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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling

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It's a company that would develop multiple names over its history. Some would only ever know it as World Championship Wrestling, others would know it as Jim Crockett Promotions. Its true, territory name though. Was Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. 


It would be this territory, that would grow to become the flag bearer for the NWA in the war against Vince McMahaon. It is this company that would help create the first true wrestling mega event, Starrcade nd it is this company, in the year of 1983, that we will be running. To see if we can replicate the success, and maybe change the history of wrestling a little along the way. Below is the original roster as is in the Death of The Territories mod I am using.

Champions (In Order of Importance): 

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Alliance Championship but with Flair being the current holder I'm listing it.



Ric Flair

NWA United States Championship


Greg Valentine

NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship


Jack Brisco

NWA World Tag Team Championships


Sgt Slaughter & Don Kernodle

NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championships


Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood

NWA Television Championship


Mike Rotundo

(The Mod Had Abdullah The Butcher set as champ but historically, Rotundo had just won the television championship. I know this because I've been watching 1983 Mid Atlantic for inspiration)

Television Championship Rules:

These are custom rules I have set for the TV title to help me with booking continuity.

1. The Television Championship must be defended on a weekly basis on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. In the event the champion has to miss a week of competition due to injury or other mitigating circumstances, the match will be delayed for the following week. In the event the champion is unable to defend the championship due to injury or other mitigating circumstances for an extended period of time. An interim Television Champion will be decided in a wrestling bout. When the original champion is able to return to action. Both interim and original champion will face off against one another to declare an "Undisputed" Television Champion. A Champion can have a match delayed for two weeks due to the above stated circumstances before an interim champion must be declared.

2. If a clear challenger is not decided upon, a challenger will be selected at random from the Mid-Atlantic roster. This is to promote fairness and competition within the roster in order to provide hopeful wrestlers an opportunity for NWA Gold.

3. Due to the championship being defended weekly. The Television Champion has a "champions prerogative" as to whether or not they defend the title at monthly events. The Television Champion has the right to deny any challenger a match at monthly events. However the champion would be expected to defend the belt the following week on television. 


Abe Jacobs

Abdullah The Butcher

Angelo Mosca

Black Bart

Bobby Bass

Bob Caudle (Announcer)

Bob Orton Jr.

Brett Sawyer

Brian Blair

Buzz Sawyer

Charlie Cook

David Crockett (Announcer)

Denny Brown

Dick Slater

Dizzy Hogan

Don Kernodle

Dory Funk Jr.

Earl Hebner (Ref)

Gary Hart (Manager & Road Agent)

Gene Anderson 

Genichiro Tenryu

Greg Valentine

Harkey Race

Hercules Hernandez

Iceman King Parsons

Jack Brisco

Jay Youngblood

Jerry Brisco

Jim Crockett Jr. (Owner)

Jimmy Valient

Johnny Weaver

Johnny Valentine (Road Agent)

Jumbo Tsuruta

Jos Leduc

Ken Timbs

Larry Lane

Leroy Brown

Mark Fleming

Mark Youngblood

Masanbou Fuchi

Mike Davis

Mike George

Mike Rotundo

Nelson Royal

Oliver Humperdink (Manager)

One Man Gang

Pat Rose

Porkchop Cash

Paul Jones (Paul was transitioning to being a full time manager at this time. Will probs just use him as a manager)

Pvt. Jim Nelson.

Randy Anderson (Ref)

Ric Flair

Rich Landrum (Announcer)

Rick Rude

Ricky Steamboat

Roddy Piper

Rufus R. Jones

Sgt. Slaughter

Skip Young

Stu Schwartz

Terry Funk

The Ninja Warriror

Tommy Gilbert

Tommy Young (Ref)

Vinnie Valentino


Lots of talent I'm unaware of that I'm excited to learn more about and potentially build here. Some are, just sadly, lifetime jobbers.


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Jim Crockett's Diary

Just got out of the NWA meeting. To say that there is concern is...an understatement. Business is about to change thanks to McMahon's kid taking the reigns of the company in New York. We all know it. We just don't know how much. McMahon Sr. hasn't been a part of the NWA for a while but even he had the time for us to call him over the phone. Put him on speaker right there in the room. He wanted to try and assure the owners. He wouldn't have sold the company if he hadn't instilled in his son the importance of the rules we have all played by up until this point. However, his son has no real obligation to play by those rules now the transaction is complete and the signs are already starting to show. He has something in mind...and that something does not look good for the NWA. Sure there were some who didn't seem phased. Fritz was as stubborn as ever. As long as those boys of his continue to be the golden geese laying golden eggs I suppose he thinks he has little to worry about. Others were ready to take the fight to Vince before a battle had even begun. Bill Watts was determined he was "gonna teach that yankie a lesson he'd never forget". Others were...strangely silent. Mainly Eddie Graham. He said very little. Shook hands, patted shoulders and left...like he knew something we didn't.

Well. As much caution as the NWA clearly wants me to have. Lesson one I learned from dad. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing.  Because you'll lose track on what you're doing as a result. So that's exactly what I'm doing. Already got something planned for the first show of the year. Need to get on the phone with Bill Apter from Pro Wrestling Illustrated. His magazine has done some yearly awards for 1982. I think we can work that into a story. If I can get him on the show, present one of these awards himself, makes the whole thing look even more legit.

Got some signings in mind. But won't be talking about them here. Keep that business in your head. No need to write it down until it's official. 

For example, our announcing table. I really want a legitimate, competitive presentation for our product. Guys who know what they're talking about and can do it with an air of professionalism like no other. Two names grabbed my attention for this very purpose.

Gordon Solie: The man is the Dean of Professional Wrestling. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best there is. To have him able to commentate on our show, potentially even host some interview segments? Will give us the exact air of legitimacy and professionalism I'm looking for. He's clearly the go to for our A Show and Big Events.

