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WCW: What If?...

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OOC:Quick summary, this diary takes place in 1994 WCW. Using the Clash of the Titans mod of course...This save however starts in July 1994, and WCW were unable to get Hulk Hogan to jump ship, as well as all the other personalities that came with him. Now we see where WCW could have gone without Hogan and the boom he brought...Also to give a heads up, for the most part only PPVs will have full details. TV will have quick results, and major angles will be detailed. I tend to play for hours and get through large chunks of the game at a time, so this will be the easiest way for me to do this diary...


JUNE 1st 1994

Sitting inside the large office of Turner Broadcastings head honcho Ted Turner, sits Eric Bischoff. Standing at a large window looking out is none other then the man himself...Ted Turner...


Ted Turner: "Eric, I am going to be honest with you...With us unable to secure Hogan I really don't know if we will be able to compete..."


Eric looking befuddled answers back


Eric Bischoff: "What are you getting at Ted?"


Ted Turner slowly turns around and walks over and sits on the edge of his desk in front of Bischoff.


Ted Turner: "Eric...I am putting WCW up for sale, without Hogan, I don't think WCW will ever be where I want it to be."


Eric Bischoff completely taken aback by Ted's statement responds...


Eric Bischoff: "Ted, what are you talking about? You have a roster loaded with potential. You still have Flair, Sting, Steamboat, not to mention future starts in Steve Austin, Jean-Paul Levesque, Cactus Jack, DDP, and Brian Pillman. Sure none of them are to the level of Hulk, and yes we wont get the rocket strapped to WCW like we would like to have. But honestly Ted, give this group of guys time, let them grow, they have the potential to be an actual alternative, and a potential threat."


Ted Turner puts his hand up to stop Eric.


Ted Turner: "I know Eric, that's why I brought you here. You see, before I make the announcement WCW is for sale I want to give you the chance to have a first crack at buying the company. I have no interest anymore in being involved in the wrestling world. But you have a drive, and you see the potential in these guys."


Eric Bischoff: "Ted, this is all so out of the blue, I mean, I have friends with deep pockets who might be interested, but without TV or PPV it wont last..."


Ted Turner: (Ted shakes his head and agrees.) "You are right, that is why I have decided, and this offer is only for you. If you can find the investors to buy the company, Turner Broadcasting will always have an open door policy with WCW. You see Eric, I don't want wrestling off of my airwaves, I just want my personal money out of wrestling."


Eric Bischoff falls back in his chair, completely floored by what he has heard...


Eric Bischoff: "Ted, I just...I just don't know what to say..."


Ted Turner: "Well Eric, if you truly see potential in this company, I will give you thirty days to secure the funds needed to buy the company. After the thirty days, I will go public and put WCW up for sale, understand?"


Eric stands up, still in shock, shakes Ted Turner's hand and shakes his head yes. Eric leaves the office swiftly...perhaps to get the funding?...

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I am definitely going to be following this dynasty. WCW in this time period without Hogan. My dream come true lol.


Yeah, as a child growing up in Florida, WCW was always my favorite promotion. While I still loved WWF, WCW just had this rawness to it. And even tho financially 1994 and 1995 were two of the worst years for pro wrestling in general, WCW was still putting out good, quality PPVs and shows. I've actually been watching a lot of WCW related material about this timeframe on the WWE Network lately, hence my inspiration to do this period in time.


I have a very cool story arc set up for Starrcade 1994 that I can't wait to let unfold.

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JULY 1st 1994


Ted Turner sits at his desk with Eric Bischoff directly across from him. Turner is holding what appears to be a contract. Turner is slowly looking things over. Off to Turner's left is a man in a suit, most likely a lawyer of some sorts...


Ted Turner: "Eric, my lawyer and I have reviewed this offer. And while the money you have offered is a little lower than I initially would have liked. I still think this is a very good offer. I have accepted the offer, and would like to add a few provisions to the contract if you don't mind..."


Eric Bischoff looks rather perplexed at Ted Turner...


Eric Bischoff: "Provisions?"


Ted Turner: "Yes, provisions. You see I am going to let you keep your time slots of television and pay-per-view. But I will be cutting the television contracts in half, originally there were six months left for both Main Event, and Saturday Night. And I am only doing this so you can get yourself situated into your new role as owner, and get the ball rolling. Because I am sure you want to make WCW into your vision, and I can sense you want change. This will give you enough time to establish storylines and if you want get a new show going. Like I said, I would like to continue a relationship with WCW on my airwaves, and the door is always open. But also remember this is the television business and if ratings don't reflect what I am looking for, I will cancel your television deals."


Eric Bischoff: "Seems like a fair deal, and you are right I do want to change things up a bit. I have an idea for a one hour broadcast to replace Saturday Night as my main show, but what about my pay-per-view slot?"


