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Heh, Nice easter egg Adam.

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Just to tidy it up some here's a list of all the ones so far. [B]Downloads[/B] Hands Like Feet Alternate Song: Go to credits, click link to learn more about them, click the word "hidden" in the paragraph. YMCA Load Screen: Go to credits, click on Dean Richardson. Alternate Menu Backgrounds: While wrestling in a small arena click on sign that says Hell Monkey Equals Ratings. [B]Cheats[/B] Status Cheat (Restores Morale to 100%): On the Player Screen click on the center of their left chest muscle. Mentor Cheat (Edit all Stats): On the Mentor Screen click on the tip of his nose. Medical Cheat (Restore to perfect condition): On the Doctor Screen click the doctor's left thumb. Finance Cheat ($10,000,000): On the Accountant Screen click on the center of the money that can be seen in the accountant's hand. So that leaves Sophie, the Agent, Fitness Instructor, or the Librarian for the last actual cheat. My guess personally would be the Agent with some sort of contract cheat since Sophie has nothing, the Fitness Instructor I can't imagine would do anything the Mentor can't except maybe weight, and I can't think of what the librarian would do.
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