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*RELEASE* MCD: May Real World Data

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Mr. Canada Real World Data May 2010 for TEW10




http://www.bobinc.net - will eventually be up there



CW Pic Pack:


*NEW* CW Pic Pack 2:


*NEW* Black Background Logos:


*NEW* Belt Pack:




So here's a new version of the MCD data. Set to start in May, it is up-to-date as of the WWE Draft, to allow a player who potentially wants to play as WWE to start from a clean slate.


Biggest addition this update is Zero1. Didnt get quite as much accomplished as I wanted, but if I keep up this pace the data should keep building and building. Adding random wrestles I find interesting and hopefully that will lead to easy-to-add promotions later on since a lot of random wrestlers are already in the data.


Also note, please check the resource threads I've linked at the bottom of this page. Mod Makers, Graphic Makers, & those who just want to enjoy all need each other, check out peoples works, say thank you, and give credit where its due.


Added Pro-Wrestling Zero1

[b]-All Japan Pro-Wrestling-[/b]
Released Satoshi Kojima
Released Zodiac

[b]-Combat Zone Wrestling-[/b]
Signed Drew Gulak

[b]-Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling-[/b]
Signed Mark Haskins
Signed Takashi Okamura (made Owner)
Signed Tigers Mask

[b]-Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling USA-[/b]
Signed Akira Tozawa

[b]-EVOLVE Wrestling-[/b]
Signed Adam Cole
Signed Jack Evans 
Released Tommy Dreamer

[b]-Florida Championship Wrestling-[/b]
Released Courtney Taylor
Released Lance Cade
Renamed Tito Nieves to Tito Colón

[b]-Full Impact Pro-[/b]
Signed Jigsaw
Signed Jon Moxley
Signed Leva Bates
Released Chris Jones

[b]-Jersey All Pro Wrestling-[/b]
Signed Chris Dickinson

[b]-Maximum Pro Wrestling-[/b]
Signed James Champagne
Signed Jim Korderas
Released Derek Wylde
Released Haley Rogers
Released Tommy Dreamer
Released Yujiro Kushida

[b]-National Wrestling Alliance-[/b]
Signed Antonio Thomas
Signed Lance Cade
Renamed Robert K. Trobich to Bob Trobich

[b]-New Japan Pro Wrestling-[/b]
Signed Yujiro Kushida as KUSHIDA
Renamed Fale Simitaitoko to King Fale

[b]-Pro Wrestling Guerilla-[/b]
Signed Christina Von Eerie

[b]-Pro-Wrestling NOAH-[/b]
Signed Delerious
Signed Toshiaki Kawada
Signed Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
Signed Yuto Aijima
Released Bobby Fish
Released Buchanan
Released Eddie Edwards
Released Kentaro Shiga
Released Kishin Kawabata
Released Makoto Hashi
Released Tamon Honda
Released Yutaka Yoshie

[b]-Pro-Wrestling Zero1-[/b]
Signed Akebono
Signed Daisuke Sekimoto
Signed Hartley Jackson
Signed Ikuto Hidaka
Signed Kei Sato
Signed Kintaro Kanemura
Signed Kohei Sato
Signed Masato Tanaka
Signed Minoru Fujita
Signed Munenori Sawa
Signed Naoki Tanisaki
Signed Paul Burchill
Signed Ryouji Sai
Signed Shinjiro Otani (made Owner & Booker)
Signed Sh!to Ueda
Signed Shoichi Funaki (as FUNAKI)
Signed Shota Takanishi
Signed Shu Sato
Signed Steve Corino
Signed Takuya Suguwara
Signed Yoshiaki Fujiwara
Signed Yoshikazu Yokoyama
Signed Yukinori Matsui
Signed Yusaku Obata

[b]-Ring of Honor-[/b]
Signed Christopher Daniels
Released Tyson Dux

[b]-SHIMMER Women Athletes-[/b]
Signed Jamilia Craft
Signed Leva Bates
Signed Sarah Stock
Released Amber O'Neal
Released Ashley Lane
Released Brian Gorie
Released Cindy Rogers
Released Danyah
Released Jetta
Released Lacey
Released Rain
Released Wesna Busic

[b]-Total Nonstop Action-[/b]
Signed Brooke Adams (as Miss Tessmacher)
Released Brian Knobbs
Released Consequences Creed
Released Daniels
Released Dave Taylor
Released Jerry Saggs
Released Tara
Renamed Doug Williams to Douglas Williams
Renamed Kazuchika Okada to Okada
Renamed Syxx-Pac to Sean Waltman

