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Workers you want to see pushed but can't

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He's already a face, and has been one since January when he returned from injury.


Incidentally, the Rebel gimmick turned the trick. It's rated at C+, and that was from a turn "too soon since the last one". So Gilmore is doing much better and I've definitely noticed a change in his performances.

Haha, I made Angry Gilmore a rebel too. I turned him into my verison of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. When I first started, I put the World Title on Gilmore straight away and aligned him with Richard Eisen (ala Stone Cold-Vince in 2001) and at Supreme Challenge, he dropped the title to Christian Faith for Faith's 5th (and prob last) title reign... both shook hands after the match and the next week Gilmore became arch-enemies with Richard Eisen.


The way I run SWF is that I put my very best wrestler as the Worlds Champion, regardless of entertainment skills or star quality, because I usually have my top guys in stables with A* pop non-wrestlers. For example, Enforcer Roberts is Richard Eisen's enforcer, so I make sure that his in background support for all of the angles that Eisen is in and now Enforcer Roberts always has A - A* pop.


I've just signed Dan Stone Jr and Sean McFly on, so they'll probably be the main feud of the company for the next year or so. I'm going to turn Stone Jr heel and align him with Richard Eisen. Reason being is that Dan Stone Jr broke his neck in NOTBPW and his physical status for body & neck is yellow, so because his alongside the boss, he won't have to wrestle much. However, I'd expect Sean McFly to hold the World Title for the majority of the next couple of years and hopefully beyhond if he doesn't retire, because with him as A* pop, with the World Title that is A* then it equals easy A - A* Shows. On my B shows, I put McFly in angles to improve his entertainment skills and within' a month, his entertainment skills have gone from D+ to C+. McFly is virtually the best wrestler on the game.


As far as the thread goes, I wish Hell's Bouncer had better stats because he has a cool alter-ego called Colussus, which could easily make for a mad Undertaker gimmick.

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