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Best of Seven Match Series

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I think you should probably choose three matches in the series that you want really badly to be good. Like the first match and #5 and #7, or the first match and #6 or #7. Whatever. Do not make every single match a show stealing affair.


I've done a few series of matches, and I've found its best to plan ahead. Plan good matches and "bad" matches.


Intentionally tank the ratings of the "bad" matches for maximum effectiveness when the series is over. Use Keep Strong or Protect to create a penalty. Put the matches in the low points of shows. Put them on TV for motivation penalties. Just keep the expectations low for the big matches at the end.

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<p>Just keep some of the matches short. If you're expecting B or better grades in general then have two or three of them come in at sub-10 minutes. I think matches have to go over that to get above a 77/B.</p><p> </p><p>

Example: A heel who's ahead by a couple of points in the series can take a DQ loss around the 8 minute mark, sparking a big heat angle where they beat down the face, who gets sympathy for the beatdown, draws to within one point of the heel and gains momentum by winning the next match by a flash pin in 9 minutes in spite of their injuries.</p><p> </p><p>

You can also use road agent notes like calm/work the crowd to lower match ratings as the wrestlers will hold back when using them.</p>

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