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WWF: Lies Of The Attitude Era, The Untold Stories

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Over the course of the last five years, Vince McMahon had a vision in mind. He had a vision of the future. A future of his company ran by his midcarders of the year 1993. Over the five years he ran the company, he got what he wished for. As the year 1993 comes to an end, a war is starting to develop between Vince McMahon's own WWF against a quick and rising threat, Ted Turner's WCW.


As the next two years come in place, WCW really put up a good challenge against the mighty WWF. Under the influence of Eric Bischoff and the help of Ric Flair, WCW was able to steal the main superstars of the WWF and so its non competitors. Men such as Lex Luger, Randy Savage, Bobby Heenan, Gene Okerlund, and its most prized asset Hulk Hogan even jumped shipped to Ted Turner's empire.


As the WWF recovered from those losses, Vince McMahon never gave up on the WWF itself. As he foresaw the future of the WWF, he made the best of his midcard talent. Existing main event talents Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels carried the company all the way through 1995. With also existing main event wrestler and a creation of Vince McMahon himself, the Undertaker has risen from the jobbers to becoming a real superstar by executing one of the best gimmicks that the audience had seen. As Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels main evented shows, Kevin Nash became the kayfabe bodyguard of Shawn Michaels as Diesel and Scott Hall became a dangerous Cuban wrestler named Scot Hall. Vince McMahon was creating an era called the New Generation.


The object of the New Generation was to evolve from a cartoon related wrestling promotion to a new classic dramatic soap opera wrestling. Vince McMahon was becoming very successful with it but WCW was becoming even more successful with the steals from the WWF.


WCW was actually taking the war to the max. Putting WWF on a dangerous spot, they were putting them on danger via ratings.


And as both company tries to compete for ratings by 1995, The Monday Wars was born.


As the feuds continue to grow between the New Generation superstars, behind the bookings of Vince McMahon was under the influence of the Kliq. A group consisted of best friends Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Paul Levesque and Sean Waltman. Under the influence of these guys, the WWF was trying to skyrocket.


But as WCW continue to destroy the WWF, they made their first move of stealing the New Generation superstars. First off with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Both men really wanted to go to WCW and they did, ditching Vince McMahon with his company. WCW took advantage and set up a storyline for them. The nWo. A stable that put WCW on the map.


WWF tried to survive. After the loss of Nash and Hall, they put Steve Austin on the line at King of The Ring. Where Austin won the King of the Ring, he was quickly rising to the main event. The WWF was depending on Steve Austin and as his stardom came, so did the ratings for the WWF.


The Kliq was slowly loosing power. Paul Levesque was jobbing and goind down the card. Shawn Michaels stayed.


As 1997 approached, Steve Austin was a mega star. Bret Hart and his Hart Foundation were a hit. And the formation of D-generation X, a stable led by Paul Levesque and Shawn Michaels put the WWF on the map as well.


November 1997, Bret Hart's contract was coming to an end. He was already going to the WCW after offering him a multi million contract. Vince McMahon had a plan. His plan: book Survivor Series '97 at Montreal. Bret was holding the WWF Championship. And Vince was afraid that Bret would do the same thing as what WCW Women wrestler Madusa did with the WWF Womens championship at a WCW Nitro show.


Bret Hart was going against DX member, Shawn Michaels. For the WWF Championship. Earl Hebner is the referee of the match. Vince McMahon instructed Hebner in the middle of the match to end it. Shawn Michaels had the Sharpshooter on Bret Hart. Bret was not tapping. Earl Hebner rings the bell and Shawn Michaels wins the WWF Championship.


Bret was pissed. At Vince McMahon. Losing in Montreal, he loss his self control. The Montreal Screwjob was born.


As Vince McMahon say "Bret screwed Bret.", was it really true? Or did Vince screw Bret?


Or did the head booker screwed Bret? Did Vince Russo screwed Bret? Russo wasn't even booking the WWF yet.


Screwing Bret was fun to watch. Those who hate his character. So maybe I screwed Bret.


Backstage, there were three choices of men that screwed Bret. Vince McMahon, The Owner of the company, The recent headbooker who came one week before Survivor Series or The surviving members of the Kliq, Shawn Michaels and Paul Levesque.


So who did screw Bret?



To Be Continued..

