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FCW: Freedom of Expansion

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FCW held their first in 2020 with January's FREEDOM Fighters at San Juan High School. The show was filled with the usual chaotic brawls as well as some twists and turns to the ongoing stories happening in the company. Let us take a look at some of the big points of the show that included several tag matches and a surprise debute during the first match of the evening.



USAce had no idea who was facing in the first match and it took only moments for his night to go downhill quickly. Former MPWF star and a mainstay on the Mexican independent scene, El Toro De Oro, made his debut in FCW. Instead of being a traditional luchador, De Oro is a brawler that fits in just fine with the Puerto Rican company and had a rather easy time taking down USAce. He controlled the majority of the match and eventually finished USAce with a brutal, Spinal Shocker Gore that pretty much folded the other masked wrestler in half. It is unlikely this is a one off appearance and hopefully in the next few days more info will be available on what looks to be FCW's newest addition.



Relentless have had a stroke of good luck since joining House Handsome. Of course given the group is notorious for their cheating ways and use of the numbers game that is no surprise. The champs were in action against Young & Wasted with the belts on the line. It wasn't long before Xavi Ferrera caused a distraction that allowed the champs to retain. After the cheap victory the duo were approached by Hector Galindo and Rudy Velasquez wanted revenge for House Handsome injuring Jesus Chavez. A title match was made for next month as Relentless must face the most decorated tag team in FCW history.




It also wasn't the last we saw of Xavi Ferrera for the evening. He was defending his FCW People's Championship against the man he won the belt from back in October, Joffy Laine. It was a hard fought battle and it looked like Joffy had things in hand, but the numbers game that won out. The muscle of House Handsome, Juggernaut Jones used a timely distraction from Xavi to lay out Joffy and allow the champ to retain. House Handsome retains their grip on all of the gold in FCW for at least another month with Handsome Stranger involved in a tag match for the main event.




The semi-Main event of the night saw a tag match that featured two feuds coming to a head. Kip and Brody have been in quite the violent feud over the past few months and yet perhaps the feud between Ox Mastadon and Bull Wrecker has been even crazier. Needless to say it was a wild brawl between all the men that left Ryan Holland with quite the job to try and keep order. The difference here is Ox and Kip being able to work together while Giant Brody and Bull Wrecker often wanted to show they could win the match on their own. The two eventually came to blows and Bull Wrecker laying out Brody and walking off. The team of Ox and Kip didn't wait to capitalize on this and Ox hit the Ten Ton Splash to pick up the win. Both of these feuds don't look like they are ending just yet and Bull Wrecker on top of it has made yet another enemy one would think. The big man has turned into lone wolf and can't seem to manage to work together with anyone the past several months.




The main event saw four of the biggest names in FCW facing off. The leader of House Handsome, Handsome Stranger and his right hand man, Fredrique took on the team of Bradford Peverell and Mutant. The latter duo have made a pact to try and take down House Handsome and have so far not been able to do so. Frederique is the reason Bradford Peverell and Kip Keenan lost their tag titles to Relentless and Handsome Stranger has been fearful of Mutant's rise as a fan favorite in FCW. Handsome were outmatched in strength here and looked to be close to defeat, but other members of House Handsome made sure that wouldn't be easy.  Juggernaut Jones managed to get Mutant's attention and allowed Fredrique to jump the big man. While Ryan Holland was trying to break up the fight outside and chase Jones off it would be Xavi Ferrera who hit Bradford Peverell with a chair shot. Xavi was quick to bail and Peverell was hit with a Catalan Twist for extra measure to pick up the win.




The celebration was short because Puerto Rican Power came out seeming unhappy about how things went down. Handsome Stranger soon found he would be facing the man he did not pin next month, Mutant. The FCW Puerto Rican championship will be on the line and will be contested in a cage.  It looks like February is going to be a rather exciting show and only two matches have been announced so far. The cage match along with the tag titles should both be good matches and given the surprise debut tonight many might be left wondering if more surprises like that are in the pipeline.





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Hey all.


Welcome to another adventure with the voeltzwagon. Life has gotten a little less hectic as of late so I have had time to actually get back into TEW for a bit and get some ideas. The first show I just wanted to do a brief blub on before probably settling more into how I tend to post shows, but I just recently started this diary and I am only into April so who knows what this game has in store when it comes to surprises. Hope all that tend to read my hijinx and those new to my diaries will enjoy the content and I am looking forward to getting a few more posts in over the next few days.

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The year was 2007 and the duo of Puerto Rican Power and Shawn Gonzalez decided open up the first major company in the country of Puerto Rico. The idea was to hire a mixture of talent left unemployed with the closure of DAVE, the signing of a few veterans, as well as using a core of young workers being trained by Shawn Gonzalez would be more than enough to create a viable product. Given the popularity of Puerto Rican Power the company took off and continues to put on good shows all through Puerto Rico. Things looked good for the company, but it seems every time the company is making great strides tragedy would strike.

The first big blow to FCW was the sudden death of Shawn Gonzalez. Not only did the company lose one of the top names, but the man who was also their head booker. In October Shawn went on a diving trip that ended with him losing his life. Some thought this would see FCW close up shop, but instead the Puerto Rican Power continued to run shows after a brief pause to mourn the loss of his friend. Taking up the mantle of head booker would be Handsome Stranger, a former USPW and SWF wrestler that joined FCW and has been with the company since their first show. The company managed to recover and Handsome Stranger ended up being a great choice for booker. FCW continued to thrive and for six years until it hit a wall again.

In 2017 Puerto Rican Power suffered a heart attack while in his home in San Juan. It could have ended in another death, but after some time the owner of FCW managed to recover, though he was told not to wrestle again. The loss of their top star and a constant champion was a big blow. One that was only mildly softened by the fact Puerto Rican Power could still appear in front of crowds and act as the Commissioner of FCW. This combined with several other aging talents retiring over the past few years has meant Handsome Stranger has had to get creative. His creation of House Handsome has helped give a vile stable for fans to root against as well as allowed for newer faces such as Kip Keenan and Mutant to move into the main event picture. 



Of course at 44 years of age Handsome Stranger knows his time in the ring is coming to an end. While he still remains the top heel in the company it is felt he will start to wind down in the upcoming years while trying to find new talent to move up the ladder to eventually take his place. It is being said Handsome Stranger along with Puerto Rican Power are looking to once again and try to expand FCW to be seen by more faces. With Wrestleword soon going live in a few months it is believed that will be the first step to getting some exposure outside of Puerto Rico as well as the owner and booker planning on bringing in some new talent and make deals that would see talent exchanges among other companies. FCW and PSW have already been working together several years it is believed Handsome Stranger is looking to set up a talent trading agreement with at least one other company.  Once again the future looks bright for FCW, but will another tragedy strike like before?