Jim Ross: Not as well known as Gordon, but Bill Watts has brought him up enough times for me to have had a call with him. What's more important to note. He's loyal. He was extremely hesitant on doing anything other than working with Bill Watts. Shows how intimidating the cowboy still is. After assuring him our schedule wouldn't conflict with Bill's...and then after having to have a conversation with Bill himself, and a "signing bonus" that I'm sure Jim will never know was agreed to. We got him on the team.

So here's what the announce team looks like now.

Events & Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (A Show)

Bob Caudle, Gordon Solie & Jim Ross

World Wide Wrestling (B Show)

Bob Caudle, David Crockett, Rich Landrum

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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling


January 1, 1983

Episode 1: The Most Inspirational Wrestler of 1982


Bob Caudle: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it's a New Year in professional wrestling, it's a New Year for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling and you may have noticed some new faces joining me here tonight. That's because these are two men who are joining me for the first time this evening and will hopefully, be joining me as my broadcast partners for many shows to come. I am joined by the man from Oklahama, a passionate wrestling fan and a man looking to expand his knowledge for analysis of the sport. Jim Ross

Jim Ross: Thank you Bob it's certainly different here than it is in Oklahama, but I for one look forward to joining you here on a regular basis in Mid-Atlantic, where NWA Wrestling truly shines!

Bob Caudle: And I think I speak for both myself and Jim when I say it is an honor and a privilege to introduce to you the man who is considered by many to be "The Dean of Professional Wrestling", a man we all admire here in this great sport. Mister, Gordon Solie!

Gordon Solie: Bob it is certainly a pleasure to join yourself and Jim here tonight for a great way to kick off the New Year. A happy New year to all of you here in attendance and to all of you watching at home. We certainly have a special night planned for you tonight. I for one will have the good fortune of geting to present a very special award to one of our very own Mid-Atlantic Wrestlers and I will be joined by the Chief Editor of Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine, Bill Apter!

Bob Caudle: Yes folks it is certainly a moment of pride for all of us here at Mid-Atlantic, but of course we know you also came here for some action and you certainly won't be missing out on that! Our Main Event this evening will see the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, Jack Brisco in action, facing off against Dick Slater in a non title competition!

Jim Ross: One half of the World Tag Team Champions, Don Kernodle will also be facing off tonight against Mark Youngblood. This will especially be a match to keep an eye on because of the tension that is rising between Kernodle & Slaughter and the Mid-Atlantic Tag Champions, Ricky Steamboat, and Mark's brother, Jay Youngblood. One certainly has to wonder if Kernodle might want to try and send a message tonight by using Jay's brother against him!

Gordon Solie: But we will be starting things off this evening with The NWA Television Championship belt being defended by Mike Rotundo, against challenger, Bad, Bad Leroy Brown! Both men already in the ring and ready to go, so we'll take you to the ring camera right now, with the referee ready to call the bell!

Opening Match

NWA Television Championship


LeroyBrown.jpg.29cba181f8287c0fda5b171aa4bcd1ae.jpg VS. MikeRotundo85.jpg.49b2842fecd9933c7f43eee3a7427b5b.jpg

Leroy Brown VS. Mike Rotundo (C)

The crowd was electric, witnessing the newly crowned NWA Television Champion, Mike Rotundo, step into the ring. His opponent, no pushover in the world of wrestling, was none other than the formidable Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. Brown's approach was all about raw power and brute force, while the champion, Rotundo, relied on his agility and speed to outmaneuver his challenger. As the match kicked off, Brown quickly gained the upper hand, putting the fan-favorite Rotundo in a precarious situation. It seemed like the championship could change hands at any moment. But Rotundo, fueled by the roaring support of the crowd, found his second wind. With the fans firmly in his corner, he turned the tide and fought back. In a thrilling display of athleticism and skill, Rotundo managed to secure a pinfall victory after an intense battle that lasted 7 minutes and 58 seconds. In the end, Rotundo's first defense of the NWA Television Championship was a triumph, leaving the crowd on their feet, warmed up by the opener they had just witnessed.

Rated: 49

Match #2

DonKernodle85.jpg.8b9d2d190d0d63911c6333498866bdaf.jpg VS. MarkYoungblood2.jpg.78096d1e63e4c99117084a8e93ba191c.jpg

Don Kernodle VS. Mark Youngblood

Tension was in the air as the unpredictability of what exactly Don Kernodle might stoop to was in the mind of every fan in attendance as he faced off against the brother of one of his key rivals. Kernodle's strategy was clear from the get go. Get whatever advantage he could. His style was low down and dirty. Tight, stiff, snug wrestling from Kernodle which bent the rules, but didn't break them. Using his size and weight to stay on top of Youngblood throughout the match. Youngblood refused to stay down and take it though! He fought with all his might and did his best to make sure that Kernodle didn't overpower him constantly. However any time that Youngblood fought back, Kernodle would find a way to kill the momentum, a kick to the gut, a quick whip around the back of Youngblood followed by a cheap shot with the forearm right to the back of Youngblood's head. A shock would come to Kerndole though as when he whipped Youngblood in to the ropes, Youngblood managed to leapfrog over the unsuspecting Kernodle and would deliver a devastating Tomahawk Chop which looked like it might bring an end to the match! What happened next though was just a testament to the disgusting nature of Don Kernodle! Kerndole managed to roll out of the ring, using his basic insticts to survive. As Youngblood appraoched the ropes in what looked to be an attempt to meet Kernodle outside in order to bring the action back into the ring. Kernodle would grab a hold of Youngblood's foot and trip him down to the mat! He would roll back in and cinch in a sleeper hold that should seal the match! He brought Youngblood to unsconsciousness and the referee calls for the bell...but Kernodle won't let go of the hold! Kernodle wins the match 11 minutes in but he won't let go of the hold! Somebody do something!

Rated: 51

After The Match


Kerndole is refusing to let go of the sleepr hold on the already unconscious Youngblood! This is dastardly behavior on the part of Kernodle! Clearly sending a personal message to the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions and he's using Jay's brother as the way to do it! The refree is trying to seperate Kernodle from Youngblood but he doesn't have the strength to do it! Youngblood needs some air! He needs some release!



Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood, coming to the rescue! And all of a sudden Kernodle lets go of that sleeper hold quicker than you can count to three! And he rolls out of the ring as the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions enter! Jay Youngblood immediately rushes to the aid of his brother Mark, who is joined by the referee, making sure the young man can get some much needed air and regain his conciousness and...yes ladies and gentlemen it looks like the referee is singalling for medical aid to come to the ring. Mark Youngblood does seem to be stirring, but he needs some attention, we need to make sure, with the length of time that hold was applied that depravation of air may have caused some untold damage to Mark Youngblood! Ricky Steamboat in the meantime was patrolling the ring, making sure Kernodle couldn't come back. kernodle left with a look of pure staisfaction on his face. The absolute nerve of this man!

Rated: 55

The Most Inspirational Wrestler of 1982...


We take you to the ringside area for a special moment. Standing beside an office desk is the distinguished announcer, Gordon Solie, accompanied by a slender man in a suit with receding hair and glasses. The man is holding a plaque, an award, and this is the moment that has been eagerly anticipated throughout the show.

Gordon Solie: Ladies and gentlemen, Gordon Solie here, and I'm joined by a man whose name you may recognize, even if his face is unfamiliar to some. I'm with the Editor-in-Chief of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, a publication beloved by wrestling fans nationwide, Mr. Bill Apter. Bill, thank you for joining us tonight.

Bill Apter: It's a pleasure to be here, Mr. Solie.

Gordon Solie: Please, call me Gordon. Now, Bill, for those viewers who may not know why you're here, your publication recently introduced the second of what is now hoped to be an annual tradition of wrestling awards.

Bill Apter: That's correct, Gordon. Our awards started last year, and it's a tradition we intend to continue. Most of the awards are decided by wrestling industry professionals, but there's one special award that's determined entirely by our readers—the Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year.

Gordon Solie: How was the decision process for this award carried out?

Bill Apter: Well, our readers sent in their votes by mail to our headquarters, and the response was overwhelming, Gordon. It was the most interaction we've ever had with our readers.

Gordon Solie: How many votes did the winner receive, Bill?

Bill Apter: A grand total of over twenty thousand votes, Gordon. The enthusiasm from our readers was remarkable.

Gordon Solie: Well, I believe it's time to present this award to the wrestler who has truly captured the hearts of fans nationwide.

Bill Apter: Absolutely, Gordon. I'm thrilled to announce and present this plaque for the Most Inspirational Wrestler of 1982 to... RODDY PIPER!


The fans roar and give a standing ovation as Roddy Piper emerges from the curtain, looking around the studip at the fans who are showing him with praise. He can't quite believe what he is seeing. He gives an accepting nod and mouths the words "Thank you" to the fans as he approaches the desk.

Bill Apter: Roddy I am proud to present you with this plaque. The response from our readers were clear. They love and admire the changes they have seen you undergo in the previous year, the fight that you took to The House of Humperdink and they also made it clear that you are, in their opinion after all the work you have put in...a clear contender for Ric Flair's NWA World Heavyweight Champion. So here, please accept this plaque, not just from Pro Wrestling Illustrated...but from wrestling fans around the country!

Roddy Piper: Well today must be a cold day in hell...because for a moment there...I found myself speechless!

Gordon Solie: Clearly you've earned it Roddy. You've won the respect and the admiration of the fans...

Roddy Piper: And that's something I never thought I'd have Gordon! All my life I've had to fight and scratch and CLAW my way to whatever I could get my hands on just to get a step ahead! ALWAYS LOOK OUT FOR NUMBER ONE AND PUT THE BOOTS TO ANYBODY WHO STANDS IN THE WAY! THAT WAS MY WAY OF LIFE! THAT'S WHAT I KNEW! THAT'S WHAT I LIVED BY! But man last year seeing the way The House of Humperdink was running rough shotinterfering in matches...taking guys out left, right and center. Someone needed to do somethin' Gordon! So I did somethin' I never thought I'd do! I reached out to Bob Orton Jr. I reached out to the Brisco Brothers! I reached out to The Boogie Woogie Man, Jimmy Valiant! And FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE...I put my trust in other people...AND WE GOT THE JOB DONE!

Gordon Solie: And it paid off Roddy...look at you now. Look at Mid-Atlantic now that the House of Humperdink isn't the force it was...

Roddy Piper: No it isn't the force it was but Humperdink is still here! He's lickin his wounds and he's scoutin' new talent to rebuild that House of his and I just want to let Humperdink know...I'm ready for another fight any time he wants against anybody he wants to bring into Mid-Atlantic!

Gordon Solie: Well Mister Apter did also mention that his readers mentioned contention for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship...do you have any words for the NWA World Champion, Ric Flair?

"Yeah Roddy...Any words for Ric Flair?!"


The festivities are suddenly interrupted by none other than the man himself...his long flowing blonde locks, black aviator shades and a tailored suit which just looking at it you could tell, had cost the champion a few thousand dollars to get made for himself. On his shoulder? The greatest prize in our industry. The ten pounds of gold. The most prestigious championship in wrestling today. The NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Even though there's c;ear disdain from the fans in attendance/...some of the women just can't help themselves but swoon as Flair makes his way to the desk...a staredown immediately follows between Flair and Piper. As Flair looks over at the plaque on the desk, peeking over his sunglasses for a moment. Before returning his attention to Piper.

Ric Flair: Is this the level that Mid-Atlantic has to stoop to in order to find a contender for my championship belt?! Some cheap plaque that I CAN'T EVEN SEE MY REFLECTION IN...being delivered by some know it all editor from some rag magazine...ran by people talking about wrestling...who know nothing ABOUT wrestling...and who do they present this fifty dollar award to? Roddy Piper? A BUM! A NOBODY...A STREET PUNK FOR LIFE! 

Piper bites his lip. He wants to leap right at the champion in this very moment but he keeps his composure. It is not every day after all, that you find yourself standing face to face with the NWA World Heavyweight Champion...so reluctantly...he waits...and he listens.