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The Head Booker


In the lockers I don't show myself up there. Rather I stay in the headquarters of the WWF where I watch the shows, take care of the locker by sending in guards, officers, and anyone I need to keep the locker room safe. I am the head booker of World Wrestling Federation. Everyone has no idea of my coming. No one had an idea. It was just a secret meeting kept between me and Vince himself.


As I arrived on the headquarters just two weeks before Survivor Series. Inside McMahon's office was his lovely wife. She was very nice. I enter Vince McMahon's office and I see him taking business matters for the company.


His wife Linda was taking care of the financial and the marketing business of the company. Vince needed help of the booking and setting the show up and as well hirings and firings to keep his company balanced. Even then both Shane McMahon and Stephanie, children of Vince and Linda were still in college. As I come inside his office, he extended me a hand. We shake our hands as a show of respect.


After the handshake, I sat on a chair. We discussed terms that both of us will be agreeing with.


"So what you got me here in for Vince?" I said with a confident voice.


"Knowing that I've supported you through your whole damn life even your damn college funds, you have to repay me now kid." Vince said and I remembered the good times.


It is true. Vince was sponsoring me after seeing me betting with some old guys at a bar and predicted the winners of the legendary Wrestlemania event one day and suddenly got all the money I needed. Scamming those guys, I almost scammed Vince who booked the show.


After what happened at that bar, Vince saw potential in me. Some kind of potential. I don't really understand. Considered myself homeless, Vince treated me as a kid of his as well. I got a good education and got into Harvard University by the age of 17. After finishing college on the course of a lawyer, Vince puled me out and soon I started my job with the WWF as a worksman. Like everyone has to do, they have to work their way up to the biggest position on the job. I had to work my way up and considering that no one noticed, I already helped Linda with the finances.


"Repay? Alright then. I'm already working for you."


"Yes you are kid but now I'm going to take you under my wing. You see our show Raw Is War right?" Vince coughed a little.


"Yeah and I see that you are working on a feud with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels along with their stables."


That was a real pain to watch those shows but it was only because WCW was putting out better shows and Tony Schiavone was spoiling our shows.


"Indeed. I like what you did with the marketing campaigns. Now we got a commercial spot on USA as well."


"I pulled strings. I pulled my ass out to do that."


"Look kid. We've been awfully losing on the ratings war. Since WCW stole Nash and Hall, I got pissed. And I just found out the Bret is going to WCW as well right after his contract expire on December 1st. I'm losing stars here kid. I'm losing the battle. WCW has been raiding talents. Even though we are in the zone of international level and WCW hitting the global popularity just by destroying our ratings, we are on a losing battle. And when the WWF goes out of business, a lot of people will be losing jobs. A lot of our main event guys will be jobbing at WCW. I could see the future and I know what is going to happen next in both ways. I don't want to lose this battle and you know that." Vince said with worries. I have never seen him like this since he loss Hulk Hogan.


"So what do you want me to do with your company? You know I only work with Linda on the financial and marketing, helping the Board of Directors, helping Gorilla Monsoon with his problems, and Vince, even I am trying to help Jim Ross with the scouting. As I heard from Jim himself, he said that the industry is rising and so is the economy. Use that to your advantage to win the war." Listing those possibilities, I tried to make Vince listen to what I got to say.


It was an advantage for both companies is to use the industry. It'll help them with their shows and finances at the same time.


"First lesson of being a booker, don't use the industry to your advantage if you want a successful company."


I had no idea what he said.


"So what are you saying boss??" I actually called him boss.


"I'll be taking you under my wing. You will be booking WWF Raw Is War!"


A pause. Two seconds. Three Seconds, Five Seconds, my jaw dropped.


"What are you saying?"


"Kid, this is the potential that I saw on you. You want to be successful? This is your shot." Vince was inspiring and so I was inspired.


"Alright. I got my own plans. I'll do it. I've been watching the product and studied it. Fine." I had no clue what I was talking about. It was my first baby steps to becoming a successful booker.


The goal of mine was simple. Vince and I had one vision in mind. Mine was to make WWF an even better product as a fan and to the fans. Vince was to avoid the possibilities of WCW giving them spots to give a shot on the WWF.


And when I saw one possibility is if Bret Hart still carried the WWF championship until he gets to WCW and throw it in the trash, just like Madusa did.


The first untold story, what really went behind on the Montreal Screwjob. The question, who was behind the Montreal Screwjob?


