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Coming In 1.5

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OK, let's do this step by step. (1) Go to your WreSpi folder, click on WreSpi.exe, and hover the mouse over it - a yellow pop-up will appear, and you'll be able to see the version number, which should be 1.4 (or 1.0.4 I think it actually shows as for some reason!) (2) Go find one of the other version of WreSpi.exe that you have installed, and repeat the process - you should find that it is 1.5 \ 1.0.5. Copy this file. (3) Go back to the first file, the 1.4 one, and Paste. When asked if you want to replace, say yes. (4) The game should now work. (5) If you want, you can go through and delete all the extra WreSpi.exe's at this point.
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