Ric Flair: And I'm supposed to be IMPRESSED by this little sideshow?! I'm supposed to be considering this man as a potential contender for MY championship belt? The NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT?! You want to know what I think of all this Piper? This is PATHETIC...this is EMBARASSING...so really for you? It's absolutely perfect isn't it? 

Flair smirks as he leans forward, as if leaning in to the very insult he had just delievered to Piper. He thinks nothing of Piper. Piper is dirt beneath his hundred dollar loafers.

Ric Flair: A FITTING CERMEONY really isn't it? A testament to just how much you really mean to this industry and how much you matter...that the most impressive achievement you can get is some two bit award decided by IDIOTS WHO COULDN'T TIE MY BOOTS! 

He turns and points to Apter as he slams his other hand down on the ground. Solie struggling to hold the microphone in the right position due to Flair's frantic movements.

Ric Flair: If you were a smart man Piper...and I'm not saying you are but right here, right now? This is your chance to be a smart man. Take that pauqe, put it in the beat up pile of junk car of yours that you also call a home...and ride on out of town while you can. Find another company you can scam and pout away those dreams of challening me because Piper? I could beat you in my sl-


Flair stands struck by the sheer audacity of Piper to cut him off. His mouth agape as Piper had stood all he could of the verbal onslought that was being delivered, here, in what was supposed to be his celebratory moment.

Roddy Piper: You come out here so full of hot air. You think it's so easy to beat me? Why don't you prove it?! Just one shot Flair can you give me that?! One shot at you that's all I need! Are you man enough to give me that?! 

A few moments of silence pass. As falir and Piper stare each other down. The microphone lingering by Flair to wait for his response...a slick smirk crosses Flair's face as he thinks of the wording of what Piper had just said...

Ric Flair: Well if it's a shot you want...

Flair reaches out and grabs a hold of Piper's award plaque still sitting on the desk beside them...


Flair cracks Piper across the face with that plaque! The thud so loud it rang out across the studio almost like a gun shot! Bill Apte rand Gordon Solie retreat further back as Flair delivers a couple boots to Flair with his loafers for good measure! That certainly was not the "shot" that I think Piper had in mind but it's a shot that has certainly been heard around the wrestling world as Ric Flair leaves the scene, as Solie and Apter call for help to attend to Piper as we fade to black...

Rated: 84

Main Event

Non Title

DickSlater83.jpg.03ecd8c79b0cb923b9fb347832838abc.jpg VS. JackBrisco.jpg.0c42f8b29dd3bc0029cb07ef647eb6d1.jpg


Dick Slater VS. Jack Brisco

Ladies and gentlemen...it is now time...FOR THE MAIN EVENT...OF THE EVENING!

And it was certainly both a mind game as well as physical one as The Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, Jack Brisco knew he had to have his wits about him against that sly dog Dick Slater. Brisco wasted no time using his amateur wrestling background to try and keep Slater to the mat. Limit his movement. Keep him restricted to the centre of the ring and reduce his capabilities and his opportunity to weasel his way into an opportunistic victory. 

But all it would take is an elbow to the cheek when Brisco had Slater locked from behind and all of a sudden the threat that Slater posed became very real and his rough and tumble, hard knocks style shone through. Slater's shots were hard and direct and he took whatever closed shots he could get in without causing the referee to call anything, grabbing Brisco by the hair he would slam the champion down face first into the mat followed by a boot to the back of the head and that one would cause the referee to step in and direct Slater to thew corner! Slater loves pushing the boundaries and he did that right there. Receiving a clear warning from the ref if that behaviour continued he'd get disqualified next time around. All Slater did though was raise his hands in innocence. The damage was done. The referee's warning meant nothing to him!

Slater would try to capitalize but Brisco would fight back! Brisco doesn't go down easily. His background might be amateur wrestling but he knows how to roll around in the mud if he needs to and when you're against a man like Dick Slater you absolutely need to and after a few shots to the gut it's anybodies game!

This back and forth would continue. Brisco's amateur mat wrestling would become more stiff and snappy as the match progressed. Wrenching his grip a little tighter. Driving Slater to the mat a little faster. And Slater would find a window of opportunity. A shot to the gut, a stop to the foot, a yank at the hair, whatever he needed just to get a chance, to get an opportunity to take liberties where he could. As the match reache dit's crescendo it looked like Brisco would come out on top. Managing to bring Slater down with a thudnerous body slam, but all of a sudden there's a commotion in the audience...screams of terror. People yelling out top Brisco to WATCH OUT....



The Madman Terry Funk! And he's coming through the audience, with a wooden chair in hand and the audience is parting like the red sea as he swings it wildly! GET OUT OF THERE WHILE YOU CAN FOLKS! THIS MAN IS AN INSURANCE CLAIM WAITING TO HAPPEN! He rushes the ring and Slaer tosses Brisco towards Funk! Funk cracks Brisco over the head with the wooden chair, Splinters flying across the ring and into the crowd as the chair breaks! The referee rings for the bell! The match ends in disqualification but folks I don't think Slater or Funk care as Funk now...screaming and yelling in tthe face of Brisco as he delivers a barrage of fists to the face of the Mid-Atlantic Champion! The referee trying to get control! Security starting to rush the ring as the struggle to get the madman away! They rpy him off but he pushes back through and delivers a series of boots to Brisco! Folks we are out of time we have to go we'll have to find out what this is all about next time! 