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<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH6MHf9_KKg&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH6MHf9_KKg&hl=en&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>



As I watch this Survivor Series, it was sad. It was bad for the country of Canada for Bret to get humiliated. Canadians wanted their money back for the stupid screwjob. Fans were going on a riot. Bret was going on a riot as well. They weren't happy about it and so wasn't Bret.


Then as Vince answers all the controversy happening in the company and between him and Bret, it didn't go well. Media was going to McMahon and interrogating him about the recent Survivor Series pay per view. No one really liked his response.


As Vince says: "Bret screwed Bret. End of story." I got real inspired with that phrase. Of how someone can just screw themselves about their own decisions. It was something that Montreal fans did not expect.


As the WWF website puts on the recent news on the website itself, it was golden.


Behind Montreal, forget it. Who really screwed him? Who really put him on the hatred shelf of Vince McMahon?


As I say, I am not involved with the backstage crap that happens in the shows. I don't want to get in trouble with another wrestler. It will just go pretty damn wrong. It will just.


The WWF itself is going on a upward spiral. We had to get rid of Bret Hart somehow. We have to make the product really appealing to a huge fanbase. Fanbase from teenagers to adults and even the elderly. What the fans want is what they get. That is what a booker would do right?


As I got the message from Vince, I opened my phone and I got a text message from Vince:


Start booking. I already did the favor for you!


The favor. That favor was the way for Vince to go under his wing and for me to become a booker for the WWF. That favor was something that affected the company. It gave impact. It showed signs. And now for me, it showed good signs of the company without Bret.


Vince can't take another shot from WCW. Even if it was from Bret. nWO, Hogan, Madusa, Schiavone, everything was revolving around Vince. Becoming problems that needs to be solved with the right formula.


As that favor got the trigger for me to book, my goal was simple. Turn the WWF not just into a soap opera show but show its edgy signs. Show the curves. Swearing, violence, hardcore, all mixed with sports entertainment. That was the goal. But for me, there are more.


As I go into depth, it is all becoming about my own politics. Connecting politics, making enemies and alliances. Showing signs of my mercy and its own consequences just by messing with it. Vince Russo, another booker in the company, thankfully I got the job first, wanted to create an era of nothing but stupid crap showing on TV every time. I wanted to develop the characters, and give interest to the fans watching it and even make a bigger fanbase.


WWF will not going family friendly it is for sure. It will just not. It will be just simple McMahon entertainment. Or what I call professional entertainment. Cutting edge stories, psychopathic characters, badass attitude, rule breaking characters, all of that was in my mind.


What I had in mind, is what the fans would like.


Vince wanted me to keep the product where it is right now. Don't use the industry. My first lesson.


Watching the Montreal Screwjob was indeed a bad or good thing for me and Vince.


But forget Montreal. Let us go Attitude!

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WWF Champions




WWF Champion




Shawn Michaels (3 Time Champion)




WWF Intercontinental Champion




Steve Austin (2 Time Champion)




WWF Tag Team Champions




The New Age Outlaws




WWF Lightweight Champion




TAKA Michinoku




WWF European Champion




Shawn Michaels


(Credits to Reaper For The title belts)


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Raw Is War Card

The Night After Survivor Series

Prediction Picks:


New Age Outlaws vs. Disciples of Apocalypse


Rocky Maivia vs. Goldust


Ken Shamrock vs. Triple H


Ahmed Johnson vs. Mankind


The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin


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New Age Outlaws vs. Disciples of Apocalypse

The Outlaws were my absolute favourite tag team back in the day. As for DoA? boooooooooriiiiiiiiiiing


Rocky Maivia vs. Goldust

I'd love to see a drawn out feud between these two


Ken Shamrock vs. Triple H

H3 by some sort of she-nannygoats


Ahmed Johnson vs. Mankind

Anybody but Ahmed


The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin

Wow, what a main event! I pick undertaker but doubt it will be clean. Perhaps a draw.

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you have a reader my friend


Make that two


Thanks for the support guys, I'll try to impress myself and you guys the readers with this diary. Its good to see people get on board with this one. I hope you guys enjoy it.


Kudos for the backstory, that was very well written.


Thanks MrOnu. The backstory really gets on my head a lot and I had to write it. And as my brain progresses, it keeps giving me ideas so yeah. Thanks for the support as well.


