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Battle of The Finishers


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I was recently talking with some people about Owens using the stunner as a rip off of Austin. I disagree and feel like if a wrestler has retired or is in another company why not use a move if you make it your own and aren't doing it in the exact same way it isn't a rip off. I used the DDT as the biggest example of this. With several wrestlers using the DDT and it's many variants since Jake Roberts. But now it sparked an idea of a tournament of sorts of who did it best for various finishers. I will post a few moves and we can debate who did it best and why. Feel free to add your own as well.


Bret Hart's Sharpshooter vs Sting's Scorpion Deathlock - I prefer the Deathlock as Sting always seemed to add more pressure to the legs as he held them higher up, and he leaned back further as well. Where Bret just sat on the other wrestler's lower back. Wild card may be Owen Hart's


Jacknife Powerbomb - Kevin Nash vs Sid Vicious - Nash's always seemed like he was barely getting the guy up before just dropping him, Vicious at least followed through a bit to really slam the guy.


Triple H's Pedigree vs Stevie Ray's Flapjack - For me Stevie Ray's way of picking the guy up before dropping him always looked like death. While the Pedigree is devastating as well, and Stevie Ray outside of the Flapjack was terrible, that Flapjack was killer. Wildcard for Seth Rollins.


Eddie Guerrero's Frog Splash vs Rob Van Dam's Five Star Frog Splash - I will call this one a draw, as both added their own flavor to this move.


The DDT Battle Royal - For this we will include as many variants as possible, and it is only for wrestlers who used it as a finisher not as a secondary move. Jake Roberts, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Cactus Jack, Jon Moxley, Andrade, Kenta Kobashi, Paige, Stevie Richards, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Roode, Heath Slater, Gangrel, Finn Balor.

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So many people using the DDT basically killed it as a top level finish. Same thing almost happened to the RKO on the indies, and I'll bet when Orton's done it'll become 'just another move'. Owens using the Stunner could open the door to the same treatment.


Sharpshooter vs Deathlock? Moves like that depend on who's taking it. Jericho had to change the Lion Tamer when he moved to WWF because his new opponents didn't have backs that could take a good cranking. I guess Sting was working main event guys... I'd need to see how their put it on the same people.

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Well Jericho used a Boston Crab variant as the Lion Tamer. This isn't the same as the Deathlock/Sharpshooter. You would need to compare Bret and Sting. Bret would tuck the inside leg behind the knee, while Sting tucked the ankles against each other.


Thinking about it I came up with another one.


Dean Malenko's Texas Cloverleaf vs Sheamus' Four Leaf Clover.

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