Rated: 69


Final Rating: 61

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World Wide Wrestling Results

Skip Young Defeated Angelo Mosca in 9:38 - Rated 38

Hercules Hernandez Defeated Jumbo Tsuruta in 4 Minutes- Rated 33

Don Kernodle Cut A Promo On Steamboat & Youngblood. In it he explained that Slaughter had been away due to important business, but promised the folks at home that on the next edition of Mid-Atlantic he and Slaughter would have a very clear challenge to lay down to the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions - Rated 61

The Sawyers (Brett & Buzz Sawyer) Defeated Porkchop Cash & Iceman King Parsons in 12:28 after Buzz managed to grab a handful of Porkchop's tights - Rated 40

Bob Orton Defeated Tommy Gilbert in 10:08 - Rated 48

Jimmy Valiant Defeated Pvt. Jim Nelson in 11:50 - Rated 40


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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling

Roddy Piper will be out of action after the brutal attack by NWA Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. Due to his responsibilities as NWA Champion, Flair will be competing elsewhere this evening but has promised an exclusive interview with Gordon Solie next week on Television. However that does not leave Mid-Atlantic devoid of drama! Why did Terry Funk interfere in the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, Jack Brisco's match? We hope to provide you answers. What do Slaughter & Kernodle have to say to Steamboat & Youngblood? And Oliver Humperdink claims he's scouting talent to rebuild his House of Humperdink!

Episode 2, January 8, 1983. Match Card

Opening Match: 

NWA Television Championship

Ken Timbs VS. Mike Rotundo (C)

Match #2

Jimmy Valiant VS. Black Bart

Match #3

One Man Gang VS. Jumbo Tsuruta

Main Event

Non Title

Jerry Brisco VS. Greg Valentine


Terry Funk interview with Jim Ross

Slaughter & Kernodle address the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions

Oliver Humperdink Seeking Revenge


There will be a prediction scorecard to keep up fan interaction, though I imagine these first few weeks predictions will be pretty easy. I'm also trying to emulate real life territory tv booking to some degree for now while I get myself situated. Main stars regulated mainly to promos, segments and then have their matches be on events. The booking will probably change once we get things going and incorporate more stars, because god damn this roster is stacked with jobbers.

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Opening Match: 

NWA Television Championship

Ken Timbs VS. Mike Rotundo (C)

Match #2

Jimmy Valiant VS. Black Bart

Match #3

One Man Gang VS. Jumbo Tsuruta

jumbo lost to Herc so could he being used on his way out to put over talent?

Main Event

Non Title

Jerry Brisco VS. Greg Valentine

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3 minutes ago, Old School Fan said:

Just wondering, but how come I don't see descriptions for the Valiant-Black Bart match, the post-match Valiant interview, the Tsuruta-OMG match, the Sarge-Kernodle promo, the Valentine-Brisco match or the post-match happenings?

Accidentally submitted. My bad, working on the descriptions as we speak lol

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let's try this again shall we? XD





Bob Caudle: Welcome everyone to Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, the flag bearer for the National Wrestling Alliance! I'm Bob Caudle, joined by my colleagues for this evening and many more to come, Mr. Jim Ross and The Dean of Professional Wrestling, Gordon Solie!

Gordon Solie: Pleasure to be here with you both once again gentlemen and I wanted to start the night off, with an update for the fans at home. Ladies and Gentlemen, Roddy Piper is currently at home recovering after that brutal attack from NWA World Champion, Ric Flair last week and I had the good fortune to be on the phone with Roddy prior to the show and he wanted me to let all the fans watching tonight know. He WILL be here next week for Mid-Atlantic and he has his eyes SET on Ric Flair after what he did!

Bob Caudle: Well that will certainly be interesting! Yes folks, if you missed it, Roddy Piper the winner of the PWI award for Inspirational Wrestler of 1982, had his award ceremony interrupted by Ric Flair who berated Roddy than blindsided him, cracking him over the head with Piper's very own award!

Gordon Solie: And I will personally be taking Flair to task over that attack when I have my interview with him next week, but after getting off the phone with Roddy I do have to wonder what might happen with both men in the arena that night!

Jim Ross: More reason to tune in next week folks, but don't pick up the remote and change the channel just to wait for next week, because temperature is rising across every division of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling it seems! I'll be speaking to the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle, their tensions are rising with the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions, Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood and tonight they say they are going to make the challenge, loud and clear, for the whole nation to hear it!

Bob Caudle: But folks I think it's fair to say my attention and interest is geared towards the Main Event this evening and the connotations that linger around that. NWA United States Champion, Greg Valentine facing off in non title action against Jerry Brisco, a match worth tuning into on any night but what makes things more interesting is because of what happened last week to Jerry's brother and Mid-Atlantic Champion, Jack Brisco who was attacked in his match last week by that mad man Terry Funk!

Gordon Solie: Funk's a loose cannon! If his eyes are set on Jack Brisco, one has to wonder is he going to take things even further by going after the man's brother?

Bob Caudle: Anything can happen now that Terry Funk is involved and we've been trying to get a hold of him to provide you answers this week folks, he says he's going to give them but none of us have heard from him!

Jim Ross: But enough talk folks, it's time to take you to in ring action as NWA Television Champion, Mike Rotundo looking to defend for the second week in a row! Let's take it to the ring now for the NWA Television Championship!




KenTimbs.jpg.4abc9eb710599b3458b284ca1fb3a984.jpg VS. MikeRotundo85.jpg.63f93f9a63bc63c37dff3d4e34703117.jpg

Ken Timbs VS. Mike Rotundo

Mike Rotundo would face a tougher challenge this week in established ring veteran Ken Timbs. Timbs brought an arsenal of clubbing blows, tight holds and snug suplexes to the match which knocked Rotundo around. But the plucky young up and comer showed his defiance and outmaneouvered Timbs to reverse the course of momentum. Rotundo would successfully defend his NWA Television Championship belt for the second week running after eight minutes and thirty seconds to open the show with a decent bout tthat draw a fair amount of heat.

Rated: 48


BlackBart.jpg.74e82be2ef8ba2864c4df8dc7dfb18a3.jpg VS. JimmyValiant0.jpg.78784d1315bd86e3bdaf939c468420d4.jpg

Black Bart VS. Jimmy Valiant

WHOOOOO daddy! Now this right here was a classic Jimmy Valiant match, classic in the sense that it's exactly what you expect a* Jimmy Valiant match to be baby! With the Boogie Woogie man shuckin' and jivin' on down throughout the action honey and sure that Black Bart, he sure did try to bring Boogie Woogie to a stop! Cuttin' the Boogie in the middle of his show for the people with a dirty chop to the throat, why that no good Black Bart he got on top of Valiant after that, takin' advantage very step of the way he could, brother you know it! But the people daddy! THE PEOPLE are what kept Jimmy Valiant alive and you just can't keep a Boogie Woogie man down! He came back, shakin' his arms, swingin' his elbows , stompin' his feet and divin' Black Bart to the mat daddy, followin' up with his patented Boogie Woogie elbow!