The show will be up tonight. So those who want to predict, you guys could still throw in something.

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Good job


I thought bret hart was signed to a 20 year contract with the wwe? then vince told him Bret to look at other options (cough WCW cough)?


Yeah I'll add that later in the story. I'm interested what I can do with this story and you'll be expecting that fact in the story as well so don't worry.


Thanks for reading and I hope you have fun with this diary as a reader.

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Yeah I'll add that later in the story. I'm interested what I can do with this story and you'll be expecting that fact in the story as well so don't worry.


Thanks for reading and I hope you have fun with this diary as a reader.


lol okay just wondering, because people always say it as his contract ran out, but it didn't he was let go. In fact that helped them because it started the movement towards the attitude era (Vince became evil)

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New Age Outlaws vs. Disciples of Apocalypse


Rocky Maivia vs. Goldust


Ken Shamrock vs. Triple H


Ahmed Johnson vs. Mankind


The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin



man i know this is dumb but what if Austin joined DX (funny person who did crazy antics) and Rock joined the Undertakers group and Shawn then left for Vince's and then Mankind started his own with the likes of Goldust and other and then it becomes a four faction battle for the titles and concludes to a PPV with HBK vs. Austin vs. Undertaker vs. Mankind for the title, Rock then helps Undertaker win the title and then he turns on Undertaker and making Rock a maineventer lol just and idea

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New Age Outlaws vs. Disciples of Apocalypse


Rocky Maivia vs. Goldust


Ken Shamrock vs. Triple H


Ahmed Johnson vs. Mankind


The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin



man i know this is dumb but what if Austin joined DX (funny person who did crazy antics) and Rock joined the Undertakers group and Shawn then left for Vince's and then Mankind started his own with the likes of Goldust and other and then it becomes a four faction battle for the titles and concludes to a PPV with HBK vs. Austin vs. Undertaker vs. Mankind for the title, Rock then helps Undertaker win the title and then he turns on Undertaker and making Rock a maineventer lol just and idea


Now, I actually like this idea.


Undertaker vs HBK vs Austin vs Mankind would be a pretty good match, as with Undertaker with as his Protege, assisting him throughout the match, and winning the match for him. However, I'm not sure how The Rock and Undertaker could ever join together in a clan, as The Deadman walks alone :p

New Age Outlaws vs. Disciples of Apocalypse


Rocky Maivia vs. Goldust

Ken Shamrock vs. Triple H


Ahmed Johnson vs. Mankind

The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin

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WWF Raw Is War Episode 1


OOC: Thanks for the prediction so far guys. And not to keep you waiting, here is the show!




WWF Raw Is War

Live At Selland Arena at 10,000 People


http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/BillyGunnDX.jpghttp://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/RoadDogg-1.jpg vs. http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/RonHarris.jpghttp://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/DonHarris.jpg

New Age Outlaws vs. Disciples of Apocalypse


Not one of the best opening match that the show got but its reasonable to be called an opening match. The New Age Outlaws are putting out that good performance over the Disciples Of Apocalypse. Billy Gunn was a real tag team specialist and he was the star of that match. 8-Ball & Skull was the dominating force of the match itself. Road Dog puts up a Pumphandle Slam to Skull and the quality of that slam, pretty great. The match ends itself with Road Dog hitting another Pumphandle Slam to Skull once more for the win.

Winners: New Age Outlaws

Rating: D+


Backstage, we are with Michael Cole.


Cole: “Ladies and gentlemen, here I am with Nation of Domination member, Rocky Maivia.”


Rocky shows up as he enters the left side of the picture.


Cole: “Rocky, tonight you’ll be facing Goldust. Do you have any message for him?”[/i]


Rocky: “Michael, tonight whatever Karat cartoon I am facing, Goldust has got no chance against me. He’s got no chance of winning against me. And let me tell you this Cole. The fans tonight, they want Rocky. They want me to beat the hell out of some man in gold. Well Goldust is going to see that I am the better man. He is going to know that I am a better wrestler.”


Cole: “Rocky, do you have anything else to say?”


Rocky looks at Cole with a curiousity,


Rocky: “Yeah I got one. Why don’t you keep your mouth shut?”


