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Regional Wrestling Royalty - The Future is Now! (CVERSE 2024)

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The Win

Banner for the fictional Professor's Writings Blog
January 1st 2024
I love professional wrestling. I never had kids, but if I did I’m sure I would have made them love professional wrestling as well. I love wrestling, and over the last few years it’s never been more popular. From New York to OLLIE as far as the 5 Star Joshis and all the way to Packer’s outfit, it feels like everybody’s hitting the big time.

The problem is, what it feels like, and what it is like can be two very different things. New York doesn't have a single person on their roster who came through in the last five years. Neither do OLLIE, or even Packer.

For so many kids trying to break in, if you didn’t come through a performance centre, or a promotion’s own wrestling school? You don’t get signed. You work bingo halls and school gyms hoping one of the 20 people in attendance catches you at the right time for a viral clip. You put your body on the line for twenty dollars and a ham sandwich and for what? The sport you love is more popular than ever and it’s eating itself alive while half a decade’s worth of talent can’t get a look in on the scene.

Something’s wrong…

January 28th 2024
I just won $5,000 on the Massachusetts Lottery Megabucks draw! It was the strangest thing, I’ve never played before but something told me to try my luck and here we are! Maybe this is fate. Maybe I’m supposed to use this money for what I love.

February 15th 2024
$500 dollars down the drain to register my LLC. Regional Wrestling Royalty. It felt grandiose enough, and I have a great idea for the royalty name in-universe. Or should I say Kayfabe?

March 1st 2024
I’ve made the calls, I’ve gotten confirmation and travel and hotel arrangements for everything I need for a first show. It’s time for independent wrestling to come to Boston! 

(OOC: This Diary is set to run alongside my real world diary. This one will be more about the story and if anybody notices me taking liberties with things it's because I felt it would be more interesting overall. This is a gameworld after 4 years of simulation in the default Cverse database)

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The Roster
Allie Perks.jpg

Allie Perks
Hailing from Pennsylvania, Perks debuted in January 2021 and has generated considerable buzz for herself in some online circles between her dazzling good looks and 2023 war with indie darling Maria Guest, Perks is being tipped to be an early breakout star for Wrestling Royalty.

Bowden Snoop.jpg

Bowden Snoop
Trained by the legendary Dan Stone Jr, Bowden Snoop hit the scene with a grasp of wrestling that men twice his age could only dream of. A solid high flyer with a solid mat technique, Snoop has suffered - as many have - due to the near death of independent wrestling in Canada.


CJ Goodridge
The massive 350lbs Powerhouse came through at the tail end of 2023, announcing himself as available for bookings in November. With a great look reminiscent of the likes of Dread and Skull DeBones the sky's the limit for a man who would not look at all out of place in a USPW ring at some point in his career.

Desert Storm.jpg

Desert Storm
The near-10 year veteran Desert Storm caused quite the storm on social media after having the best match of his career with Huey Cannonball, in the former SFW man’s first appearance after leaving, citing frustration with the company’s hesitancy to give him a single’s run of his own. Desert Storm looks to be one of the few veteran heads brought in to guide the young Wrestling Royalty roster on their journey.

Jaguar Queen.jpg

Jaguar Queen
The other roster veteran comes in the form of recently independent Jaguar Queen who herself walked out on CILL, feeling her career had become stagnant since the turn of the decade. Jaguar has been working a vicious Rudo style on a number of independent shows and this will constitute her first ever matches on American soil.

Lucy Stone-McFly.jpg

Lucy Stone-McFly
If destiny does exist, it exists perhaps for nobody other than the young Stone-McFly. Able to brawl, wrestle, fly, and boasting an uncanny understanding of the space between moves, it is fair to say that this young woman will likely be a cornerstone of any company she winds up in, and the fact she is available to sign on for Wrestling Royalty shows perhaps a disturbing lack of urgency from the bookers of the wrestling world.

Phil Anders.jpg

Phil Anders
Hailing from Nebraska, perhaps nobody on this roster oozes smugness the way Anders does. What he frankly lacks in sheer wrestling ability the young lion more than makes up with his ability to get under a crowd’s skin. While it will likely be a few years before Anders is ready for a prolonged main event push, the opportunity for consistent work will do him a world of good.

Porkchop Patterson.jpg

Porkchop Patterson
Similarly to Anders, Porkchop Patterson has show himself capable of enrapturing a crowd with the gimmick of a simple Workin’ Man. A champion of the people, and another on this roster with an understanding and timing in the ring beyond his years, some have predicted that Patterson and Anders will be future stars of the business for years to come.