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FCW News for January 2020



El Toro De Oro made his first appearance for FCW and it seems he shall be returning in February. While mostly active in Mexico, El Toro De Oro has been in contact with Handsome Stranger for quite some time and finally accepted an offer made at the end of last year. It appears Handsome Stranger is high on the newest member of FCW's roster, but it may take a few months for him to settle in and find out where he is on the totem pole. He made a good first impression at least so he has at least gotten off on the right foot. It has been confirmed he will be on next month's show, but no opponent has been named as of yet.



El Toro De Oro isn't the only person it seems Handsome Stranger has been in contact with. It appears he has still kept in touch with former FCW wrestler Kashimir Singh and following the Indian's progress in trying to open a wrestling company in his home country. Singh has already been training several new people from young to old and it is said some of his younger prospects are in need of a place to work so they could hone their skills. If one or more of Singh's students do show up in FCW it would be no surprise. India is obviously a long way from Puerto Rico, but the chance to work matches in front of a crowd could be worth the time and money for the prospects to travel across the country.



The last bit of news involving FCW is a new relationship between the Puerto Rican company and New York City Wrestling. It is said to be a amiable relationship that will see both companies trade talent while also refraining from signing workers from one another. It is very similar to the deal FCW has with Pittsburg Steel Wrestling. Fans of both companies maybe be seeing stars make the jump as soon as next month's show.

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FCW - The Fight For Freedom XIII

Announcers: Lee Bambino and Cueball Lynch

San Juan High School, 289 Attending




House Handsome make their presence known early. Handsome Stranger brags about his lengthy reign and a cage could not stop him or House Handsome from winning tonight. This bold claim draws out Puerto Rican Power who decides that House Handsome not only be banned from ringside, but they will be fired on the spot if they ignore his decree. Handsome Stranger and Fredrique are livid and the two can be seen trying to make a plan as Puerto Rican power looks pleased with himself. Is it something seen many times before through the years and in various companies? Sometimes things just work and the three men are all good on the microphone due to their years of experience. With the way the trio delivered their lines and reactions this sort of bit could have worked on a bigger stage as well.



El Toro De Oro was involved in the first match of the night. His opponent is NYCW's Chuck Casey. It is a dominant performance by De Oro and he defeats Casey in under five minutes. The crowd did not react well like last month and throwing him against someone the FCW fans are by no means familiar with was perhaps the best move. It is a stumbling block and it will be interesting to see if De Oro can bounce back with a better reaction from the fans next month.




A pretty solid match for the undercard that is mostly highlighting the talent of Joffy Laine. Joffy has thrived in FCW, but they have yet to really pull the trigger on him just yet. Even so he gets a good reaction and always manages to get the best from his opponents. Case in point is Tex Tagan isn't exactly the best hand in the ring, but he is reliable and a good guy to have around. He is getting up in age and it is hard to see him wrestling much longer, but he did his duty tonight and put over the younger and more popular Joffy.




The FCW Tag Team titles were on the line next as Relentless had to go up against the most decorated team in FCW history. It was a fast paced match that saw all men doing their best to steal the show and get the crowd into match. Relentless actually did well on their own, but to no surprise when they started to be on the losing end of the match both Xavi Ferrera and Juggernaut Jones get involved. First it is Jones distracting Rudy. When Rudy starts to go after Jones Ryan Holland finds himself distracted enough to not notice Xavi enter the ring and use his People's Championship as a weapon to take out Hector and bail out. Rob Reynolds and Ricochet Ramone put Hector Galindo away with the Real Deal Rocker and retain.


Things were about to look worse too. It was about to turn into a four on two beatdown before Jesus Chavez comes sprinting out with a crowbar. House Handsome bail and decide even if they still had a numbers advantage they rather not risk being hit by the weapon that Jesus is wielding. It seems the Latino Kings are back at full strength, but even then it may not be enough to take down House Handsome.




This match was a surprise one made and on top of that it was announced it would be a First Blood match. The two men were quick to go right at one another and their dislike for eachother showed quickly. The two fought through the crowd much to their delight and both were trying their best to bust the other open. It was hard hitting and a big brawl that the Puerto Rican audience loves. Brody may have had the size and strength advantage, but it was his own momentum that cost him the match. He was looking to charge Kip, but Kip was too fast and managed to move out of the way and let Brody's momentum carry him into the post then rolling outside the ring where he landed on the remnants of a table that was broken earlier. It seems a sharp edge of the debris cut the big man's arm and as he was climbing back in Ryan Holland noticed. Kip is declared the winner and Brody is irate. Not taking time to lead Brody go on a rampage, Kip is quick to knock him off the ring apron and back to the ground onto the debris again. Kip exits and and angry, beaten giant is left to lick his wounds.




After the rather wild two matches before it, this is a short slog of a match that involves Bull Wrecker showing off his impressive strength. Kanishoki is just slow and plodding and thankfully isn't allowed to do much as this is more a showcase of Bull Wrecker who picks up a rather easy win with his Pancake Maker finisher. The more important bit is Ox Mastadon showing up after the match wanting Bull in the ring next month. Never one to back down from a fight Bull more than gladly accepts the challenge and the two stare one another down with neither man flinching. Eventually staff usher Ox backstage and Bull Wrecker leaves the ring.




The semi-main event was a tag match to decide who would be facing Relentless for the tag team titles next month. The ever popular Puerto Rican Boys take on two of the toughest that FCW has to offer in The Harlem Knights. It wasn't a bad match, but it was marred by the fact that even though they have been teaming for awhile now, The Harlem Knights just seem awkward when wrestling together. It seems like it should work easily. Similar styles and gimmick, yet in practice it just doesn't work. There are timing issues and really both men look bad when in reality both are pretty good brawlers. To no surprise the majority of the match is a common theme with most involving The Puerto Rican Boys. Kid San Juan takes most of the beating and then Island Boy Apollo comes in to clean house. Apollo gets to show off his impressive strength when he tosses Harlem Haynes out of the ring with ease so he and Kid San Juan can put Curtis Shaw away with Welcome to the Island. The Puerto Rican Boys have a chance to win the FCW Tag Team titles for a fourth time next month.




The main event finally gets under way as Handsome Stranger has perhaps his toughest title defense yet. Not only is he facing Mutant, he is now in a cage and has no help from the other House Handsome members. To no surprise he tries to duck and run as much as he can and his strategy is to try and climb out of the cage to win. Mutant isn't easily shaken or fooled and easily cuts the champ off and overpowers him time and time again. It just seems inevitable that the long stranglehold Handsome Stranger has had on the title is finally over.


