years as the dominant player in the company. With Bret gone, and Benoit receiving international prominence as NWA Champ, 'The Crippler' decided to leave NWA: CS to pursue other options, and the Canadian Heavyweight Title went back to Pillman who was now the longest tenured wrestler on the roster. Fortunately, the undercard was ready to take up the mantle, and they benefitted greatly when 'The Nature Boy' decided to spend all of 1998 in CS after a Hitmanesque run in the States. This time the fans were on his side when Borden won the belt and claimed it to be as much of an honor as holding the NWA World Title which had been his a record 6 times. Pillman finally hung up his boots on an emotional tribute show after Davey Boy Smith's passing after revealing that he got a wakeup call when realizing that his life was very similar to Smith's when factoring in the steroid use and painkiller addictions. 'Flyin' Brian went on to work in the NWA: CS office for the next five years before leaving the business entirely.


1999 & 2000


1999 was the year that Chris Jericho got "made" by beating 'The Nature Boy' in his final match in Canada. Bret returned after a year off and was immediately back in the title hunt as he and Jericho wrestled some of the greatest matches anyone had ever seen, although 'The Hitman' never did win the title for the 9th time. In the meantime, Copeland and Cage split up and traded the Jr. Heavyweight Title a few times as NWA: CS was widely perceived as having the most talented roster assembled on the planet. That claim was only bolstered in early 2000 when Kurt Angle bucked conventional logic by leaving a HUGE deal on the table to compete in the U.S., instead opting to go to where "all the talent was!". It didn't take Angle very long to make history by winning the NWA World Title less than 8 months after his pro debut! Angle held that title for over a year, but could NOT beat Jericho for the Canadian Heavyweight Title no matter how hard he tried, raising Jericho's status even higher. The Dudley Boys made a stop in NWA: CS and collected more championship gold as they left no doubt that they are the most decorated tag team ever. The Hardys also were part of NWA: CS at this time and had a brief run as well.


2001 & 2002


Angle lost the NWA World Title at Starrcade '01 to Benoit on the same show that Jericho was defeated for the Canadian Title by fast rising star Paul Levesque, a man who had never competed in Canada at that time! Levesque and Angle then embarked on a bitter, bloody feud that earned them the 2002 MOTY award, while Jericho eventually went on to take the NWA World Title from Benoit, bringing more honor and glory to the NWA Worldwide flagship. Lance Storm had been floundering since Jericho took off on his own, but managed to end the Levesque reign on the same day that Jericho became World Champ. Storm's time to shine was brief though as he dropped the title right back to Levesque two months later, before Angle took the belt for the first time at Starrcade '02. Non NWA: CS tag teams continued to rule the division as The Acolytes became the third straight team based outside of the promotion held the titles as management foolishly put all of their eggs in one proverbial basket focusing solely on the top of the card.


2003 & 2004


Angle eventually reasserted himself as the top wrestler in the World by winning the World Title from Jericho, but ultimately dropped it to his nemesis Levesque who then left NWA: CS to star once more in the United States. This was the beginning of Calgary Stampede's downfall as Angle soon followed and things were looking bleak for the promotion when tag champs Malenko & Van Dam followed them out the door. There was even fear that NWA: CS might close after 55 years in business until Benoit finally returned and brought some star power back as he recaptured the Canadian Heavyweight Title from Copeland, who won it after Angle vacated it in mid '03 when his contract inexplicably expired without a renewal. With Angle leaving as the top champ, NWA: CS may have panicked, and in a move that saddened many, both the Jr. Heavyweight Title and Canadian Tag Titles were scrapped on that day as well, hearkening back to 1985 when the Canadian Heavyweight Title was the only title the company had.




NWA: CS fell on tough times thanks to the problems experienced from June 2003 until March 2004 as they were no longer the universal #1 in NWA Worldwide, losing that honor to the amalgamation promotion, NWA Americas which was masterminded by the trio of Paul Heyman, Jerry Jarrett & Eric Bischoff in mid '04. With all of the major stars flocking to that promotion, Benoit, Copeland, Cage and Storm were essentially all that remained as far as top flight talent is concerned, but all four also worked elsewhere leaving NWA: CS a shell of what it once was as we headed into 2006.


2006 & 2007


Calgary Stampede's slide into mediocrity had been tough to watch for longtime fans of the NWA as the once proud branch was all but withered and dead after Chris Benoit sold them out yet again, this time opting to ply his trade with WCCW. Once Benoit left on October 1st, 2006, that paved the way for Christian Cage to finally sign a written deal with Konnan's promotion in Mexico City. With the writing now firmly on the wall, Adam Copeland also opted to bid his home base farewell settling in with WCCW. It was pretty safe to say that there were no big stars left in NWA: CS as former jobber to the stars Black Dragon had a 10 month run as Heavyweight Champion in order to try and establish him as the top guy in the promotion, but even that failed as attendance hit a 25+ year low.


With their fanbase in Calgary all but dried up, the promotion renamed itself Canadian Stampede midway through 2007, and as its 60th Anniversary Year seemed to be going down in flames they turned to an up and comer by the name of Anthony Carelli in one last ditch effort to get things headed in the right direction. At 5'10 and about 225 pounds he had the same build as Benoit and while he was nowhere near the level of wrestler that Benoit was, he had a charisma that was unmatched by anyone else currently in the promotion. His feud with Raven sparked a bit of a resurgence over the last 6 months of the year and helped raise attendance as the company headed into 2008.




Carelli's star continued to brighten and NWA: CS started to see some new blood come their way as Bobby Rude, Don Paysan, Lash Leroux, Nova & Petey Williams brought some excitement back to the promotion. With very few heavyweights on the roster, the NWA Junior Heavyweight Title was reinstated after a near 5 year absence. While Carelli and Canadian born Sean Morley traded the top title over this 12 month period, there seemed to be a sense that Canadian Stampede was finally turning the corner as they added some talent that the fans care about.




Not much has changed for Canadian Stampede in 2009 as they have not been able to lure anyone else of significance to Canada and have largely stagnated once again. The Heavyweight Title changed hands a few more times as Anthony Carelli and Lance Storm notched their 3rd reigns and Sean Morley picked up his second, but none of them were able to draw huge crowds or an increase in interest in the product. The Jr. Heavyweight ranks were a little bit more diversified as Black Dragon & Stupified became first time champs and the year came to an end with Nova finally winning the first title in his lengthy career as a pro. It's hard to imagine that a promotion that was honored as the best in NWA Worldwide 6 times in its first 12 years is now looking up at relative newcomers like NWA: Detroit, Florida & Los Angeles, but sadly that's the case. While NWA: CS is in no danger of going under any time soon, it is sad to see how far this promotion that dominated the first decade plus of NWA Worldwide has fallen.