Ray Cavalero.jpg

Ray Cavalero
The Pride of the Pacific NorthWest, Ray Cavalero hit the scene with all the momentum in the world on the back of an extremely impressive College Wrestling career. An unfortunate injury ruined his chances of representing the USA at the olympics but his natural aptitude, raw power and athleticism, and love for the business should be enough to guarantee Cavalero a very good career while he prepares and ponders his olympic dreams.


Virginia Stanley
Last but most certainly not least, Virginia Stanley is one of the most exciting high fliers on the scene today. A 2022 graduate of the House of Stone, Virginia boasts the kind of inescapable star aura matched by only one other young woman in North America, her new roster mate Lucy Stone-McFly. If she can round out her work and build some stage skills she is one of many of these young workers tipped for greatness.

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Posted (edited)

Regional Wrestling Royalty Coronation I Card

Jaguar Queen vs Virginia Stanley

Phil Anders vs Porkchop Patterson

Bowden Snoop & Ray Cavalero vs CJ Goodridge & Desert Storm

Allie Perks vs Lucy Stone-McFly

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Regional Wrestling Royalty Coronation I Predictions

Jaguar Queen def. Virginia Stanley

Phil Anders def. Porkchop Patterson

Desert Storm & CJ Goodridge def. Bowden Snoop & Ray Cavalero

Lucy Stone-McFly def. Allie Perks

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RWR Coronation 1
Sunday, Wk 3, Apr 2024


The show opened with The Professor coming down to the ring and welcoming the crowd to Regional Wrestling Royalty, where the new Monarchs of Wrestling will be born. 
Rating: 26

Jaguar Queen.jpgVSCVFP_WhiteFemale_033.jpg

The first match in the promotion’s life saw a respected veteran of Mexican wrestling take on an up and coming star who may find herself in one of the top promotions in North America one day. 
The two worked at a brisk pace to start, with the veteran luchadora trying to keep the young high flyer grounded as much as possible. There were a few notably sloppy exchanges as the two’s styles did not mesh fantastically but it was enough to get the small crowd on their feet. Jaguar Queen managed to take the win after coming out on top of a long string of pinning combinations.
In a bout that had great wrestling but non-existent crowd heat, Jaguar Queen defeated Virginia Stanley in 12:02 by pinfall.
Rating: 42
Bad Chemistry


Porkchop Patterson.jpg
Before the second match of the night Porkchop Patterson promised the audience that after he won his match he was going to go home, crack open an ice cold Suds Light and start watching The Sopranos for the first time.
Rating: 36

Phil Anders.jpgVSPorkchop Patterson.jpg

Phil Anders came out for this match and instantly clicked into gear, flashing his smug grin and firing up the small but rowdy crowd against him after coming out on top of a chain wrestling exchange with his bigger opponent. 
Patterson noticeably struggled to keep up with any kind of technical grappling, but it seemed to endear him to the crowd, and they had a big pop when Patterson nailed an open-handed right on his opponent while Anders was trash talking. 
While setting up for his Running Bulldog finisher, Anders managed to slip away and roll him up for the win.
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Phil Anders defeated Porkchop Patterson in 8:17 by pinfall with a roll up.
Rating: 20
Great Chemistry

Bowden Snoop.jpgRay Cavalero.jpgVSCVFP_WhiteMale_041.jpgDesert Storm.jpg

Four men who had never shared a ring before came together for this tag team match, with Desert Storm directing traffic for his team as they worked to isolate the ever-sympathetic Bowden Snoop. 
Snoop managed to put together a flurry of offence and make it to his corner to tag in his partner Ray Cavalero.
Ray came out of the gates strong, throwing both of his larger opponents with impressive feats of strength, taking full advantage of his low centre of gravity.
Unfortunately the wily veteran Storm managed to take advantage of a momentary lapse of concentration and pinned Cavalero with a handful of tights.
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, CJ Goodridge and Desert Storm defeated Bowden Snoop and Ray Cavalero in 12:28 when Desert Storm pinned Ray Cavalero with a handful of tights.
Rating: 21