Rated: 41



After the match Bob Caudle is stood in the interview area, waiting for Jimmy to approach as the fans roar with applause as Jimmy dances his way into frame, smiling and reeling in the moment of his victory

Bob Caudle: Folks Bob Caudle here, joined by The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant, Jimmy congratulations on your victory a well earned victory I might add against Black Bart here tonight.


Bob Caudle: Why is it Jimmy?

Jimmy Valiant: It's because that no good House of Humperdink came crumbling down last year daddy! You saw it first hand Bobby! You were there, with a front row seat when Oliver Humperdink and his house of GOONS run roughshot all over Mid-Atlantic daddy! You saw the hard times they brought on Mid-Atlantic and you especially saw the hard times they brought upon Boogie Woogie baby!

Bob Caudle: You certainly were a particular thorn in the side of Oliver Humperdink. You were after all the one who reached out to Roddy Piper and helped bring together the alliance that put aside their differences to cause the collapse of the House of Humperdink!

Jimmy Valiant: That's right daddy! As much as I wish I coulda taken down Humperdink and his hired goons all by myself. I knew the truth daddy! Ain't nobody coulda done it on their own! A team needed to be put together and you're right! I did reach out to Roddy Piper! I showed him a new way to do business daddy and thanks to the help of Roddy Piper! Thanks to the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood and thanks to that Television Champion Mike Rotundo baby, we brought an end to the chaos! And things are at least a little bit normal once again here in Mid-Atlantic now it's all said and done!

Bob Caudle: Well Jimmy you say that but Humperdink claims the war isn't over, he says he's rebuilding his House of Humperdink and he's going to come back stronger than ever, what do you have to say about that?

Jimmy Valiant: Well it doesn't surprise me that Humperdink is still skulkin' around Bobby! That guy's like a cockroach! You can find a hundred different ways to try and get rid of him but he ALWAYS comes back! But now? It's harder than ever! He wants to try and rebuild his House of Humperdink? I invite him to try baby because things are different now and Humperdink! I will let you know, as long as there is breath in my body and the people in Mid-Atlantic want me here! BOOGIE WOOGIE...WILL ALWAYS BE HERE TO STAND IN YOUR WA-


The fans ring out in a chorus of boos as the dastardly manager who had been tearing Mid-Atlantic Championship apart last year with his stable of clients, The House of Humperdink had arrived. Oliver Humperdink was easily the greatest villain last year in Mid-Atlantic, he had gathered together a group of wrestlers to rule the roost and take over Mid-Atlantic, garnering the gold and tearing apart all the fan favorites in the process. One man they thought would be easy pickings turned out to be the beginning of their downfall though. Jimmy Valiant, the man they underestimated had helped band together the group that would take the fight to the House of Humperdink and drove them out of Mid-Atlantic, leaving us where we are here today. Roddy Piper turning a new leaf, Steamboat & Youngblood as Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions, Mike Rotundo as a rising star. All off the back of bringing down the House of Humperdink...


Oliver Humperdink: You think you've got it so easy don't you Valiant?! You think you've won don't you?! Let me make it clear, right here for all the people to hear! This war isn't over Valiant! IT WILL NEVER BE OVER! IT WILL NEVER BE OVER UNTIL I'VE DRIVEN YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE YOU RALLIED AGAINST US OUT OF TOWN! It's gonna' be different this time! All those no good friends of yours?! They're distracted Valiant, they've taken their eyes off the ball and that leaves me with all the time and room I need to rebuild and take my revenge, starting with the man who started it all! YOU!

Jimmy Valiant: I'd certainly like to see you try daddy! You know what you are right now HumperFINK? You ain't nothin' a bag full of hot air!

Oliver Humperdink: HOT AIR?!


Oliver Humperdink: That's what YOU THINK Valiant! You think I got nobody? You think I'm on your own! I'LL SHOW YOU! NEXT WEEK VALIANT You against MY NEW CLIENT! And you'll see You'll see just how wrong you are! Ya' hear me Valiant?! THS ISN'T OVER! NOT BY A LONG SHOT!



JumboTsuruta85.jpg.644d35873d0c84cc88d4ea91e70af20e.jpg VS. OneManGang1.jpg.5360a76d8287b4aa77b0136d5e9573bb.jpg

Jumbo Tsuruta VS. One Man Gang

It was a squash match as we roll to the point before commercial but dear lord, what a squash match it was as a recent arrival to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, The One Man Gang was giving us all an exhibition in the absolute size, stature, power, and MENACE he possessed. Like an unleashed animal he absolutely DISMANTLED Jumbo Tsuruta who was no small fry by any means. But One Man Gang had overpowered even the strong style Japanese worker. Leaving all the fans reeling in terror at the potential this man had. One Man Gang won in dominating fashion five minutes in and we roll to commercial...

Rated: 30



We come back from commercial to see Jim Ross getting his feet wet in the interview stage, and joining him right now were the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle. Slaughter, as always clad in his military gear and Kernodle hanging near him as close as he could like the little toadie he was, making sure that anything worthwhile that the Sarge had would rub off on him being associated with him. Both men carrying the esteemed World Tag Team Championships on their shoulders.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen Jim Ross here joined right now by none other than the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle. Now gentlemen, last week we saw the ongoing battle between yourselves and the Mid-Atlantic Tag Champions, Steamboat & Youngblood, as Don Kernodle made things personal by-

Don Kernodle: I MADE THINGS PERSONAL?! Sarge are you hearin' this!?

Sgt. Slaughter: FIRST THINGS FIRST JIM ROSS YOU PUKE! You're new here so you might not understand the rules, but you are standing not only in the presence of champions, but also in the presence of a MILITARY SERGEANT! THAT MEANS YOU STAND AT ATTENTION AND SALUTE ANY TIME YOU GREET ME IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?!