Ted Turner: "Your pay-per-view deal will not be touched. You have one full year on your contract left. I did this so if things were to happen on the television side, you would still have another way to get WCW to the people."


Eric Bischoff gives a slight smile


Eric Bischoff: "You really seem to want this thing to succeed."


Ted Turner: "Yes I do, like I said I just want my personal money out of wrestling, but I don't want out of it. That's why I am being generous with television and pay-per-view. Now tell me, what kind of show do you have in mind?"


Eric Bischoff leans in on Ted Turner's desk


Eric Bischoff: "Well you know how Vince McMahon has RAW? Well my idea is a show called WCW Monday Nitro. You see the demographic we want to target aren't home at 6:05pm on a Saturday night anymore. They are out with their friends blowing off steam after working their butts off all week. No see with Nitro I want to give the working man or women who comes home after a long day at work something to look forward too. A one hour, live broadcast of the very best WCW has to offer. I'm talking WCW's biggest and best in pay-per-view quality match-ups...for free."


Ted Turner leans back in his chair, soaking in what Eric Bischoff just told him.


Ted Turner: "That actually sounds like a great idea, if you choose to take that idea to another network that's your business. But, I would hope in three months when the contracts come up you would come see me first. Because I would be very much open to getting you in the best spot I could on my network."


Eric Bischoff slowly stands up and reaches out his hand and shakes Ted Turner's.


Eric Bischoff: "Mr. Turner, you have been generous to me for this entire ordeal, and just like you gave me first option on WCW. I will return the favor, I will see you in three months, and we will discuss Nitro's future..."


The men finish with a strong handshake as Bischoff heads out of the office.

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Current Champions


WCW World Heavyweight Champion

Ric Flair


WCW United States Heavyweight Champion

'Stunning' Steve Austin


WCW World Television Champion

Lord Steven Regal


WCW World Tag Team Champions

Truth or Consequences



Current Roster


Arn Anderson

Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat


Ray Traylor

Ric Flair

'Stunning' Steve Austin


Terry Funk

Brian Pillman

Dustin Rhodes

Lord Steven Regal


Ron Simmons

Cactus Jack

Kevin Sullivan

Paul Orndorff

Dave Sullivan

Johnny B. Badd

Scott Stud

Bobby Eaton

Diamond Dallas Page

Jean-Paul Levesque

Marcus Alexander Bagwell

The Patriot

Booker T

Stevie Ray

Brian Knobbs

Jerry Saggs

Alex Wright

Brad Armstrong

Brian Armstrong

Shanghai Pierce

Bunkhouse Buck

Paul Roma

Big Bad John

Sgt. Craig Pittman

Frank Andersson

Tex Slazenger

Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

Lt. James Earl Wright


Tag Teams


Stud Stable:Bunkhouse Buck/Terry Funk w/Col. Rob Parker

Truth or Consequences:Cactus Jack/Kevin Sullivan

Harlem Heat:Booker T/Stevie Ray

Pretty Wonderful:Paul Orndorff/Paul Roma

Stars N' Stripes:The Patriot/Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Texas Hitmen:Tex Slazenger/Shanghai Pierce

The Armstrongs:Brad Armstrong/Brian Armstrong

Nasty Boys:Brian Knobbs/Jerry Saggs

State Patrol:Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker/Lt. James Earl Wright

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1st Week of July 1994


We are backstage for tonight's WCW Saturday Night and WCW Main Event television taping. It's early afternoon, and everyone from roster to crew members and staff are situated for a 'town hall' meeting. A stage is set-up with a microphone, a giant WCW banner is draped in the background. Workers are seen talking with one another over just what is going on. As the news of Eric Bischoff purchasing WCW hasn't made the rounds yet. Just then the room goes silent as Eric Bischoff makes his way up to the stage and grabs the microphone...


Eric Bischoff: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this WCW town hall meeting...I am sure a lot of you are curious as to what is going on, and why this meeting is being held."


Everyone standing around starts to murmer and shake their heads.


Eric Bischoff: "Well to make a long story short, I, Eric Bischoff have bought WCW from Ted Turner..."


A large gasp is heard from the workers, and a real sudden feel of uncertainty begins to form...


Eric Bischoff: "Now, before we go any further, I want everyone in this room to know that nobody is going anywhere. You see usually when a new owner or management comes in people are cut in an effort to save money. Well that is not what I want to do, you see everyone's current contracts will be honored, and as contracts come up, everyone will be dealt with on a case by case basis. And then, and only then will people be let go, so if your contract is up soon my advice would be to go out there and show me why I should keep you, and not find someone new."


The uncertainty feeling has now gone away, and most workers are seen with smiles and a little more relaxed...Just then Ric Flair speaks up.


