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FCW: Freedom of Expansion

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FCW News for December 2020




The year of 2020 has come and gone and many feel that Handsome Stranger had one of his best years as booker since he took over after the tragic death of Shawn Gonzalez. The year saw several long standing storylines play out as well as a shrewd use of his talent. The fall of House Handsome itself was a fun story and while they are beaten it isn't just quite the end of the group. What may happen over the next year is unknown, but Juggernaut Jones will return in a few months and the rise of Xavi Ferrera is in the cards. There should be quite a few stories starting in January and it will be interesting to see who ends up feuding with one another.




December saw the debut of a new group. The Original Ganstas are led by Sayeed Ali and include FCW mainstay Curtis Shaw along with newcomer Sanchez Villano. Villano is mostly known for his work out West, but he had a falling out with the company he was working for at the time, IPW. Originally it was said Sayeed was going to just team with The Harlem Knights, but continued issues with Harlem Haynes changed plans and Sanchez Villano was hired to take up the third spot. Just what sort of chaos the trio will inject into FCW remains to be seen, but it seems already The Puerto Rican boys have been targeted.




It is weird to think of the Puerto Rican title as an afterthought on most shows. FCW treats their main title with the utmost respect and even though it was sandwiched between two major matches the fight between Giant Brody and Animal Harker played out well. Brody and Harker are familiar with one another from their time in Japan and given the working relationship with NYCW it only took a few calls to see the big man show up in FCW. He may not have been well known in Puerto Rico, but the fans love big men and got into the championship match even if they were a bit tired after the last man standing match and trying to keep their energy for the main event. In the end it was a good way to put Brody on the show and give him a nice defense before he moves onto the likes of Mutant and Bull Wrecker.




It seems like Amo Del Gato's second stint in FCW is a short one.  Amo was hired by CILL a few days before December's show and soon afterwards asked for a raise that was unreasonable from many reports. Amo obviously is more popular in Mexico and should make more money there, but apparently he was asking for money closer to three to four times of what main eventers in FCW were making. It was reported he was looking for money similar to what Fredrique was being paid while not offering the same return the ex FCW star offered. FCW decided to part ways with the luchador and it may be the final time he is ever seen in an FCW ring.

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End of the Year 2020 Awards

Wrestler of the Year: Wolf Hawkins

Tag Team of the Year: Nicky Champion and Running Wolf

Young Wrestler of the Year: Hurakan

Veteran Wrestler of the Year: Jack DeColt

Female Wrestler of the Year: Brook Tyler (2)

Independent Wrestler of the Year: Razan Okamoto (2)

Company of the Year: EILL (4)

Most Improved Company of the Year: FCW

Match of the Year: Wolf Hawkins def Benny Benson on TCW Presents Total Wrestling

Card of the Year: EILL Festival del Homenaje

Manager of the Year: Floyd Goldworthy (2)

Announcer of the Year: Duane Fry (7)

Colour Commentator of the Year: Emma Chase (6)

Referee of the Year: Tsugiharu Odaka




Perhaps a big surprise to many is FCW winning the most improved company in the year of 2020. Fairly unknown outside of their home country, FCW started to offer their shows on WrestleWorld starting in march and have been steadily been gaining followers outside of Puerto Rico while the number of fans at shows have pretty much doubled over the past year. Many credit it to the booking of Handsome Stranger who used a mix of great wrestling and wild, bloody brawls to keep fans engaged and attract new eyes on the product. He and Puerto Rican Power can only hope to build on the success in 2021, but even if things start to even out they consider it a big feather in their cap for winning such an award.



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22 hours ago, Herrbear said:

Really enjoying the write up.

Thanks. Always enjoy your support over the years. Also thanks to everyone else reading this diary. Big thanks to @619 and @HiPlus for their post show commentary. It has been a fun time and glad both work and my health have allowed me to run with this. I have things booked through 2021 and hopefully it remains as interesting as 2020 to you all. New show hopefully tomorrow if time allows. Time to get 2021 going!

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Announcers: Dane O'Hara and Cueball Lynch

Bayamon, 504 Attending






House Handsome is out minus their glorious leader to start to the show. It is Xavi who takes the microphone to address the state of House Handsome. They are far from done and El Jefe will be back soon enough. Tonight Xavi faces Ox Mastadon and will defeat him easily. House Handsome remains strong and no one is going to stop them.



This brings out Davis Wayne Newton who begs to differ. He sees too many cracks and he is surprised the house hasn't collapsed. Though he has interest in finishing off House Handsome for good and challenges one of them to a match tonight. Xavi stops Juggernaut Jones from accepting and says DWN isn't worth their time.  He tells him to go back to competing in the preliminary matches because that is all he is. A preliminary guy. DWN doesn't seem happy at all and claims if they won't give him a match now he will find a way to force them into one soon enough.




