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Why are the rating numbers so much smaller in this version of the game?

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This whole game is based around numbers, yet even though the width of the game has increased, the numbers have gone from being big and bold to being tiny and muted. This makes everything you do feel inconsequential.


'16 popularity:


'20 popularity:



'16 popularity progress:


'20 popularity progress:



'16 previous show ratings:


'20 previous show ratings:



'16 belt prestige:


'20 belt prestige:



And now for the worst example, the match rating when you're booking a show:


'16 match rating:


'20 match rating:



It's barely visible, like it's an afterthought, when it's in fact the whole point of the game.


I've been trying to work out why I just cannot get into this game and I think this is part of the issue. Everything meaningful isn't highlighted as being meaningful.

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This is the one thing that still bugs me like hell. How is it that, with all the additional screen space, the most important numbers in the game are barely visible? I've come to love many of the new features and find the game superior to TEW16, but this is really taking away from my enjoyment. Thank you for the nice overview :-)
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I echo this issue. Information such as ratings use to be a lot easier to take in due to the boldness the images>text would show.


Where as you would just be able to quickly glance at things and take in the information, now it feels a lot more laborious.


Putting aside the face it doesn't allow Letter Grades or a Mix of Letter and Number grades, the side of the text does just blend in. I hope we have some movement with patches for this issue, but i don't see it coming myself. Its one of the many UI/UX issues i've run into that's really putting a dampener on playing the game. What was fun feels more like a task.

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Also, there is literally NO reason for this change. The additional space of the boxes in the match view for example is almost always empty anyways...



The change from Graphic Ratings to Text ratings is one of my biggest dislikes. It makes the info on every page harder to digest. I guess with the new feature of colored text and the new "Scouting" feature it made the change seem worth it, but sadly its one i could have and would have done without.

I remain hopeful for a change, across every screen bar-none, however simply changing screens Such as match, show and then Popularity and Skills pop-out pages would make a huge difference.

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