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Kana's RW Free Pictures (Generated by AI)

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Download: Click (700 pictures, updated 19/01/2020)





This is a free picture pack currently consisting of 700 pictures - 350 men, 350 women - that are all generated by an AI using a huge database of images of people, then building entirely new faces based on those images. None of the people in the pack actually exist, they're not models or celebrities.


If you notice some cutting mistakes, hit me up and I'll see if I can fix them. It's entirely possible that there are a couple of mistakes, but it's also possible that the errors were there to begin with. The AI is not perfect, so there might be small flaws and quirks. For the most part the quality of the images should be good and consistent, though, as can be seen from the examples above.


Feel free to use them in your own mods, credit is appreciated but not required.

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Good work and thank you!

I always aim to have the hugest free picture database possible.. nothing worse than a worker with no picture in my games.


I usually just edit the game data (in game) if I find a new generated worker with no picture. I find a picture on the internet that matches their physical traits - age. I find that the game often puts a portrait on a worker that doesn't really fit and this bothers me as well (most free pictures are not listed as ugly, good looking etc). You get a portrait of a hottie on someone with a Sex Appeal of 12 and it doesn't really make any sense.

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