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WWF 1986: The 'Mania... The Madness... And The Mainstream?

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I love the realistic approach to the booking, even if it is clearly tanking your popularity in-game and probably not doing you any favors in terms of TV ratings. However, it makes the diary much more enjoyable to follow. I do hope, though, that you can at least manage to get The Great Muta somewhat over before he actually debuts, because that rating of just 4 was brutal. The Heenan Family being such vicious and aggressive heels fits so well with the over-the-top style of WWF at the time, in terms of who was the good guy and who was the bad guy.

I have been watching some of the old World Championship Wrestling programs (back when it was just a program and not a promotion) from around this time and the differences are so much more night and day than I remembered, comparatively. 😅 I might be lean more to liking the product from "down south", even though old-school wrestling in general still is a goldmine, but I see you bringing in some interesting wrestlers to shake it all up a bit; which makes sense with McMahon being a poacher. I concur with throwing Kamala or Abdullah the Butcher in the mix could shake things up even further, even though Abdullah might be too much out of line for the WWF product at the time (big Abdullah fan over here, by the way, as a fan of deathmatch wrestling), but still...

Looking forward with how you progress to WrestleMania!

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