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DOTM: December 2019

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I’ve just noticed that my diary is actually in the real world poll twice? Think it’s just an oversight but might cause some confusion, haha.



Whoops... my apologies. I will add the votes together, providing someone didnt vote for both :D in one poll... It will be fine :D:eek:

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Congratulations to the Winners of December 2019



Real World:

Diamonds are forever (JCP) by PipersPit and Kimberly




The Oddworld by BigelowCartwheel




WWE Three Brands: Part 2 by The Lloyd




The Hitchhikers Guide to Wrestlemania by MainOffender




Norse World Order in AWO: Who says wrestling isn't high art? by DeathZone2




10 Women Battle Royale in Chi-town Urban Combat by DarK_RaideR




Survivor Series in Stephanie - The Princess Diaries by aplha 2117

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Thank you very much for the award all. I've enjoyed returning 'home' to WWE, and it's onwards and upwards from here.


I read or have read almost all of the winners, and they're all great too, so well done you guys. There are a lot, and I mean a LOT of excellent diaries and writers here right now.

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