NWA: Canadian Heavyweight Title History


1984 - 1/19/85 Davey Boy Smith

1/19/85 - 11/30/85 Bret 'The Hitman' Hart [4]

11/30/85 - 3/22/86 Davey Boy Smith [2]

3/22/86 - 1/16/88 Bret 'The Hitman' Hart [5]

1/16/88 - 6/23/90 Davey Boy Smith [3]

6/23/90 - 9/28/91 'Flyin' Brian Pillman

9/28/91 - 1/25/92 Bret 'The Hitman' Hart [6]

1/25/92 - 7/25/92 'Flyin' Brian Pillman [2]

7/25/92 - 1/22/94 Bret 'The Hitman' Hart [7]

1/22/94 - 12/17/94 'The Nature Boy' Steve Borden

12/17/94 - 3/22/97 Bret 'The Hitman' Hart [8]

3/22/97 - 10/25/97 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit

10/25/97 - 5/24/98 'Flyin' Brian Pillman [3]

5/24/98 - 3/27/99 'The Nature Boy' Steve Borden [2]

3/27/99 - 12/22/01 Chris Jericho

12/22/01 - 6/22/02 Paul Levesque

6/22/02 - 8/24/02 Lance Storm

8/24/02 - 12/21/02 Paul Levesque [2]

12/21/02 - 6/21/03 Kurt Angle (vacated when Angle left NWA:CS)

7/26/03 - 3/27/04 Adam Copeland (won a 20 man battle royal to determine the new champion)

3/27/04 - 11/20/04 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit [2]

11/20/04 - 3/26/05 Lance Storm [2]

3/26/05 - 8/6/06 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit [3]

8/6/06 - 6/17/07 Black Dragon

6/17/07 - 9/23/07 Vance Nevada

9/23/07 - 4/20/08 Anthony Carelli

4/20/08 - 10/19/08 Sean Morley

10/19/08 - 2/27/09 Anthony Carelli [2]

2/27/09 - 7/24/09 Lance Storm [3]

7/24/09 - 11/13/09 Anthony Carelli [3]

11/13/09 - current Sean Morley [2]


NWA Junior Heavyweight Title History


3/26/88 - 3/24/90 'Flyin' Brian Pillman (awarded due to his status as former NWA World Cruiserweight Champion)

3/24/90 - 1/19/91 Owen Hart (vacated due to injury)

3/23/91 - 1/25/92 Chris "Hart" (Benoit)

1/25/92 - 6/27/92 Eddie Guerrero

6/27/92 - 1/23/93 Chris "Hart" (Benoit) [2]

1/23/93 - 5/22/93 Eddie Guerrero [2]

5/22/93 - 11/19/93 Christian Cage

11/19/93 - 1/22/94 Chris "Hart" (Benoit) [3]

1/22/94 - 1/28/95 Christian Cage [2]

1/28/95 - 11/16/95 Adam Copeland

11/16/95 - 5/18/96 Dean Malenko

5/18/96 - 1/25/97 Chris Jericho

1/25/97 - 3/22/97 Rob Van Dam

3/22/97 - 9/27/97 Dean Malenko [2]

9/27/97 - 1/30/99 Christian Cage [3]

1/30/99 - 7/24/99 Adam Copeland [2]

7/24/99 - 3/25/00 Christian Cage [4]

3/25/00 - 11/17/00 Adam Copeland [3]

11/17/00 - 5/26/01 Rob Van Dam [2]

5/26/01 - 7/28/01 Adam Copeland [3]

7/28/01 - 3/22/03 Christian Cage [5]

3/22/03 - 5/24/03 Dean Malenko [3]

5/24/03 - 6/21/03 Christian Cage [6] (title abandoned)


3/16/08 - 7/27/08 Lash Leroux (won an 8 man tournament to crown the new champion)

7/27/08 - 11/16/08 Don Paysan

11/16/08 - 3/20/09 Petey Williams

3/20/09 - 6/12/09 Black Dragon

6/12/09 - 10/24/09 Stupified

10/24/09 - current Nova


NWA: Canadian Tag Team Title History


6/22/91 - 3/28/92 The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Chris "Hart" (Benoit), won reinstated titles by defeating Smith & Pillman)

3/28/92 - 6/27/92 Davey Boy Smith & 'Flyin' Brian Pillman

6/27/92 - 5/22/93 The Hart Foundation [2]

5/22/93 - 3/27/94 The Thrillseekers (Lance Storm & Chris Jericho)

3/27/94 - 9/17/94 The Hart Foundation [3]

9/17/94 - 1/28/95 'Flyin' Brian Pillman & 'Superstar' Steve Austin

1/28/95 - 7/22/95 The Thrillseekers [2]

7/22/95 - 1/27/96 The Hart Foundation [4]

1/27/96 - 7/26/96 Adam Copeland & Rob Van Dam

7/26/96 - 11/22/97 The Thrillseekers [3]

11/27/97 - 7/25/98 Adam Copeland & Christian Cage

7/25/98 - 11/21/98 Dean Malenko & Rob Van Dam

11/21/98 - 1/30/99 The Thrillseekers [4]

1/30/99 - 1/22/00 Dean Malenko & Rob Van Dam [2]

1/22/00 - 7/22/00 The Dudley Boys

7/22/00 - 1/27/01 The Hardy Boys

1/27/01 - 8/24/01 The Acolytes (Ron Simmons & John 'Blackjack' Bradshaw)

8/24/01 - 6/21/03 Dean Malenko & Rob Van Dam [3] (title abandoned)

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What do you call a promotion that is widely disrespected by NWA Worldwide fans despite having an NWA World Champion titleholder, seven of its wrestlers hold the NWA World Cruiserweight title an astonishing 16 times, and one of the greatest tag teams in the history of the business to its credit in its nearly 40 years of existence? The answer is NWA: Tokyo. The only major promotion in Japan began in 1972 when Shohei 'Giant' Baba & Kanji 'Antonio' Inoki grew tired of the overt racism prevalent in the southern US, where they had been a somewhat successful tag team in NWA: Texas. After a two year run that saw the two men spat upon and verbally abused on countless occasions, the two finally had had enough and broke their contract with NWA: Texas, never to return again. While this act enraged NWA: Texas' ownership, the duo was still somehow successfully able to gain an NWA license, and worked to establish itself as a branch that was willing to take on all comers and promote them in a positive light.


So, why is NWA: Tokyo still treated like the red headed stepchild of NWA Worldwide even though it's existed longer than almost all of the promotions involved you might ask? The answer is relatively simple, Inoki & Baba never felt the need to allow or encourage their top stars to tour the US, Canada or Mexico. After their own experiences abroad, they essentially created a family friendly vibe within their promotion, and as a result the few times NWA: Tokyo was presented on the big stage was when gaijin wrestlers got big enough to draw interest. The '80s and early '90s were the height of the big men from overseas as The Titans of Terror (Super Vader & Bam Bam Bigelow), Stan 'The Man' Hansen & Bruiser Brody, The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy), Barry Windham & 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams all starred for the promotion at various points. Considering how lucrative NWA: Tokyo was, the NWA often pacified them by sending the NWA Cruiserweight title to Japan when there was no legitimate American or Canadian born alternative. The divide between Tokyo and everyone else finally came to an end on July 25th, 1999 when The Great Muta became a national hero when he defeated The Rock for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in the Tokyo Dome in front of some 57,500 people, 2,500 more than capacity! Muta's reign ended at Starrcade that year, but it did lend an air of legitimacy to one of the truly historic branches of NWA Worldwide.


Although Inoki and Baba no longer run NWA: Tokyo, their legacy has had lasting effects as even the best that Japan has to offer know that they are not likely to get a fair deal in the States or Canada due to language barriers and years of damage done when certain wrestlers "vanished into the wrestling black hole at the city limits of Tokyo" as a prominent wrestling analyst wrote in the NWA Worldwide 15 Year Anniversary Magazine in 2001. When a wrestler the caliber of 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit is often criticized for his choice of spending the better part of seven years "out of the spotlight", it is not likely that NWA: Tokyo will ever be viewed by the fans in the light it truly deserves.