Though things take a surprising turn. For the first time in months Hell's Bouncer emerges and comes stomping towards the ring. Security tries to stop him, but he easily tosses them aside. The big man then reaches and starts to shake and tug at the cage.  Both Mutant and Handsome Stranger aren't sure what is going on, but Stranger sees it as a distraction and tries to escape. Mutant catches him though and looks to deliver the Tina Turner only for the cage to snap and the side that Hell's bouncer was tugging on is ripped free where two of the posts connect and he can get into the ring.  Handsome Stranger gets used as a thrown object that Bouncer catches and slams hard on the mat. Mutant then crashes into the fellow meat mountain and they start throwing heavy blows. Hurting, but still aware enough of his surroundings, Handsome Stranger makes it to the part of the cage that has been ripped up and escapes to retain. Security is filling the ring now trying to break up the two big men with little to no luck. It may not have been his fellow House Handsome members this time, but somehow Handsome Stranger gets away with another win with the help of another even if in this case it doesn't seem intentional.



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An enjoyable first few shows. I think it's a good call to keep House Handsome winning at these early events so it's more of a big deal when things start to go against them. I also really liked the First Blood match finish and how you found a credible way for the giant heel to be beaten by a smaller babyface without losing his aura.

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2 hours ago, 619 said:

An enjoyable first few shows. I think it's a good call to keep House Handsome winning at these early events so it's more of a big deal when things start to go against them. I also really liked the First Blood match finish and how you found a credible way for the giant heel to be beaten by a smaller babyface without losing his aura.

Glad you are enjoying so far. The fact FCW loves them some monster heels does make for some creative booking. The plus side is having guys like Mutant, Ox and Bradford Peverell that can hold their own. Guys like Joffy, Kip, Handsome Stranger and DWN require getting more creative at times.

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FCW News for February 2020




The second outing for El Toro Del Oro was not a great one. While the match was considered a dud, the blame was not on the performer, but Handsome Stranger admitted he made a mistake. What he thought was a dominant performance that would help boost how dangerous El Toro Del Oro could be backfired to a crowd who seemed  univested. Many can pin it on the fact his opponent was unknown. At least with USAce there was a wrestler who people were familiar with and had some investment.  By no means has faith been loss in the new FCW signing, but it will be interesting to see where things go after that first stumbling block.




With that also being said it may be a surprise Chuck Casey would be the first person from NYCW to appear in FCW with a talent trade. It is said Handsome Stranger saw him as an interesting talent he wanted a closer look at, but feeding an unknown to a new signing that is trying to find his place on the roster was not the best way to bring the young wrestler in. Chuck was very professional and enjoyed his time in Puerto Rico stating that it was a learning experience as the FCW crowd is very different from that of NYCW. This was a trade that saw King Kong Kennedy being the FCW talent offered to NYCW. The New York company held a show the day after FCW and at the time and did not use King Kong Kennedy. It is expected he will be on the next NYCW card.




For those who have been keeping track of FCW as of late, Bull Wrecker is someone who has gone through a big transformation in recent times. Back in 2018 he took several months off to drop fifty pounds and get a more muscular physique, but even now in 2020 he continues to reshape himself. It was evident in his match against Kanishoki where he easily lifted his much larger opponent with ease to deliver his Pancake Maker finisher. It is said Handsome Stranger is very appreciative of Bull Wrecker's hard work and is a big supporter. There may be big plans in the future for the bruiser if he continues to impress both in and out of the ring.




In recent interviews Mutant has been rather vocal about one of his fellow FCW wrestlers. It has been said not only via social media, but also talking to the likes of Puerto Rican Power and Handsome Stranger that he feels Marty has the charisma to be a future star. Mutant himself started out a relative unknown, but his unique style, look and promo delivery has quickly made him one of the top FCW stars. Martyr has been used sparingly since being signed, but is being said plans are in the works for him. With the backing of Mutant the chance of him getting his moment is more than likely going to happen sooner than later.


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Announcers: Lee Bambino and Cueball Lynch

San Juan High School, 297 Attending





The show starts with Mutant calling out the commissioner, Puerto Rican Power. He is going to be short and to the point. He wants Hell's Bouncer and he wants him in the ring now. Puerto Rican Power tries to calm Mutant and understands why he is upset. He also knows he was screwed out of a possible title win so next month Mutant will face the winner of tonight's main event which will be the legendary Billy Russell facing Handsome Stranger. Mutant demands for a second time that he wants Hell's Bouncer tonight. Puerto Rican Power admits he does not know where Hell's Bouncer is right now which Mutant replies that he'll be sure to find him before the night is over.



The first match of the evening sees El Toro De Oro facing off against Marco Gonzalez, who ends up being the first person to really put up a fight against the Golden Bull. This is a sharp contrast to the mess from last month and while Gonzalez is not a great worker just yet he is liked by the fans due to being the son of Shawn Gonzalez which has the crowd more invested. There are flashes of Marco maybe pulling off the upset, but El Toro De Oro is just too much for the young wrestler. Like USAce and Chuck Casey before him Marco falls to the Spinal Shocker Gore and El Toro De Oro picks up another win.




The next match was a straight up, no nonsense regular wrestling match. Tex once again plays the roll of the reliable veteran and at this point Kip could wrestle a mop and have a good match. It isn't long, but it serves a purpose of giving Kip a place on the card as well as give him another win. Given his recent matches have been against much tougher and larger opponents the fans had to know the result, but still they are treated to a good match that sees Kip win with a Belly to Belly suplex.



Though the aftermath saw Davis Wayne Newton come out. He started to speak about how he is just as talented to Kip and wants to prove it. As he was trying to issue a challenge he is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Martyr springing out of the crowd. He hits the ring and attacks a surprised Kip Keenan while a confused Davis Wayne Newton watches. He actually almost looks ready to dash to the ring himself, but he backs off, looking fearful he would be caught up in Martyr's wrath. God's Favorite absolutely destroys Kip and leave him in a heap while security are too scared to get in the ring. Slowly Martyr stares upwards and then slowly nods his head as if listening to someone or something and leaves the ring on his own accord while Kip lays motionless.




Xavi defends his FCW People's Championship against Jesus Chavez with Juggernaut Jones lurking in the corner of the champion. This match isn't crips and technical as the last one, but more of a brawl with Jesus laying in with some heavy hits and getting an early advantage. Though the constant attention needing to be given on Jones is a boon for Xavi. It allows Xavi to gain an advantage at times, though Jesus has the strength and power usually to get control back. Xavi eventually tangles up with the ref in an effort to distract him, which he does. That allows Jones to come in and deliver a big clubbing clothesline to the back of Jesus' head and he quickly bails. Xavi is quick to stop arguing with the ref and quickly goes up top to deliver his High Impact Frog Splash and retain his title.