Jim Ross: I don't think that's quite necess-


Jim Ross hesitates for a moment, but with the deep, intense stare that Slaughter is giving with his face beet red from intense rage and fury, he didn't want to take his chances, so, with his best attempts, he stands at attention and raises his hand to salute the Sarge. Sarge then points over to Don Kernodle, indicating Jim does the same for his partner, despite the lack of military honors that Kernodle actually holds. Again, not wanting to anger the Sarge further, Jim turns to Kernodle and does the same.

 Sgt. Slaughter: THAT'S BETTER! NOW AT EASE! AND YOU REMEMBER THAT FOR THE NEXT TIME YOU SPEAK TO ME! Now in regards to your IDIOTIC idea that my protégé, Don Kernodle made things personal last week? WRONG! IT HAS BEEN THE MID-ATLANTIC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS WHO'VE MADE THINGS PERSONAL FROM THE GET GO! Getting involved in our business! Interfering in OUR matches! Standing in the way of our strategy! Maybe that's meaningless in the eyes of some second class citizen such as yourself, Jim Ross! BUT THAT'S PERSONAL TO A MILITARY MAN LIKE ME!

Jim Ross: If it's so personal why weren't you there last week with your partner, when potential for conflict had risen?!

Sgt. Slaughter: Where was I?! Well Jim Ross, that's the first smart question you've actually asked? You wanna know where I was?! Don? Why don't you tell Jim Ross and all these little MAGGOTS in the audience exactly where I was last week!

Don Kernodle: HE WAS IN THE WHITE HOUSE JIM ROSS! Let me say that again for you loud and clear! THE WHITE HOUSE! You know what that means don't you?!

Sgt. Slaughter: It means I was having a personal meeting with none other than PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN! See it may have flown over your head Jim Ross, and it doesn't surprise me if it has, but I'm a military man who has received MULTIPLE HONORS in my tenure! Which means that sometimes I have very important business which just, like it or not...takes priority over any obligations I may have in a wrestling ring, and a personal meeting with the President? Happens to be one of those times that had to happen!

Jim Ross: You met President Reagan? I don't believe that for a second!


Sgt. Slaughter: YOU PUKE! YOU WATCH YOUR MOUTH! YOU DISRESPECT ME ONCE MORE JIM ROSS AND I WILL PERSONALLY PUT YOU THROUGH A BOOT CAMP YOU WILL NEVER FORGET! YES! Believe it or not...I met President Ronal Reagan and do you know what he asked me Jim Ross?! He asked me what I planned on doing with no good PUNKS, Steamboat & Youngblood! He thinks just like we do! He thinks it's a crying shame that those two are carrying championship gold, being a BAD INFLUENCE on the youth in America today! He wants a good, upstanding, MORAL LEADER SUCH AS MYSELF...to truly make an example of them...

Jim Ross: And how do you plan on doing that?

Sgt. Slaughter: I'm glad you asked. And I wish I could take the credit for this, but all the credit goes to President Ronald Reagan! It was his idea after all! SEE THAT'S WHY HE'S THE COMMANDER JIM ROSS?! HE'S A GREAT MAN, WITH A GREAT MIND! And he gave me the PERFECT strategy...for finally getting rid of Steamboat &Youngblood! And his strategy was as simple as this...take the fight to them...make them prove themselves and when they're under the spotlight? Under the pressure? We'll see how easily they actually collapse!

Jim Ross: What are you talking about, what do you mean?!

Sgt. Slaughter: What I mean Jim Ross is this...if Steamboat & Youngblood want a shot at our belts so bad?! They earn it! They need to prove to US that they can defend their own belts first in a match against us! Then...and only then Jim Ross, if Steamboat & Youngblood can successfully defend their championships against us...

Don Kernodle: WHICH THEY WON'T!

Sgt. Slaughter: That's right Kernodle, WHICH THEY WON'T, JIM ROSS! Then...and only then will they get the opportunity at these Championship belts. Now I promised President Ronald Reagan that I would do him this favor, and put an end to the bad influence these two are having on America right now Jim...but I'd be lying if I didn't tell you it hadn't dawned my mind that when we beat those two for their own championship belts what that would mean. Tell the idiot what it would mean Kernodle!

Don Kernodle: It means we'd be the GREATEST Tag Team to EVER exist!

Sgt. Slaughter: And that? That's a higher honor than I've ever achieved in my life. So President Reagan? This favor might be for you...but the reward? The reward will DEFINITELY be for me...let's go Don...

The NWA World Champions leave the frame with the disdain from the crown accompanying them, but the challenge was now laid clear for all to hear. Steamboat & Youngblood must defend their belts against Slaughter & Kernodle if they ever hope to attain the NWA World Tag Team Championship belts. 


"Special Guest" Commentator...


Bob Caudle: Well folks we're just getting ready for the Main Event and what a show it's been so far, we're waiting for Jim to return from his interview and things will get back underway. Gordon, how do you think the evening's gone?

Gordon Solie: It's certainly been another incredible night here at Mid-Atlantic, a lot going on, a lot to unpack and unravel and all the more reason to tune in every week ladies and gentlemen because you certainly aren't going to want to miss all the developments going on across all the divisions here, it's certainly organised cha-

Bob Caudle: Gordon I hate to interrupt you but I think it's best you turn arou-

What had happened, was as Gordon and Bob were running things down to give Jim time to return to commentary. Was a looming figure had made his presence known, creeping up behind Gordon Solie, his eyes full of intensity and meanse, his breathing deep. Caudle's eyes had widened in fear as he tried to warn his broadcast partner of what was happening, but it was too late, as a strong, burly pair of hands grabbed Gordon Solie by the shoulders and turned him around to face him...



The gnarly, gravelly voice of Terry Funk struck fear into Gordon Solie, he froze on the spot, his face dropped, he looked as if he had just seen a ghost. Funk's face was wild, with a crooked smile and a glare in his eye which showed he could snap at any moment and do something unthinkable to everyone else, but completely possible to him if he truly wanted to right now...