Allie Perks.jpgVSLucy Stone-McFly.jpg

Stone-McFly and Perks, potential cornerstones of this young promotion, started off very slowly, with a lengthy feeling-out process featuring a number of impressive, but quite monotonous holds.
The initial reaction from the crowd was decent, fueled by the anticipation of witnessing the first ever match between these two young lions, but they quickly soured, evidently wanting a much harder hitting affair between the two.
The match did have its moments of brilliance. Lucy Stone-McFly and Allie Perks exhibited flashes of their individual skill sets, executing some impressive manoeuvres that showcased their wrestling prowess.
Stone-Mcfly worked well from underneath, battling back from wave after wave of machine gun strikes from her opponent, and managed to catch her off guard for a moment, leaving enough room for her to hit the Delorean Driver and pick up a popular win in a shade under 15 minutes.
In a bout that had a decent reaction from the crowd but sub-par wrestling, Lucy Stone-McFly defeated Allie Perks in 14:50 by pinfall with a Delorean Driver.
Rating: 18


Jaguar Queen.jpgLucy Stone-McFly.jpg
While getting her hand raised by resident official David Poker, Stone-McFly was attacked from behind by Jaguar Queen, the winner of the first ever match in RWR. Queen beat her down and ended the show with her boot on the chest of the young star.
Rating: 19

Show Rating: 25


A lot of clean sweeps for this first show which I'm going to assume is because I put together such a sensible show 😛

@Wrestling Machine: 4/4

@azzak: 4/4

@DinoKea: 4/4

@KyTeran: 4/4

@newbiezness: 3/4

@Charasmatic Enigma: 3/4

I want to thank everybody for their predictions for this first show, but maybe I need to harness my inner Russo to help separate some of these scores!

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RWR Patriot Battle
Sunday, Wk 3, May 2024

Bowden Snoop.jpgVSPhil Anders.jpg

Phil Anders came out to build on the momentum that he had built a month prior after picking up a win over fellow young prospect, Porkchop Patterson. Bowden Snoop needed to get his head in the game to make up for a disappointing tag loss in his own debut.
The two told a good story, with Anders doing his best to wear down his more athletic opponent, with Snoop taking every possible opportunity to up the tempo in order to put Anders on the back foot.
After a solid back-and-forth match that gave both men a lot of shine, Snoop managed to hit his springboard bulldog finisher to put his opponent away.
In a bout that had decent wrestling but non-existent crowd heat, Bowden Snoop defeated Phil Anders in 10:08 by pinfall with a Snoop Dog.
Rating: 24

Desert Storm.jpgVSRay Cavalero.jpg

Ray Cavalero requested a singles match with the veteran Desert Storm to make up for taking a pin in his debut.
The story of this match centered around Storm’s experience and ring-awareness allowing him to pick the perfect time to bend the rules to get an advantage in this match.
Cavalero did get a lot of shine during the contest but could not get the job done in the end and fell to another defeat to Desert Storm.
In a bout that had good wrestling but little heat, Desert Storm defeated Ray Cavalero in 11:56 by pinfall with a Ground Strike.
Rating: 35
Good Chemistry



The Professor came down to the ring to announce that following Jaguar Queen's attack on Lucy Stone-McFly last month, that at the next event Kingdom Come the two will go one-on-one in the MAIN EVENT. 
Rating: 23

CVFP_WhiteMale_041.jpgVSPorkchop Patterson.jpg

Two young bulls came face-to-face for the first time, with the crowd getting loud for their first lockup. Patterson and Goodridge battled for superiority with the bigger man getting the advantage, and Patterson trying to fight from underneath.
The total offence of the match consisted of punches, chops, slams and clotheslines, with the two throwing everything they had behind every strike until Patterson managed to hit his Running Bulldog for the win.
In a bout that had terrible wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Porkchop Patterson defeated CJ Goodridge in 7:34 by pinfall with a Running Bulldog.
Rating: 15

Allie Perks.jpgJaguar Queen.jpgVSLucy Stone-McFly.jpgCVFP_WhiteFemale_033.jpg

The Women of Royalty came to the ring for the main event of the second ever RWR show, and all four looked raring for a fight, but once the bell rang it became clear that one only one team would be able to really co-exist.
Virginia Stanley was visibly frustrated with her partner as the young Stone-McFly kept charging for Jaguar Queen after her attack one month prior and it left either her or her partner isolated.
The relentless onslaught of Perks and the high ring IQ of Jaguar Queen allowed them to control long stretches of the match, taking advantage of their disjointed opponents.
Eventually Stone-McFly’s temper got the better of her and she and Jaguar started brawling around the ringside area, leaving her already injured partner as easy pickings for the endless energy of Allie Perks who managed to put her down for the victory.
In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Allie Perks and Jaguar Queen defeated Lucy Stone-McFly and Virginia Stanley in 12:48 when Allie Perks pinned Virginia Stanley with a Flatliner.
Rating: 38