Rocky leaves as he heads to the ring.


http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/RockyMaivia.jpg vs. http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/Goldust.jpg

Rocky Maivia vs. Goldust


Goldust & Maivia turned out to be a solid midcard match. The fans were behind Maivia as his skills were put to the test with Goldust. The seasoned second generation veteran put out a great match with Rocky as he completely sold those bumps that he got from his opponent. Rocky puts out a great performance. Its not the best as the main eventers can do but he put out a solid performance and his ability to throw a punch at Goldberg. Rocky takes up Goldberg into new heights as he started to hit harder punches at him. Goldust attacks with several chops and corners Rocky. He goes off to hit a suplex but with such failure, Rocky takes control of the match and hits a Hurricane DDT for the win.

Winner: Rocky Maivia

Rating: B


Backstage, we see Mankind on his locker room. He fixes the camera and starts to speak.


Mankind: “Well it seems that I’ve been on a long run. Me and my friends have been on a long run. From fighting freaks like Undertaker, Vader, Shamrock, and looking up to guys like Shawn Michaes and Steve Austin, it seems that I tried to reach the stardom that all these guys posses.


But I’ve been held back. I’m weak. I’m not weak. I’m powerless. I’m not powerless. The men of this nation doesn’t look up to me.


Why? Because I’m a monster. I’m a freak. I’m a circus side show act.


Mankind is what they call me. I’ve fallen off the top of a cell I suppose. I’ve broken bones. And I bet ya people watching this promo right now, you aren’t going to like what you are going to see.”


He takes out a sock right out of his pocket.


Mankind: “What’s that Mr. Socko? You want me to go on a match? Mankind doesn’t want to be in a match? Oh what the hell?


Tonight, Ahmed Johnson meets Mr. Socko and Mankind. Two puppet acts meets a tall man. Have a Nice Day!!!!!!


The cameras started to fade.


http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/JeffJarrett4.jpg vs. http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/OwenHart.jpg

Jeff Jarrett vs. Owen Hart


Jarrett & Owen had a good match and after the last match, they were able to put out a better one. Owen and Jarrett went back and forth with the technical wrestling. The match took place mostly on the ground as both tried to take down each other and put them on some kind of submission. Jarrett strutted a couple of times during the match, thinking that he’s got the stuff to beat Owen. However, Owen starts to rob Jarrett by taking his power and putting it against him. He pressures Jarrett with his version of a figure four leg lock. Jarrett tries to submit but he just won’t. The momentum of both wrestlers were pretty even considering they are taking the same amount of damage each time. Hart puts Jarrett in a sharpshooter. Jarrett reaches for the ropes. Owen gets pissed but his anger costs him a defeat as Jarrett turns around the tide and puts Owen on a figure four. Jarrett applies high pressure on his hold as he makes Owen submit.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Rating: B


http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/KenShamrock.jpg vs. http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/TripleH3.jpg

Ken Shamrock vs. Triple H


Ken Shamrock was looking to beat the hell out of Triple H. He was looking forward to choke him out, leave him in the ring with blood in his head, make his nose bleed, and cause destruction until that man dies. Triple H just jokes around as he entered the ring, the usual DX style of wrestling. Ken and Hunter put out a good opening. That until when things got ugly when Ken started to take down Hunter and repeatedly throw punches at him. Hunter was helpless. The ref breaks it up, leaving Ken waiting for Hunter to stand up. The fans are behind Triple H. A heel sometimes becomes the star of the show. Triple H hits a solid spinebuster to put out the MMA fighter to rest. Ken continued his assault on Hunter after recovering. But Chyna distracts the referee and it let Triple H hit a low blow on Ken. Triple H gets up and hits the Pedigree for the win.

Winner: Triple H

Rating: B


http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/AhmedJohnson.jpg vs. http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/ManKind.jpg

Ahmed Johnson vs. Mankind


Mankind & Ahmed Johnson put out a great match. Pretty Great actually. Even though they didn’t get to have the time to put out an even solid match, both showed great aspects of wrestling itself. Ahmed was punching Mankind all the way to his victory while Mankind was selling anything he receives from Ahmed. The fans starts to get behind both guys as they starting to be impressed. Mankind starts to take back momentum with a couple of weak punches. But those punches Mankind hits were pretty effective, taking down his opponent. Mankind stomps Ahmed which was pretty funny for the most part and he even tried to attempt a flying elbow drop. But Mankind failed several times. In the end, Mankind attacked Ahmed with a mandible claw. Some of our TV viewers were laughing at what this monster does. Mankind gets the win with the Double Arm DDT. Mankind celebrates with the victory as he goes up the corner and poses for the fans.

