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May 2018 Draft Hype/Signup

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Hey guys, back again with another real world draft. This one is going to be a May 2018 draft, and there will be 11 draftees, including myself.


The rules are as follows:


1. The draft order will be randomised and will follow Serpentine rules, I.E. 1-11, 11-1, 1-11


2. Each pick will have a time limit of 3 hours (Serpentine picks counting as 1)


3. If someone does not pick within the 3 hour limit, they will be skipped and we carry on with the next person in order. The skipped pick can be claimed at any time.


4. If someone misses 5 picks in a row then they will be removed from the draft and their picks will become available again starting from round 30


5. There will be 40 rounds in total


6. Workers who are either out of the business or severely injured are unable to be drafted as in-ring workers. This includes CM Punk, The Rock and Katsuyori Shibata (any others you aren't sure about feel free to ask about). They can still be drafted as staff though.


7. If you think you are going to be busy when your turn comes around please leave a list of workers you would like to draft. This isn't mandatory but really helps keep the draft running smoothly and helps prevent you having picks sniped while you are asleep.


8. Trades between companies are allowed while the draft is ongoing, whether this be a straight worker swap, or for draft picks. However once a worker is picked it can't be replaced for a worker who isn't drafted yet.


9. The first 3 draft picks for each company must be based in the companies home region, or be of that regions nationality. E.g. Japan can take Nakamura but can't take Styles until Round 4.


10. Backstage staff will be included in the 40 picks. They also aren't mandatory but highly encouraged as it makes every company able to run immediately. Owners and Head Bookers are required (They can be the same worker). If you don't pick a Owner/Head Booker we will pick the most suitable one for you.


11. Worker contracts will be set to suitable dispositions and gimmicks. If you want to ensure that your workers are the correct alignment either DM me a list of alignments or change them yourself in the editor.


12. Tag Teams will be drafted separately and will take up 2 picks. Although not a hard rule, general 'don't be a dick' policy applies, I.E. splitting up established teams (Jey and Jimmy Uso) or partners/managers (Rusev/Lana, Miz/Maryse). However partnerships such as Heyman/Lesnar can be split (These can also be checked with me before you pick).


13. Broadcast deals can be drafted. All you have to do is say whether it's a TV or Event deal and what network you want. Any deal will be default set to Primetime unless otherwise requested.




If you want to participate please leave your company name and location below. Schedules, Titles and Product aren't required just yet but please leave them before the end of the draft so that we can get this out as quick as possible. Draft will start at 4pm GMT the day after we get all 11 draftees confirmed.



1. Mikemanwba | US - South East | Apex Wrestling

2. NoLegsGaming | UK - North | Tier 1 Wrestling

3. Tardelli | Japan - Kanto | All Japan Pro Wrestling

4. alpha2117 |

5. ReyRey619?







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1. Mikemanwba | Apex Wrestling | South East, USA</p><p>

2. NoLegsGaming | TIER One Wrestling | Tri State, USA</p><p>

3. Tardelli | All Japan Pro Wrestling | Kanto, Japan</p><p>

4. alpha2117 | </p><p>

5. ReyRey619 | </p><p>

6. Martel123 | Global World Wrestling | USA</p><p>

7. BrayWyatT | Lucha Underground | South West, USA</p><p>

8. Likemikeish | Southern Style Wrestling | South West, USA</p><p>

9. Vamosrafa | Celtic Pro Wrestling | Ireland, British Isles</p><p>



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<blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="mikemanwba" data-cite="mikemanwba" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="45320" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>Ok, we have one more spot as well as needing locations for ReyRey, alpha and Destiny</div></blockquote><p> </p><p> Like I said I am quite happy most anywhere, at the moment USA is fullish so it wont be there. Which leaves Japan, Mexico, Europe, British Isles & Australia. Once I know where the unassigned person ReyRey & Destiny want to go I'll slot in. </p><p> </p><p> The mod has a few more Ozzie workers now so it's actually possible to go there now and repping the homeland could be fun. I like the guys in Japan but after last Novembers WWA Japan I doubt I can match that fed for fun value this draft but it would be fun to try. I've never played Mexico so that might be fun. There's one British fed but enough workers to have 2 competitors so that's an option but I'll probably just let Vamosrafa run there. Then there is Europe which actually has a fair few fun guys to play with. So all 5 areas hold appeal. Once those other people make their decisions I can just slot in and play wherever fate decides. </p><p> </p><p> I actually enjoy just kind of slotting into an empty space and trying to make it work.</p>
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If we don't hear back from Destiny about his location by the end of Tuesday we'll stick you in Scrazy. If everyone is in on time, stick around anyway because we tend to have someone back out fairly early. Draft will start at ~4pm GMT on Wednesday, so keep an eye out for the thread
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Hmmm so it's super heavily North American so I'll skip Canada, USA or Mexico (given Lucha Underground). Someones in Australia and British Isles. So I can either go to Europe or compete with Tardelli in Japan. Decisions ... Decisions. I'm leaning towards Japan.
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<p>Due to the competition in the South, I'm going to move up the North West of the USA, NoLegs is moving to the North of the UK. We just need a location in USA for Martel and a company name/location in Japan for alpha. Going to move the draft up to Tuesday 4pm GMT, so we're starting on May 1st. Keep an eye out for the draft thread, the random draft order will be in the opening post there.</p><p> </p><p>