The first match of the new year features a new face taking on Joffy Laine. The new wrestler is announced as Ricardo Menendez and while he has a good look and shows some charisma, his in ring work is a lot to be desired. It is easy to see why his first match is against Joffy Laine who does well to make the new guy look much better than he is.  Joffy lets Ricardo get some offense in before taking over. The youngster starts his career on the losing side with Joffy putting him away with a Death Spiral.




The Bombay City Rollers face off against the team of Curtis Shaw and Sanchez Villano with Sayeed Ali stalking around at ringside. This is obviously the OGs getting a chance to show off their new tag team. There is nothing pretty about the OG's style, though Villano bursts out some actual wrestling while Shaw is mostly just delivering heavy hits.  Sarja eventually gets singled out and Shaw hits him with a backbreaker and leaves Sarja resting over his knee while Villano comes off the ropes and kicks Sarja in the head, a move the duo dub The Drive By. The OGs pick up the win and Sayeed joins them in the ring.


Sayeed says this is the first of many victories. He has his eyes on a different prize, but he calls The Puerto Rican Boys out. They have the tag titles and that is exactly what Curtis Shaw and Sanchez Villano want. Now that Shaw doesn't have dead weight for a partner this will be easy. Capturing those titles is just the first step of the OG's run of domination.




Another new face shows up in FCW in the form of Masked Cougar. A small and exciting talent that gets Ricochet Ramone as opponent. It is a fast paced, high flying match between the two and at times Ramone has a hard time keeping up with Cougar. Cougar may not be well known to the Puerto Rican crowd, but by the end of the match he has certainly gotten the attention of the audience. He ends up putting Ramone away with I am Cougar, Hear me Roar.






Rudy Velasquez defends his title from one of NYCW's talents in The New York Doll. Much like Masked Cougar, NYD isn't well known, but he is exciting enough to get the audience interested in the match. It was a good mix of wrestling and some high flying thrown in mostly from NYD's side. It isn't enough to dethrone the champ, though. Rudy is just too tough and overtakes NYD before finally putting him away with a Street Cutter.




After the win Ox Mastadon comes out. He is looking to move on to his next challenge and he wants to face Rudy for the People's championship. Joffy Laine soon emerges and makes his intentions known he wants that title as well. Rudy says they are both welcome to try, but he isn't giving up his belt any time soon. He also tells Ox maybe he should focus on tonight with his match against Xavi Ferrera. If he wins maybe he will just get a shot at Rudy next month.






The Puerto Rican Boys defend their titles against the Gonzalez Family. A decent enough match with the champs controlling most of it. The main story may be the way Carlos seems to be getting annoyed with his nephew in parts of the match. He gets so annoyed to the point when Marco is in trouble and being put away by Welcome to the Island, Carlos doesn't even try to break up the pin and only gets in the ring afterwards to berate a confused Marco. The champs seem a bit surprised, but let the two family members talk it out and leave with their titles intact.




The semi main event features Xavi Ferrera facing off with Ox Mastadon. This is a big difference in styles and while Xavi isn't exactly a small guy, Ox makes him look like a lightweight in comparison. It is a lot of quick attacks on Xavi's part and trying not to get caught by Ox. It works for the most part, but there are times when Ox manages to get his hands on Xavi and he uses his size to just batter the smaller wrestler.



This brings in Juggernaut Jones who starts to come to the ring. Ox sees it though and when Jones tries to get in the ring he gets bumped right back off the apron by Ox. He may expected House Handsome to give him trouble, but what he didn't expect was  suddenly being assaulted from behind by...




Martyr has a chain wrapped around a hand and he punches Ox right in the back and starts to batter him. Ryan Holland quickly calls for the bell, disqualifying a terrified Xavi who was already getting out of the ring. Ox pushes Martyr away, but he only gets a moment reprieve before the chained fist hits him in the head and busts him open. Security jump in the ring to try and help Ryan Holland pull Martyr away or at least give Ox time to get out of the ring. Martyr soon stops his assualt and seems pleased with what he has done and slides out of the ring to leave through the crowd.






These two men are no strangers to one another. Brody and Kip spent part of last year facing off and at least for one night they reignite that feud over the Puerto Rican championship. They easily pull off the match of the night with a good mix of brawling and technical wrestling. Brody even breaks out his plancha after sending Kip out of the ring.




By the time both men are back in the ring Bull Wrecker is approaching looking like he might cash in now that both men are worn down. Though he has the attention of both men he stops and decides not to enter the ring, but instead just watch. The match resumes, but both Kip and Brody keep looking over in Wrecker's direction.




