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willr0ck re-renders the C-verse 77' (or at least most of it, maybe)

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So I am a huge fan of both the CV97 and 77 mods. It seems like the CV97 gets some love from renderers on here but I never see anyone update the CV77 workers. So I have decided to take it upon myself to do this, or get as far along as I can. I'm not sure how long this will take, probably awhile but I'll get a many done as I can when I have the time. 

I decided I will tackle this one promotion as at a time. So I'm starting with AAFW since it's first in alphabetical order.


Below is a link to the CV77 thread. Blonde Bomber will be updating the DB and Pic folder as I continue to do new renders. Make sure you download the updates as they are released:




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So here's the first batch of AAFW re-renders:




Alex Pierce                                                      Bill Sarver


Big Al Wallace                                               Black Iron Henry


Bobby Linquist                Bootleg Billy                  Buddy Hollar


Buford T. Laramie               Chase Allen              Cornelius Conway




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18 hours ago, The Blonde Bomber said:

Pump these into my veins!!! 😍😍😍 Great job!

I will try my best, at least I hope to as many worker pics as I can done.

17 hours ago, Jaysin said:

You're an animal

I'm a glutton for punishment!

9 hours ago, lavelleuk said:

Good luck with this @willr0ck, seems like a massive project but it'll be amazing for any mod to have consistent and high-quality modern renders

Thanks, it definitely is and it might take me a year or two to get it all done but I will certainly try my best.

8 hours ago, Evilman said:

Looks very good. My biggest turnoff with CV77 is that there's so many dated renders or not fitting so this thing you're doing is very dope!

Thank you, glad you like the renders. I agree, this mod will be so much more enjoyable with updated pics.

1 hour ago, Stennick said:

You truly are doing the Lords work here. That universe is so incredible but a lot of the renders were honestly always incomplete. Great to see it getting some love. 

Thank you and I agree!

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A few more for AAFW:




                Danny Yankee                                   Dick The Devastator


Dirk Bonell                     Ellis Jenkins                   Ernest Mason


The Masked Mauler            The Masked Patriot



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4 hours ago, The Blonde Bomber said:

They encapsulate the old-school feel very well. Good on you for that. The masks for Mauler & Patriot look AWESOME! The Yankees Cap is a nice touch for Danny :D. Mason's flowing hair is such an upgrade!

Thank you! Glad you like the renders. I'm trying my best to use clothing and hair styles from the era but my options are limited. Hence why you may see some repeating hairstyles.

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5 hours ago, The Blonde Bomber said:

It feels really nice to see Pepper Tree & Brewer get their own faces, I got proud parent syndrome :D.

I know what you mean, I feel the same way about the Women's Revolution Mod.

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