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Pro Wrestling WILD: It's Still As Bad As It Seems

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The Worst Prologue Of All The Prologues That Ever Prologued




The Bob Shrunkle Memorial Show

Held in Trance Records, Bob's spiritual home in Adelaide, Australia

Attendance: Millions in spirit, 64 physically.



Everlasting Bush vs Lorenzo Oliverio & Michel Bernard


Fan favourites from their time in WILD, the odd pairing of Chuck Everlasting & Blackwell Bush reunited to take on the pompous European stylings of Lorenzo Oliverio & Michel Bernard. An even tag team affair, the ending came when Bernard locked in his old faithful Cross Armbreaker on his favourite victim Chuck Everlasting - the tap out coming quickly after the hold was applied.


Lorenzo Oliverio and Michel Bernard defeated Everlasting Bush in 8:55 when Michel Bernard defeated Chuck Everlasting by submission with a Cross Armlock.



Adrian McGhee vs Surfer Dude...Jesse?


Originally advertised as a battle between two long term adversaries, Adrian McGhee could be forgiven for being mislead as the man stood across the ring from him was a Surfer Dude but it wasn't his old enemy Lucas - instead it was Surfer Dude Jesse, Lucas' little cousin desperate to defend the family name.


He didn't manage to defend the family name as Adrian McGhee's loaded glove OF DOOM put him down for the three count after 11 minutes.


Adrian McGhee defeated Surfer Dude Jesse in 11:02 by pinfall with a Loaded Glove.



Fuzzy Freeman vs Simon McBain


In the running theme of the evening, a fan favourite from Bob Shrunkle's attempt at being a promoter faced one of the less favourite members of the roster. This time, it was the eternally spaced out Fuzzy Freeman facing off against the eternally sad Simon McBain. Fuzzy never looked in danger of losing and secured the win with a Reverse DDT.


Fuzzy Freeman defeated Simon McBain in 11:51 by pinfall with a Reverse DDT.



Toasty Bonnar vs Whirlwind Lee Wilkes


A curious choice for the main event of the evening, Whirlwind Lee Wilkes faced off against the rarely seen in singles action Toasty Bonnar. The unpredictability of the no longer weighed down by sadness Toasty saw him pull off what could be considered an upset by some with the Sky Toaster Press (Sky Twister Press) getting Toasty the win over the technicolour veteran Lee Wilkes.


Toasty Bonnar defeated Whirlwind Lee Wilkes in 12:42 by pinfall with a Sky Toaster Press.




The lights dimmed as the projector screens flickered to life, recapping some of the biggest moments of Bob Shrunkle's career, ending on the "famous" clash of Bob Shrunkle vs then WILD Heavyweight champion Big Daddy Horne from the 2014 event Holy Diver;





Big Daddy Horne © vs Bob Shrunkle


The weight of this match weighed on both men, the importance showing on both Horne and Shrunkle’s face. A more strategic approach from both men followed, neither man wanting to expend their energy straight away. Every time it looked like Shrunkle was ready to lock up, he’d fake out and duck outside the ring to consult with Moriarty. Getting fed up with this, Horne soon lumbered outside to where Shrunkle was standing, clubbing the challenger from behind. A venue wide brawl followed, Moriarty chasing along to try and distract the champion but Horne’s focus would not be shifted.


Getting back to the ring, Horne looked set to end the match but struggled to lift Shrunkle up for the Sidewalk Slam. Frustrated by this, Horne went to the outside in search of weaponry to use only to find Moriarty scaling him like a koala would a tree. Shaking him off, Horne grabbed his title and found his way back into the ring…


...only to be met by a Shrunkle running body attack that knocked Horne against the ropes and the championship on the ground. Shoving Shrunkle back, Horne also inadvertently knocked out referee Edward Daicos. With the referee on the ground, both men made a motion to get to the belt. Shrunkle was just a little bit faster, grabbing the belt and spinning around just in time to knock Horne across the head with it. Staggering the big man, Shrunkle lined up a more perfect shot, connecting and knocking Horne to the ground. Referee Daicos got up just in time to see Shrunkle landing with the Sit Down Splash and a three count later, WILD had a new World Heavyweight champion.


Bob Shrunkle defeated Big Daddy Horne in 15:06 by pinfall with a Sit-Down Splash. Bob Shrunkle wins the WILD World Heavyweight title.

Rating: 20


A round of applause quietly began, ending when a...surprising guest made their way to ringside. Taking the microphone from the MC for the evening Pete Moriarty, the guest stood still in a room filled with shock.