Though they don't have to worry about Bull Wrecker because someone takes care of that little problem. Looks like Mutant still has a bone to pick with Wrecker and decides to jump Wrecker before he could possibly join in the match and win the title. The two big men are going at it while security tries to pull them apart. The match is still going on though David Poker is distracted.




Distracted enough that Xavi Ferrera slips in and blindsides Kip. He gets a glare from Brody and he quickly backs away. He just motions to the dazed Kip as if saying 'all yours' and he leaps out. Brody does capitalize on it and he gives Kip the Single Handed Chokeslam. He shouts at Poker to get his attention and covers Kip to pick up the win and retain.




Puerto Rican Power comes out annoyed in general how the show ended. He manages to stop Brody from joining in on the brawl outside and he looks around for Xavi who seems long gone. He shouts for Mutant and Bull Wrecker to stop this instant. If they want to fight so bad they can fight next month in the confines of a cage.


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I enjoyed the House Handsome developments with Xavi Ferrera taking on a bigger role not only in House business but the company at large with his main event intervention. I like that there's a story brewing for the Gonzalez Family and how you used House Handsome's struggles as a way to immediately establish Masked Cougar with a significant win.

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FCW News for January 2021




There were two new additions to the FCW roster that made their debut at FREEDOM Fighters. The first was the young rookie, Ricardo Menendez who was trained by Phoenix III. He has been wrestling since July of last year and only has a handful of matches under his belt. Standing at around 6'2 and weighting at around 250 he has a good size that can step up to face off against the big boys without looking overly outsized. He needs a lot of work, but given the amoung of great workers in FCW he should learn quickly.  He can do a bit of everything, but it isn't great at any of it just yet. What he does have is an innate charisma and apparently good on the microphone. He might not be a feature on main shows often, but in a few years it may be interesting to see where he stands in FCW.




Perhaps the more surprising addition to the roster was Masked Cougar. Mostly known for his work on the West Coast, it is being said Masked Cougar left CZCW in October last year while looking to try his hand working elsewhere. FCW came calling first and apparently a few days after he signed with IPW as well. Cougar is a skilled veteran that many could benefit working with and perhaps his only reason he has never been a bigger star is his size. It is unknown what plans FCW have for the masked wrestler, but he should certainly be an exciting person to watch when he does appear.




The latest member of NYCW to show up at an FCW show is The New York Doll. Overall he did well in ring and behaved well backstage. He and Rudy Velasquez had one of the better matches that night and in turn it sounds like NYCW got Sayeed Ali in the trade of talent. Ali wrestled for NYCW a few nights later in a losing effort to Geoff Borne. Aside from the initial trade the relationship between the two companies has worked out well for both sides.


Overall January's show wasn't as big of a success as previous months, but that could be the fact FCW overachieves so often even a good show like this can feel like a bit of a letdown these days. Many new stories were starting and FCW are in talks to further their contract with WrestleWorld which runs out soon. A few other names may soon show up as FCW is looking to pad out their undercard with some additional names.

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Really exciting set up for the new year. Hyped Ox will be getting a title shot, I mean he won his match didn't he. Another show, another Bull Wrecker tease but this time with another big man getting involved in the picture as well. Cougar debuting with a win is a good look and I wonder if Xavi can keep House Handsome together while the boss is away, if it ends up being a few months off the card. 

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Announcers: Dane O'Hara and Cueball Lynch

Bayamon, 563 Attending






The show starts with Bradford Peverell asking Puerto Rican Power to join him in the ring. What Bradford is looking for tonight is a chance at Giant Brody. With both Mutant and Bull Wrecker busy he feels that the Puerto Rican champ shouldn't get a night off. And while Peverell lost his chance at the Gateway to the Gold he feels he has proven himself after finally defeating Handsome Stranger not long ago. Puerto Rican Power tends to agree and says tonight Peverell gets his chance and he should make the best of it because another shot might not come anytime soon given so many members of FCW are proving their worth. Peverell thanks the boss and promises this is not a chance to be squandered. He looks focused while leaving the ring and goes to prepare for his match.




The Gonzales Family face the intimidating duo known as Half Ton of Terror in the opening match. It still seems Carlos has a problem with his nephew and it could just be a lesson in tough love because he letting Marco take the brunt of the punishment in this short match. When an easily tired King Kong Kennedy is possibly the best worker there is no surprise things are kept short and sweet. Marco tries to fight valiantly, but he is just outsized and outnumbered given Carlos does little to help. One Dead Drop later and Half Ton of Terror win.