Another brawl of a match featuring Bradford Peverell taking on King Kong Kennedy in a rather short scuffle. Kennedy has never been the most mobile of wrestlers and the fact he is nearly forty isn't really helping. He is winded early on and the match ends quickly with Bradford getting a flurry of offense in before finishing off the big man with the Dream Left Hook.

After the match Bradford gets on the microphone and calls out Fredrique who does not respond. For months Fredrique has been a thorn in Bradford's side and he is tired of never getting to face Fredrique one on one. He states that next month that will finally happen whether Fredrique likes it or not. He wants Fredrique to meet him in the ring next month on his own, or Bradford will find a way to drag him there if he has to.






The Puerto Rican boys look to end the run of Relentless and win the FCW Tag Team championship for the fourth time in their career. All four men put on their working boots and are doing their best to deliver a fast paced match with several big moves to wow the audience.  Ricochet Ramone might be a step below the other three workers, but he is still good enough it isn't a detriment to the match. Island Boy Apollo really shines when he is in the ring and gets to use his impressive strength to launch both members of Relentless about with ease while Kid San Juan uses his speed and high flying acrobatics to get the audience cheering. Kid San Juan at one point is in desperate need of a tag and while it looks like he will get to his partner, Rob Reynolds had sprinted around the ring to tug Island Boy Apollo off the apron. This causes Apollo and Rob to start brawling and it distracts Ryan Holland who is trying to get the two to break up. Ricochet Ramone takes this time to fetch one of his title belts and he nails Kid San Juan. He slides the belt away and yells at Holland to get his attention while making a pin. Rob manages to keep hold of Apollo long enough for the referee to count to three and Relentless retains.



The Latino Kings are quick to make their presence known. Rudy does most of the talking as he admits they are frustrated, but want one more shot at Relentless. They know what is going to happen. There will be cheating and the numbers game more than likely. That is why not only will Jesus be there, but they have other backup coming as well to help out. Relentless agree to a rematch, but if they win the will let the Latino Kings challenge for the title again as long as they hold them.



It is a big beefy lad battle with Ox Mastadon and Bull Wrecker having a rather hard hitting and not so pretty match. The two beat the hell out of one another in a back and forth match. One man rarely has the advantage for long, but it is Bull Wrecker that gets an advantage when it counts. He shows off his power by hefting up Ox Mastadon and delivering a Pancake Maker not once, but twice. The second may have even been overkill because Ox looked done after the first one. Ox Mastadon may have won in tag action in January, but Bull Wrecker manages to get the singles win this time around.





A rare appearance from Billy Russell that is a treat to those in attendence tonight. While both men are on the wrong side of forty they deliver a great match and Billy proves he shows no signs of ring rust even if he tends to wrestle just once or twice a year at best these days. Handsome Stranger is pulling out all the stops, finding every way he could cheat and not get disqualified. Even though if he did he would probably be fine with that too since he would keep the title. The two are having a great back and forth match when the crowd starts to get distracted.



Hell's Bouncer has emerged and was slowly plodding towards the ring looking to cause chaos again, but instead the chaos finds him. It looks like Mutant had been giving chase and finally caught up with Hell's Bouncer. The two start to brawl on the outside and security swarm to try and seperate the two. It is just enough of a distraction that Ryan Holland fails to see Handsome Stranger deliver a low blow to Billy Russell. He hits the Catalan Twist and picks up another win. His Reign of terror continues for another night.



An unhappy Puerto Rican Power comes out as he tries to help in breaking up the fighting big men. He shouts loudly that this is enough. Not only is Mutant getting a rematch against Handsome Stranger next month, but he is going to get to face Hell's Bouncer as well. It will be a three way dance at Freedom of Speech. Handsome Stranger just stands there looking horrified at the fact it isn't just one powerhouse he will face next month, but two.


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Another good show: lots going on throughout the card, and lots set up for next month. I liked the twist of Mutant and Hell's Bouncer's animosity working to Handsome Stranger's advantage on the night only to cause him a bigger problem down the line in the form of the triple threat.

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FCW News for March 2020




It appears Kip Keenan and Giant Brody seems to be done for now. While a veteran in FCW, Brody often works Japan and prefers working there over FCW if the two companies run on the same date. That is the exact reason why Brodie wasn't around and instead Kip seems to be thrown into another feud. This time with Martyr. It was stated earlier many backstage are high on Martyr and his character so putting him with someone like Kip Keenan should be seen as a big deal. It is unknown if Davis Wayne Newton is going to have a big roll in this feud, but if he is that means Martyr is working with two of the best workers FCW has to offer. It should be interesting to see how things pan out as a whole.




The Latino Kings teased bringing in some help at the last show and it appears there shall be a new member debuting soon. There is no confirmation on if the talent being considered is already on the roster or a new signing, but it is being said there is hopes it might freshen up the group as a whole. The Latino Kings have been a staple in FCW since it opened and have held many titles over the years, though as of late they have been in a bit of a rut. It is uncertain when their feud with House Handsome will end, but perhaps the group just needs a break as a whole or maybe new direction.




March marked the debute of the streaming platform WrestleWorld and it is being said FCW was the first company to sign a deal to have their shows shown to subscribers. This is a move that has saw FCW work on improving their production values and running the risk of losses over the next few months, but it is felt getting their show seen by more people is more important for the time being.  The result is the initial viewing of FREEDOM Of The City pulling in 4,516 viewers the night it was taped. It seems meager, but FCW is not a well known company outside of Puerto Rico and the company hopes in the coming months they will see an increase. It could turn into a make or break moment for FCW as they could either catch on with the wrestling world as a whole or find out they are best left catering to the audiences of Puerto Rico.




With the mention of a tighter budget due to the WrestleWorld contract it may be no surprise that Billy Russell made his final appearance for the company. In recent years he had only been showing up for one to two shows at best and at his age it is felt retirement is closing in. March showed he still can still perform well, but the cost to bring him in even for the rare shows he makes is rather costly. If it is the last time he is seen in FCW it was a memorable performance as he and Handsome Stranger did put on the match of the night and the best match in FCW so far this year.