[b]-World Wrestling Entertainment-[/b]
Signed Joey Matthews (as Joey Mercury)
Released Jimmy Wang Yang
Released Katie Lea
Released Kung Fu Naki
Released Mickie James
Released Mike Knox
Released Shelton Benjamin 
Released Slam Master J
Renamed Mike Rotunda to Irwin R. Schyster

Signed Kristin Flake (as Shauna Na)
Signed Lana Kinnear (as Malibu McKenzie)
Signed Lena Yada (as Ninja Yada)
Signed Lexie Fyfe (as Gert)
Signed Maria Santella (as Maui)
Signed Nevaeh (as Kickstart Katie)
Released Leyla Milani
Renamed Brooke Lynne to Brooke Lynn
Renamed Charity to Faith
Renamed Hope Faith to Hope

Added Aden Chambers
Added Aja Kong
Added Apple Miyuki
Added Aurora Reina
Added Bambi
Added Black Buffalo
Added Brian Milonas
Added Christina Von Eerie
Added Daisuke Sekimoto
Added Drew Gulak
Added Eddie Osbourne
Added Hajime Ohara
Added Handsome Johnny
Added Hartley Jackson
Added James Champagne
Added James Curtis
Added James Mitchell
Added Jody Fleisch (Woodsmeister)
Added Jonny Storm (Woodsmeister)
Added Justin LaRouche
Added Keigo Yoshino
Added Kohei Sato
Added Kristin Flake
Added Lana Kinnear
Added Leva Bates
Added Maria Santella
Added Mark Haskins
Added Mark Sloan (Woodsmeister)
Added Martin Stone (Woodsmeister)
Added Metal Master
Added Mikael Judas
Added Naoya Ogawa
Added Ryouji Sai
Added Sanshiro Takagi
Added Shaun Tempers
Added Sh!to Ueda
Added Shota Takanishi
Added Spud (Woodsmeister)
Added Sterling James Keenan (Woodsmeister)
Added Takashi Okamura
Added Tigers Mask
Added Tommaso Ciampa
Added Yoshiaki Fujiwara
Added Yoshikazu Yokoyama
Added Yukinori Matsui
Added Yusaku Obata
Renamed Atlas Dabone to Ricky Young
Renamed Robert K. Trobich to Bob Trobich
Renamed Takuya Sugi to Yosh!tsune
Renamed Tetsuya Shimizu to T28
Made Joey Matthews an Active Wrestler
Made Satoshi Kojima On Hiatus
Made Wesna Busic On Hiatus
Retired Jetta
Retired Lexie Fyfe

Added FCW Diva's
Added Million Dollar Championship & lineage
Added NWA Intercontinental Tag Team & lineage
Added NWA International Lightweight Tag Team & lineage
Added Zero1 Fire Festival & lineage
Added Zero1 Furinkazan & lineage
Added Zero1 International Junior Heavyweight & lineage
Added Zero1 World Heavyweight & lineage
Deleted Queen of FCW

Added Chaotic Training Center
Added DDT Dojo

Imported Sonfaro's Storyline Megapack (Storylines / Matches)


I could really use help with Mexico. If there's a Lucha Expert who wants to do stats and such for AAA &/or CMLL that would be terrific.



--bobinc TEW Website: http://www.bobinc.net

--CW Pic Pack: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?p=969854#post969854

--b0shley graphics: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72873

--Toggs Graphics: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=73702

--fatallylost Cuts Resource 2.0: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72942

--Sonfaro's Storyline Megapack: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79157

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No mod has ever done this, so it could be original but when you add new wrestlers, or belts that are not assigned to a promotion.. Or even new promotions. How about release a separate update with only those in so they can be imported into people’s current games?


Great mod.

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No mod has ever done this, so it could be original but when you add new wrestlers, or belts that are not assigned to a promotion.. Or even new promotions. How about release a separate update with only those in so they can be imported into people’s current games?


That would mean I would have to create every worker in a seperate database, then import them into my database...... that makes no sense. haha.


The way the database works is all through numbers.


Randy Orton isnt Randy Orton to the database, he's Wrestler#00024 because he was the 24th wrestler I created (I'm guessing) so his moveset, which also isnt named Randy Orton, but instead Moveset#000031, because maybe it was the 31st moveset I created is assigned to him. The RKO, which is really Move#000175 because its the 175th move I created is assigned to that moveset... ext.


