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CWT: Better Call Saul [T-Verse]

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<p>CWT World Heavyweight: Big Bubba vs. <strong>Jesse Mills ©</strong> vs. Luther Mack</p><p>

CWT Mid-Southern: Darius King © vs. <strong>Manu Samoa</strong></p><p>

CWT US Tag Team: Explosive Combination vs. <strong>The Gibson Brothers ©</strong></p><p>

Handicap Match: Streets & Brooks vs. <strong>The Ghost Rider</strong></p><p>

Singles Match: King Edward vs. <strong>???</strong> </p><p>

Tag Team Match: Life Without Fear (Fargo/Sonny) vs. <strong>Street Survivors</strong></p><p> </p><p>

Bonus Question: Who is King Edward's opponent? <strong>Silverback</strong></p>

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<p>CWT World Heavyweight: Jesse Mills ©</p><p>

CWT Mid-Southern: Darius King ©</p><p>

CWT US Tag Team: The Gibson Brothers ©</p><p>

Handicap Match: The Ghost Rider</p><p>

Singles Match: ??? </p><p>

Tag Team Match: Street Survivors</p><p> </p><p>

Bonus Question: Who is King Edward's opponent? Someone who works in japan</p>

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Colorado V and Tex Gruber had an interview hyping their upcoming tag match with The Masked Invaders. They are confused on why they are tag team partners. -


In a decent pre-show match, Tex Gruber and The Great Colorado V defeated The Lone Rangers in 7:54 when The Great Colorado V defeated Masked Invader I by pinfall with a Boulder Slam. The Great Colorado V carried the match in terms of in-ring performance. -



CWT New Year's Wrestle-lution 2016

Saturday, Week 2, January 2016

4,222 at Knoxville Civic Arena, TN

20,140 viewers



Announce Table Segment


The announce team of JD Briscoe, The Graduate, and Saul Keaton runs down tonight's card, each man going into detail about the match that they are the most interested in. Saul goes over the main event, noting that it will be interesting to see how Jesse handles being on the opposite end of the numbers game, JD talks about the tag team championship match between Explosive Combination and The Gibson Brothers, wondering if Smokin' Stevie Gunn has enough left in the tank, and The Graduate talks about the handicap match between Streets & Brooks vs. The Ghost Rider because he wants to see The Rider tear out Streets & Brooks's hearts, their "achy, breaky" hearts. Saul rolls his eyes while JD asks The Graduate if he would stop.


Rating: C





Explosive Combination vs. The Gibson Brothers ©

US Tag Team Title Match


The Gibson Brothers continue the plan they started last week, throwing Duke Dynamite over the top rope as the bell sounds to force an injured Smokin' Stevie Gunn to start the contest. The brothers worked the veteran over for most of the match, but just as it looks like it's all over Stevie Gunn, with all his might, the old man leapt seemingly halfway across the ring to tag a ready and waiting Duke Dynamite. Duke comes in like a house of fire, cleaning house. Unfortunately for Duke, the damage was already done as Smokin' Stevie Gunn was unable to continue, and Dynamite was forced to go it alone. Going it alone against the tag team champions went as well as you think it would. Duke fought valiantly, but in the end he was forced to pass out to Mike Gibson's Bearhug.


In a decent match, The Gibson Brothers defeated Explosive Combination in 12:22 when Mike Gibson defeated Duke Dynamite by submission with a Bearhug. The Gibson Brothers make defence number 5 of their CWT United States Tag Team titles.

Rating: D+



Backstage Segment


Jesse Mills, Fargo Korben and Sonny stand together outside the Knoxville Civic Arena. In a change of pace from their usual promos, it's Fargo and Sonny that start to speak while the usually vocal patriarch stands in the back, silent. Fargo tells the Street Survivors that they stuck their noses in someone else's business and that for that, they are going to pay. Fargo then goes into graphic detail about the injuries that Korben and Sonny will cause, much to the horror of Sonny. Finally, Jesse Mills steps forward to address his opponents tonight. He tells Bubba and Luther that if they think they have the advantage tonight, they are sadly mistaken. Mills says that he has scrapped and clawed his way to the top of the mountain and there isn't a man in the world that will knock him off. The promo ends as Jesse declares to the world that Life Without Fear will show what happens when you try and get in their way.