Though what happens after the match is perhaps the more important part of it all. Carlos berates the battered and beaten Marco before physically attacking his nephew as the crowd boos loudly. Marco is called a disappointment and Carlos states he is glad Shawn didn't get to see what became of his son. Carlos leaves with a look of disgust as Marco lays in a heap in the middle of the ring.




Hector Galindo faces off with someone that hasn't been seen in Puerto Rico for quite some time. Arthur Dexter Bradley may not have had a lot of success, but it is enough that the fans react. It is a pretty good match more focused on the high flying offense both men are known for, though Hector is staying true to his word from the other month saying he is adjusting his style not to be as high risk. A good return match for ADB, but he can't seem to put away the veteran.  Hector may be using a few less high risk moves, but he still uses his Shooting Star Press to put ADB away this evening.




No one seems familiar with the man introduced as Molokai Milk, but the fans certainly react to the man he faces. Martyr stalks to the ring with a baseball bat in hand, though he drops it before getting into the ring and the match starts properly. It is a short demolishing of Molokai who gets little to no offense in. Martyr just overpowers the older wrestler and puts him away quickly with a Vengeance Driver.




Ox Mastadon starts to head to the ring soon after the bell rings. He is looking for payback, but what he doesn't expect is Cobra coming out of nowhere to blindside him and attack. Ox is the bigger man, but Cobra chop blocked him in the legs to start his assault and he lays into Ox. Eventually he turns to look towards Martyr who is still in the ring and is just staring. Cobra gets a evil smile and just turns about. Martyr watches and then his head tilts as if listening to someone before he leaves the ring and steps over the beaten Ox Mastadon to go after Cobra.






The People's Championship is up for grabs and it features some of the best workers on the roster. It is no surprise this ends up being pretty much the best match of the night as all four prove they deserve holding this title and even more. Each man is given a chance to control the match and it often teases close falls with someone breaking it up. All in all it seems like anyone could win and Rudy may not even have the chance to be involved in the result. At one point Joffy and Rudy are outside fighting with El Toro De Oro down and out. DWN leaves from the top turnbuckle to wipe out Rudy and Joffy along with himself, but he is first to recover.




Only for Handsome Stranger to come out of nowhere and blindside him. He beats on DWN and shouts at him about being disrespected. He wants the ire of House Handsome?! He has Stranger's full attention now! He tosses DWN back into the ring. There he is met with a recovered El Toro De Oro who hits the Spinal Shocker Gore. Rudy struggles to try to get to the ring in time to break it up. There is a new champion this evening.


El Toro De Oro celebrates with Rudy looking dejected as well as Joffy. DWN is in pain but has rolled to where he can stare down a cocky looking Handsome Stranger who trash talks some more and tells DWN to be careful what he asks for before leaving.






Another title match comes up next in the form of the tag team championship being defended. It is the Puerto Rican Boys facing off against the Original Ganstas with their leader Sayeed Ali in their corner. It is a pretty good brawl with Kid San Juan often on the side of a beating and Island Boy Apollo getting the chance to often tag in and show off his impressive strength. All four men are good workers, but Apollo tonight shines above them all. Perhaps Sayeed senses this and at one point when the ref is distracted he pulls Apollo off the apron and gives his team the advantage. Apollo chases Ali, but he stops and realizes Kid San Juan falling victim to the Drive By from Curtis and Sanchez. David Poker is counting and can't focus on the fact Ali keeps Apollo from getting back in the ring. Two matches in a row the title changes hands. Brody can't be feeling too comfortable at this point.




Kip Keenan looks to get some revenge as he faces off against Xavi Ferrera. This match is on par with the four way from earlier as both men deliver even if Xavi often feels checked out during the match. Back and forth they go and often Xavi seems to wonder where his fellow House Handsome members are to help. None show and it only frustrates Xavi who is forced to rely on his own skills to try and win this one. He comes close, but it just isn't in the cards and Kip mounts a big comeback in the last minutes of the match. Xavi is staggered with some big hits and then Kip puts him away with a Belly to Belly suplex.






Peverell is getting his shot and he is making the best of it. The only downside is these two just do not work well together as a whole. Timing always seems an issue and there are times where they just seem to miscommunicate. In spite of that they are both good enough workers that they don't let that ruin the match as a whole. It isn't near as good as the previous match or the four way, but they still manage a serviceable semi-main event match for the Puerto Rican title. As much as Peverell tries he can't seem to fell the giant, but the pair do tumble over the ropes and fight it out for awhile. The result is Brody managing to heft up Peverell and powerbomb him onto the floor before getting in the ring. Peverell struggles and he seems he might barely beat the count, but his back has taken too much punishment and he can't get into the ring to beat the ten count.




