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real life stadiums

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and if any come to mind that you might want to add yourself, most major and mid-major stadiums, coliseums, etc. have their own website with an accurate listing for their seating.


it's the small ones used by local and small feds that are harder to come by. which a lot of local/small feds use VFW halls, National Guard Armories, Schools, bars, clubs, rec centers and more.


i know of one fed that packed 75 people and a ring in a former factory dining room. only one row of chairs was on the left side of the ring, none behind it and only the announcer on the right near the door. the other chairs were set with a path through the middle from the locker room which some nights was standing room only. imagine 15-20 guys with their gear trying to get ready in an area the ring couldn't fit in to.

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