Winner: Mankind

Rating: B+


As we approach the later night, Steve Austin comes down to the ring with a bad ass attitude.


Austin: “Give me a hell yeah!”


Fans shouts out “Hell Yeah!”


Austin: “I said give me a Hell Yeah!”


”Hell Yeah!”


Austin: If you want Vince McMahon out here, give me a hell yeah!”


Crowd shouts out another “Hell Yeah!”


Austin: “Vince, get your ass out of here and let’s have a talk!


”No Chance In Hell” hits as Vince McMahon comes down to the ramps and enters the ring.


Vince: “What the hell do you want Steve? I got no time for your little shenanigans!”


Austin: “Being the Intercontinental champion doesn’t give me much challenge anymore. Ya know what I’m talking about? Vince, you see, I need more of a challenge. You aren’t giving me a damn challenge. I don’t got a damn challenge.”


Vince: “So you damn dragged me out of here just because you want a challenge?”


Austin: “Hell Yeah!”


Vince: “You damn want a challenge?”


Austin: “Yes Vince I want a challenge. Are you gonna give me one or not?”


Vince: “It depends.”


Austin: “Dammit Vince give me a match.”


Vince: “Steve, like I care about what you want? I’ll tell you what. Since you want a challenge so bad, how bout my main event here tonight. I want a main event and I want you in that main event.”


Austin: “Just tell me who I have to fight before I kick your ass right out of this ring.”


Vince: “Ya wanna know who your opponent is? Main event.”


Vince takes a short pause.


Vince: “Steve Austin against……….The Undertaker!!!! In a non title match!”


Austin looks completely shocked.


Vince: “Now that’s solved, Steve, good luck here tonight.”


http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/TheUndertaker.jpg vs. http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu289/RWL_Com/WWF/SteveAustin2.jpg

The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin


The main event comes out pretty great. Undertaker and Steve Austin starts to get on each other’s nerves with exchanging hard hitting punches and hitting DDT’s. The fans are starting to cheer loud for both guys as they are the biggest babyface performances in the show itself. Undertaker gets up the ropes and hits the old school right on Austin’s arm. He starts to show real superstar quality with his gimmick. Austin starts to go down. Taker attacks Austin even more with a couple of stomps and big legdrops. Austin tries to get up but Taker takes him down with more hard hitting punches. Just when Austin got up, he tries to take up momentum with giving the same amount of damage as Taker gave him. The fans are cheering loudly for Austin as they see him taking over the match. Taker doesn’t go down yet. Austin runs to the ropes but Taker puts his leg up with the leg drop. Two are showing great psychology, showing a great story in the match itself and between the heat of these two workers. Taker attacks with the flying clothesline. Taker again attacks with the corner clothesline. Yet again another clothesline. Now Taker takes his momentum and sums it all up for the Tombstone. But Steve counters and hits the Stunner. But………




Shawn Michaels enters the ring and hits the Super Kick right to Austin’s head. Michaels puts Taker’s hand right to Austin’s chest as the referee counts one two three.

Winner: The Undertaker

Rating: A


Overall Show Rating: B+

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- I completely left out Jarrett vs. Hart match on the prediction card so I'll give it as a free point to everyone that predicted. I'm sorry for that. I got up after a nap and forgot that match was in the card. Sorry. Anyways here is how the predictions from the latest show went on:


Prediction Listing (With the freebie point counted):


BoomKing: 5 Points

Destiny: 5 Points

SeanMcFly: 5 Points

GatorBait19: 4 Points


I'mma try to make something to make the prediction special. And for the prizes of this prediction contest will be out at the next pay per view and whoever has the highest points will earn something from the WWF.

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The first show did not turn bad at all. its exactly where I wanted to be. It was where my plans are going to.


With the use of first show, I didn't really get to explain what happened with the Montreal incident on screen for the fans. But they knew that happened. Those who saw Survivor Series saw it happen. Even if they were at Montreal or watching at their televisions, its controversy. It happens in the wrestling business. At least the good thing about the other former WWF main eventers did not happen this to their egos or else they could've hated Vince McMahon more.


As I book my first show, I was watching the product of WCW itself. I saw what they have in plan for the fans. And also what they have planned for us, the WWF. Watching their Nitro show, they pulled out a pretty bad show.