That point was further reinforced by Muta's decision to send forth his two greatest young wrestlers to NWA Americas in 2006. The Great Michinoku was allowed to leave because he had held the NWA: Tokyo Junior Heavyweight Title six times since its mid 1992 inception and had all but run out of viable competition. Muta was reluctant to allow him to move up to the heavyweight ranks and sent him to be an ambassador for NWA: Tokyo. That experiment failed when Eric Bischoff kept Michinoku on the sidelines complaining that he was "even smaller in person than he looked on TV!". So, Michinoku defected to NWA: Mexico City and was one of the first major salvos in the NWA: MC/WCCW war. Muta expected bigger things out of Hiroshi Tanahashi since he had the size and look that Bischoff desired, but he too was left to rot on the sidelines because of language barriers. In fact, Tanahashi only wrestled 5 televised matches in his 18 month stay with WCCW and lost all but the first one. Realizing that these two excursions had failed miserably, Muta brought Tanahashi home and groomed him to be his own successor as NWA: Tokyo's ace. Ironically enough, Bischoff once again missed out on two potential superstars because of his own fear that smaller men who didn't speak English fluently could not be marketable. Tokyo's main problem right now is the highly advanced age of some of their biggest names (6/8 of their Main Eventers are 40+) with Nakamura being their only top of the card worker (Upper mid/ME) under the age of 33.


NWA: Tokyo's Championship history


NWA: Tokyo Heavyweight Champion


1984 - October 1986 - Antonio Inoki [4]

October 1986 - March 1987 - Giant Baba [3]

March 1987 - October 1987 - Super Vader

October 1987 - October 1988 - Antonio Inoki [5]

October 1988 - March 1989 - The Great Muta

March 1989 - April 1989 - title held up after a no contest with Super Vader

April 1989 - September 1990 - Super Vader [2]

September 1990 - March 1992 - Stan 'The Man' Hansen

March 1992 - July 1992 - The Great Muta [2]

July 1992 - October 1993 - Masahiro Chono

October 1993 - May 1994 - The Great Muta [3]

May 1994 - October 1994 - Masahiro Chono [2]

October 1994 - March 1995 - The Great Muta [4]

March 1995 - July 1996 - Stan 'The Man' Hansen [2]

July 1996 - July 1998 - The Great Muta [5]

July 1998 - March 1999 - Chris Benoit

March 1999 - August 1999 - Tatsumi Fujinami

August 1999 - January 2000 - Chris Benoit [2]

January 2000 - March 2000 - Kenta Kobashi

March 2000 - March 2001 - Chris Benoit [3]

March 2001 - January 2002 - Kenta Kobashi [2]

January 2002 - October 2002 - Chris Benoit [4]

October 2002 - May 2003 - Chris Jericho

May 2003 - October 2003 - Chris Benoit [5]

October 2003 - January 2004 - Shinsuke Nakamura

January 2004 - April 2004 - Masahiro Chono [3]

April 2004 - October 2004 - Shinsuke Nakamura [2]

October 2004 - February 2005 - The Great Muta [6]

February 2005 - October 2005 - Chris Jericho [2]

October 2005 - March 2006 - 'Cactus' Jack Foley

March 2006 - June 2006 - Yuji Nagata

June 2006 - Janauary 2007 - Masahiro Chono [4]

January 2007 - May 2007 - Giant Bernard

May 2007 - November 2007 - Yuji Nagata [2]

November 2007 - August 2008 - Shinsuke Nakamura [3]

August 2008 - May 2009 Hiroshi Tanahashi

May 2009 - October 2009 Steve Corino

October 2009 - current Hiroshi Tanahashi [2]


NWA: Tokyo Junior Heavyweight Title History


July 1992 - March 1993 - The Great Michinoku (won a 16 man title tournament to become the 1st champion)

March 1993 - August 1993 - Hayabusa

August 1993 - January 1995 - The Great Michinoku [2]

January 1995 - July 1995 - Mr. JL

July 1995 - October 1996 - The Great Michinoku [3]

October 1996 - May 1997 - Hayabusa [2]

May 1997 - October 1998 - Mr. (Alex) Wright

October 1998 - June 2000 - The Great Michinoku [4]

June 2000 - January 2001 - Hayabusa [3]

January 2001 - March 2002 - The Great Michinoku [5]

March 2002 - October 2002 - Allen Sarven

October 2002 - March 2003 - Koji (Kanemoto)

March 2003 - September 2003 - Kaz Hayashi

September 2003 - October 2004 - The Great Michinoku [6]

October 2004 - January 2005 - Minoru

January 2005 - October 2005 - Kaz Hayashi [2]

October 2005 - March 2006 - Minoru [2]

March 2006 - July 2006 - Judo Suwa

July 2006 - November 2006 - CIMA

November 2006 - May 2007 - Hi69

May 2007 - October 2007 - Taiji Ishimori

October 2007 - July 2008 - Kaz Hayashi [3]

July 2008 - July 2009 Naomichi Marufuji

July 2009 - November 2009 Taiji Ishimori [2]

November 2009 - current Prince Devitt


NWA: Tokyo Tag Team Title History


1984 - March 1985 - Antonio Inoki & Giant Baba (award themselves the Tag Team Titles)

March 1985 - March 1986 - The Titans of Terror (Bam Bam Bigelow & Super Vader)

March 1986 - April 1986 - titles held up after a double DQ against Inoki & Baba

April 1986 - November 1986 - The Titans of Terror [2]

November 1986 - January 1987 - Stan 'The Man' Hansen & Bruiser Brody

January 1987 - October 1987 - The Titans of Terror [3]

October 1987 - January 1988 - Stan 'The Man' Hansen & Bruiser Brody [2]

January 1988 - March 1988 - The Titans of Terror [4] (vacated when Bigelow was injured)

March 1988 - June 1988 - The Great Muta & Masahiro Chono

June 1988 - July 1989 - The Titans of Terror [5]

July 1989 - December 1989 - The Great Muta & Masahiro Chono [2]

December 1989 - January 1991 - The Titans of Terror [6]

January 1991 - March 1993 - Stan 'The Man' Hansen & Bruiser Brody [3]

March 1993 - October 1993 - Tatsumi Fujinami & Kengo Kimura

October 1993 - May 1994 - Jurassic Powers (Scott Norton & Hercules)

May 1994 - October 1995 - Stan 'The Man' Hansen & Bruiser Brody [4]

October 1995 - October 1996 - Hiroshi Hase & Hiroyoshi Tenzan

October 1996 - March 1997 - Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue

March 1997 - October 1997 - Hiroshi Hase & Hiroyoshi Tenzan [2]

October 1997 - May 1998 - Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue [2]


Titles were abandoned from May 1998 to January 2003


January 2003 - July 2003 - Taiyo Kea & Jamal (win an 8 team tournament for the re-instated titles)

July 2003 - May 2004 - Hiroshi Tanahashi & Shinsuke Nakamura

May 2004 - January 2005 - Manabu Nakanishi & Yuji Nagata

January 2005 - June 2005 - The Road Warriors

June 2005 - April 2006 - Giant Bernard & Matt Morgan

April 2006 - August 2006 - The Road Warriors [2]

August 2006 - January 2007 - 'Cactus' Jack Foley & Mark Calloway

January 2007 - August 2007 - Steve Corino & Taiyo Kea

August 2007 - August 2008 - The Great Muta & Masahiro Chono [3]

August 2008 - March 2009 Manabu Nakanishi & Togi Makabe

March 2009 - July 2009 Giant Bernard & Matt Morgan

July 2009 - current - The Great Muta & Masahiro Chono [4]

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Got to say i loved this mod on 08, and it looks like it will be even better this year. I think i may have to go to Tokyo, just becuase you gave Devitt the Junior Heavyweight belt :).
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"[bleep] THE NWA!"


