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PLEASE... Tour Importance + # of Dates

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This is sort of piggy backing off another thread I made for context: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=546585


I think touring has been a problem since I got into TEW in '13. It was bad enough in '16 that I just didn't use it at all and made a sort of "artificial" touring schedule instead, just mimicking real world companies.


The scheduling has sort of changed and made the life of someone playing Japanese companies a bit easier when it comes to setting up the schedule. Unfortunately, the paint brush mechanic of scheduling tours just doesnt really work to simulate how Japanese companies tend to work. I wont use NJPW as an example but look at AJPW and their Champion Carnival tour, almost all of their shows except one or two were broadcast on AJPW TV or Samurai TV.


My proposal is that the game incorporates tour importance options when generating a tour and also # of shows. I think this would make setting up tours much more fluid for mod makers but also for people who play Japanese companies in general.


Tour importance should dictate how many of these events are "Touring Intent" style event vs. "Normal Intent" style event. So when Im running a Champion Carnival, it becomes real easy. I say "Very High" importance and it generates ALL the events as "Normal Intent" plus I dictate how many events (say 18) and the time span (minimum of 18 days obviously).


If I want to book say the Dream Powers Series which had 3/9 events broadcasted, I could say I want "Low Importance" and about 33% of the events generated are "Normal Intent" and 66% are "Touring Intent" and obviously I say I want 9 events.


Add a section in the guidebook making clear what percentage the game will aim for based on importance.


0/25/50/75/100 aka Very Low, Low, Normal, High, Very High importance.


To me this seems to be the best solution to allowing players to simulate more realistic touring schedules without having to spend an obscene amount of time fiddling with individual events and would really make scheduling for RW companies for mod makers easily. Plus, incorporated into the CVerse, it would add much more variety to Japanese companies schedules and would make them more profitable without being obscene/game breaking.


The default "Tour" scheduling option should therefore schedule a smart variety of these importance levels and tour lengths to allow for more realistic schedules that more closely resemble how touring is in the real world.


Happy to hear any criticism to improve the suggestion. My favorite place to play is in Japan since they have my favorite styles of wrestling and I love the diversity in companies over there, usually no matter the mod. I'd love to be able to play there when '20 is fully out but I think "Tours" need to finally function in a reasonable way that doesnt make it feel like you're playing behind every other company.

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Very good suggestion, thank you! I would go for "lesser" events instead of normal events during the tour though - maybe except for the Ultra High Importance level tours. Because usually the bigger shows in the middle of a tour draw significantly less than tour ending events.
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<p>As a a giant AJPW fan, I co-sign this as well.</p><p> </p><p>

I really like the idea of show importance variance. Sometimes AJPW gets K-hall on their first show, 3rd show, 8th show, or last show. Whenever they do, that's when they hold their "big" event for the tour.</p><p> </p><p>

It would be a good excuse for players to do "produce" type shows or honor someone's anniversary at the promotion as well if there were multiples. There's always 1 or 2 tour shows that feel more "special" than the others than just the tour opener or closer.</p>

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