On Prowrestling.com, here were the results of WCW Monday Night Nitro and the critiques rating:


WCW Nitro Results


Chavo Guerrero def. Michael Wallstreet: D+

Eddie Guerrero def. Juventud Guerrera to retain WCW Cruiserweight title: D

Vicious & Delicious def. The Nasty Boys D+

ANGLE: Skit involving Sting & Randy Savage: A*

Meng def. John Trenta: D

Scott Hall def. Jim Neidhart: C

Davey Boy Smith def. Lex Luger: D


Overall Rating: D+


Imagine, WCW Nitro pulled out a bad show. And I'm not even talking about the ratings yet. The ratings, they went down. From the 8.0's, they went down from the land of 7's.


And yet, as Bret Hart signed to WCW, there was no clear sign at all that Bret Hart was on the show. Where would he be? Still crying about Montreal? Getting calmed down by his family? F*cking Owen showed up on Raw is War and we didn't hear about a thing from him of how Bret is doing or anything like that. I don't want to hear anything about Bret right now. Neither does Vince. Right after Montreal.


And yet who is responsible for this bad show of WCW? Eric Bischoff or Ted Turner? Both wanted to get along with the family friendly product but Bischoff wanted to add changes and make it as nWO oriented as possible. And create a memorable stable with him on it.


Nitro has become the nWO show. As Hogan and Kevin and Hall take over the show everyday, there is so little time for the mid card crew to show what they got.


Raw Is War, we had to pull out a great show or else Schiavone is gonna go giving us cheap shots with his mistaken announcing skills. He should've never got those skills.


We took them out on the overall rating but the television, they are still dominating us. But it is still no worries for me. It has only been a show so far. I'm more comfortable setting up the feuds for the fans to watch. For me to enjoy and for Vince to love.


Vince may not have given me any goals for the promotion itself by I got my own goals. Personal goals how to keep this company a success. But I am not going to tell those goals to Vince yet or I'm sure he'll go teaching me another lesson again.


Something to avoid on my show is give the unexpected. This time, we are going to this with only little help from the group of main eventers that was called "The Kliq". I could do this on my own. No instructions from them. Nor from anyone.


With WCW giving bad show rating, is this a sign of its death or is it just another bait for the WWF?

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Now, I actually like this idea.


Undertaker vs HBK vs Austin vs Mankind would be a pretty good match, as with Undertaker with as his Protege, assisting him throughout the match, and winning the match for him. However, I'm not sure how The Rock and Undertaker could ever join together in a clan, as The Deadman walks alone :p


the ministry lol


I can see it now, Undertaker abducts Rock, and tortures him to make him stronger, finally Rock turns into i don't know Basalt (cooled lava rock) or something weird like that. Then you give him a dark persona and he becomes unstoppable. People hate him as he climbs through the ranks he attacks everyone. Also he isn't active he is kind of like Kane at first (very mellow) then slowly you build the turn, and boom hits Taker with the Rock Bottom, plus everyone else, even ref's and announcers and Vince and fans lol. but you make it a him against the world type thing from there




Good show Mystery, almost had the Austin match, I thought that swerve would come but I didn't pick it just in case

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Two weeks after Survivor Series, we present you another show of Raw Is War.


This week, we will have a member of the Nation, Mark Henry take on against the infamous Bob Holly.


As the New Age Outlaws continue their tag team dominance, they will also show take on members of the Nation, D'lo Brown and Kama Mustafa.


In another tag team match, unusual duo Ken Shamrock & Vader takes on the Headbangers.


Since the first ever Hell In A Cell, we haven't seen much from Kane and Paul Bearer. This week, they'll be going against the cowboy Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw.


Faaroq has been the proud leader of the Nation. But his leadership is on the risk. Rocky Maivia challenges Faaroq for the leadership of the Nation in this one match. More to come as we cover on this story.


On the main event, WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels gets featured in the main event against Marc Mero.


All this on Raw Is War. Stay tuned for more.


Prediction Picks:


Mark Henry vs. Bob Holly


New Age Outlaws vs. The Nation (D'Lo Brown & Kama Mustafa)


Headbangers vs. Shamrock & Vader


Kane vs. Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw


Faaroq vs. Rocky Maivia


Shawn Michaels vs. Marc Mero

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