Same with titles and lineages and promotions.


So it wouldnt work. When you import someone, they automatically become wrestler #001000 because they are the 1000th wrestler added to the data. But his moveset is still set to be #000031, which could be Chris Jericho's or whatever.


Its the same reason so many mods suck. haha. And a thing a lot of people dont factor in when wanting to help contribute, that even when importing, it still takes time to make sure contracts are right, you have to do lienage from scratch, you have to re-do moves & gimmicks, ext. And balance stuff on top of that.


It would basically be the worst thing in the world to attempt to do.


And, besides, you could do that yourself. See readme, download data, import new things into your data... all the "work" you'd have to do to make it work, is work you imply I should do.

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<blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="bobinc" data-cite="bobinc" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="27723" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>I think dumping Tara(Victoria) off TNA is premature. She is still signed into May. The way they are going she could have 6 more title reigns in the time she has left. <img alt=":p" data-src="//content.invisioncic.com/g322608/emoticons/tongue.png.ceb643b2956793497cef30b0e944be28.png" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /></div></blockquote><p> </p><p> I agree. I'd add her back with a 28 day contract.</p>
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<blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="JohnDoe8865" data-cite="JohnDoe8865" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="27723" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>I agree. I'd add her back with a 28 day contract.</div></blockquote><p> </p><p> no real point now. By the time I release a new update (June) she'll be gone.</p>
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just thought I'd note I'm putting this on the backburner for a week or so and beginning work on another mod. I'm planning on making a 2001, "what if shane really bought WCW" mod. It may also end up gettining a non-fantasy release as well.


I am doing the mod from scratch, basically, as I'm only using the MCD data and then modifying it.

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Have a few comments, nothing negative, simply constructive criticism :)


Some of TNA's events aren't PPVs, but simply events.


Rey Mysterio is not listed as speaking Spanish :p


Irwin R. Schyster and Harvey Wippleman have no avatars. Also, Eli Cottonwood in FCW Development.


Will post more errors if I find them :))


EDIT: Just saw that you are discontinuing and must say I am sad :( Best Real World mod I have seen yet.

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I am really liking this mod but was wondering about spicing it up a little bit by creating some historical figures, say an Andre the Giant, to debut in future years and what I wanted to know is when giving ratings is it best to suppress them a bit so guys "grow" into their ratings? If so how much, like 10 points, 20 points? I guess I want them to be factors when they debut but not that 5 years down the track these guys I have created are too dominant. Any thoughts?
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will NEVER do that. Andre the Giant is dead... how can he debut?


hype readme... not much work done. Have been splitting time between this and another project:



[b]-All Japan Pro-Wrestling-[/b]
Signed Lance Cade (as Lance Cado)

[b]-Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling-[/b]
Released Akebono

[b]-Florida Championship Wrestling-[/b]
Signed Asher Knight (as Rudy Parker)
Renamed Reon Mahima to Rhys Ali
Released G-Rilla

[b]-National Wrestling Alliance-[/b]
Released Lance Cade

[b]-New Japan Pro-Wrestling-[/b]
Signed Davey Richards
Signed Kenny Omega
Signed Kota Ibushi
Signed La Sombra
Signed Nobuo Yoshihashi

[b]-Total Nonstop Action-[/b]
Released Bubba the Love Sponge

[b]-World Wrestling Entertainment-[/b]
Released Bret Hart
Released Jim Ross
Released Tony Atlas

Added Asher Knight
Added La Sombra
Added Nobuo Yoshihashi
Renamed Consequences Creed to Austin Creed
Deleted G-Rilla (lack of info)

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Well he wouldn't be Andre the Giant but someone based on him. No way I am suggesting you do this in your mod. I don't really like the worker regeneration and thought it might be nice to instead create some workers that debut 5-10 years down the track who are losely based around guys from the past. I just didn't want to over grade guys initially and have them develop into being way over everyone else. You're probably right I am better leaving it alone! Thanks for all the great work on this mod by the way, you do a great job and probably don't get enough thanks for it!
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Some of those mods exist don't they? I just thought it might be a way to keep the database populated with people debuting in the future years rather than having regenerations. At the same time I don't want to ruin the balance of the mod because I like how it runs. I certainly wouldn't suggest MrC does any of this because I doubt many people would really want that sort of thing in a RW mod.
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