Rating: C-



King Edward vs. Pierre Lejosne

Singles Match


Facing King Edward tonight is the newest member of the CWT roster, Pierre Lejosne. The son of the Magnificent Mountie completely embarrassed Edward with his excellent mat work, to the delight of the crowd. In order to keep himself from getting overwhelmed, King Edward uses his knowledge of the rules to avoid locking up with Pierre for extended periods of time, putting himself into the ropes and leaving the ring for a breather whenever Pierre would get control of the match. During one of these moments, Pierre was blind-sided by Killer McKree and Rico Diaz to the shock of everyone. The duo puts the boots to Lejosne while Edward occupied the referee's attention. With the damage done, Edward puts away his younger opponent with the Winsor Castle (Package Piledriver).


In a decent match, King Edward defeated Pierre Lejosne in 9:15 by pinfall with a Windsor Castle. During the match we also saw Killer McKree run in and attack Pierre Lejosne, and Rico Diaz also attack Pierre Lejosne.

Rating: D+



In-Ring Segment


After the match, King Edward, grabs a microphone while Killer McKree and Rico Diaz pick up and restrain the defeated Pierre Lejosne. Edward starts to berate Pierre, slapping the second generation wrestler and states that people like Pierre are not going to "get over" on people like himself anymore. Edward has seen the writing on the wall these past months and he's not going to wait for opportunities anymore. He, along with his new retainers, Killer McKree and Rico Diaz, will make their own luck from here on out.


Rating: C-



Streets & Brooks vs. The Ghost Rider

Handicap Match


If the past two shows showed the fight that Streets & Brooks could bring to a legend like The Ghost Rider, then this match showed their toughness. The Rider brought everything to George and Laredo and then some, but the plucky duo showed the world that they were more than just a couple of pretty faces, kicking out of move after move to the frustration of The Ghost Rider (and The Graduate). The Ghost Rider would still be too much for Streets & Brooks to handle, but this match proved that George Brooks and Laredo Streets deserved to be in a CWT ring.


In a decent match, The Ghost Rider defeated Streets & Brooks in a Handicap match in 6:16 when The Ghost Rider defeated George Brooks by pinfall with a Your Last Ride. The Ghost Rider carried the match in terms of in-ring performance.

Rating: C-



In-Ring Segment


After the match, The Ghost Rider stares at his fallen opponents. It looks like The Rider is going to take liberties once again with the Streets & Brooks, but the young duo, seemly dead on their feet, attempted to fight back. Drained from the beating they've sustained in the handicap match, their offense doesn't seem like they could harm a fly, much less than someone as tough as The Ghost Rider. With the fans expecting the worst, The Ghost Rider, surprises everyone and doesn't do anything in response. The masked man just nods his head and then leaves the ring.


Rating: C-





Darius King © vs. Manu Samoa

Mid-Southern Title Match


Manu Samoa is without a doubt the biggest name that Darius King has had to face in his title reign. Actually, he's probably the biggest names that Darius has faced one-on-one since becoming a member of The Coach's The All-Americans. And it showed. The over confident champion began the match like all his other title defenses, looking to use his size to throw his opponent around. Manu Samoa was having none of this and shot back at Darius with a hard string of punches. The match continued like this with Manu turning back King's challenge at every turn. That was until an extremely frustrated Coach decided to throw in the preverbal towel and called on Silverback to attack Manu, stopping the match and saving Darius King's title.


In a bout that had good heat and decent wrestling, Manu Samoa defeated Darius King in 9:45 when Darius King was disqualified when Silverback ran in and attacked Manu Samoa.

Rating: D+



Backstage Segment


Duane Davies and Rick E. Waters met up with Big Bubba and Luther Mack as they prepared for their match with Jesse Mills. The Street Survivors tell Bubba and Luther that they are not going to need to worry about Fargo and Sonny because "that's going to be a job for the Street Survivors." Luther tells Duane and Rick to watch out when they are near a turn buckle because Fargo is starting to use an avalanche splash more frequently, while Bubba reminds the duo to not get distracted at Sonny's childish screams when they are beating him to a pulp (if this was an 80s sitcom, this is where we'd have a freeze frame moment as the credits start to roll).


