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Nutsy Bolts (Apples to Apples)

i effin rule

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So today I found a nifty little website where you can play an online version of Apples to Apples. For those who have never played the game, I'll try and explain it.



Each round has one of the players as a judge. The judge has an adjective card that is flipped over. All the other players play a card that best fits that adjective. The judge then picks the card (anonymously) that they think is the best, funniest, whatever.




Long story short, I have a private game up right now for GDS guy (there is no sign up required for this site). If you would like to play just follow this link and use the password "gds".




This game will expire, but I figure this thread can be used for others to create their own private games and post them.

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