BS: "I know, I know. I'm amazing."


The crowd booed heavily. Some garbage was flung into the ring as the patrons fled out of Trance Records quickly. Shrunkle flung the microphone at Pete and stormed to the back...

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The Worst Prologue Of All The Prologues That Ever Prologued


Backstage at Trance Records, immediately after...whatever that was...





The Angry Mob

Adrian McGhee, Blackwell Bush, Lorenzo Oliverio, Simon McBain & Whirlwind Lee Wilkes




Bob Shrunkle

The Angry Blob


Adrian McGhee: "Never contact me again for a booking. Or else"

Blackwell Bush: "Disgusting"

Lorenzo Oliverio: "I can't believe I ever came back for this."

Simon McBain: ":( :( :("

Whirlwind Lee Wilkes: "you know that was downright despicable bob and i hope you've refunded everyone. i'm leaving now"


Bob Shrunkle: "I fail to see what all of your problem is, I've done nothing wrong. Go on, tell me what was so wrong about holding a memorial show for myself!? I MADE ALL OF YOU!!"


The cries fell on deaf ears, the fateful five had already left - four at a brisk pace, zero points for guessing who the one moping away was.


It was a hard pill to swallow for Bob Shrunkle...



David Avatar

World weary, 5 years sober


DA: “Bob.”


BS: “Tiny.”


DA: “It's David. Bob.”


BS: “No, it's Tiny.”


T: “Bob.”



Abner Ventris

No one knows why he is here..or how.




A silence fell around the room.


AV: “You guys were being awkward.”


Bob and David sighed. It had been over 6 long years since they entered each other's lives – for better or worse.


T: “A memorial show?”


BS: “That bastard Quartermainne wasn't giving me the respect I deserve. Last wrestled for him in September. Might have left him a voicemail or seven in October. I needed to let the people know I'm still around, still in the prime of my career. It should have been me holding that Commonwealth title and not once did I get a shot.”


A strange occurrence happened inside David Avatar's head. He found himself agreeing with Bob Shrunkle.




T: “I get that Bob but a memorial show? You're not dead.”




AV: “The posters? The flowers? The PRIEST?”


David Avatar looked stunned. Bob Shrunkle looked stunned. Abner Ventris only just realised what he had said.




Abner did not finish that sentence as he found the large frame of Bob Shrunkle towering over him. This was, admittedly, not one of David Avatar's better days in recent memory.


It was not one of the worst however.

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This is The Prologue That Never Ends, It Goes On and On My Friends


The Next Day...



David Avatar

The protagonist of this tale


It was a pleasant day or as pleasant as it could be given the events of the last 24 hours. David Avatar still wasn't too sure what to make of the whole proceedings as he sipped on his third coffee of the day - sobriety had given way to a newer addiction.



Bob Shrunkle

David Avatar's Biggest Headache


The quiet reflecting time was broken as the large frame of Bob Shrunkle sat down opposite David Avatar. The tension lay thick in the air, mixed with the sweet scent of organically brewed coffee. Bob Shrunkle hated it.


DA: "So what now Bob?"


BS: "Dunno what you're talking about Tiny."


David Avatar sighed and finished his coffee. He already knew this would be a long conversation.


DA: "You know what I mean. You're not going back to APW, not after that stunt last night."


Bob Shrunkle looked hurt. Not at the first point but at his award winning (in his own mind) memorial show being called a stunt by someone he loosely considered a friend. He hadn't noticed David get up after his last statement.


BS: "I'll pretend you didn't say that last part Tiny. The answer to your question is simple. We get the band back together and stick it to that old fogey Quartermainne. You, me, that weird skinny kid who showed up last night. It'll be like old times!"


David Avatar sat back down, a fresh coffee in hand.


DA: "I don't know Bob, the last time was a train wreck. Why go through it again?"


BS: "Cause I say so and you owe me after what happened."


David Avatar did owe Bob Shrunkle. The reason WILD stopped running shows in the original run was entirely down to him, a bottle of tequila and an incident that cannot be repeated for legal reasons. Five long years sober and now he found himself wishing he'd ordered something stronger than an espresso.


DA: "...I guess I've got no choice. Who have we got available after last night?"


Bob Shrunkle shrugged, he wasn't the greatest with names. The door to the coffee house they found themselves in crashed open and David Avatar's day went from mildly inconvenienced to majorly annoyed with seven simple words.



Chuck Everlasting

David Avatar's Absolute Worst Nightmare



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(Author's Note: Had planned on this being up earlier but nerve problems and a loss of feeling in an arm is(n't) fun y'all!)