Rating: C-



Life Without Fear (Fargo/Sonny) vs. Street Survivors

Tag Team Match


From start to finish, this match could only be described as one thing: a brawl. Life Without Fear's game plan more about inflicting pain than "winning" a match (especially without the guidance of Jesse), but tonight their wild aggression was met in kind as the Street Survivors went blow for blow with Fargo and Sonny. The referee had a hard time keeping control of the match as both team fought outside the ring just as much as they did inside of it. And it's that lack of control that causes the end as both teams disregard the ten count, forcing the referee to declare a draw. But even the bell sounding, doesn't seem to get their attention as both teams kept brawling, eventually making their way backstage and out of the arena.


In a decent match, Life Without Fear III drew with Street Survivors in 12:04 following a double count out. Sonny was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.

Rating: D+





Big Bubba vs. Jesse Mills © vs. Luther Mack

World Heavyweight Title Match


With the Street Survivors making good on their promise to neutralize Life Without Fear, Jesse Mills, for the first time was truly alone. Bubba and Luther gave Mills a taste of his own medicine, beating down the champion with a number of double team combinations. With the champion down and out, the fan favorites then resumed their match from last week, going hold for hold, punch for punch. Big Bubba looked to have gotten the upper hand, hitting a picture perfect Big Bubba Bash (Enzuigiri) out of nowhere, however just as Big Bubba went for the pin, he was blindsided by, the now recovered, Jesse Mills and a roaring Big Boot from Jesse's size 13 shoe. With Luther still dazed by Bubba's Enzuigiri, no one was able to stop Mills from completing the pinfall, defending his World Heavyweight championship one more time.


In a bout that had great heat and decent wrestling, Jesse Mills defeated Big Bubba and Luther Mack in 23:19 when Jesse Mills defeated Big Bubba by pinfall with a Big Boot. Jesse Mills makes defence number 3 of his CWT World Heavyweight title.

Rating: C




In-Ring Segment


As the bell rings, an exhausted Jesse Mills grabs the belt from the referee's hands, slumping into the corner turnbuckles. Viewing his fallen foes finally starting to stir, Jesse just laughs…until the light suddenly go out. When the light go back on, Jesse Mills is standing alone in the center of the right, Big Bubba and Luther Mack are nowhere to be found. The leader of Life Without Fear is startled for a moment before returning to a state of euphoria. That state ends when the lights go out again. When the lights returned, standing in front of the CWT World Heavyweight champion is none other than The Ghost Rider!




The Ghost Rider and Jesse Mills stare each other down as CWT New Year's Wrestle-lution 2016 fades to black. What does this mean? Find out next week.


Rating: B-



Overall Rating: C

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Oh yeah, our roster is still a little thin…


After getting that C+ on the second show, my confidence with the roster was soaring. After Wresle-lution 2016? Well I think my expectations have been reset back to normal. Don't get me wrong, a C grade is nothing to do disappointed in, but it's good to remind myself that there are still changes that need to be made to the roster to take CWT where it needs to be. I also need to remind myself that I will most likely be winning regional battles through my TV, with the monthly events being used more to move storylines and ticket sales.


Because Saul and JD clash with each other, I am now alternating between the two, match-by-match. It seemed to work out just fine, however it is a little annoying to have to manually change the announce team every other match. I wish one of the two was either a better announcer or had better microphone skills. Then I could still with one, while the other became a permanent personality or something.


Manu Samoa and Pierre Lejosne both made their in-ring debuts for us and it was a mixed bag. As I previous stated, Manu has already had some backstage issues and seeing him only pull a D+ with King was disappointing. Granted Manu and Darius ended up have negative chemistry in the ring, but I was hoping that this match could lead to a longer program between the two.


But, this is part of the fun of TEW. You can have a plan in place and have it get derailed by something you couldn't have saw coming. Pierre's debut however, went over a bit better. I was hoping to see more than a D+, but considering his relatively low overness, the grade is probably fine. It's not like his opponent, King Edward, is anything special in the ring either. Edward's strengths are as a talker, something that he'll have more of an opportunity to do not that he has a stable to lead. While I wasn't that excited by his first performance, I am excited what the future brings. Pierre is extremely talented for his age, can carry a feud through angles, and has been given a "Very Good" gimmick by the RNG (a face version of Second Generation Star).


Speaking of gimmicks, I finally was able to change Duke Dynamite's gimmick from a Bad Ass to a plucky Fan Favorite, and it didn't suck (Above Average)!