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Announcers: Lee Bambino and Cueball Lynch

San Juan High School, 300 Attending (Sell Out)





The Show starts with Handsome Stranger saying he is being screwed over and how unjust it is for him to not only face Mutant, but also Hell's Bouncer when the latter had not even been around until recent months. This complaining causes Puerto Rican Power to emerge and explain to Handsome Stranger that he made his own bed to lay in. For a year he has screwed over people, used the other members of House Handsome to gain an advantage, as well as break every rule to keep that title. Tonight either Handsome Stranger proves he is the champion he says he is or he reaps what he has sown.




A short match, but a nice way to start the night. Marco has a lot of work to do, but he is very young and perhaps in a few years he might prove to be as good as his father. Davis Wayne Newton is talented and perhaps underappreciated in FCW given he hasn't been featured heavily in his five year run with the company.  Even in a losing effort Marco looks good while Newton carries the majority of the match and ends up winning with his Fisherman's Suplex.

After the match Davis Wayne Newton admitted he has a dislike for Kip Keenan, but even he has limits. He was not the one who got Martyr to attack Kip and he feels slighted he doesn't get the chance to beat Kip just yet. Things take a turn when Martyr emerges and starts towards the ring. DWN's eyes go wide and he bails, running quickly as he rather not face the same fate as Kip Keenan. Martyr just trudges on slowly around the ring and to the back. The patient killer always gets the prey in the end afterall.




El Toro De Oro gets his biggest challenge. Emphasis on big because he is facing the plodding Kanishoki who isn't the easiest man to move about. Even so De Oro manages to salvage something of the match by mostly using Kanishoki as a punching bag and sells well on what offense the sumo does dish out. The ending is impressive at least. El Toro De Oro proves he can hit anyone with the Spinal Shocker Gore as he takes Kanishoki out and continues his win streak.






The tag titles are up for grabs next as The Latino Kings go for reign number six and their first in three years. The match is a fast paced, back and forth match between the equally matched teams. It really comes down to the crowd waiting with bated breath on if other members of House Handsome would get involved. They were worried for a reason because of course when The Latino Kings were ganging too much momentum Xavi Ferrera would come out and serve as a distraction. One that would allow Juggernaut Jones to pull Rudy Velasquez off the ring apron and flatten him leaving Hector to deal with Relentless on his own. It was just too much and Rob Reynolds puts Hector away with a Real Deal Rocker. The champs retain and The Latino Kings will not get another chance at the titles as long as Relentless holds them.




A short and sweet match. Cobra is a good talent, but tonight it was all about making Bull Wrecker look good. Not that Bull Wrecker is a slouch in his own right. He keeps up his end and while it is a glorified squash match in the end the crowd is still into it. In reality it the meat of the matter (hehe, meat) is Ox Mastadon challenging Bull Wrecker to one more match. Wrecker seems amused feeling he has shown he is the dominant force, but he is willing to accept under one condition. He wants a match where he can make Ox regret ever challenging him again. He says Ox can face him if he will accept a dog collar match because Bull Wrecker wants to whip Ox like the dog that he is. Unintimidated the fellow McLargeHuge accepts the match which will happen next month.






The People's Championship is on the line with Xavi facing off perhaps the heart of FCW, Carlos Gonzales. It isn't a pretty much and while Xavi does want to try and wrestle, Carlos is all about making things a knock down, drag out fight. This is not a winning battle for Xavi, but he keeps his wits and he has a willingness to bend and outright break the rules. Carlos might have control a lot of the match, but Xavi comes out the winner even without the help of his fellow House Handsome members. That doesn't mean it is a legit win in the eyes of man. Xavi managed to roll up Carlos and use the tights just long enough to get a three count and retain. Afterwards Xavi brags that he is the future of FCW and while Handsome Stranger is El Jefe right now, in a few years he will be the one that will be known by that moniker.






Surprisingly the three way is not the main event as it looks like Fredrique and Bradford Peverell will close out the show. Not that these three care because it is almost pure chaos as soon as the bell rings. Handsome Stranger does his best to avoid the other two and let the two larger men beat one another while biding his time to strike when he sees an opening. It works well for the most part until Hell's Bouncer finally catches the champion in a choke. He is squeezing the life out of Handsome Stranger to where Ryan Holland is about to call the match, but Mutant breaks it up and the two big men start to brawl again. Stranger rolls out of the ring and it turns into a one on one hoss fight for awhile. Neither man seems to be able to knock the other off their feet and in the middle of the wild fight Ryan Holland gets knocked out from an errant elbow by Mutant. Hell's Bouncer takes control and uses the Damnation Drop to take out Mutant. Bouncer looks to pick Mutant back up for perhaps another, but instead a chairshot from behind signals the return of Handsome Stranger. Stranger goes to town on Hell's Bouncer who seems almost immune, but even several chair shots seem to stagger him and a big swing sends the big man out of the ring. Handsome Stranger looks smug as can be, but he fails to notice Mutant rising up off the ground behind him. A giant hand rests on Stranger's shoulders and that is when the champion realized he is in danger. He can't react fast enough and Mutant hits the Tina-Turner as Ryan Holland is recovering. Mutant pins Handsome Stranger and soon the crowd goes wild when the year long title reign of Handsome Stranger is ended. Hell's Bouncer is on his feet and being held back by security as a tired, but happy Mutant raises the Puerto Rican championship in the air.




It seems almost unfair to follow the last match, but somehow these two pull it off. A spectacular match that blends hatred for one another with big moves, a wild crowd and a match that does well at showcasing both brawling and wrestling. Even at his age Fredrique is a top notch worker and Peverell is deceptively solid. More so when in the ring with someone of Fredrique's calibur. House Handsome has been at war with Bradford and Mutant for quite some time and it is really boiling over. Fredrique is confident, cocky and often in control, but when Bradford starts to fight back no one is here to save him. A beaten Handsome Stranger is no surprise, but there is no Juggernaut, no Relentless nor Xavi. The reason turns out to be Puerto Rican Power who emerges with arms folded and a stern look on his face as he watches. Fredrique realizes he is alone and perhaps panics too much. It is just enough Peverell starts to make a comeback. The two exchange forearms and punches, but a wild swing leaves Fredrique opens and Bradford Peverell delivers the Dream Left Hook before finally being the man to finally pin Fredrique for the first time in an FCW ring.


The crowd once again explodes. Two back to back blows have been dealt to House Handsome. Fredrique is recovering as he can't seem to believe what happened. In a rage he starts to shout he didn't lose. He is better then Bradford. He is better than everyone! He is bigger than FCW and they will no longer get to being in awe of his presence. Fredrique quits! Frustrated Fredrique marches to the back as the crowd sings 'Nanana na. Nanana na. HEY HEY HEY! GOODBYE!"



