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Workers you've had tough luck with

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The workers you've struggled to fit into your game style. The guys who've flopped with. Who for whatever reason have been your woulda, coulda, shoulda types.


Some of my mine by market would have to be:





The Big Problem (he's always wanted too much for how I usally play.)

Cheetah Boy (had been wanting him for ages. Finally got him in my current IWL game and I Glaciered him.)





Lion Heart. (Have had him a few times. Never been able to make anything of him.)


Trauma (Just never been able to work him in but so want to.)

Toronto Terror Ditto

Wizard of Ottawa Ditto





Armada (Had him a time or two in places that never got off the ground.)

El Pavo Real Ditto

Slayyer Ditto





The unemployed members of INSPIRE minus Haruhiro Tsumemasa (My attempt to play INSPIRE stalled like a YUGO)

Big Boss Kotoku (look his look and character. Just never found a use for him)

Booger Man Ditto

Tatsukichi Shichirobei (Unlike the last two, I've had him a couple times. Just never gotten him off the ground)





Before the current game I would have included Jake Panic and The Minor Annoyance but my IWL game's gotten both of them off the schnide.


The Scotsman ( Love his look. Never gotten a game off the ground with him)

The Dublin Destroyer Ditto

Frank Simmons Sensing a theme here?





Fortius Minimus (love the gimmick. Same luck as my UK guys)

Scheming Behemoth (So want to make this guy. His skills are amazing for a man his size. But between the politics costing him and my struggles, I want to cry for him.)





Wes Schnorfestt (Love the name. Haven't been able to find room for him.)

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For me, it is in my current game. I've started my own promotion, and I've hired Ekuma the Hawaiin (sp?) Strong Man. I was hoping that his skills would improve in time so he could become a Main Eventer, since he has good Menace, so I gave him my Midcard Title. But in every single match that he's been in he hasn't improved at all. I've checked in the editor and he literally hasn't improved at all, so I made him drop my midcard title. Now I don't know what to do with him, since all my plans for his push have failed.


From the "Your Biggest Flops" thread. :)

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In my newly beloved 0/0/0/0 game, The Dublin Destroyer has "exploded" in overness and is second probably only to Beast Bantom in terms of match quality so far. It isn't much, but he's definetly making a push to be a player in the company when I start bringing in real talent. I'm both shocked and delighted by how easily he's gotten over, especially because the people involved in the same segments haven't to the same degree.


The Scotsman... is at the top simply because I'm based out of Scotland, and he was default the most popular guy in the region on the roster (The Dublin Destroyer has since past him). That said... he's already a bad wrestler, and the drinking and hard drugs do nothing to help his cause. But I'm gonna stick with him long term, see if I can't get him to stop riding the white pony. He seems to have a decent potential roll and is showing some early signs of real development, so hey... maybe with time and love I can turn the guy into something more than a joke.

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From the "Your Biggest Flops" thread. :)


I actually put him in a tag team with The Big Problem and have gotten some alright results from them. I mean they dont set the card alight with the best match or anything and both suck in singles. but after a year or so I have them getting soild C- on the undercard well most events anyways


Mine would have to be Rodrick Remus. his one of my favs of the Cverse but can never get him to develop into anything more than what he already is

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Marc Speed.


Seriously, I've never had a game where I've signed this guy and he's lived up to what I consider to be his significant potential. He always seems to top out at the midcard at best, regardless of how I go about things with him.


Yeah same problem with me. In my zero to hero game, I signed him thinking he could carry the main event for awhile. After a few years half the roster passed him up.


I dont want his good skills go to waste so hes now in my tag division so that more people can get a rub from him.

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what do u mean by "Glaciered him"?


I mean I did the DO You Believe The Hype storyline with him and then struggled to find anything else for him. He's not really gotten over like I'd have liked and it's been leading me to regret having brought him in in the first place.. He's become the IWL version of Glacier

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Steve Flash - He's picked up some random long-term injuries in a couple of different games now where I've had him.


UK Dragon - I really like him, but the one time I managed to get ahold of him he unfortunately didn't gel with some other workers backstage and I think his performances and morale suffered as a result. I found it a little weird since he seems to have a friendly personality, but I suppose it can happen to anyone in the game from time to time.


Ant Man - Seems to be a favorite of a number of players who run indy promotions in the C-verse, and I admit I expected something good out of him based on his stats and such. But I couldn't improve him at all, no matter how many highly rated vets I put him in there with. Was nothing but a jabroni from the start of his contract until the end for me.


As for Wizard of Ottawa, I had nothing but good times with him. Of course, I didn't expect him to go any farther than lower-midcard (and in fact, I believe he spent most of his time with my promotion as an opener), but his style did fit in and the boys all seemed to love him (very positive influence, plus he developed at least three strong friendships with individual workers).

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