That chant had been heard in English AND Spanish at the start and finish of essentially every NWA: Mexico City show from the end of 1996 until midway through 2005. Why would Mexican fans be so angry at the NWA for nearly a decade you ask? It's pretty simple really. Imagine if you will, being a rising star in the US, who just so happens to be 'El Hombre' in Mexico and one of the few gaijins ever to headline shows in Japan. Imagine if you will, being promised a chance to take on the NWA World Champion at the annual Starrcade event if you'd just "do the right thing, and help us out". Imagine if you will, getting a knife buried so deeply in your back that the hilt was practically falling out your stomach! Such is Konnan's plight, and that is why the "K-Dawg" and all of his loyal supporters had essentially cut ties with the National Wrestling Alliance for almost 10 years. Some say Konnan was naive, others say he was duped, but whatever side of the coin you tend to fall on the facts are what they are.


Konnan was essentially THE gatekeeper to the entire mid '90's "Mexican Revolution". As the primary go between for the NWA and Mexican wrestlers everywhere, he gladly helped get Los Guerreros, Rey Mysterio, El Vampiro Canadiense and others to compete in the American branches of the NWA. In exchange for doing so, he had been promised the chance to prove the viability of Mexican wrestlers on the national level in America when he was to face the NWA World Heavyweight Champion at Starrcade '96. Everything was going as well as planned, attendance was up, the NWA was breaking into the TV realm in different areas largely due to the influx of talent he had helped along the way, and Konnan's popularity was at an all time high. The rumor is that he would have won the title, but three days before the event, the Executive Board of the NWA rescinded on the deal. Not only was Konnan not going to be in the Main Event, he was pulled from the show completely! No explanation was ever given, and as a result NWA: Mexico City took a major hit as they'd promised the fans that they would be represented at the biggest show of the year, and through no fault of their own failed to deliver the goods. Konnan was distraught by what had happened, and contacted all of his friends who rightly walked out of their respective companies and came back to NWA: MC full time. Since that day, Mexico City had done everything they could to spit on the so-called NWA World Championship's legacy. They even went so far as to name their top title a "World Title", but it was cleverly done in Spanish.


Their title history has since been revised restoring NWA: MC's top title's name as the NWA: Mexico City Heavyweight Title because everything changed early on in 2005 when both of NWA: MC's champions got hurt in the main Event of a January PPV. With increasing pressure from his roster to break the NWA boycott, Konnan finally caved in and Mexico City got a much needed bump in terms of roster flexibility and star power as one of the greatest Cruiserweights/Junior Heavyweights of the generation, Christian Cage made his way "south of the border" and became a huge star. It was after the border opened that things got wild as Konnan declared war on WCCW & Eric Bischoff. The two owners nearly destroyed each other as Bischoff lost control of NWA Americas when NWA: Hardcore City & NWA: Memphis broke away. Major names went back and forth between these two branches of NWA Worldwide and ratings were on their way up until Konnan and Bischoff got cute and each man played a game of high stakes chicken revolving around June 25th of 2006. Bischoff moved WrestleMania back a week to compete with Triplemania and then offered Eddie Guerrero an NWA World Heavyweight Title Match against Chris Jericho if he would simply no show. Instead, Konnan was able to convince Jericho to no show and Guerrero won the title leading to a MAJOR fiasco as Bischoff threatened to pull WCCW out of the NWA!


The battle came to an end at Starrcade that year when Bischoff won a bidding war for the services of 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit and Konnan lost Guerrero to the upstart NWA: Los Angeles! 2007 & 2008 proved to be years of rebuilding that provided uneven results at first, but Konnan stuck with it and seems to have achieved a better balance of talent than he has had at any point in recent years as he has finally learned the dangers of putting all of his eggs in one proverbial basket. The final days of 2009 saw a historic first for the 2006 NWA International Promotion of the Year as Mexico City FINALLY gained control of one of the three NWA World championships after struggling against the establishment for so long.


The history of NWA: Mexico City's Championships and major feuds




NWA: Mexico City started off as a grassroots organization for the most part. Many of the wrestlers were relatives, and most were friendly with each other. The notable exception to that rule was El Vampiro Canadiense! He was a bastard in and out of the ring, and revelled in that knowledge. Between his numerous arrests for assaulting bitter fans before, after and DURING shows he was without question Mexico's top heel, and it made sense that he would be the first NWA: Mexico City Heavyweight Champion. Although he was not nearly the most reliable man, El Vampiro headlined consistently sold out events throughout Mexico. The 1994 Mexican Match of the Year between Vampiro and Rey Mysterio Sr. took place in Estadia Azteca in October at the biggest show of the year, and to this day is perhaps the most brutal hair versus mask match in the history of the company. Mysterio was a long time detractor of Vampiro's and the wild Canadian took this match as a chance to try to put Rey Sr. out of the business! The biggest controversy of the early days of NWA: MC is whether or not his botched Nail in the Coffin was done on purpose or if it was simply an unfortunate accident. Rey Sr. ended up with a broken neck, Vampiro took his mask, and the company nearly went under all in one evening!




With the huge backlash caused by Vampiro's actions building up from last October, someone had to step up and take the only title in the company away from him. That man was Konnan. On Saturday, February 18th the champion's thirteen month long reign of terror finally came to an end with Konnan's soon to be infamous TEQUILA SUNRISE finisher. The two literally tore the house down throughout the bulk of '95 with numerous sell-outs and no fewer than five riots induced! Konnan's first championship reign came to an end when he blew out a knee on an attempted moonsault to the outside during a tag match with Rey Jr. as they went up against Vampiro and his new ally, El Scorpio (2 Cold Scorpio). Given Vampiro's bad reputation, El Scorpio stepped in and took the title in late July, allowing Konnan to go get surgery. It was during this time that Rey Jr. and Eddie Guerrero stepped into the spotlight with a tremendous on and off feud that lasted well into '98. Konnan returned on the anniversary of the Rey Sr. injury in the last week of October, and regained his title in a 39 minute classic that won the 1995 NWA International Match of the Year award. It was this match that propelled Konnan to iconic status in Mexico as he exemplified the fighting spirit that many Mexicans admire in their professional fighters whether it be in boxing or wrestling.




This was the year that Konnan became the closest thing to an international household name that Mexico had ever seen, as he headlined shows in the US, Japan and Mexico. It was also the year that saw the debut of Chavo Guerrero, who quickly ascended the ranks to becoming the top Jr. Heavyweight in the company. As a result, the NWA: MC Lucha Libre Title was created with Chavo defeating his uncle Eddie and Rey Jr. in the 1996 Mexican Match of the Year. In all honesty most of the crowd was more interested in what Eddie and Rey were doing, but that match solidified Chavo as a threat for the rest of his career. Konnan defeated Vampiro in front of a sell out crowd at the biggest event of the year and became the second wrestler to surpass a one year reign as champion as a result. Then the whole NWA debacle took place, and NWA: MC took a major dive in attendance, and quality. Desperate to try and reignite interest in the product Konnan dropped the title to Vampiro a few days before Christmas. . .




. . . that turned out to be a HUGE mistake. Less than two weeks later, Vampiro was arrested yet again, and for the first time ever an NWA: MC show took place without a Heavyweight Title match. Fortunately, Rey Jr. saved the day by defeating Chavo for the first of his four Lucha Libre reigns as the two exchanged the title throughout the year. When Vampiro finally returned in March, he dropped the title to Eddie, who failed to set the world on fire as most viewed him as being unprepared to take up the mantle left behind by Vampiro, and especially super fan favorite Konnan. Although Konnan wanted to take some time away from the business, he realized that he was NWA: MC's top drawing card and regained the title on another October supercard. That show turned out to be significant for two other reasons, as its opener was the debut of Juventud Guerrera, and it also saw the end of Vampiro's NWA: MC career as both he and Konnan felt it was time to move on.