It might not be for a title, but these two behemoths in a cage does scream main event. A contest between former partners that were even tag champs at one point to show who is the more dominant power. It is a down and dirty brawl with little in the way of wrestling too. Just big hits and punishing slams with both men looking to take the other out for good. The match was going well, but near the end there is an obvious problem when Bull Wrecker fumbles picking up Mutant and it causes the latter to fall awkwardly and favor his leg afterwards. Mutant isn't happy and Bull Wrecker legit looks worried for a moment before he quickly refocuses. The end seems rushed and Mutant is hobbling a bit, but he still manages to find the strength to deliver a Tina-Turner to a tired and bloodied Bull Wrecker to end the bout.



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FCW News for February 2021




The main event was marred by an injury to Mutant who ended up with a swollen calf muscle due to Bull Wrecker messing up a move about halfway through the match. Mutant fought through the pain though the match suffered for it. Thankfully it ended up not being serious and if anything Mutant might be kept to a non wrestling role through March to give him time to properly recover. Mutant apparently believes Bull Wrecker messed up on purpose to hurt his career, but such accusations seem unfounded and Handsome Stranger says accidents happen and he doesn't believe anything malicious was intended.




Arthur Dexter Bradley has returned to FCW and it seems like it will be for more than a single appearance.  ADB had a two and a half year run in FCW about a decade ago that was pretty forgetable, but it seems he is being given a second chance now that he has had a few years to hone is craft.  This was mainly seen as a move to further fill out the undercard, but ADB performed well in his first match and if he continues to impress there is no reason he might find himself in a better position as Handsome Stranger often rewards talents that work hard.




Perhaps the strangest debut for FCW this year was that of Molokai Milk. Outside of his home state of Hawaii Milk is barely known in the US. He has primarily gained a reputation in Australia over the years, but has since returned to the United States. Apparently his hiring was due to a surprise friendship that sprung up between Molokai and Ox Mastadon. After some talk of wanting more veteran talent to help with the younger wrestlers development it was Ox who pitched getting his friend hired. Molokai won't be a common sight in FCW as he more has a backstage role with the company, but he may occasionally show up to give someone some shine like he did with Martyr.




Many were probably surprised by Xavi Ferrera's match this past month's show. It of course was a solid match, but what many people didn't know is was also Xavi's final match with FCW for now. A few days prior Xavi was one of two talents to sign with USPW and in his case it is a reported three year deal. This could be considered a blow to FCW, but perhaps more so to PSW who was pushing Xavi as a serious main eventer. It seemed he was destined to be a main eventer to FCW too, but Handsome Stranger didn't pull the trigger fully just yet. It does also change plans with House Handsome who was about to introduce a new member and create some tension between said new member and Xavi. How things will play out now remains to be seen.




The bigger loss for FCW perhaps is that of Bull Wrecker who also signed with USPW. Bull Wrecker was finally getting pushed into the main event picture where it looks like he and Mutant were going to have a long rivalry in the coming years. Bull Wrecker was even given the honor of being the first Gateway to the Gold winner in the company, but he never got to claim his shot and win the title before leaving. It was rumored he was to win the title soon, but now Handsome Stranger is left adjusting plans further. Bull Wrecker will be having a second stint in USPW now with his new five year deal. Given his age that might be the last big contract he will see. While everyone is glad he is getting one last run with a big company many still wonder how FCW would look in the near future if he and Xavi remained.

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Well god what a show and backstage drama! 


First Molokai Milk showing up, there was one fan in the crowd who knew the man. Definitely did not expect him being there. I haven't used him in 2020, but in 2016 he was always a good in ring guy with a unique look and charisma.. just placed in Hawaii made him a strange location. Excited that even though he got squashed he will still show up elsewhere now and then with his friendship with Ox. 


Speaking of Ox being laid out by Cobra is a travesty of all travesties. 


El Toro coming away with a win is a big surprise here. He has been getting steady momentum but the trigger pull over Rudy. Surely he gets a rematch but El Toro should have a nice lengthy run. Rudy losing feels disappointing as he could have done much more in the role and didn't get any massive feuds to build a legacy out of the run, but also he felt lack luster as champion to a degree at the same time. 


Second title change was massive as well, this time the new team get the titles I am more interested to see where Puerto Rican Boys go from here if they eventually move away from the title picture.


Peverell having a stipulation so to speak of being kept away from the Main title if he losses turns out to be a blessing due to the poor chemistry. 


Heart in mouth stuff for Mutant as I read it before the injury update was posted and thought he may end up out long-term. Unlucky for him, I wonder if the results changed due to the injury. The heat between them isn't good to see after it.


