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NWA: New York

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Just for the record, I'm using NWA: Domination '10 by Naiwf


WCCW Starrcade 2009 was the place, where Randall Keith Orton finally became the World Heavyweight Champion of the National Wrestling Alliance.


In an instant classic, the third generation superstar took out a second generation superstar, Eddie Guerrero.


Guerrero who was on his second reign, held the title for 5 months before losing it in a match that many consider match of the year, including the NWA Board.


Going into 2010, who knows what's next for the young superstar, taking the most prestigious title in the world of wrestling back to NWA: New York, who's next in line to challenge him, will it be the current NWA: NY Heavyweight champion 'Cactus' Jack Foley, or perhaps his former Evolution ally Brock Lesnar, or will we see Canada's third generation superstar Teddy Hart move up to the Heavyweight ranks and challenge Orton, only time can tell.


NWA: New York

Current champions



NWA Heavyweight Champion

Randall Orton



NWA: NY Heavyweight Champion

'Cactus' Jack Foley



NWA: NY Cruiserweight Champion

Kofi Kingston



NWA: NY Women's Champion


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In the first Raw of 2010, we'll have high flying action in the main event as superstars Spanky and Teddy Hart take each other on.


Also we'll see Berlyn, Christian Daniels and Tommy Dreamer take each other on in a 3 way match, and 'Cactus' Jack Foley will watch Brock Lesnar take on Bobby Lashley to decide a number one contender for his NWA: NY Heavyweight Championship.


Matches will get underway with superstars attempting to impress NWA: NY owner Raven as he decides who gets into the annual Royal Rumble.


And last but not least, Randall Orton will make his first appearance as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, hoping nobody's out to crash his party.


Quick matches.

Spanky Vs Teddy Hart

Berlyn Vs Christian Daniels Vs Tommy Dreamer

Brock Lesnar Vs Bobby Lashley

Carlos Colon Jr. Vs 'MVP' Antonio Banks

Justin Angel Vs McGuinness

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Pre-show dark matches

Mark Henry Def. The Miz (69)

Jack Evans Def. Kevin Thorn (62)




The show kicks off with footage of WCCW Starrcade '09 with Randy Orton lifting the NWA World Heavyweight championship belt high above his head, tears visible in his eyes with a beaten Eddie Guerrero laying lifeless on the mat, the scene then cuts to the announcer's table where Mike Tenay and Dave Prazak are ready for the action!




Mike Tenay: The NWA World Heavyweight title, the most prestigious belt in wrestling history, it's back in New York Dave!

Dave Prazak: Yes it is, prof, and I'm so excited about it! And we've got one man to thank for that, the third generation superstar, Randall Orton!

Mike Tenay: You betcha Dave, Orton will appear later tonight, to celebrate his championship victory, I sure can't wait.

Dave Prazak: It's a proud moment for us Mike, for you and me, for the NWA: New York, and most important of all, for Randall Orton, and not to mention surely, his proud father Cowboy Bob Orton, and of course his grandfather.

Mike Tenay: That's right Dave, Randall finally did what his father and grandfather never quite managed to do, win the big one!

Dave Prazak: But Mike, this leaves us with one big question, who's first in line to step up and attempt to take the title off of young Randall.

Mike Tenay: Well there are plenty of people to choose from, only time will tell, but first, we get underway with our first match!


Note: Tenay and Prazak hyping up Orton's title win (73)


http://www.eddiefng.com/priv/Diary/Carlos-Colon-Jr.jpg VS http://www.eddiefng.com/priv/Diary/Antonio-Banks.jpg


A quick paced match between these 2 youngsters, the "Most valuable player" proved his money worth when he took down the son of one of Puerto Rico's greatest.


Note: 'MVP' Antonio Banks defeated Carlos Colon Jr. by pinfall (58)




The scene goes from a celebrating Banks, to Lashley who's backstage, warming up in his locker room for his match with Brock Lesnar, he hears the door open and turns to see who it is, but before he can acknowledge this, he's levelled by a huge clothesline from Lesnar, Lesnar starts striking Lashley with a fury of punches, before a large group of officials and road agents run into the locker room to drag Lesnar off of Lashley, Lesnar shouts a bunch of abuse before the camera cuts back to the arena.


