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No matter what company I play as; I tend to pick the same talent to hire.  They usually consist of my favorite workers in real life.

I am using TheWho87's January Real World mod (however, I have my own created database that I can import a lot of different people from the indies that are not in TheWho87's January Real World Mod.  I can also just add them in myself.)

My company will be similiar to TNA/Impact Wrestling, it will start off with $100,000 and be located in Midwest USA.  I'm looking to have a roster of probably 30 men and 8-10 women.  

This is where you all come in... I want you to pick my roster from wrestlers, to commentators to referees etc

Who are your go to's when it comes to the Real World?  Who are your favorites?  Reply with who you think I should hire:

Male Wrestlers
Female Wrestlers
Tag Teams
Road Agents

Give me some suggestions, so I don't just fill my roster with the same people AGAIN!

*Please NO workers that are CURRENTLY signed to AEW, WWE or TNA/Impact*

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6 hours ago, stratusfaction said:

*Please NO workers that are CURRENTLY signed to AEW, WWE or TNA/Impact*

Andrade El Idolo if he's already out of AEW

Alexander Hammerstone

Shelton Benjamin (maybe paired with Charlie Haas for a long-awaited reunion?)

The Von Erichs

Calvin Tankman Jr

Patrick Clark (give him a chance)

Richard Holliday

Chavo Guerrero as Road Agent

I don't think there are enough talents for a women's division, but in case you want one how about Mandy Rose

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I have no idea how they'd be rated (and therefore, if they would be any good) in TheWho's mod, and I would not necessarily call them go-to, but here are a few names that have the potential to at least make decent midcarders, and/or that I've signed a couple of times just because. I'm not fully aware of everyone that is/isn't signed with Impact and AEW, so apologies if there are some names that are not eligible.

Male Division Wrestlers

Adam Brooks, Anthony Greene, Devantes, Andrew Everett, Brian Johnson, Isaias Velazquez, Silas Mason, Odinson, Caveman Ugg, Max ZERO, Weber Hatfield, Mike D Vecchio, Senza Volto, Tristan Archer, Jurn Simmons, Shane Mercer, Bradley Prescott IV, Juicy Finau, Naoya Nomura, Kenny Williams, Michael Oku, Cara Noir, ... Maybe a couple of former Chikara guys like Frightmare if they're still around ? Also, the Bollywood Boyz for tag teams ?

Female Division Wrestlers

Amale, Tenille Dashwood, Edith Surreal, Shea McCoy, Thekla, VENY, Session Moth Martina, Natsu Sumire, Lindsay Snow, Charli Evans, Holidead, Charlie Morgan, Rachael Ellering, Steph DeLander, Vita VonStarr, Millie McKenzie, and if they're still around, maybe Solo Darling, Chardonnay and Alpha Female ? (I know VENY, Edith and Shea might be a bit more complicated in real life to "pick" for a division or the other, but in TEW2020, most if not all mods have them as female workers, as far as I know)

Non-ring workers and broadcasters

Sam Leterna, Melissa Santos, Joe Sposto, Lenny Leonard, Veda Scott


Artemis d'Ortygie


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