With Vampiro gone, El Scorpio stepped up again as the company's top heel while Eddie and his nephew embarked on a bitter feud that lasted the whole year. El Scorpio once again claimed the top title, this time by defeating Konnan which instantly established him as the primary non-native wrestler on the roster. Scorpio also proved to be the most adaptable wrestler on the roster and that led to an eventual double turn at the October show, when Eddie once again became champion in what turned out to be Scorpio's 2nd Mexican Match of the Year honor. Earlier that evening, Juvi became the first man not named Chavo or Rey to hold the Lucha Libre title ending Chavo's year plus long run.




October '99 was a month of major changes as Konnan FINALLY turned heel on Scorpio, who subsequently left the company when Konnan would not meet his contract demands. This loss would be just the first of many questionable business decisions Konnan made as he ultimately became more and more convinced that as long as NWA: MC had him, they didn't really NEED anyone else on the top level. Eddie's second reign was much better received than his first, and he came up just one day short of a year as champ when his long time rival Rey Jr. took the crown in the Mexican Match of the Year! Sadly, Rey never really had a chance to enjoy the spotlight as he was squashed by Konnan less than two months later on Christmas night! The Lucha Libre title switched hands when Super Crazy did something previously unseen in the company as he won a title in his debut match, defeating Juvi after cheating his ass off. Mr. Aguila quickly climbed the ladder as he added an element of danger to NWA: MC matches as he frequently made dives into the front row of crowds as long as he could get a piece of his opponent in the process.




NWA: MC largely kept with the status quo this year as a movement was made to add younger blood to the roster while some of the older, less athletic workers faded into the sunset. Konnan struggled with injuries throughout 2000, but did what he could to continue to sell tickets as he easily remained the biggest star in Mexico. This was also the year that the workers seemed to reject some of Konnan's ideas as he was routinely going over in matches with more talented, healthier workers. The worst of these offenses occurred when he again squashed Rey Mysterio on the October supercard. Mr. Aguila finally notched his name on the championship register this year, and did it twice as he won the title from Super Crazy, lost it to Juvi and regained it from Guerrera in a classic.




The uproar in the locker room continued at a fever pitch until Konnan finally dropped the title to Eddie in October before retiring from active duty. Rumor has it that everyone would have bolted the company if Konnan hadn't made the decision to put Eddie over and give up his spot because after two long years his selfish behavior which was ruining the product to the point where men who had been loyal to him for the 5 years since the NWA incident were seriously looking into opportunities abroad. Aguila also dropped his title on Konnan's final show, to the most bizarre man in NWA: MC, La Parka. There was absolutely NO reason Parka should have ever been over, but he was, and in a way he paved the way for other kinds of workers to get a foothold in the company, not the least of which debuted next year in a fashion reminiscent to Konnan's bursting onto the scene.




If you were anywhere in Mexico this year you already are quite familiar with the man who combined all the positive attributes of Konnan and Vampiro, the youngster who came to be known as 'El Terror de Tijuana' Tito Ortiz. It had been a full eight years since someone came along that was able to draw the attention that Ortiz did, and his arrival may have singlehandedly save the company from bankruptcy as business had grown lean towards the end of Konnan's final run. Ortiz was also the first worker in NWA: MC with a legitimate athletic background, and as a result that made him the man you love, or the man you love to hate. In less than five months Ortiz went from opening shows to winning the Heavyweight Title as many compared him favorably to another man who rose in meteoric fashion, former NWA World Champion Kurt Angle! Psicosis finally managed to make his way to NWA: MC after toiling for years in the Mexican independent scene, and captured the Lucha Libre title in a surprisingly great match with La Parka.




Chavo Guerrero finally re-established himself as a champion ending a near five year drought without gold when he beat Psicosis in August. Ortiz continued to dominate the Heavyweight Title ranks, Main Events, attendance figures and magazine ads as he came close to being the most talked about athlete in Mexico, falling just short to the national football team. Eventually, Ortiz fell in an epic encounter with Eddie Guerrero, in the Mexican Match of the Year, the company's first since '99. While Ortiz' 17 month reign couldn't match Konnan's record of 22 months a few years earlier, it did surpass it as the most successful championship run in the history of the company by all accounts. Dirt sheets claim that WCCW's Eric Bischoff was desperately trying to sign Ortiz to a contract, but Tito opted to stick it out with the company that made him a star, making him one of just a handful of men to spurn Bischoff's cash.




This year saw a resurgence of wrestlers who had been somewhat lost in the shuffle as Rey Jr., Super Crazy and Aguila got back into the fold with excellent matches throughout the year. Eddie's record tying 4th title run was perhaps his best to date as he stepped up his workrate in every match, earning 2004 International Wrestler of the Year honors despite never leaving the country! Given that an American, Canadian or Japanese worker had won that award every year since its inception, Eddie's historic victory brought about a renewed interest in NWA: MC, and led to Konnan telling the NWA Executive Board to "[bleep] off" when Eddie was being discussed as a potential NWA World Title contender. Eddie's furious workload however, also led to an untimely hamstring tear as he had to vacate the title just before an October supercard rematch with Ortiz, making this the first time in over 10 years of existence that NWA: MC didn't have a Heavyweight Champion. Ortiz regained the belt when he squashed Rey Jr. leading many to believe that Konnan now had a personal vendetta against him as everyone knew he was the head booker as well as owner. Chavo's 4th run with the Lucha Libre title ended when he lost to Super Crazy, a man who hadn't held the belt in over 4 years.




In early 2005 NWA: MC learned that fate can be incredibly cruel sometimes as both Ortiz AND Super Crazy suffered injuries in the same match, a January title versus title affair that ended in a double DQ. With no one really in position to take the belts and two champions in need of minor surgery, Konnan went with his old standbys as the Guerreros each claimed their 5th championship reign on February 26th. It was around this time that Konnan finally decided to bury the hatchet with the NWA, and as a result NWA: MC was finally able to use its talent elsewhere and also see workers from the US, Canada and Japan come in and out of the company. With Ortiz and Crazy back, storylines heated up although Konnan still seemingly refused to use Rey Jr. in any prominent role despite the fact he was one of the most popular workers in all of NWA Worldwide. On the annual October super show Eddie Guerrero successfully defended his title against Ortiz, but his nephew was not so lucky as Christian Cage became the first non-Latino to win the Lucha Libre crown since its inception in mid '96!




This was the year that Mexico City exploded into international prominence as Konnan declared war on WCCW & Eric Bischoff. That head to head battle was largely responsible for the destruction of NWA Americas and a handful of huge names jumping ship as Chavo Jr. fled to WCCW, while The Great Michinoku defected to NWA: MC in retaliation. Bischoff also lost The Black Panthers early on in the year, but when Konnan convinced Chris Jericho to no show his scheduled title defense against The Rock @ WrestleMania VII and show up to challenge Eddie Guerrero at this year's Triplemania this battle hit its apex. Eddie won the match and that ignited a controversy as to whether Guerrero or The Rock was the champ with Konnan claiming the former, and Bischoff claiming the latter. In any event, business was going very well for Konnan until Starrcade came around.