Ric Flair: "Well I for one am excited about the future. But I have a question Eric, was the rumor true about Hogan?


Eric Bischoff: "To be honest...Yes, we did try and bring Hogan in, he was going to be your opponent at Bash at the Beach Ric. But Hogan got cold feet and decided to work on his television show, as well as work a new deal with WWF..."


The group of workers are stunned at what they just heard from Bischoff.


Eric Bischoff: "Enough about Hogan tho, it's time to move forward look to the future. Which is why tonight we hit the reset button...partially. You see all champions will keep their titles. But as far as current storylines, those are thrown out of the window. Tonight for Saturday Night we will have ourselves a big double Main Event. First, Truth or Consequences the team of Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan will be defending their WCW World Tag Team Championships against the Stud Stable, Terry Funk and Bunkhouse Buck. As well as 'Stunning' Steve Austin will be putting his WCW United States Championship on the line, against non other than STING!"


The workers are now getting excited, a large grin comes across the face of Sting. 'Stunning" Steve Austin can be seen visibly pissed off kicking garbage cans.


Eric Bischoff: "As for the rest of the card...Arn Anderson will go one on one with Bobby Eaton. Dustin Rhodes will battle Vader, Brian Pillman will go one on one with Ron Simmons. I will be adding a match or two last minute, but for now, this is the lay out for tonight's show. Good luck to all involved, and remember if you are booked and your contract is up soon, give me a reason to keep you...


Everyone begins to leave so they can prepare for tonight's show. Eric spots Alex Wright in the crowd.


Eric Bischoff: "ALEX!"


Alex Wright looks at Bischoff...


Eric Bischoff: "Come over here for a second I'd like to speak with you..."


Alex Wright walks over to the stage as Eric hops down and drapes his arm across Alex Wright's shoulder. The two men begin to walk off, and you just hear a small bit of their conversation.


Alex Wright: "Am I in trouble Eric?"


Eric Bischoff: "No no, the opposite, tell me Alex have you ever heard of the wrestling term...Cruiserweight?"


Both men proceed further away, as their conversation is now muffled and unable to be heard.


WCW Saturday Night Card:




WCW United States Championship

Sting vs. 'Stunning' Steve Austin ©

This match has the potential to be an absolute classic. Steve Austin feels blindsided by this match announcement. Will this affect his game? Or will Steve Austin rise to the occasion and defeat his biggest opponent to date?


WCW World Tag Team Championship

The Stud Stable vs. Truth or Consequences ©

This match will get, as a legendary announcer once said, bowling shoe ugly. Two teams that have no regard for their own safety, let alone their opponents. This match could end up going all over the building, but I mean let's be honest it will. Two of the nastiest, meanest teams collide, in what is sure to be a knock down, drag out, brawl.


Also Announced...

Arn Anderson vs. Bobby Eaton

Dustin Rhodes vs. Vader

Brian Pillman vs. Ron Simmons

And two other matches yet to be announced!!!

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WCW Saturday Night Card:






WCW United States Championship


Sting vs. 'Stunning' Steve Austin ©


WCW World Tag Team Championship


The Stud Stable vs. Truth or Consequences © - Double DQ


Also Announced...


Arn Anderson vs. Bobby Eaton

Dustin Rhodes vs. Vader

Brian Pillman vs. Ron Simmons

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1st Week of July 1994


Backstage Incidents:

Marcus Alexander Bagwell missed a pre show media interview. Gave him a stern talking too, as I see Bagwell as a future player, and future stars don't behave in that manner.


Paul Roma was being a jerk backstage, and decided to pick a fight with Scot Stud, The rest of the locker room had to break it up, before Stud made Roma his bitch. Pulled Roma aside and gave him a very stern warning about his attitude, and that this won't be tolerated. He didn't seem to like that much, but I don't care, no one likes him, hell not even his own partner. It's ok tho as I have another punishment lined up for later.


In a very odd turn of events Tex Slazenger was taken under the wing of Ric Flair. And now Slazenger is the protege of 'Naich...Interesting?




WCW Main Event

This show was filmed before WCW Saturday Night.


Lord Steven Regal def. Johnny B. Badd

Regal retained his WCW World Television Championship in 13:28, when he blasted Johnny B. Badd with a foreign object, and then slapped on the Regal Stretch.


Stars N' Stripes def. Pretty Wonderful

In the semi-main, Marcus Bagwell got the pin over Paul Roma in 12:41. Nothing noteworthy came out of this encounter.


Jean-Paul Levesque def. Scot Stud

In my opening contest, Jean-Paul Levesque went over Scot Stud in 8:20 when Levesque hit the Pedigree to secure the win.


