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Couple questions about main eventers

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First question: whenever I start a new game it seems like there are always a ton of main eventers, and I have to drop lots of them down to upper midcard. Even people with what looks to be low popularity will be set as main eventers. Why is this? Am I using the card positions wrong by only having a few?


Second question: how do you keep the top of the card fresh? Over time it seems like you'd end up with more main eventers than you can use, and after a while all you have are the same matches you've done already. How do you rotate the top to stay fresh?

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First Answer: The size of your main event is directly proportional to the size of your roster. So, if you have a 40-man roster, you're going to have 7 main eventers, and double that if you have an 80-man roster. That's how auto-push works in the game. Your midcard has the most people then your upper and lower-midcarders are roughly the same as are your main eventers and job-squad with slightly more ME than jobbers. You can adjust the pushes all you like, but you're likely going to have some very unhappy wrestlers if you under-push them.


Please keep in mind that with 2016, main eventers don't have to be on every single A show anymore. So, if that's your worry, you can forget it. Card positions don't really matter to the human player anymore. Accepting a loss has always been based on the pop level difference between the workers.


Second Answer: That's up to your imagination. You can build up your upper midcard enough that they'll eventually replace the losingest main eventers, a main eventer vs upper midcard feud will still grade out really well, and keep in mind that the repetitive booking penalty is only 4 matches in 6 months so you can repeat epic matches pretty easily every year with different builds. Again, that's just an imagination issue.

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It could be that people with popularity across more areas are rated more highly in-game


For example, let's say you're in the South West. let's say you had Wrestler A who had 65 in South West and 17 elsewhere, and Wrestler B had 45 across all of the USA. You'd value Wrestler A more since s/he is a bigger draw and produces higher rated segments in the South West (where you host all your shows anyway), but the game values Wrestler B more because Wrestler B is overall more accomplished according to however the game calculates it.


I've had many instances where the less valuable (to me) wrestler refuses to lose to a more popular wrestler because his popularity is more balanced across many areas


As far as #2 goes, you could try rotating your main eventers out of big time stories. For example say you have 8 main eventers. 4 of them will be tied up in "main event caliber" storylines. The other 4 could feud with mid carders, whether it's just a filler or you're trying to put over younger talent.


The main eventers not in the main two feuds will be pulling up whoever they're feuding with up to their level. When the big feuds are finished, they can rotate back into the main story, while the losers of the big feuds can go feud with a mid-carder. Since your mid-carders will be constantly feuding with main eventers, their popularity should soar, giving rise to your main eventers of tomorrow. Your current main eventers, in the meanwhile are still good, so you should have more combinations to play with

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