Finally, it wouldn’t be a recap unless someone did something stupid backstage. This time, it was Masked Invader II who was holding the idiot ball as he hit Laredeo Street's rental car and decided not to pay for it. I thought it was only fair to make him pay for it, through a fine. The action caused him to improve his behavior however I now have simmering tension with him. I feel bad for Masked Invader I, who improved his gimmick, because his partner is going to get them both released at this rate. Saul isn't going to stand for people standing up to him. On the bright side, RNG-sus has declared that Darius King is Smokin' Stevie Gunn's newest protégé. Maybe he'll teach him not to pick fights with people that can destroy him in and out of the ring.


Oh yeah, Luther Mack doesn't think Tex Gruber has "it". Does anyone know if this does anything or is this just the game trying to give me insight on a worker's stats?


How did you guys do at predicting the show?


And the first prediction contest comes to an end (I'll be running them special event to special event - and will keep a running total from the beginning for fun). The person with the most correct votes during each period will always have the opportunity to influence the diary. This month that person is
, correctly guessed 13 out of 16 matches. For winning this prediction contest, MisterRomanini will be given the opportunity to tell me what young, upcoming wrestlers he would like me to sign. Because this was such a short contest, and because I'm looking for multiple young, fresh talent,
will also be given the opportunity to hire a wrestler, due to correctly guessing all of the matches from the previous episode of CWT TV.


Markw: 5/6 (11/16)

MJStark: 5/6 (5/6)

MisterRomanini: 4/6 (13/16)

Kitarzu: 4/6 (9/11)

FACT 25: 4/6 (10/16)

bonnie: 3/6 (9/16)



CWT Championship Wrestling 2016.01.19

Briscoe Bowl Qualifier: Smokin' Stevie Gunn vs. The Great Colorado V

Six-Man Tag Match: Big Bubba, Luther Mack, & Pierre Lejosne vs. The Court (Diaz/Edward/McKree)

Singles Match: Manu Samoa vs. Sonny

Singles Match: Silverback vs. ???

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<p>Briscoe Bowl Qualifier: <strong>Smokin' Stevie Gunn</strong> vs. The Great Colorado V</p><p> </p><p>

<em>Old school CWT vibe here. Stevie is the biggest name here.</em></p><p> </p><p>

Six-Man Tag Match: <strong>Big Bubba, Luther Mack, & Pierre Lejosne</strong> vs. The Court (Diaz/Edward/McKree)</p><p> </p><p>

<em>Too in favor of babyfaces.</em></p><p> </p><p>

Singles Match: <strong>Manu Samoa</strong> vs. Sonny</p><p> </p><p>

<em>A victory for the Samoan.</em></p><p> </p><p>

Singles Match: <strong>Silverback</strong> vs. ???</p><p> </p><p>

<em>I'm thinking Silverback gonna win this one.</em></p>

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<p>Briscoe Bowl Qualifier: Smokin' Stevie Gunn vs. <strong>The Great Colorado V</strong></p><p>

Six-Man Tag Match: Big Bubba, Luther Mack, & Pierre Lejosne vs. <strong>The Court (Diaz/Edward/McKree)</strong></p><p>

Singles Match: <strong>Manu Samoa </strong>vs. Sonny</p><p>

Singles Match: <strong>Silverback</strong> vs. ???</p>

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<p>Briscoe Bowl Qualifier: <strong>Smokin' Stevie Gunn</strong> vs. The Great Colorado V</p><p>

Six-Man Tag Match: Big Bubba, Luther Mack, & Pierre Lejosne vs. <strong>The Court (Diaz/Edward/McKree)</strong></p><p>

Singles Match: <strong>Manu Samoa</strong> vs. Sonny</p><p>

Singles Match: <strong>Silverback</strong> vs. ???</p>

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Briscoe Bowl Qualifier: Smokin' Stevie Gunn vs. The Great Colorado V

But they should both be in the Briscoe Bowl!? I'll go Colorado via shenanigans.


Six-Man Tag Match: Big Bubba, Luther Mack, & Pierre Lejosne vs. The Court (Diaz/Edward/McKree)

Against all better judgement I'm going with The Court, big fan of Edward.


Singles Match: Manu Samoa vs. Sonny


Singles Match: Silverback vs. ???

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