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By the way I want to thank everyone for following and reacting. I am trying to for the time being keep write ups simple. For one just to kind of ease through the early storylines of FCW people who play C-Verse are probably familiar with, but also it allows me to post while being with being busy with work and dealing with some health issues. Things might change up later in the 2020 year for the company, but for now expect content similar to what I have been doing.


Also thanks to @619 for the best finish nomination in the DotM. It is much appreciated and glad you enjoyed it.

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Wow, what an action-packed show. I thought the triple threat happening in the semi-main signalled a retention, so was caught off-guard by the title change, and then you came up with another big crowd-pleasing moment in the main event. It was a fun way to approach it to have Handsome Stranger and Frederique fall first rather than Relentless and Xavi being dethroned first, as it meant their high-profile wins earlier in the card gave House Handsome a false sense of strength that made what happened later in the night all the more shocking.

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FCW News for April 2020




House Handsome has been the premier heel stable in FCW for quite some time now and Handsome Stranger keeping hold of the Puerto Rican championship for a full year by various means has been the peak of the stables run. To many it was a surprise it was Handsome Stranger that was the first to lose his title among all the members that held one, but it seems Stranger himself was the one pushing for the switch. While still a good performer he feels his age is starting to play too much of a factor. With a lot of younger talent moving up in recent years it seemed like the right time to let them shine. It doesn't seem to be the end of House Handsome, but April marks a huge shift between Handsome Stranger losing the title and what happened after that.




Fredrique joined FCW in January of 2018 after getting in touch with Handsome Stranger, who had been a tag team partner of his back in USPW many a year ago. He was a big fish in a small pond after being released by SWF and moving to the much smaller Puerto Rican company to work, but even being north of the age of forty he was having perhaps the best match at every event. The losses were few and when it did happen it was usually in tag action with him not taking the pin. That is what made his match with Bradford Peverell so much more of a surprise when he was pinned clean. It is said Fredrique was very against the idea and often boasted him losing in FCW would hurt his overall image and chance of being hired by a larger company again. That may have been in part what lead to this being his last match. The headaches of booking him combined with his high price tag were a combination of the company and Fredrique parting ways. It was being said Fredrique made almost much in one appearance than all the undercard combined. With the increased production costs due to running shows on WrestleWorld and the fact FCW in recent years toes the line when it comes to profit it just seemed to make sense. Fredrique still seems to have plenty of gas in the tank and with his popularity it would be no surprise if he ends up somewhere else soon.




In another move to save some money, long time road agent Rico Santana has also been released by the company. Usually it was Rico and Puerto Rican Power handling backstage duties, but with Handsome Stranger starting to shift to a more backstage role along with Bradford Peverell getting involved in road agent duties it seemed Rico wasn't needed as much. Given his age it is assumed he may be done in wrestling as a whole, but he has made no word about retirement just yet. He and the company are still on good terms and it just seemed like business move that marked a changing of the guard backstage.




Another story involving FCW staff is Ryan Holland putting in his notice, but not for FCW. The veteran referee has spent many years working for both PSW and FCW, but has decided to leave the former. Holland for the time being will be remaining with FCW, but seems like he might be winding his career down by deciding to focus on one company while pursing activities outside of wrestling. PSW certainly can't be happy about losing a referee of his calibur and FCW can only hope they are not going to get a notice from Holland soon as well.




A seven year jouney. That is how long it took for Mutant to go from fresh faced, green graduate of The Piledriver School of Wrestling to winning his first major singles title. When he first joined FCW Mutant was teamed up with fellow big man Bull Wrecker as The Wasteland Warriors, a dominant heel team that scored two seperate title reigns. And while the team was a success, Mutant was getting more of a reaction from the crowd with each show. This lead to an eventual breakup and feud between the tag team that established as a face for the first time. Far from the prototypical face, Mutant is a great talker as well as having the imposing physique usually associated with monster heels. It is a combination that has worked and many could see it was only a matter of time before FCW pulled the trigger. Mutant may eventually go on to a bigger promotion one day, but until then he will remain one of the top draws for FCW.

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53 minutes ago, 619 said:

Difficult decisions to have to make but the people you've chosen to cut look like logical picks. I recall @christmas_ape having to make similar budget cuts in his FCW dynasty to manage the production costs involved with getting on WrestleWorld.

Fredrique was not too tough. He refused to lose to anyone and at 1600 ppa he isn't worth the trouble. Losing Rico sucks, but saving 300 ppa on a company that breaks even at best makes sense. Save where you can.


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FCW: FREEDOM Or Death 13

Announcers: Lee Bambino and Cueball Lynch

San Juan High School, 300 Attending (Sell Out)





Mutant was out to talk about finally winning the big one, but he is soon interrupted by Handsome Stranger who claims he was screwed over and tired of being treated so poorly. He demands a rematch and he wants it tonight. This brings out Puerto Rican Power who sorts the situation out. Handsome Stranger can sit back and watch the rest of  House Handsome wrestle tonight while Mutant will face the man he did not pin to win the title, Hell's Bouncer. Handsome Stranger doesn't seem happy, but there is a rather sadistic smile from Mutant who might be the only man looking forward to facing the monster that is known as Hell's Bouncer.




The first match of the night is USAce being a poor soul  having to face Martyr. It is a unenviable task and it soon shows why because any offense USAce tries to deliver seems to do nothing. Martyr seems to feel no pain, but he is good at inflicting it. He quickly overtakes USAce with an offense that is brutal and simple. Big strikes and bone crunching slams. The final nail in the coffin is a Vengeance Driver that quickly puts USAce away.




Kip is quick to be out after the match. It may have saved USAce from a further beating because he quickly gains Martyr's attention. The two start to brawl and tumble out of the ring. Security swarm out to try and break the two up. Bodies are going everywhere, but over time the two finally get pulled away and things are finally calmed so the next match can commence.




The match seems like a given. While Bret Kyle is talented he is usually featured in his his team with Taylor Norton. It is easily shown he is fodder for El Toro De Oro who continues his impressive streak. What Bret does do well is sell like crazy for De Oro who pretty much controls the whole match. Another big Spinal Shocker Gore is delivered and El Toro De Oro notches another win under his belt. At this point it just comes down to when does he get his first real challenge in FCW.






Xavi Ferrera defends his People's Championship against Riley McManus of NYCW. This is a much better feature of NYCW's talent. Riley still may not be a big name in Puerto Rico, but his skills certainly make the fans take notice and he has a great match with Xavi. One that actually gets the fans behind Riley and he looks close to upsetting the champ a few times. Sadly Xavi has Juggernaut Jones at ringside and he serves as a good distraction at times and it allows Xavi to take control and eventually retain. He puts Riley away with a High Impact Frog Splash.