Terry Funk: I heard what you said about me Gordon...

Gordon Solie: W-what are you talking about? What did I say about you?!

Terry Funk: Don't you remember?! At the beginning of the show! YOU called ME a LOOSE CANNON! I didn't quite like hearin' that Gordon...in fact I'd rather say I was INSULTED BY IT!

Gordon Solie: I-I-I w-was just giving my opinion with what you did to Jack Brisco last wee-

Terry Funk: WHAT I DID TO JACK BRISCO LAST WEEK WAS NOT THE ACTIONS OF A LOOSE CANNON, GORDON! What I did...to Jack Brisco last week...was exactly what I needed to do...to PROVE A POINT! You see Gordon, it's all part of the plan and a loose cannon? Well a loose cannon doesn't usually have a plan do they?!

Gordon Solie: T-they certainly don't

Terry Funk: THEY CERTAINLY DON'T...but I do and do you want to know what that plan is, Gordon?!

Gordon Solie: Yes! Absolutely! Please tell me!

Terry Funk: I'm so glad you asked! What my plan is, Gordon...well it's very simple...it's so simple in fact...THAT I'M SURPRISED YOU DIDN'T SEE IT! Look how easy it was Gordon! Look how easy it was last week for me to get my hands on the so called MID-ATLANTIC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! WHY I DIDN'T EVEN BREAK A SWEAT! I just marched on in and...made an example out of him...and that example was that he is a poor...broken down...shell of a man, who is not fit to hold the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship....AND DO YOU KNOW, GORDON...what I plan to do now that I have made that example of him?!

Gordon Solie: C-challenge him for the b-b-belt?

Terry Funk: THERE YOU GO! I knew you'd get it eventually...you just...needed a little help along the way was all. Now Gordon? If you'd kindly leave me here with Mister Caudle and Mister Ross when he arrives...go get yourself a coffee or something you look as white as a sheet, you need a pick me up...I'll take over from here and watch the Main Event with these two fine gentlemen...

Solie hesitates as Funk grabs the headset from him. He takes his hat off and places it on the table as he slicks back his long, greasy hair and slides on Solie's headset. He slowly turns his head to Bob Caudle and shoots him a smile..Caudle doesn't look at all pleased by this turn of events. As Funk turns his head back to see Gordon Solie still standing, frozen on the spot in fear. His face scrunches up and he begins to lunge as he screams at Solie...

Terry Funk: GET OUT OF HERE!

Solie runs faster than anybody has ever seen him move as Funk lunges, just about to get a graps on Solie before he manages to escape. To which Funk just laughs to himself as he watches Solie run away, before returning his attention to the ring for the main event...

Rated: 64


Non Title

GregValentine84.jpg.e8c029b768d16d3dc307885bd573c897.jpg VS. GeraldBrisco85.jpg.80887cb3235efaabf21562532d92164c.jpg

Greg Valentine VS. Jerry Brisco

It was the match of the night so it was appropriate to be the main event of the evening as it was a great back and forth wrestling bout which showcased the wrestling ability of both men. of course Jerry's background was more basic, amateur mat wrestling so his strategy was keeping Valentine to the mat because he knew, like we all did that Valentine's ability was more based in power and strength and, when he could, the occasional scrappy cheap shot if he could slip one in. Greg was too wily to let Jerry dictate the match with mat wrestling though. If Brisco was going to have a chance against the United States Champion, he's have to put up a fight and Valentine made him do just that. Fight. 

The presence of Funk seemed to not have the impact on the match many thought it would. He was patient, silent even. Despite being on commentary. Perhaps he just wanted to put a scare in Gordon Solie and be close to the action to do...whatever was on his mind, but he did not interfere in the match like we all expected him to. He just sat and stared intently, occasionally cracking a crooked smile when the camera panned over to him.

Despite his best efforts, the match had turned in Valentine's favor. After Valentine had successfully turned the match into more of a hard hitting, brawling endeavor. Brisco's amateur wrestling could only get him so far. Valentine would win the match after eighteen minutes of back and forth wrestling.

Rated: 60



After the match suddenly the worm turned. The silent, inactive Funk got up and took off his headset and started heading toward the ring to the dismay of the crowd. This wasn't Jack Brisco! This wasn't the Mid-Atlantic Champion! This was his brother! Funk's just making things personal for the sake of it! He's getting enjoyment from this! As he steps into the ring he circles around the fallen Brisco who is still on the mat. The referee tries to stop him god love him but Funk just tosses the referee to the side and sends him reeling! Funk delivers a few boots to Jerry Brisco, letting out loud, gnarly yells and screams as he does so. Grabbing at his hair with wide eyes full of fury. He looks around for a moment. Seemingly thinking what to do while he is doing it. He himself not being quite sure what he's going to do next. He reaches down to his waist and starts removing his belt. Pulling it off and holding it in the air for all the fans to see! He's doubling it up! He plans on whipping Jerry Brisco with that belt! Someone do something!


HERE COMES JACK BRISCO! Running to the ring! And Funk drops the leather belt! Funk preparing himself as Brisco storms the ring...AND THE TWO MEN START BRAWLING WITH ONE ANOTHER! Funk isn't running he's here for a fight! And the blows are being traded back and forth between the two men! Brisco taking shots to the head! Funk getting shots to the gut! Yelling and screaming between both men! We've got to break this up folks! We're running out of time! We have officials heading to the ring but with men the caliber of these two what can you really do to stop it?! Brisco whips his way around Funk's back and he hooks in a belly to back suplex! He sends Funk reeling and Funk quickly rolls out the ring, holding at his back in pain. As Funk recovers outside Brisco turns his attention to Funk's belt! He throws it out of the ring and then turns back to help his brother. We fade to black as Funk recoveres, looking frustrated, pushing away officials as he grabs his belt and heads away from the ring! Goodnight everybody! What a chaotic end to the show once again!


Overall: 62

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