As we've learned in the past Konnan and Starrcade do not mix and this year was no different as both Guerrero and The Rock were defeated by 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit for the title. Benoit then spurned Konnan's offer and headed to WCCW as Bischoff cackled in the distance, but most importantly Eddie Guerrero exercised his option to finally terminate his contract with Mexico City and decided to jump ship to NWA: Los Angeles which was starting up a few weeks later!




Konnan was reeling as Guerrero's departure left a gaping hole at the top of his cards and he had to rethink some of his booking strategies. He was able to bring in The Giant who had been disgruntled with WCCW and realized that Benoit heading there meant his role would be further diminished. The Black Panthers quickly dropped the Tag Team titles early on in the year as Konnan pushed Mr. Benjamin to the title . . . only to have Bischoff offer him "the biggest contract in the history of NWA Worldwide" in June. Benjamin accepted and left behind both his girlfriend and partner, forcing Konnan to finally reconsider his grudge with Rey Jr. who experienced a resurgence. Team Hennig was also split up to add some depth to the Lucha Libre ranks while The Giant captured the Heavyweight Title and cemented himself as the man to beat. With the two most recognized tag teams in the company gone this left room for 'Hollywood' Shelly Martinez to capture her first championships as she guided Chessman & Ozz to the gold. Shelly had hit the jackpot here as Ozz continued to soar in popularity throughout the year and became one of the top draws in the company. Faby Apache made history when she and Rey Jr. won the Tag Team Titles in November, making Rey the first ever NWA: MC Triple Crown winner and Faby just the third woman in NWA Worldwide's existence to win a non female title after Nora Greenwald & LuFisto.




Ozz shocked the world when he beat The Giant cleanly in the middle of the ring drawing one of the loudest cheers ever heard at an NWA: MC event. At the conclusion of that show Faby Apache left after a contract dispute which allowed Rey to focus again on singles competition. Rey's meteoric rise back up through the ranks was complete when he unseated Ozz for the belt meaning he had held all three titles in the last 18 months leaving many to wonder why Konnan had sat on this opportunity for so long. Christian Cage reclaimed the Heavyweight Title and reunited with Sarah Stock making them NWA: MC's power couple once again. The Martinez Family also regained the titles and 'The Suntanned Superman' Ron Killings finally managed to win the Lucha Libre Title he had been vying for for almost 2 years. While NWA: MC was no longer as popular as it was in it's glory days from mid 2006 until January of 2007 it was thought to be in better shape as they no longer relied on their legendary figures like Konnan, Los Guerreros or Vampiro to sell tickets.




It was an awkward year for Konnan as he was forced to watch his long time friend and rival Eddie Guerrero regain the NWA World Heavyweight Title and earn his 2nd NWA International Wrestler of the Year Award. But Konnan ended up having the last laugh as Guerrero lost the title at Starrcade '09 on the same night that the supernova known as Mistico brought the NWA World Cruiserweight Title to Mexico City! While Konnan has struggled to do anything new with his Heavyweight ranks outside of a brief elevation of The Great Micihinoku, the Women's and Cruiserweight (Lucha Libre) divisions were considered the best in the world and have helped him maintain his position as someone whose voice is heard. Now that the NWA Worldwide board has finally rewarded him with undisputed control of one of the three NWA World championships it should be interesting to see whether he can maintain that momentum without completely sacrificing his promotion's top individual title which hasn't seen much buzz around it ever since Mysterio lost it at the tail end of '08.


Konnan was able to hit with a few other new stars alongside Mistico's rapid ascent from indy worker to NWA World Cruiserweight Champ though as he has now strung together 4 straight NWA International Female Wrestler of the Year award winners as Erin Toughill joined Melissa Anderson ('08), Ayako Hamada ('07) & Sarah Stock ('06) as the only winners since the award was reinstated following Nora Greenwald's death. The 5'10 170 pound former MMA fighter got into the business after she saw former American Gladiator alums Gina Carano (WCCW) & Justice Smith (Florida) succeed. It didn't hurt that she and another former MMA fighter, Tito Ortiz, quickly hit it off, started dating and eventually got engaged. That duo dominated most of the year, but both ended up dropping their titles towards the end of 2009. In the tag team ranks we also saw two new first time champs as Los Guerreros del Infierno & Los Barrio Boys won the belts between bookend reigns by The Martinez Family.


NWA: MC Heavyweight Title/Campeonato Mundial History


1/29/94 - 2/18/95 El Vampiro Canadiense (won an 8 man title tournament)

2/18/95 - 7/29/95 Konnan

7/29/95 - 10/28/95 El Scorpio

10/28/95 - 12/21/96 Konnan [2]

12/21/96 - 3/29/97 El Vampiro Canadiense [2]

3/29/97 - 10/25/97 Eddie Guerrero

10/25/97 - 2/28/98 Konnan [3]

2/28/98 - 10/31/98 El Scorpio [2]

10/31/98 - 10/30/99 Eddie Guerrero [2]

10/30/99 - 12/25/99 Rey Mysterio Jr.

12/25/99 - 10/27/01 Konnan [4]

10/27/01 - 5/25/02 Eddie Guerrero [3]

5/25/02 - 10/25/03 Tito Ortiz

10/25/03 - 10/10/04 Eddie Guerrero [4] (vacated due to injury)

10/23/04 - 2/26/05 Tito Ortiz [2]

2/26/05 - 4/16/06 Eddie Guerrero [5]

4/16/06 - 10/29/06 Christian Cage

10/29/06 - 6/24/07 Tito Ortiz [3]

6/24/07 - 1/20/08 The Giant

1/20/08 - 6/29/08 Ozz

6/29/08 - 10/26/08 Rey Mysterio Jr. [2]

10/26/08 - 1/17/09 Christian Cage [2]

1/17/09 - 3/15/09 The Great Michinoku

3/15/09 - 11/15/09 Tito Ortiz [4]

11/15/09 - current The Giant [2]


NWA: MC Lucha Libre Title History


6/22/96 - 1/25/97 Chavo Guerrero (defeated Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio Jr. in a triple threat match)

1/25/97 - 5/24/97 Rey Mysterio Jr.

5/24/97 - 7/26/97 Chavo Guerrero [2]

7/26/97 - 10/25/97 Rey Mysterio Jr. [2]

10/25/97 - 10/31/98 Chavo Guerrero [3]

10/31/98 - 7/24/99 Juventud Guerrera

7/24/99 - 3/25/00 Super Crazy

3/25/00 - 6/24/00 Mr. Aguila

6/24/00 - 10/28/00 Juventud Guerrera [2]

10/28/00 - 10/27/01 Mr. Aguila [2]

10/27/01 - 7/27/02 La Parka

7/27/02 - 8/23/03 Psicosis

8/23/03 - 6/19/04 Chavo Guerrero [4]

6/19/04 - 2/26/05 Super Crazy [2]

2/26/05 - 10/29/05 Chavo Guerrero [5]

10/29/05 - 3/19/06 Christian Cage

3/19/06 - 1/28/07 The Great Michinoku

1/28/07 - 6/24/07 Rey Mysterio Jr. [3]

6/24/07 - 10/21/07 The Great Michinoku [2]

10/21/07 - 3/30/08 Milano Collection AT

3/30/08 - 8/24/08 Armando Flores

8/24/08 - 2/22/09 'The Suntanned Superman' Ron Killings

2/22/09 - 4/26/09 Armando Flores [2]

4/26/09 - 6/28/09 Rey Mysterio Jr. [4]

6/28/09 - 12/27/09 Mistico (title was absorbed into the NWA World Cruiserweight Title when Mistico beat Teddy Hart for it)