David Avatar

Referee Intelligencia


David Avatar sat down in what was slowly becoming a makeshift office for him, a nice coffee spot in Adelaide where he could work in peace.


Peace that was soon interrupted by a grunt.



Bob Shrunkle

Wrestler Unmoveablecia


BS: “Tiny we need to talk.”


DA: “Bob we really don't.”


David Avatar knew what this was about. He had been intently staring at the money available for WILD. It wasn't a lot.


BS: “Why was there a zero next to my name Tiny? I'm our biggest star and I demand to be paid as such.”


The urge to turn his coffee Irish was hitting David Avatar hard. Sobriety had been easy up to this point.


DA: “Bob. You own the company. Any profits you make from shows are yours. You literally are paying yourself a wage that is half of the money you put aside for the shows.”


This was not an exaggeration. Bob Shrunkle was paying himself over $2000 per month to wrestle for himself.*


BS: “I might be the owner but I demand to be paid as well, I know my worth. This isn't a negotiation.”


David Avatar wanted to scream.


DA: “Bob this is half of the money available. For one month. This will literally cripple us financially.”


BS: “...”


DA: “...”


You, Reading This: “...”






???: “R u guyz finished I want this table!!”


Bob Shrunkle stood up and scared the intruder off.


DA: “I'll need to cut this down Bob, you'll still be the highest paid person on our roster using your own money but it's less than what you want to pay yourself.”


A revised figure was slid across the table.


BS: “It's not great Tiny...


...but it will do.”


Achievement Unlocked: David Avatar Beat Bob Shrunkle!


*Author Confession: The perks of having to add in users to set this up. Don't think I've outright said it yet but this is using a save game simmed 5 years into the future so we're in the year 2020. Forgot to edit Bob's contract so he was written with a wage of $0 then the game recalculated his wage.
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Returning after a long term absence, the stars of Pro Wrestling WILD return to Trance Records for another night of hard hitting, entertaining professional wrestling!


Bob Shrunkle, reigning WILD Heavyweight Champion has issued an open challenge to any wrestler in the world to come and challenge his claim as best around! This mega bout plus more the last Saturday of February!


Match Card


WILD Heavyweight Champion Bob "The Blob" Shrunkle vs ???

Name your ???, you may ask for one hint:

Michel Bernard vs Surfer Dude Jesse

Fuzzy Freeman[/color] vs Toasty Bonnar


Albert Holmes & Russell Franklin vs Fiasco & Peril

Foggy Missed vs Ice Ice Davey

Elvis Robinson vs XS

Chuck Everlasting vs Rad Masteroff


Author's Note: Albert Holmes & Russell Franklin are two newgen workers. You will learn more about them as time goes on....possibly. The card is split above into 3 matches of old(ish) faces plus the BIG MYSTERY OPPONENT, 4 matches of new faces plus Chuck Everlasting.




Always getting blamed :(


You know what you did.


This is beautiful.


Bob Shrunkle blushes.


Car Crash terrible - tick


Australia - tick


Knowing writing - tick


I'm in.


oh jeez if you thought the prologue was car crash terrible just wait until you get a load of what is to come :p


Ughhhhh .... it's terrible ..... great job


I'm pretty good at being terrible...I mean, David Avatar and the unseen narrator is. Totally not me.


It's a good day. That is all


All the better cause you're here DaveFan. :D


I wasnt around when you did the first diary but I read it like a year ago. So I am so keen on this.


Oh wow, I didn't think anyone read the original past the point where I kinda forgot to write any more on it...

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WILD Heavyweight Champion Bob "The Blob" Shrunkle vs ???

Name your ???, you may ask for one hint: Bruce T. Giant

Michel Bernard vs Surfer Dude Jesse

Fuzzy Freeman vs Toasty Bonnar


Albert Holmes & Russell Franklin vs Fiasco & Peril

Foggy Missed vs Ice Ice Davey

Elvis Robinson vs XS

Chuck Everlasting vs Rad Masteroff

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WILD Heavyweight Champion Bob "The Blob" Shrunkle vs ???

Name your ???, you may ask for one hint:

Michel Bernard vs Surfer Dude Jesse

Fuzzy Freeman vs Toasty Bonnar

Albert Holmes & Russell Franklin vs Fiasco & Peril

Foggy Missed vs Ice Ice Davey

Elvis Robinson vs XS

Chuck Everlasting vs Rad Masteroff


I think the challenger will be the mighty incompetent Devil (just because I love that render) and David will screw over Bob because Bob needs to be screwed over.