Note: Lesnar attacking Lashley backstage (80)


http://www.eddiefng.com/priv/Diary/Justin-Angel.jpg vs http://www.eddiefng.com/priv/Diary/McGuinness.jpg


A battle between a Brit, and a South African who spent 5 years in the UK working on his wrestling skills, this surely paid off tonight as the second generation Justin Angel defeated McGuinness, albeit with a handful of tights.


Note: Justin Angel defeated McGuinness by tainted victory (66)




After a quick commercial break, we cut back to the ring, where the Canadian TJ Wilson is holding a mic.


TJ Wilson: Boom... boom... boooooooooo


The crowd starts booing loudly which is ignored by the smirking TJ Wilson.


TJ Wilson: Kofi... Kofi... Kofi... boooooooooooooooooooo


The boos are getting louder and Wilson just lets the boos sink in.


TJ Wilson: I'll keep this simple, so these simple Americans here can understand me, you and me, one on one, cruiserweight title.


TJ Wilson drops the mic to a huge chorus of boos as he exits the ring, the announcers quickly go over it, before the next match starts off.


Note: TJ Wilson challenges Kofi Kingston for the NWA: NY Cruiserweight title (58)


http://www.eddiefng.com/priv/Diary/Bobby-Lashley.jpg vs http://www.eddiefng.com/priv/Diary/Brock-Lesnar.jpg


The match everybody predicted it to be, a brawling masterpiece between these 2 monsters, although Lashley did seem to be at some disadvantage, after Lesnar's earlier attack, but the sneaky deed performed by Brock didn't seem enough, as Lashley still managed to pull out the victory, pinning Lesnar cleanly after two spears.


Note: Bobby Lashley defeated Brock Lesnar (81)


Bobby Lashley is in the ring, celebrating his victory, keeping his eye on Brock Lesnar, when 'Cactus' Jack Foley slides into the ring behind him and hits him on the back of the hair with the NWA: NY Heavyweight championship belt, Foley just smiles and looks down on him nodding, holding his title in the air to a huge chorus of boos.


Note: 'Cactus' Jack Foley post match attack on Bobby Lashley (83)


http://www.eddiefng.com/priv/Diary/Berlyn.jpg vs http://www.eddiefng.com/priv/Diary/Christian-Daniels.jpg vs http://www.eddiefng.com/priv/Diary/Tommy-Dreamer.jpg


A nice match, even though it definitely feels like the filler that in fact, it is, which is won by "The Fallen Angel" Christian Daniels after Dreamer and Berlyn get attacked by Justin Angel, the two men stand victorious looking over the fallen men, with big evil grins on their faces.


Note: Christian Daniels defeated Berlyn and Tommy Dreamer after Justin Angel interference (75)




Dave Prazak: Dave Prazak backstage, I've managed to catch up with Brock Lesnar, who earlier on tonight, lost the chance to face Jack Foley for the NWA: New York Heavyweight championship, Brock, how do you feel?

Brock Lesnar: Feel? How do I feel Dave? Y'know what, Dave, I feel great, DAVE, I feel EXCELLENT.

Dave Prazak: Well, I'm glad to hear you're fee..-

Brock Lesnar: Are you *bleep*ing kidding me Dave? How do you think I feel? I just lost to that punk Lashley, now he gets the *bleep*ing title shot against Foley, but y'know what, I do feel good actually, I do feel great.

Dave Prazak: Wh..-

Brock Lesnar: Don't you ever interrupt me again Prazak, the reason I'm feeling so damn great is, I don't have time to mess around with these kids and their silly titles, NWA: New York Heavyweight title? Who gives a *bleep*? I'm going for the bigger image here Dave, I'm looking at Orton, and his freshly won NWA World Heavyweight title, Orton, I'm personally gonna make your title reign, the shortest in the history of the NWA, 4 weeks from now, at the Royal Rumble, I want you one on one Randall, and I will take your title, that's a promise!


Note: Lesnar announces his intentions for Orton (91)


http://www.eddiefng.com/priv/Diary/Spanky.jpg vs http://www.eddiefng.com/priv/Diary/Teddy-Hart.jpg


Two of the biggest cruiserweights in the entire world of wrestling go one on on here, making sure the NWA Board see that if anybody deserves a shot at Mistico's NWA World Cruiserweight championship, it has to be one of these two guys, an excellent high flying fast paced match between the two, eventually won by the Canadian, Teddy Hart.