The Latino Kings soon emerge which seems to confuse Xavi. Rudy does the talking with the group saying they may have felt short in beating Relentless and can no longer challenge them for the tag team titles, but nothing was said they can't challenge for the FCW People's Championship. In fact both Rudy and Jesus have held that tile before. Maybe it is time for Hector to finally have it. Or do Jesus or Rudy get it a second time? Xavi is told his time is up and he is in for a long few months if he can manage to hang on to that title. And if he thinks he can use the numbers game? Well The Latino Kings have a solution for that.




A match not really dealing with any sort of story, but it is still a great competition between Giant Brody who is coming off his First Blood defeat against perhaps the most underrated talent in FCW, Joffy Laine. Joffy shows just how good he is by not only holding his own against a larger opponent, but coming close to winning a few times. Brody's size and strength is just too much and once he does get the upper hand it turns out badly for Joffy. He is tosses about and is put away with a Single Handed Choke Slam. Brody gets some momentum back after his last defeat and Joffy may have lost, but he looked very impressive.




The semi-main event is a dog collar match between the meat mountains known as Ox Mastadon and Bull Wrecker. Ox begged for one last match against Bull Wrecker and in turn finds himself chained to his opponent via a collar. It is a brutal and bloody match. Both men beat the complete hell out of one another. There is nothing pretty about this match, but the brutality has the fans going wild. Bull Wrecker just seems to have Ox's number and even though Ox busts Bull Wrecker open early and gets a strong showing, Bull Wrecker just seems to find a way to come back and take control. Battered and bloodied both men are barely standing at the end, but Bull Wrecker has just enough strength to heft up Ox and deliver the Pancake Maker. It was a valiant effort, but in this feud it seems the bull is stronger than the ox.






As if the last match wasn't brutal enough, the following match is a beautiful disaster of a brawl in its own right. It is less bloody, but just as hard hitting as the last one. Mutant is one of the few men that can trade blows with Hell's Bouncer and the pair can't seem to gain an advantage. The newly crowned champ refuses to be ragdolled and the fact Hell's Bouncer can't bully and toss Mutant about actually causes the big man to show a rare emotion. There is visible frustration and at one point Bouncer gets Mutant in a corner and starts to hammer down blows nonstop. Ryan Holland is trying to stop it only for Bouncer to push him away. Not one to take that kind of response he calls for the bell and disqualifies Hell's Bouncer.


It doesn't stop the two from fighting and Mutant manages to actually break free. The bell is ringing like crazy while security and members of the roster fill the ring to break the two up. This is by far the final match between this two and even Puerto Rican Power is out at the end to try and restore order.




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Another fun show. I'm intrigued to discover the end game of what or who El Toro De Oro is being built up for.

I love the direction with The Latino Kings and the People's Championship. Such logical and effective booking that their response to not being able to challenge for the tag titles would be to find another way to stick it to House Handsome, opening up lots of fresh matches.

I thought Handsome Stranger staying out of the way might mean a clean win for Mutant's first defence, but the direction you went with makes sense in establishing that the new babyface champion still has two huge threats to navigate.

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FCW News for May 2020




The big news coming out of FCW is after FREEDOM Or Death 13 was Lee Bambino putting in his notice to the company he would be leaving in a month. As of now it isn't known if he has other plans on ventures outside of wrestling, but FCW is his only current employer so it comes off as a bit of a surprise. Instead of letting Lee see out that contract that would allow him to announce one last show FCW has released Lee and is bringing back a familiar face in Dane O'Hara.  Dane was the original announcer for FCW for the first five years before a mutual departure allowed room for Lee to take his place. Dane still remained in contact with Puerto Rican Power and Handsome Stranger and even in 2014 he was a surprise replacement when Lee Bambino could not make a show due to illness. Familiarity isn't a bad thing and it is being said Dane is working for less than Lee Bambino which helps for the cash strapped company.




The El Toro De Oro experiment is doing well so far after the little stumbling block in February. He is establishing himself as more than just an opening act, but his lack of real competition shows Handsome Stranger doesn't seem just ready to push the new FCW signing as a top guy. What is being discussed is the first meaningful feud for El Toro De Oro. Look for the start of said feud in the coming months now that De Oro has shown what he can do in the ring as a whole, but what will he be able to do when facing off against bigger named talent in FCW?




Hell's Bouncer has always been a great monster, but a tough one to book at times. In the case with Mutant at least he is large enough that he seems to stand a chance against Hell's Bouncer unlike many others. Even so he has always been well protected and will remain a staple in the FCW main event as long as he remains with the company.  Him and Mutant are bound to be linked for years to come and this is sure to be the first of many feuds between the two for years to come.



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I love the news, acting like backstage dirt sheet/booking plans for the company. Enjoying the more behind the scenes look at the shows. I agree guys like Hells Bouncer who are monsters are hard to book, with wanting to be strong all the time while having reasonable challengers that if they eat a loss they dont look weak because of it. FCW is lucky though that they are really a big man roster at the end of the day so there are many other big threats to keep Hells Bouncer looking strong. 


Also the second back to back sold out show is a good sign. Hopefully a bigger venue is on the horizon for the company. 

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Announcers: Dane O'Hara and Cueball Lynch

San Juan High School, 300 Attending (Sell Out)






Mutant is quick to come out and ask for Puerto Rican Power to join him. Mutant is not happy about Hell's Bouncer and is wanting him in a match tonight. Puerto Rican Power explains that will not be happening as Mutant already has a match scheduled tonight and he has told security to keep Hell's Bouncer out of the building. Mutant just smirks saying 'Good luck with that' in response. He knows he'll see Hell's Bouncer tonight. That is when he will get to teach Bouncer who the real monster is around here.




Nothing too fancy to start to show as USAce faces off against the wiley veteran, Tex Tagan. It is meant to be a competitive match that is to give USAce more experience in front of the crowd while also having a veteran to make him look better. It isn't a bad match and it is fair to have something like this start the show to ease the crowd in for the night. Given how chaotic FCW shows can get a solid bout like this isn't bad. USAce manages to make a comeback and hit Tex with a big piledriver to get a victory.




Tag action featuring three of FCW's stars of the future with an aging veteran who tries to keep the whole match from being a complete mess. Really the two teams play it safe and deliver a match similar to the last one, though with a few more high spots from Young & Wasted. The youthful duo were doing well and mostly keeping the inexperienced Marco in the ring, but once Carlos got tagged in things went a bit downhill. Big moves from the brawler lay out the pair and Carlos hits Bret Kyle with the Flat-Out to pick up a win for his team.