Jaguar Queen.jpgLucy Stone-McFly.jpg
Lucy Stone-McFly and Jaguar Queen continued brawling with each other after the bell rang, fighting throughout the ringside area with chairs, stairs and any available weapon coming into play, with both women fighting backstage to end the show.
Rating: 26

Show Rating: 34



@DinoKea: 3/4

@KyTeran: 3/4

@Charasmatic Enigma: 3/4

@newbiezness: 3/4

@azzak: 2/4

@Marmo: 2/4

@KazAlmas: 2/4

We've gone from 90% clean sweeps to none in just a single show! Thanks everybody for your predictions and support! Join us next time for work from the desk of The Professor!

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Posted (edited)


The Tournament
I knew I had to put together a tournament for each of our inaugural champions, and I knew I didn't have the roster to put together a satisfying competition for out small fanbase, so after a lot of research, a painful number of phone calls, and of course a careful eye for the budget, I signed six names to come in to the roster to fill out a tournament to cement the future of the company.

Dean Waldorf

One half of the Ring Generals, Dean hasn’t wrestled a match in the United States in nearly seven years at this point. Both men jumped ship to burning hammer, but to be frank, the time has not been nearly as kind to Dean as it has been to Marv and Natsu decided to cut his losses with Dean in the hope his partner would make for a solid midcard gaijin. Dean hasn’t wrestled a match since August 2023, and even then he was noticeably struggling to keep up. Could a redemption story be on the cards for the legend of independent wrestling or would Father Time simply claim another victim as he marches on.


A standout prospect who has suffered from a lack of focus on women’s wrestling in the North American independent scene in the last five years, many consider it a crime that Kate has not been picked up for consistent bookings since she made her debut in early 2019. The Mirror Girl gimmick that she uses can be hit and miss with audiences, especially depending on her opponent, but she has the charisma and athleticism to pull it off, and given enough time to round out some of her other skills a transition to a more ‘understandable’ gimmick in the future could see her make waves in the industry.

Honour Greyjoy

Debuting in January 2022, Greyjoy has made some waves in the West Coast independent scene, especially in a well regarded match against Kira Lee, who has often been touted to be on the radar of USPW. Greyjoy has yet to put it all together in the ring, but possesses strong enough entertainment skills that she can keep a crowd engaged even if she struggles to tell the difference between a wristlock and a wristwatch. While many consider Greyjoy to be pinfall fodder for the moment, she is reportedly a joy to have in the locker room, which could be enough to see her get consistent work given her strong work ethic and positive attitude.

Joanna Silver

Somehow, without the rest of the world noticing, Joanne Silver has become an 11-year veteran of the squared circle and has managed to become something of a stalwart of the East Coast independent scene. Over the last few years Silver has put on consistently strong performances and one gets the feeling that a woman of her good looks and charisma would have been a top star in a previous generation. As a woman that RWR could build a division around as a strong babyface, she could be an early favourite to become the first female champion in the promotion.

Nigel Svensson 

Having worked across Europe, Britain and Japan, Nigel Svensson is finally coming to ply his trade in America, having left Pro Wrestling SAISHO behind. A true workhorse in the ring, many have doubted his ability to connect with an American audience who have historically looked for charisma more than workrate, and Svensson lacks the size necessary to make up for a lack of charisma with menace. Perhaps one of the biggest unknowns going into the tournament, it will be interesting to see whether the crowd will get attached to the Swede on the back of his undeniable skill alone.

Yvonne Ericks

The former Middleweight International Kickboxing Federation fighter comes into this tournament with the credentials to be taken seriously against any opponent. Ericks has wrestled for a few years on the Canadian independent scene and comes into RWR with a strong winning record. The thing that may hamper her success in the short term is her seeming inconsistency owing to a lack of experience in wrestling. However, if she can iron out that flaw the sky’s the limit and none would be surprised if she were to take the wrestling world by storm.


RWR Kingdom Come Card

Sunday, Wk 3, June 2024

Bowden Snoop & Nigel Svensson vs Dean Waldorf & Desert Storm

CJ Goodridge vs Porkchop Patterson

DupliKate vs Yvonne Ericks

Jaguar Queen vs Lucy Stone-McFly

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