1. Mikemanwba | Apex Wrestling | North West, USA</p><p>

2. NoLegsGaming | TIER One Wrestling | North, United Kingdom</p><p>

3. Tardelli | All Japan Pro Wrestling | Kanto, Japan</p><p>

4. alpha2117 | -------- | Japan</p><p>

5. ReyRey619 | New England Wrestling Association | New England, USA</p><p>

6. Martel123 | Global World Wrestling | USA</p><p>

7. BrayWyatT | Lucha Underground | South West, USA</p><p>

8. Likemikeish | Southern Style Wrestling | South West, USA</p><p>

9. Vamosrafa | Celtic Pro Wrestling | Ireland, British Isles</p><p>

10. Destiny | Destiny Wrestling Association | South East, USA</p><p>

11. ThePerfectAndroid | Melbourne City Wrestling | Eastern Australia</p>

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<p>As always the mighty WWA! I'll run out of Kinki Japan</p><p> </p><p>

WWA Japan</p><p> </p><p>

Promotion Name: WWA </p><p>

Promotion Short Name: WWA</p><p>

Promotion Home Region: Kinki, Japan</p><p>

Strategy: Traditional Puro reso Entertainment</p><p>

Drug Policy: Medium</p><p>

Fix Belts: Yes</p><p>

Regular Promotion OR Touring Promotion: Regular</p><p>

IF Touring, during which months?: NA</p><p> </p><p>


Product- Name: Puro reso Entertainment</p><p>

AI for Events: 1v1= 35, 2v2= 30, 3v3= 25, 3-way = 5, 4-way = 5 Match Ratio= 90</p><p>

AI for TV: 1v1= 35, 2v2= 30, 3v3= 25, 3-way = 5, 4-way = 5, Match Ratio= 70</p><p> </p><p>

Product Appeal: NJPW's with noted changes</p><p> </p><p>

Traditional = Key</p><p>

Mainstream = Medium (up from Low)</p><p>

Comedy =very low</p><p>

Cult = none</p><p>

Risque = low</p><p>

Modern = medium</p><p>

Realism = medium (down from Key)</p><p>

Hyper Realism = low</p><p>

Hardcore = low</p><p>

Lucha Libre = low</p><p>

Pure = low</p><p>

Daredevil = low</p><p>

Match Intensity: 50% (down from 80)</p><p>

Match Danger: 40%</p><p>

Womens Wrestling: integrated (added)</p><p>

T&A Levels: high (added)</p><p>

Face/Heel Divide: no</p><p> </p><p>

Events: (I am just re-using existing event names because they have graphics) all will be 4 hrs long</p><p> </p><p>

Jan Sun wk 4 - Wrestle Kingdom </p><p>

Feb sun wk 4 - Vengeance</p><p>

Mar sun wk 4 - Deadly Games</p><p>

Apr sun wk 4 - Wrestlemania </p><p>

May sun wk 4 - Genesis </p><p>

Jun sun wk 4 - Battleground </p><p>

July sun wk 4 - Summerslam </p><p>

Aug sun wk 4 - Mayhem</p><p>

Sep sun wk 4 - Starrcade</p><p>

Oct sun wk 4 - Halloween Havoc </p><p>

Nov sun wk 4 -Devils Playground</p><p>

Dec sun wk 4 -Ashes of December</p><p> </p><p>

Titles: Long term planned</p><p> </p><p>

King of Kings - Main event - Mens (Generic C-Verse KOK_</p><p>

Queen of the Ring - floating - Womens (Generic C-Verse QoR)</p><p>

Dragon Warriors - floating - Integrated Trios (C-Verse HINOTE Dragon Warrior) </p><p>

Gladiators - Floating - Mens Tag (WWE Undisputed Tag)</p><p>

Balance - Floating - Mixed Tag (Progress Tag Team - Love the Yin Yang design for a mixed tag)</p><p>

Witch Queens - Floating - Womens Tag (_Gen Title 1.jpg)</p><p>

J Bomb - Mens Lightweight - (WWE Cruiserweight 2016)</p><p>

Princes of the Universe -Mens Lighteight Tag - (WWE Raw Tag)</p><p> </p><p>

TV to be announce</p><p> </p><p>

TV Shows</p><p> </p><p>

A Show Mon - Raw Attitude (Use C-Verse) 2hrs</p><p>

A Show Wed - Smackdown 2 hrs</p><p>

B Show Saturday on WWA Network - Ronin - (Use WWA Japan logo from C-Verse) 2 hrs</p>

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