Perhaps the most competitive match to date for El Toro De Oro. Cobra isn't a big name in the company, but he plays a great character and is a good worker to boot.  He is the first man to really slow down to De Oro and even grounds him with a submission holds that force De Oro to either find the ropes or expend energy to break out of them. The downside is even if De Oro doesn't look the most in shape person, he seems to have plenty of strength and stamina because he begins to eventually overpower Cobra. It is no surprise when he hits the Spinal Shocker Gore and extends his streak, but eventually he will have to move on to bigger, more notable opponents, right?




Right. Because even El Toro De Oro himself says the people they keep sending to the ring to face him have not been much of a challenge. He wants real competition. He wants to show he can take down anyone in FCW with his Spinal Shocker Gore. He says who is willing to face him? The answer is Ox Mastadon who apparently going from a Bull Wrecker to a Golden Bull. Even so Ox is more than happy to give El Toro De Oro the reality check he needs and deserves. De Oro looks undeterred and if anything pleased someone stepped up. He tells Ox that he'll see him next month.




It is weirdly feeling like a calm before the storm. The matches so far have been pretty tame, but it is still the early stages of the show. This by far has been the most competitive of the matches so far tonight with Show proving to be a capable brawler and Joffy using his wrestling expertise to try and make things a more grounded, technical game and take Shaw out of his element. Back and forth action ensues and Joffy ends up getting the upper hand when all is said and done. Shaw is bigger, but Joffy seems to use the man's momentum against him, reversing a suplex attempt and delivering his Death Spiral on the brawler and to pick up the win.






The first of the three Latino Kings looking to unseat Xavi is the agile wildcard, Hector Galindo. He starts off the match hot using his speed to throw Xavi off his game and get an early advantage. He is doing well enough that it seems to draw the attention of House Handsome as a whole. Juggernaut Jones is the first to come marching down, but to try and counter that Jesus Chavez soon arrives on the scene too. Relentless follow suit and finally Rudy Velasquez is the last to make it to ringside. It doesn't help there is a new referee in David Poker who has not had to deal with a chaotic FCW match just yet. Fists start to fly on the outside and David does his best to try and kick everyone away from ringside with no luck. There is a numbers game on the outside and Xavi pulling out some brass knucks from his tights on the inside of the ring. The ref is distracted enough Xavi is able to deck Galindo right in the face and quickly toss the weapon out of the ring. He tugs on David Poker and demands him to count. The referee does just that and the champ retains.




Hector is down and Xavi soon joins his fellow members in helping outnumber Jesus and Rudy. That is when a new face emerges, a man with a wild look in his eyes as he comes rushing in and takes down Rob Reynolds. He starts helping The Latino Kings fight back and a recovering Hector Galindo shows his lack of caring about his own safety by launching himself over the ropes into a pile of bodies. The two sides continue to brawl as it takes several members of security as well as Puerto Rican Power himself to get them all pulled apart.




And when it didn't seem it could get crazier, a Martyr match happens. In this case Kip is used to fighting men bigger than himself and it is rare he is fighting someone closer to his size. Yet Martyr seems to cause Kip to be more cautious than normal. Kip gives a flurry of offense, but Martyr just seems to shrug most of it off and start to lay in his own blows. As the match goes on Kip realizes he will have to do something drastic and seems to bide his time. He manages to stagger Martyr a few times but never slow him down. A big flying forearm from Martyr lays out kip and then the masked maniac starts to go up top. Kip was playing possum though and he quickly gets up to meet Martyr at the top. Kip is shouting fans near ringside to move as he struggles. With all his strength Kip manages to toss Martyr from the top turnbuckle into the chairs that thankfully were empty because the fans were quick to scatter when Kip warned them. Keenan seems a bit shocked and can't believe what he did and stares at the pile of chairs and the body laying there half buried. The refree is about to call for medical staff, but then the chairs start to move. Both Ryan Holland and Kip Keenan stare in disbelief. Martyr sits up and starts to get to his feet. A hand grips a chair as he just stares at Kip. Martyr's mask is broken a bit around the right eye showing the maniacal look and blood is dripping out from under the mask and off Martyr's chin. He stalks forward and slides into the ring. Kip looks to disarm Martyr from the chair but eats a bit forearm instead. Martyr delivers a sickening shot to the back of Kip Keenan and Ryan Holland calls for the DQ.




Martyr looked intent on doing more damage, but Davis Wayne Newton hits the ring and dropkicks Martyr from behind and quickly ties to roll Kip out of the ring. Martyr recovers and narrowly misses with a chair swing on the fleeing DWN. Newton struggles to help Kip to his feet and hurry him out. Martyr stands in the ring and looks upwards as if waiting for some sort of command. He lets go of the chair and leaves without causing any more carnage after a few moments.




Unhappy about still not having a rematch, Handsome Stranger finds himself facing off against Bradford Peverell who has been a rather large thorn in House Handsome's side as well.  This is more of a wrestling match than the previous two bouts and it is probably a good thing because the audience probably needs a moment to recover from the pure chaos that had been going on the previous two. A good overall match against two of FCW's stalwarts and perhaps even more surprisingly no one from House Handsome interferes. Not that means there is no cheating. Handsome Stranger is a master of bending the rules overall and even when it was looking like defeat was near, he manages to roll up Peverell quickly and use a handful of tights to pick up a win.






It is rare when Harlem Haynes is the smaller competitor in the match, but here he is facing off against Mutant for a chance to win the Puerto Rican championship. This is the first time the two have faced off and the result is a big, wild brawl in and around the ring. Haynes gets close to taking out the champ a few times, but Mutant manages to kick out just in time. If anything Mutant seems to just outlast and take more punishment than what Harlem can take. It was a good effort and Harlem showed he could handle a match with the top guys and not look out of place. Mutant finally pulls out the win after delivering a Tina-Turner.




It seems Mutant was right earlier. Hell's Bouncer must have fought through security to make it inside and he is heading for the ring. What Mutant didn't expect is Bull Wrecker to attack  him from behind and start to beat him down. He delivers a Pancake Maker then turns about to motion for Hell's Bouncer to come at him. Bouncer seems happy to oblige, but once again the ring starts to flood and Puerto Rican Power demands order when he comes out. The two big men are pulled away and Mutant recovers looking irate and wanting both men to come face him now while Puerto Rican Power tries to calm him.





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I particularly liked the opening segment with Mutant getting to be an intelligent babyface who wasn't fooled into believing his enemy would stay away and the finish to Kip Keenan v Martyr, showing that a DQ doesn't always have to feel like an anticlimax. Meanwhile, El Toro De Oro is facing his biggest challenge yet, the Xavi/Latino Kings series is heating up and there's another target on Mutant's back, so everything's building nicely.

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