NWA: MC Women's Title History


1/13/06 - 4/16/06 Lisa Marie Varon (won a fatal 4 way to become the initial champion)

4/16/06 - 8/27/06 Natasha Graves (previously known as Sarah Stock)

8/27/06 - 10/24/06 MIYUKI

10/24/06 - 1/28/07 Ayako Hamada

1/28/07 - 6/24/07 Melissa Anderson

6/24/07 - 12/18/07 Ayako Hamada [2]

12/18/07 - 3/11/08 Michiko Ohmukai

3/11/08 - 6/22/08 Marie Rougeau

6/22/08 - 11/23/08 Melissa Anderson [2]

11/23/08 - 3/22/09 Sarah Stock [2]

3/22/09 - 4/26/09 Amazona

4/26/09 - 10/25/09 Erin Toughill (won the title in her first match as part of NWA: MC)

10/25/09 - current Melissa Anderson [3]


NWA: MC Tag Team Title History


8/27/06 - 2/5/07 The Black Panthers (Mr. Benjamin & 'The Suntanned Superman' Ron Killings, won an 8 team tournament to become the initial champions)

2/5/07 - 6/24/07 Team Hennig (ARMANDO & MILANO)

6/24/07 - 11/16/07 The Martinez Family (Chessman & Ozz)

11/16/07 - 1/20/08 Faby Apache & Rey Mysterio Jr.

1/20/08 - 10/26/08 Los Locos (Juventud Guerrera & Super Crazy)

10/26/08 - 3/15/09 The Martinez Family [2]

3/15/09 - 8/23/09 Los Guerreros del Infierno (Rey Bucanero & Último Guerrero)

8/23/09 - 10/25/09 Los Barrio Boys (Alan & Billy Boy)

10/25/09 - current The Martinez Family [3]

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I'm just wondering if any of you guys reading this thread have any skill with making logos. I'd really like to update a handful of them that were originally made for the 04 or 05 versions of TEW.


I should also mention that I've decided to include a developmental promotion for NWA: NY since they're now # 1. It will be called NWA Tri-State and only have a handful of contracts since it will have just opened.

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NWA: Detroit was one of three promotions born during the June 2006 NWA Executive Board meeting. With NWA Americas on the verge of collapsing there were some fears amongst the executives that both NWA: Hardcore City & NWA: Memphis would face major issues as they extricated themselves from their working agreement with the much larger WCCW. As a result the board decided to expand in three regions, the South East, the Midwest and the South West. After much deliberation the order was set with NWA: Detroit being the first group that would be rolled out in October of 2006 and then NWA: Los Angeles following three months later (January 2007) and finally NWA: Florida three months after that in April of '07.


Detroit was originally envisioned to be a fall back plan in case Hardcore City failed considering that many have felt that Paul Heyman had burned out his fanbase by repeatedly using the same handful of people at the championship level. While Detroit was never going to be as heavily tilted towards blood, guts and extreme bumps, they did manage to carve a bit of a niche with a version of Strong Style that showcased a diverse range of lesser known stars. The primary reason that Detroit has been successful from its opening was a lack of competition in the region. The leadership was also wise to take chances on workers who had not been big names elsewhere as they were able to develop stars who largely had blank slates. While things did not always work out as you'll soon see, in Detroit is already a thriving and successful territory. 2009 proved to be something of a break out year for the Michigan based promotion, and if they can continue to capitalize on their two thriving stables and brand new Heavyweight champ Rhino Richards, 2010 could be the year they emerge as a major factor nationally.


The history of NWA: Detroit's Championships and major feuds




Given Detroit's decision to go with hard hitting action, it was logical that they started off by hoping to build around the most physically impressive and imposing member of their roster, the 6'6" 320 pound 'The Predator' Sylvester Terkay. While he had the right look and a legitimate athletic background, he was largely unable to sell tickets because he could not generate interest in his matches. In a shocking turn of events he was released less than 6 months after the date he was made the first champion in the promotion's history. Ironically, Terkay managed to salvage his career as NWA: Florida took a chance on him and he has since flourished as one of their cornerstones.




With Terkay failing to catch on, the leadership in Detroit decided to showcase their smaller, more athletic workers and created a Junior Heavyweight Title which was captured by Elijah Burke who, like Terkay, came from a legitimate sports background and had the right look. Unlike Terkay though, Burke was able to cut a promo and had the ability to draw the fans into his matches. The disparity between the marketability of the two became so pronounced at one point that Burke's title match headlined their March event. Terkay eventually dropped the belt to BJ Whitmer and was released. The Whitmer title reign was a success, and it was around this time that Detroit managed to negotiate their first TV deal as the Junior Heavyweight ranks continued to be a strong selling point.


Whitmer eventually dropped the title to LuFisto, who had left NWA: Mexico City months earlier when she grew tired of being part of their women's division. While some fans didn't like this choice it got the internet buzzing as she was booked to defend the belt against the Samoan savage UMAGA in the Main Event of their first ever Motor City Madness broadcast. The ratings for that show increased throughout and there was a major spike in the last 15 minutes which saw UMAGA brutalize the fiesty LuFisto and claim the championship after a devastating powerbomb on the floor. While LuFisto's reign lasted a mere two months, her popularity has soared ever since and eventually allowed the mammoth Amazing Kong to cross gender lines and wrestle against the men as well.




UMAGA eventually dropped the Heavyweight Title to rising star Mark Copani who was previously (in)famous for spurning his WCCW Developmental contract when he refused to play an Arab terrorist sympathizer appropriately named Muhammad Hassan. Copani's entrance into Detroit played off of this history as he was brought in as a counter to the militant Daivari who had been a major player in the Jr. Heavy ranks for the last year. Once Copani dispatched him he was pushed straight to the top and helped Detroit's fanbase grow as ticket sales were at their peak during his 5 months as champion. Eventually, Copani ran into a brick wall (figuratively) as he was taken down by Big Zeke and his associates, Burke & J.P. Money. While Zeke is not the most graceful wrestler that ever lived his imposing demeanor, massive musculature and his two henchmen have made him the top heel in the promotion. Just when it seemed like things could not get any better Detroit was perhaps given a gift when they managed to pick up Detroit native and former 4-time NWA: HC Heavyweight Champ Rhino Richards after he was let go. At just 33 years of age and incredibly motivated to prove his doubters wrong, Paul Heyman may have just given away a very marketable piece to the promotion that was created with his potential demise in mind.




2009 was the year that NWA: Detroit may have hit on something big as Arik Cannon, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli & Jimmy Jacobs aka the Men of Honor united to stop Big Zeke Productions, who had now added the immense Amazing Kong to the mix, from running roughshod over the rest of the roster after Big Zeke kayfabe injured Rhino with a "broken neck". Double C's victory over Zeke drew a huge ovation and Jacobs quickly found himself as the Jr. Heavyweight champ while Cannon and Hero have worked their way up the card as well. Richards eventually returned with a vengeance as he went through all of Zeke's crew one by one before ending the year as champion with a victory over Claudio in December. Detroit also added a Women's division and boast some of the hardest hitting female wrestlers in the world with Kong, former Heavyweight Champ LuFisto, the near 200 pound Vanessa Kraven and MsChif heading the ranks, although Daizee Haze may be their most valuable member since she regularly takes impressive bumps while working with these monsters.