Xavi in his final match was a big news story to come out of the show. He has talent and will go on to great things but leaves a hole in House Handsome which may already be filled in the background. 


Bull Wrecker news is way harder to take. He is robbing me of my big muscle bound big 4 man match that I so desperately want in my life. It is horrible timing with him not able to cash in the first Gateway to the Gold match clause. Honestly him winning and vacating the title would have been better.. now do they ignore Gateway to the Gold contendership for the year. This could be why Rudy dropped the title early if he is going to move up the card to help fill the void of Xavi and Bull Wrecker as one of those edge Main Event guys. Juggernaut is due back soon as well right, he could fill in my meaty four man brawl. 



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Well definitely some plans go up in smoke, but intrigued to see where things go.  When I read the results I wondered why Bull Wrecker took a clean loss prior to a cash in.  Enjoying the story and end of month roundups.  Glad to see MilkaMania is still alive even in a backstage and enhancement role.

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Wow, what an update. Rough breaks with Mutant's injury and Xavi Ferrera and Bull Wrecker leaving, but some silver linings too. Firstly that Mutant's injury wasn't more serious, and two of your top guys falling out is no longer your problem. And with Ferrera, you've played it well by not pushing him too far too fast, so his story ties itself up fairly neatly and him deserting can add to the sense of House Handsome decline.

As @HiPlus said, not being able to execute the Gateway to the Gold clause is the biggest challenge as I guess it's due to become a recurring theme, and you can't have another "first", but this latest show did a great job at putting over some of the newer acts you've brought in like El Toro De Oro and The Original Gangstas, so I feel like you've got plenty of people ready to step up. I enjoyed the Gonzalez developments too.

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At the time I had thought long and hard about the Gateway to the Gold. In my mindset I felt a quick win then a vacate was more harm than good. Honestly Brody has been a better champ score wise than I could imagine. Even a bad match with Bradford Peverell almost scored a 60.  In my eyes a smaller company like FCW can get away with ignoring things because right now they have 500-600 people in the arena and 8k watching on stream. If I was TCW, SWF, etc things would be much different. In this case Handsome Stranger was more 'Well there is always 2021' and we'll see how that one goes! Though minor spoiler in that case. The winners in 2021 and 2022 have much better luck.

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FCW: FREEDOM of the City

Announcers: Dane O'Hara and Cueball Lynch

San Juan, 576 Attending






Kip Keenan is out first and he is quick ask Puerto Rican Power to join him in the ring. Kip knows Mutant isn't ready to wrestle and so Giant Brody has no opponent tonight. He says the fans deserve a title match for the Puerto Rican title while also pointing out his last attempt to take the title from Brody was interrupted by Xavi Ferrera who won't be giving him trouble anymore. Puerto Rican Power grants him another chance at Brody, but if he loses he will be waiting a good time before he gets another chance. Kip is more than fine with that because he is confident without interference he can slay the giant and he will win the FCW Puerto Rican championship for a second time.




The first match is not a pretty one. The only plus side is the quality can only go up from there. It was short at least given Kanishoki's limitations and it is more to show the violent nature of Carlos Gonzales who may be outsized, but not outmatched. He beats on the former sumo with some big hits and puts Kanishoki away with a Flat Out.




After the victory Marco comes out to confront his uncle. He doesn't understand what drove Carlos to do what he did, but he isn't going to ignore the fact that he owes his uncle a beating for what he did. He challenges Carlos to a match only for Carlos to say Marco doesn't deserve a match and he should quit before he makes a grave mistake. Carlos is feeling generous and won't be giving him another beating tonight. Marco should go elsewhere. He isn't good enough for FCW and without Carlos protecting him he has little chance of survival.




A heavy hitting fight marred by once again by a disinterested Harlem Haynes that doesn't look like he is happy about something. He isn't really selling Jesus' offense which only seems to be making the large latino very unhappy in his own right. The match seems to end up shorter than expected and Jesus wins with the 187 Neckbreaker, though Harlem rolls out of the ring almost instantly after getting pinned and wanders off.






The tag titles are on the line as the new champs make their first defense. It seems like a tall order for Young & Wasted to get an upset here and it might not be much of a surprise they are outmatched here. Aside from a few flurries of offense this is mostly the Original Ganstas getting to show off and get themselves a convicing first defense.  Bret Kyle is disposed of and it is Taylor Norton that falls victim to The Drive By. The champs retain.




This brings out the Puerto Rican Boys first who are looking for a rematch. They learned a lesson to keep a close eye on Sayeed and they believe they can win the titles back. Before they can say much more Streetz comes out on his own. He claims that The Puerto Rican Boys had their time in the limelight and lost. He says instead Half Ton of Terror should get a chance to prove themselves instead. Sayeed Ali speaks for the OGs and says they'll make it a party and face both teams. Curtis and Sanchez actually instead of looking perterbed look to relish the thought as if the trio already have plans on how to handle taking on two teams at once.