Overall Show Grade: 72*




WCW Saturday Night


The show opens with Tony Schiavone, Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan, and Larry Zbyszko making the formal announcement about Eric Bischoff's purchase of WCW. They each share their own thoughts on the matter. They also give a run down of tonight's major match ups.




Harlem Heat def. The Armstrongs

This match kicked things off, and saw Harlem Heat pick up the victory in 6:29.




Meng def. Dave Sullivan

In the second match of the night Meng made quick work of Dave Sullivan in 3:09.




Brian Pillman def. Ron Simmons

In a great match, Brian Pillman shocked everyone when he caught Ron Simmons out of nowhere with a roll up pinfall at 7:48.



Brian Pillman is celebrating his post match victory over Ron Simmons. Simmons, angry he was just defeated by Pillman snaps! Ron attacks Brian Pillman from behind and starts to put the boots to him. Leaving Brian Pillman down clutching his ribs.




Backstage Sting Promo

Nothing of note here, as Sting is just backstage hyping his Main Event WCW United States title match against 'Stunning' Steve Austin.




Vader def. Dustin Rhodes

In a great big man match. Vader picks up the victory in 10:26 with a submission.




Backstage Steve Austin Promo

Steve Austin is backstage, hyping up his Main Event match with Sting. Livid about how this match was sprung on him just earlier today. Austin is already making a list of excuses as if he has already lost the match.




Arn Anderson def. Bobby Eaton

In a highly anticipated encounter, Arn Anderson was able to secure the victory in 12:35 with the DDT.




Ric Flair Open Challenge

Ric Flair's music hits, and the crowd gets excited. Flair steps out of the entrance area. Dressed in only the best, and carrying the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Flair makes his way to the ring, and on his way there asks for a microphone.


Ric Flair:



The crowd Woos back at Ric


Ric Flair:

"You all are probably wondering why I am out here. Well I am going to tell you why...You see WCW was trying to get Hulk Hogan here to face me at Bash at the Beach, for this here WCW World's Heavyweight Championship."


The crowd starts to beam with excitement


Ric Flair:

"Well it didn't happen, you see, Hogan got cold feet when he found out he would be facing 'The Nature Boy.' So Hogan decided to stay down in Sarasota and film that god awful television show of his, as well as try and work out a new deal with that company up north. And to that I say...GOOD RIDDENCE!"


The crowd begins to boo, now that they know Hogan is not coming.


Ric Flair:

"I don't get what you people see in him. Hogan couldn't even lace the boots of anyone in our locker room. That is why I am happy he is not here, because now I can issue an open challenge to a real wrestler. You see, I am obligated as Champion to defend my title at the upcoming Bash at the Beach. And WCW has decided to give me cart blanch of who to wrestle. And since I can't think of anyone off the top of my head I deem worthy, I will let someone step up and change my mind. So next week, right here on WCW Saturday Night. I expect someone to step up!"


With that bombshell announcement Flair leaves, and jaw jacks with the crowd...




The Stud Stable went to a Draw with Truth or Consequences

In the Semi Main Event, a match for the WCW World Tag Team Championships, that we had a feeling would get out of hand, did. And in 10:15 the referee called the match and counted out both teams as he lost control.



The chaos continues as both teams proceed to beat on each other, and use anything that isn't nailed down as a weapon. A host of security and other wrestlers have to come out just to break up the four men. And people can tell that this chaos is only getting started.




Sting def. 'Stunning' Steve Austin via DQ

In the night's Main Event for the WCW United States Championship, Sting would secure the victory, but not the Championship. And late in match at the 17:32 mark, Steve Austin feeling overwhelmed decided to use the Champion's advantage and hit Sting with a blatant low blow in front of the referee.




Overall Show Grade: 73*




Post Show Notes:

Cactus Jack broke his toe during the Tag Title Match, giving him next week off, as well as Terry Funk who is dealing with fatigue issues.




Hype for Next Week:

Who will step up and answer Ric Flair's Challenge?


What's next for the WCW World Tag Team Championship?


Will Sting be granted a re-match due to the blatant DQ by Austin?




Key Matches for Next Week:

Ricky Steamboat vs. Lord Steven Regal - WCW World Television Championship


Kevin Sullivan vs. Bunkhouse Buck


Ray Traylor vs. Meng


Stars N' Stripes vs. Harlem Heat


...Plus a few more matches TBA!!!

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Who will step up and answer Ric Flair's Challenge? Vader


What's next for the WCW World Tag Team Championship? Tournament


Will Sting be granted a re-match due to the blatant DQ by Austin? Yes


Key Matches for Next Week:

Ricky Steamboat vs. Lord Steven Regal - WCW World Television Championship


Kevin Sullivan vs. Bunkhouse Buck


Ray Traylor vs. Meng


Stars N' Stripes vs. Harlem Heat

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