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Manual booking all the way.  Obviously, your A shows are where you prioritise your big feuds but those B shows and your events are where you can improve your younger talent, push the minor stories and (what I do for old school western promotions) make a big deal out of one of your bigger feuds or have your champions appear sporadically to test out how the lower card guys do against them. 

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I usually do manual booking for puroresu and entertainment-based promotions like CVerse 2022 SWF and CVerse 2007 DAVE, but I tend to autobook the B shows since they're unimportant anyways and I am lazy to book them after I just booked a 2 hour Supreme TV or a 90-minute Danger Zone TV. I do get the problem that storylines still get advanced if the auto booker books two guys that are feuding with, that's a hassle.

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