The first match of the evening to really deliver and get the fans into it. Both competitors work well together and the styles blend in a seamless manner as well. A nice back and forth contest between both men with ADB coming close to getting the win several times. He perhaps took too many risks in the end because missing on a frogsplash attempt allows Cougar enough time to recover and go on the attack. Eventually he hits I am Cougar, Hear me Roar and puts ADB away.




Another short brawl follows up the previous match which quiets the crowd down a little. They are firmly behind Ox, but they haven't seen enough of Ricardo Menendez to see him as a threat and given the shortness of the match it is clear things are being done in a way to hide the many weaknesses Ricardo still has given he is so green. Ox is a capable hand and he lets Ricardo get a few good hits in before taking over. He puts the youth away with a Ten Ton Splash after about six minutes.




This brings Ox calling out Cobra. He had no beef with the man previously and if Cobra wanted a fight all he had to do is ask. This brings Cobra out with Martyr at his side. Cobra explains for years he has sat by and watched things unfold. He was looking for the perfect time to make his move. With Martyr he has found a kindred spirit. Afterall Martyr is God's Chosen and no one knows the relationship of God and humanity better than a serpent. Ox was just chosen to be made an example of and it is nothing personal. He is just going to be the first of many and in time other will see the light and join with God's Chosen and himself. Next month Ox will be the first of many to fall. The pair leave as Ox stares them down seeming uncertain finding out the serpent and the psycho are now working together.






El Toro De Oro makes his first defense of the People's championship and much like the Original Ganstas earlier it seems more a match to establish the new champ. That being said this is a much competitive match than the first one they had when El Toro De Oro debuted for FCW. Both men have improved in the ring and El Toro has gotten more popular. USAce still needs seasoning, but he is showing steady improvement and the match isn't perhaps the best, it is certainly entertaining and gets the crowd into it. The champ retains as USAce once again falls to the Spinal Shocker Gore.




Business picks up with Davis Wayne Newton getting his hands on Handsome Stranger. This match so far has been the best one of the night and the two veterans go all out to get the fans fully invested. Handsome Stranger does try to be underhanded, but DWN hasn't exactly been a saint over the years and expects it and delivers an eyepoke at one point himself to show that playing dirty isn't beneath him when dealing with House Handsome. Things are going pretty well, but like most House Handsome matches there are always things to watch out for.




Like a returning Juggernaut Jones capturing the attention of everyone. He threatens to try and get into the ring which in turn distracts David Poker. It was probably never Jones' intent to really get involved.




That is reserved instead for a new face to FCW. A rather cocky looking man in shades slips into the ring while DWN has the advantage and Poker is distracted. He blindsides DWN and starts to work him over and delivers a big DDT before slipping out. It gives Handsome Stranger time to recover and add insult to injury on DWN with a Catalan Twist before picking up the victory.




Mutant comes out before the main event to address the crowd about his injury. He believes he could have competed tonight and have won, but Puerto Rican Power told him to hold off. It just means the fans have to wait another month before he reclaims his title. He will be watching closely and he doesn't care who wins tonight though he admits taking his title back from the man that defeated him would feel a lot better.



He is caught off guard though when Bradford Peverell joins him in the ring. Bradford admits he had his doubts about Mutant months ago, but them having to take on House Handsome together over the past year has made Bradford come to respect the big man. He wants Mutant to regain his title and all he asks is he gets to be the first man to challenge Mutant. He offers his left hand as if showing he isn't pulling any tricks and not going to surprise with the Dream Left Hook. Mutant hesitates and shakes it. He tells Bradford to be prepared. Next month he gets his title back and after that he and Bradford will be enemies at least for one night.






In a show that perhaps more downs than ups in terms of match quality, this one blew everything else before it out of the water. It has by far been the best match of the year with both men continuing their long standing rivalry with no interruptions from a third party this time around. Both men have the working boots on and they are  showing they are perhaps two of the best workers in the company. A great back and forth one with Kip managing to outsmart Brody to keep the advantage several times while Brody uses his brute strength when he can to dominate and toss Kip around.  It is perhaps the toughest fight Brody has had during his reign, but he seems to weather the storm. Kip comes so close a few times, but Brody gets a rather surprising running boot to the face to stun Kip enough to get booted again and knocked out cold. A single handed chokeslam is delivered as a statement and the champ retains.