NWA: Detroit Heavyweight Title History


11/26/06 - 4/22/07 'The Predator' Sylvester Terkay (won a 20 man over the top battle royal to become the inaugural champion)

4/22/07 - 9/23/07 BJ Whitmer

9/23/07 - 11/28/07 LuFisto

11/28/07 - 5/25/08 UMAGA (defeated LuFisto for the title on the first ever Motor City Madness TV show)

5/25/08 - 10/26/08 Mark Copani

10/26/08 - 7/15/09 Big Zeke

7/15/09 - 12/16/09 'Double C' Claudio Castagnoli

12/16/09 - current Rhino Richards


NWA: Detroit Junior Heavyweight Title History


2/18/07 - 6/24/07 Elijah Burke

6/24/07 - 10/28/07 Daivari

10/28/07 - 3/26/08 J.P. Money

3/26/08 - 9/3/08 Sonjay Dutt

9/3/08 - 4/22/09 Petey Williams

4/22/09 - 9/16/09 Chuck Taylor

9/16/09 - current Jimmy Jacobs


NWA: Detroit Women's Title History


3/11/09 - 8/26/09 Amazing Kong (named herself champion and dared anyone with a "beef" to do something about it)

8/26/09 - 11/11/09 Daizee Haze

11/11/09 - current Vanessa Kraven

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I'm just wondering if any of you guys reading this thread have any skill with making logos. I'd really like to update a handful of them that were originally made for the 04 or 05 versions of TEW.


I should also mention that I've decided to include a developmental promotion for NWA: NY since they're now # 1. It will be called NWA Tri-State and only have a handful of contracts since it will have just opened.


These any good?



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These any good?




I like those a lot actually. I don't know if you feel like making all of them or not, but the ones that really need to be fixed so they don't look stretched out are Canadian Stampede (Maple Leaf design), Hardcore City (graffiti style text), Memphis (TNA style logo), New York (doesn't have a design as of yet) & Tokyo (Japanese flag).



Just so everyone knows, I've done 13 of the 17 rosters so far, and just need to fix up HC, LA, NY & WCCW, so there's a good chance I'll be done with this before the end of the month.

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NWA: Southern States Reborn.


NWA: Florida was one of three promotions born during the June 2006 NWA Executive Board meeting. With NWA Americas on the verge of collapsing there were some fears amongst the executives that both NWA: Hardcore City & NWA: Memphis would face major issues as they extricated themselves from their working agreement with the much larger WCCW. As a result the board decided to expand in three regions, the South East, the Midwest and the South West. After much deliberation the order was set with NWA: Detroit being the first group that would be rolled out in October of 2006 and then NWA: Los Angeles following three months later (January 2007) and finally NWA: Florida three months after that in April of '07.


Florida came about as an offspring of the long defunct NWA: Southern States branch. A few decades ago Southern States was one of the most significant pieces of NWA Worldwide in the beginning trailing only NWA: Calgary Stampede & NWA: Texas in terms of importance and size. The Southern States in the name were technically Florida & Georgia although the promotion ran shows everywhere in the Deep South. When Texas began to grow exponentially they began to suffer losses and once NWA: NY and the newly renamed WCCW continued to poach their stars it was inevitable that Southern States would close up shop. As Detroit was created just in case NWA: Hardcore City failed, Florida's reappearance was done primarily in case NWA: Memphis went under after the failure of NWA Americas. In perhaps an homage to its roots, NWA: Florida has had a very strong tag team base in its brief existence though some would argue that they are a little bit light on top of the line singles talent. That is the primary reason that Florida's growth outside of the region has been minimal and why they need to infuse some new singles stars into their already existing talent base.


The history of NWA: Florida's Championships and major feuds




With both NWA: Detroit & NWA: LA having their pick of the free agent pool there was not a lot left for NWA: Florida to do except to look at workers who had not yet been able to make it big, or failed elsewhere. Fortunately, they were able to add some credibility to their early shows by building heavily around The Dudley Boys. While that was a logical decision, dusting off a star of a bygone era like The Sandman and pushing him as their top solo star was about as out there as one could imagine. Somehow though, it worked as The Sandman and The Dudleys quickly began to embrace the fact that the crowd began to turn on them and went on a violent heel rampage. The Sandman's body wouldn't hold up for very long though as he tore a ligament in his left knee and promptly dropped the title to Ace Steel who was in the right place at the right time. With The Sandman on the shelf, the men in charge of Florida took another risk by signing 'The Predator' Sylvester Terkay who had just failed miserably as the Heavyweight Champ in NWA: Detroit earlier in the year. He was paired up with So Cal Val who had been splitting time between LA & Florida and that pairing worked wonders for both of their careers as Val was able to give Terkay the edge that he needed and the crowd loved it when he took the title from Steel.




The love affair with Terkay didn't last long though, as he then aligned with The Dudleys and continued the reign of terror over the rest of the roster. Eventually, the youngsters broke through as the most recent version of "The Andersons" (Karl & Ken) beat the Dudleys in a tremendously vicious match which put D'Von out of action for a few months with a broken right arm. With one of The Dudleys out, Bubba attempted to work as a singles wrestler but was largely unable to do much aside from put over younger guys. The main beneficiary of this solo stint of Bubba's was young Erick Stevens who came from out of nowhere, rode the momentum his feud with Bubba provided him and ultimately ended Terkay's first reign as champ. While Stevens dropped the belt back to Terkay he now has the makings of a potential superstar. The tag team ranks continue to be a strong point as The Shanes (Mike & Todd) and America's Most Wanted proved to be more than capable of picking up the slack left behind when The Dudleys were out of commission. While The Dudleys are competing as a unit again at this point, they seem to be on their last legs just like The Sandman. The foundation is solid in Florida, but they desperately need to supplement their roster with a few larger names who aren't on the verge of retirement if they ever want to grow.




2009 was the year that Florida underwent a changing of the guard as they heavily pushed Stevens, Justice Smith, Matt Anoai & 'Slick' Nick Nemeth while phasing out some of their older draws like Ace Steel, The Sandman & The Dudleys all of whom found themselves off of the roster by the end of the year. With the Dudleys out of the tag team ranks, a hastily put together team of Brett DiBiase & Jimmy Snuka Jr. found themselves as tag team champs for a brief time before The Andersons won the belts back and kept them for the rest of the year. Ironically, the last year has seen the singles ranks have a much needed jolt of excitement while the tag team division is now incredibly stale, an almost complete reversal of the previous year and a half of NWA: Florida action.


NWA: Florida Heavyweight Title History


5/19/07 - 8/25/07 The Sandman (won a 4 man single night tournament to become the inaugural champion)

8/25/07 - 11/17/07 Ace Steel

11/17/07 - 6/21/08 'The Predator' Sylvester Terkay

6/21/08 - 10/25/08 Erick Stevens

10/25/08 - 1/27/09 The Predator [2]

1/27/09 - 3/24/09 Justice Smith

3/24/09 - 11/10/09 Erick Stevens [2]

11/10/09 - current 'Slick' Nick Nemeth


NWA: Florida Tag Team Title History


7/21/07 - 1/19/08 The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray & D'Von, def. The Andersons, The Shanes & AMW in a 4 team elimination match)

1/19/08 - 4/26/08 The Andersons (Karl & Ken)

4/26/08 - 8/23/08 Mike & Todd Shane

8/23/08 - 2/17/09 America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)

2/17/09 - 5/12/09 Brett DiBiase & Jimmy Snuka Jr.

5/12/09 - current The Andersons [2]

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Okay, did a couple more..




The Tokyo one looks very bland.. Lets see if I can figure out something better (anything is better than that really..)

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Okay, did a couple more..




The Tokyo one looks very bland.. Lets see if I can figure out something better (anything is better than that really..)


nice logos the memphis one is great but i think the canadian stampede would look better on a plain white bg

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