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WILD Heavyweight Champion Bob "The Blob" Shrunkle vs ???


As hard as it is to vote against "The Blob". Being in 2020 is even harder to establish. The only hint I ask for is.. have they worked with WILD before?


Michel Bernard vs Surfer Dude Jesse


I love that it is Surfer Dude Jesse, as I always put him and Lucas together. Michel even though a tag-team guy has lost his partner and just has a more tangible and intriguing character. Plus you need more credible heels, Faces are easy to build. Put them across from the Blob and have him sit.


Fuzzy Freeman vs Toasty Bonnar


This is hard, both guys won last week. Fuzzy Freeman has a big future. Toasty however won the Main Event last week so the build for him is on.


Albert Holmes & Russell Franklin vs Fiasco & Peril


Now where I know none of these guys. You mentioned the other two being regens so I assume they job it this week.


Foggy Missed vs Ice Ice Davey


Cause I have Ice Ice Baby stuck in my head now, up the Fog! (That and the ending of The Fog movie was lols)


Elvis Robinson vs XS


A guy called Elvis can't get over.


Chuck Everlasting vs Rad Masteroff


Your previous diary made me hate Chuck. I genuinely use to like the bland guy and would always put him in a tag-team with Adgee Cross, but now I refuse to sign him.

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<p>Match Card</p><p> </p><p> WILD Heavyweight Champion <strong>Bob "The Blob" Shrunkle</strong> vs ???</p><p> <strong>Name your ???, you may ask for one hint:</strong><em> Blaze Maximum OOOOOOOOH Yeah</em></p><p><em> Because Tiny has to count to three or be squished</em> </p><p> <strong>Michel Bernard</strong> vs Surfer Dude Jesse</p><p> <em>I mean it isn't Lucas</em></p><p> <strong>Fuzzy Freeman</strong> vs Toasty Bonnar</p><p> <em>because watermelons, why else? </em></p><p> </p><p> Albert Holmes & Russell Franklin vs <strong>Fiasco & Peril</strong></p><p> <em>These sound more like a taag team to me</em></p><p> Foggy Missed vs <strong>Ice Ice Davey</strong></p><p> <em>The name itself deserves the pick</em></p><p> Elvis Robinson vs <strong>XS</strong></p><p> <em>I.... Don't know why, reasons I guess</em></p><p> <strong>Chuck Everlasting</strong> vs Rad Masteroff</p><p> <em>He's not the Hero that Pro Wrestling WILD needs, or wants or deserves.... But he's here I guess</em></p><p> </p><p> </p><blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="MHero" data-cite="MHero" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="47277" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div> All the better cause you're here DaveFan. <img alt=":D" data-src="//content.invisioncic.com/g322608/emoticons/biggrin.png.929299b4c121f473b0026f3d6e74d189.png" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /></div></blockquote><p> </p><p> Aw shucks. <img alt=":D" data-src="//content.invisioncic.com/g322608/emoticons/biggrin.png.929299b4c121f473b0026f3d6e74d189.png" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /></p>
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The Calm Before All Hell Breaks Loose




All was quiet.




Except for David Avatar snoring.




David Avatar

Asleep on the job

David Avatar had arrived earlier than anyone else to Trance Records and had found himself taking a light nap before the inevitable carnage of the evening was to unfold and yet, he found himself strangely...missing the chaos.


Awoken from his slumber by a door opening and shutting, David Avatar had to rub his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming.


???: "It's been a while David."




"Big Daddy" Barry Horne

A sight for sore eyes


DA: "Barry?"


BDBH: "Bob called me, said you were running shows again. Figured I'd come round and see what it was about."


A few hours later...


Show preparations had went well. Bob Shrunkle hadn't stirred too much. The new faces to Trance Records took in the...luscious surroundings they found themselves in. David Avatar smelled smoke.


One of these things were not like the others.




David Avatar

Referee turned booker turned fire marshall




David Avatar scanned the room and quickly found his culprit.





Who else would it be?


F: "Sh'up?"


DA: "You can't smoke here Fiasco, it's against the rules."


F: "What rulesh?"


David Avatar pointed to a yellowing piece of paper of around 6 years in age. Rule #1: "No smoking".


F: "Well, you got me there bosshman."


David Avatar grew worried by the constant sh's. About to say something, he was interrupted by something incredibly moronic.




Chuck Everlasting

Something incredibly moronic




Everyone turned and stared at the late arriving Chuck Everlasting before collectively rolling their eyes. Chuck Everlasting didn't know what he had done wrong.

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