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FCW News for March 2021




A day after FREEDOM of the City FCW have decided to part ways with Harlem Haynes. Best known for his work in Canada, Haynes joined FCW in December of 2017 and since then things never really worked out. He was put into a team with Curtis Shaw only for the two to show nearly zero chemistry as a team so they were rarely put in matches together. His biggest flaw was his attitude and fact he rarely wanted to lose without making a big stink about it. In the end Harlem just thought he was a bigger name than he was in Puerto Rico and he could never look past the fact the tiny island is a much different landscape than Canada. The highlight of his FCW career will be his match against Mutant for the Puerto Rican title which oddly was the one time he didn't complain about losing as Mutant was apparently the one man on the roster that intimidated Harlem. It is highly unlikely he will be see in FCW again.




Juggernaut Jones is fully healed and cleared for action once more. While he was cleared before the show it was decided to keep him limited to give him a few extra weeks to heal before wrestling a full match. Jones had torn his ACL back in September and he was feared to be out a year, but a successful surgery and the fact  Jones is a freak athelete halved the recovery time. It is perfect timing for his return given the departure of Xavi Ferrera and the reveal of House Handsome's newest member. It is expected he will make an in ring return next month.




The biggest news coming from Freedom of the City would be the debut of what looks to  be House Handsome's newest member.  Jamie Atherton is a skilled worker who spent over a decade with ACPW before deciding to leave in October of 2020. He felt he had done all that he could for the company and was seeking new challenges. It was early 2021 that FCW had come into contact with Jamie with plans to make him a new member of House Handsome and pit him against Xavi Ferrera. The two would have a struggle to see who would be the true second command of House Handsome, but the hiring of Xavi obviously changed plans. It is expected now Jamie will slip into the role Xavi had previously held. Jamie is a great worker as well as talker that can do a bit of everything in the ring. His downside would be his size given a majority of FCW's roster are heavy hitters. It could be a blessing though because that means he offers something different to the crowd with his intense, high flying style. If he can get over in FCW remains to be seen, but he has been put in a good position to start at least.

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So with Xavi leaving it looked as if the end of House Handsome was neigh, but appears that was not the case with Juggernaut returning at the same time as a new member debuts. Feels as if eventually no one will be able to challenge as every challenger ends up with the ultimatum they can't challenge anytime soon after losing. 


One thing I think is Brody may end up losing to Mutant, Brodys actual reign has been somewhat forgettable purely because he doesn't do much else backstage, and feels overshadowed by the others in and around the Main Event picture.Harlem Haynes it has felt like for awhile he was going to be on the way out so about time for him 

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You always do a great job of making the Puerto Rican title scene so alive, and that was the case again on the latest show with Kip Keenan challenging and Mutant and Bradford Peverell queuing up behind. I don't think Harlem Haynes can have any complaints about losing his job, and what a replacement in Jamie Atherton, who has the look, attitude and mic skills to fit in perfectly in House Handsome.

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@HiPlus In a weird way where I am at in FCW a lot of the time I feel I have too many people in the Main Event that can challenge. And not only that there are ways around it. Peverell lost to Brody, but Mutant did promise him the first shot at the title if/when he wins it. In Kip's case who knows when he might get another chance. That remains to be seen.  Brody's reign has been a bit on the ho hum side, but he actually puts up good scores. Even with bad chem he and Peverell outdid most of the roster aside from the most recent match with Kip. In retrospect I should have gotten him either a mouthpiece or let him do some promos.

@619 Harlem just stopped caring because less than a week after his release he gained weight and became flabby. Him not wanting to lose to anyone not named Mutant and him having no chemistry with Curtis Shaw just made him expendable. In fact that loss to Jesus is the last match he has had and in the save I am currently in early 2023 so it has been almost 2 years without a single indy show even.

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I mean I was probably a bit harsh on Brody's reign this far. He has looked strong in his victories, but it just doesn't feel like he has got the storylines out of his reign yet, but in part that could be primarily due to Bull Wrecker jumping ship on you putting an end to that. I agree a voice piece would go well for him. 


It was also a more tongue in cheek comment re. PRP only letting people have one shot at a time, but it is a credit that you have the depth of Main Event guys for Brody to run through as he builds to a rematch with Mutant

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@DAVEFAN95 Sadly in the current save Sneer is out of the business entirely.


Also want to give a heads up my schedule on posting is going to slow down. In the past year or so I have been dealing with some health issues and this past week I got hit pretty hard. While I was doing 2 or so shows a week I am going to try and cut back to posts on the weekends. Also those that follow me and @Big Roguey resurrected a joint diary we were working on. That one is going to be updated much slower as a whole due to both of us having stuff keeping us busy. Expect to at least see an FCW post from me tomorrow or Sunday.

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