Note: Teddy Hart defeated Spanky (75)




After the last commercial break, we come back to the ring, the mat is replaced with red carpet, the ring is filled with congratulory decorations and "Burn in my light" by Mercy Drive hits the PA System, the crowd get up on their feet and pop, they keep on cheering while the music plays on for a good 20 seconds before Orton steps out onto the stage, an even louder pop erupts from the crowd as Orton stands on the stage and letting it all sink in, he raises his arms in the air before looking down to the championship belt strapped around his waist.

He looks around the crowd, and breaks out a smile, he slowly makes his way down the ramp, and the crowd are loving it, he stops half way down the ramp, to pose once more, letting it all sink in. He finally makes his way down to the bottom of the ramp, and inside the ring.


Tony Chimel: Ladieeeeeeeeeeeeeees and gentlemen, in the ring at the current time, from St. Louis, Missouri, he is the neeeew Heavyweight champion of the World as recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance Board of Directors, RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDAAAALL ORTOOOOOOOOOOOOOON


Orton smiles and nods at Tony Chimel, who hands him the mic, and shakes his hand, before leaving the ring, Randall looks around the crowd before finally speaking.


Randall Orton: I can't even imagine where to begin with my thanks, I am so grateful, for everything. For my father for training me, even though I chose this career against his wishes, for my grandfather Bob Sr to inspire me, and for all of you, to stick with me along the way, I couldn't have done it without you.


The crowd pops as Orton applauds them, mouthing the words "Thank you"


Randall Orton: Now for a serious matter, I've dealt with Guerrero, the question is, who's the first in line to challenge me? Lesnar, you can't become the number one contender for the New York title, yet you expect to challenge me for the biggest title in the world?


The crowd starts booing and starting a "Lesnar sucks" chant to the clear amusement of Orton.


Randall Orton: I got a series of challenges for ya Brock, if you win all these challenges, you can take me on at the Rumble, starting this Saturday on Showdown, you'll take on Tommy Dreamer in challenge one!


Orton drops the mic and bows to the crowd who pop for him, as the copyright information shows up on the screen before fading out.


Note: Randall Orton celebrates his championship victory. (98)


Overall show rating: 76

Attendance: 15.000 (Sell out!)

Spike TV Rating: 8.64

Galavision TV Rating: 3.89

TV Tokyo TV Rating: 1.12


Prediction results

juggaloninjalee: 3/5

smurphy1014: 3/5

Destiny: 2/5

Whoever has the scores after every PPV will receive a prize. :)

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New NWA World Heavyweight Champion has responded to Brock Lesnar's declaration of gaining the title, by setting him up with a bunch of challenges, the first will be a one on one match Saturday Night against none other than Tommy Dreamer.


A mini-tournament will also kick off to determine NWA: New York's first ever Women's champion, as announced by Raven, Beth Phoenix will take on Lisa Marie Varon and Amy Dumas and Nattie Neidhart will take each other on, the winners facing each other on Raw to get the championship.


Quick matches

Brock Lesnar Vs Tommy Dreamer

Beth Phoenix Vs Lisa Marie Varon

Nattie Neidhart Vs Amy Dumas

Jack Evans Vs Matt Bentley

McGuinness Vs Simon Diamond

Luke Gallows Vs Perry Saturn

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I missed the first one D: But not this one!


Brock Lesnar Vs Tommy Dreamer

Beth Phoenix Vs Lisa Marie Varon

Nattie Neidhart Vs Amy Dumas

Jack Evans Vs Matt Bentley

McGuinness Vs Simon Diamond

Luke Gallows Vs Perry Saturn



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Brock Lesnar Vs Tommy Dreamer

Its brock freakin lesnar. do I need a reason?

Beth Phoenix Vs Lisa Marie Varon

Albeit a dirty win.

Nattie Neidhart Vs Amy Dumas

Nattie gets the win IMO

Jack Evans Vs Matt Bentley

I honestly think Evans is gonna win, but I can hope, right?

McGuinness Vs Simon Diamond

Seems logical

Luke Gallows Vs Perry Saturn

Figured id be a bit different

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Brock Lesnar Vs Tommy Dreamer

Beth Phoenix Vs Lisa Marie Varon

Nattie Neidhart Vs Amy Dumas

Jack Evans Vs Matt Bentley

McGuinness Vs Simon Diamond

Luke Gallows Vs Perry Saturn


Loving the Showdown and Raw logo's by the way. Wonder who could have done such a great job on them;)

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