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OGpistolpete's Wrestling at War 2001

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Hi all,

Any interest in seeing this mod created with the scene set 5-years following my original Wrestling at War mod?

General premise goes as follows:

Vince McMahon is released from prison and regains control of the WWF Board of Directors. He ousts his son Shane from the company, along with extremely successful head booker Paul Heyman. Vince completely revamps the WWF, dropping the Attitude product that had brought them major (but now declining) success over the years, instead pivoting to a family-friendly product similar to the mid-2000s transition in real life WWE product... He signs big names to completely revamp the main event scene in the WWF. The new top star in the WWF is Goldberg (after Steve Austin broke his neck in 1999, leading to the WWF's recent decline and his retirement from in-ring action), as well as Triple H, but also new names to the WWF such as Mr. America (Hulk Hogan's new gimmick since departing HCW), and Shawn Michaels (returning from the 1994 Baltimore Screwjob conspired by his son, Shane.)

In the meantime, Shane and Heyman team up to open Extreme Championship Wrestling (game world starts before ECW's first show), picking up other disgruntled veterans and stars across the industry to create a new start-up promotion. They end up with top talent such as Raven, Mick Foley, and The Sandman (ousted by Vince since WWF takeover occured), as well as heel Lex Luger (think late 2000 WCW Luger), Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho (left NWA after years of promises but lack of reality on the big stage), Rob Van Dam (fired from WSW in 2000 due to marijuana controversy), and others.

Hollywood Championship Wrestling was snuffed out by FOX in 2000 after a couple years of controversies and declining product quality...

The National Wrestling Alliance and World Star Wrestling survive the next five years and remain popular destinations for HCW alum. 

Flex Kavana (IRL The Rock) is now the NWA's biggest superstar, along with The Giant and other mainstays such as Undertaker, Sting, and Flair ... with a very competitive upper midcard as well ... while WSW is working with the Hart's and many other familiar faces but having recently brought in Kevin Nash from HCW...

Below are the drafted rosters currently after 5-years of lore I am building in parallel. (please bear in mind everything is subject to change)


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1 hour ago, WWEAEWFAN said:

Remove the Austin neck injury unlike irl. Too unnessary and I can't see 2001 without Austin. Keep him in ring action until 2009 if you choose to go more into the save years.

I doubt Austin goes until 2009 even if he doesn't get dropped on his neck. He had pretty bad knee issues since the 90s. He definitely goes for a few more years but probably not that long full-time.

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On 10/8/2023 at 11:04 PM, Paxlux said:

I doubt Austin goes until 2009 even if he doesn't get dropped on his neck. He had pretty bad knee issues since the 90s. He definitely goes for a few more years but probably not that long full-time.

True. I thought until 2009 because Austin said if he wasn't forced to retire back in 03, he would be going for 5-6 years more, like HBK. Probably retire at Mania 25 in Texas. If he did, he would probably go part timer during that run anyway working A shows and Events every few months.

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